Two complications in Lasik procedure

People tend to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses if they have certain vision problems. And they become much more interested in lasik surgery as new achievements are made. Lasik, as one of the most safest and convenient ways of vision rebuilding, has really become the preferred choices of many people. But the fact is lasik is never a risk-free procedure and many receivers have suffered side effects of certain kinds. Of which, decentration and irregular astigmatism are very common and bothersome.

It is found that decentration can not be avoided in most cases, no matter how advanced the equipments are. Decentration usually can lead to a series of other side effects, like irritation, halos, sensitivity, etc. Then, what the causes for decentration?

Usually, this problem is firmly linked to the condition of patients, the qualification or experience of surgeon and other factors. For example, when the patients have very serious nearsightedness, or the surgeon is not qualified, decentration might be a casual result.

Therefore, some preventive measures should be taken before this procedure. For example, a full analysis of patient’s eye condition can help reduce the possibility of this problem greatly.

Moreover, some patients have suffered from irregular astigmatism after lasik surgery. Usually, this problem can be caused by a lot of factors. For example, if the laser beam is improper, astigmatism can not be avoided; if there are some problems on corneal flap during the healing process, irregular astigmatism might occur, etc.

If this side effect is there, people are suggested to use particular eye wear, like rigid lenses. Of course, if the symptom is horrible, a transplanting procedure is needed.

In a word, lasik problem is really nice in most cases- it has really helped a lot of people regain perfect vision and get rid eyeglasses and lenses successfully. However, complications should never be neglected, though rare.

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