Sunglasses are hot items and among those sunglasses blue and yellow retro sunglasses are popular among many people this year. Sunglasses like the ladies’ handbags, becoming the essential accessories in this season. Looking at this year, the fashion is shrouded by the retro trend, and the thick body frame matches with big wide lens completely express the retro style.

beautiful blue sunglasses

The blue and yellow retro sunglasses are always loved by many pop stars. The big wide lenses are famous because they look like flies’ compound eyes. The retro vintage sunglasses can cover nearly half of your face, which can well modify your face. Except careful crafted on the details, the models also have more changes. The elegant retro sunglasses with metal frame are more welcomed by customers.

These blue and yellow retro sunglasses may be exaggerated, but when you wear them, they will become a beautiful arc on your face. The smooth line, exaggerated large lenses, and unique design make the wearer full of dynamic and wild, but without losing stylish and elegance. In addition the new retro vintage sunglasses can not only protect your eyes, but also create a cool feeling, which make you have the taste of pop stars.

beautiful yellow sunglasses

In “Roman Holiday”, the retro sunglasses cover half face of Audrey Hepburn. The exaggerated sunglasses have a greatly amazing effect on this elegant famous actor. From then on, the strange and exaggerated of square sunglasses became popular in the world.

The cheap retro and vintage sunglasses can be found in many stores especially in online stores. The changeable colors are not only used on the frame and legs, they are also widely applied on the lenses. Except the traditional brown, coffee and dark green, the blue and yellow become the major colors in this year.

Are you enthralled by 60’s or 80’s vintage look? Personally, the trendy styles of the 80’s for men are so classic that bring out men’s masculinity and charm. To stand by such a man is definitely an enjoyment for most ladies. If you also have a mind to become such a princess charming, I sincerely recommend you to put on something with retro vintage designs, which are bound to demonstrate your maturity, one of the most attractive characters of men. This time I’d like to introduce to you the retro sunglasses for men with clear frame. Personally they are a wonderful weapon for men to display their charm.

If you care about fashion, you must be aware that nowadays sunglasses frames come in varieties, including tinted frames, gradient frames, clear frames and so on. As far as I’m concerned, the simpler, the better. Clear frames, being simple and pleasant to eyes, will stand timeless and never cause aesthetic fatigue which is likely to be incurred by showy frames. Besides, as the retro vintage wind is running wild in the fashion circle during the whole year, to wear such a pair of sunglasses will definitely enable you to become as fashionable as it could be. With retro vintage elements incorporated into the design, undoubtedly, retro sunglasses for men with clear frames will never go out of fashion and, hence, they are worth your investment.

In addition, if you have a nostalgic complex, I highly suggest that you should give a try to such type. Clear frames come in a variety of colors, such as pure white, clear grey, even transparent, etc. Also, they have various shapes similar to other sunglasses, like the classic aviator, rectangle, round, wayfarer and so on. Just follow your heart and choose the color and the frame shape that fit for you most, and you’ll stand out of the crowd, looking like an 80’s gentlemen full of mature charm.

Wish you enjoy a wonderful summer with retro sunglasses with clear frames


Have you ever wished you are born in a different time? A pair of retro vintage sunglasses can bring you back to any decades

Since Tom Cruise stir up the trend of retro sunglasses in his movie Risky Business, it never disappear from people’s sight, and we are able to find these retro shades on popular actors and music artists of all kinds. Why is this kind of sunglasses irresistible and regain its popularity? Here are my reasons for your reference.

Firstly, they are a combination of traditional aesthetics and modern currents, which promises its huge potential for over centuries. On one hand, it satisfies those relatively conservative people, and on the other hand, it caters to tastes of younger stylish people. Needless to say that classic is permanent and irreplaceable, it would not be out of date in any times. From the 1880s, when the deceased first lady Jacqueline Kennedy was wearing large black sunglasses, to today’s sexy singer Lady Gaga, who is famous for being astonishing whenever she is appearing on the scene, retro sunglasses make their entrance to our life everywhere without fail.

The second reason for retro sunglasses’ successful return is owning to its broad applicability. From little children to gray-haired men, retro sunglasses are beyond question suitable for almost all types of people. Younger age groups fancy them as a signal of being unique and their nostalgia towards previous beauty; children wear them to indicate fresh and vitality; elder people treat them as a symbol of their lost happy times and prosperous memories. All in all, retro sunglasses are the top choice for the utmost tastes of people from various fields and in different ages.

The last one is the classical colors of retro sunglasses, for example, purple, black, white, green, blue and burgundy are often adopted. Needless to say, the color of a pair of sunglasses is vital to the future fate of it. Colors not only decide the popularity of sunglasses, but is also very crucial in their radiation-proof function. Lots of discretion are needed to choose an appropriate color for every pair of retro sunglasses, what’s more, those colors have to match with specific shapes, and that is why retro sunglasses are everything but being ordinary.

As for traditional classic, different people may hold different opinions, and sometimes it even becomes rather controversial. However, that shows exactly how particular it has been from certain point of view. Retro sunglasses are definitely typical representations.

In fashionable nations, the celebrities are always most supportive to the bestsellers. We frequently see many Hollywood stars wear stylish sunglasses. Then, many ordinary people will seek after them to buy the same or similar sunglasses. This year, the oversized black sunglasses are favored by many people.

Just from the aspect of size only, they can cover almost one third or half of your face. They are the classical retro styles in the 1960s. They can protect your eyes effectively in hot summer. The dress or suit can match them. Jacqueline Bisset did the best in wearing oversized dark wraparound sunglasses. Audrey Hepburn set a good example as well.

The first group who wear the oversized dark sunglasses are the Hollywood actress. The brown and dark blue are the best choices. The contrastive combination of white and black are favored by many celebrities as well. In recent years, the pink and purple are also very popular.

The large frames show the retro beauty

Today, the fashion sunglasses are still in the retro styles. The exaggerated broad frames, bright colors are the classical features. What’s more, they pay more attention to the details and the uniqueness. They combine the retro styles and the innovations.

The size of the sunglasses tends to be bigger. Even if you have a small face, they are suitable for you as well. Gradient lenses of the oversized sunglasses illustrate the luxurious features. Certainly, they are not suitable for anyone. The easiest way is to go to the optical stores to have a try. Perhaps you will get surprises.

You must be serious with the many aspects in selecting sunglasses.

Besides the makeup and the clothes matching, you must take the colors of the sunglasses into consideration. The purple shows the natural feeling. You should choose those can fit your face shape. The materials, colors, complexion, makeup and clothes are important factors in selecting sunglasses.

Many kinds of sunglasses are available at eyeglasses market. You can buy a pair of sunglasses freely with your requirements and favorites. But today, many people would like to wear retro sunglasses on the street. It is the new trend of fashion to wear retro sunglasses in 2011. Wear a pair of retro sunglasses may feel good and happy.

Different people have different opinions on wearing retro sunglasses. The reason why so many people like to wear retro sunglasses is not just because it protects the eye from the harmful rays, and it is a very great article to make people look better. They can also occasionally look great in themselves as a fashion accessory, and folks may possibly also use them to hide their eyes from others when they are upset, or on drugs, or do not want individuals to see their eyes for some other reason — celebrities who don’t want their photo taken, for instance. People with missing eyes or who are blind often wear sunglasses in preference to things like eye patches.

Retro sunglasses can protect our eyes well from the hit of UV radiations. And there are some other reasons to wear sunglasses, for the sunglasses is very helpful to prevent your eyes from the ultraviolet rays which can cause eye cancer, also as some eye conditions like cataracts. It really is possible to get retro sunglasses that correct vision like normal glasses while protecting their wearer from the sun at the same time, even though these can be expensive.

The functions of lenses for retro sunglasses are good for your eyes. When you choose lenses for your retro sunglasses, you have to choose the suitable lenses for your eyeglasses. A pair of suitable eyeglasses is good for your eyes. Buy a pair of high quality eyeglasses with reasonable prices are necessary.

At the beginning of this year, there comes a new fashion, maybe a return of fashion is more accurate. After a few decades’ dormancy, retro sunglasses come to our life again. They have become the main characteristics in our society. Walking on the street, you will notice that it is easy to find people wearing such kind of sunglasses which can make eyewear users to be distinctive.

In addition to more abundant favorite colors, the use of double-nose foot frame or mirror decorated to highlight retro eyeglasses is also an important feature. And the classic pilot sunglasses in color, texture and detail have also been innovative. Even Prada glasses also introduce a pilot profile shape, retro style is very popular.

Various colors of the lenses are available too. And many new products are invariably framed by a transparent color lens coupled with soft and stylish modern women demonstrated temperament. Color printing is also used in a large number of distinctive cheap glasses, therefore, retro sunglasses and clothing can be more harmonious.

Further, there is a great selection of retro sunglasses which can meet different kinds of demands. And there are a lot of loyal fans of this kind of sunglasses. In my opinion, the popularity of retro sunglass can large attribute to the unique and distinctive design.Retro Sunglasses are usually with oversized frames which can cover almost all the face of the wearers. Besides, they are unisex. Both men and women can wear this kind of sunglasses. Except for the eyes ‘protection, they can also prove an outstanding looks to you.

Retro sunglasses were popular among people several years ago. But they had once gone out of fashion for some time and now they have come back. It is no longer strange that you can easily see a person wear retro sun glasses on the street. However, unlike the previous styles, the present retro sun glasses are designed to be with oversized frames that almost cover the entire face. What’s more, they are made from plastic that is thicker than they were before, so they are more durable.

There are two advantages for you to wear these oversized frames, one is you will look unique and distinctive after wearing them and another is they can suit most of the face shapes or sizes.

When it comes to the colors of sunglass lenses, they usually include gray, dark brown, green, yellow, etc. Different colors have different functions and suitable for different occasions. You can choose the lens colors according to your needs. But there is one thing you must keep in mind, namely don’t choose lenses with colors that are too dark as they will reduce the capability of the eyes to distinguish colors. This also applies to retro sunglasses.

Most of the retro sunglasses can be used as unisex, so they are suitable for both men and women. They have different sizes to meet the different demands of men and women, but in general, the designs and styles are almost the same. Therefore, these sunglasses are becoming more and more popular among the lovers. Just image your lover wears a same pair of sunglasses as you do when you are walking on the street, that could be extremely attractive!

When you go to an optical store for a pair of sunglasses, the shop assistant introduces the types of sunglasses. At this time, you may are accessible to these two words: antique and retro sunglasses. Do you know the difference between antique and retro sunglasses anyway? Actual antique sunglasses are from that era, and were manufactured many decades earlier. Retro can be applied to items which are manufactured in the present day, but which are designed to resemble items from the past. Another distinction is that while retro can be applied to a mere 20 years in the past, most people dealing in antiques will only consider something an antique if it is at least 50 years old.

You can find antique sunglasses where you find other antiques, in antique stores, boutiques, and flea markets.  Since antique sunglasses are not yet considered very valuable items (some would beg to differ), they can be found in second-hand stores and flea markets, where they have a much cheaper price tag than in boutiques. The older the pair of antique sunglasses, usually, the more it is worth, provided it is in good condition.

Try shopping on the Internet for antique sunglasses, but ensure you are getting the real thing.  Since you cannot inspect the antique sunglasses before buying, you may be tricked into purchasing an item that is not really an antique.  Have an expert check your purchase for you to ensure that you haven’t been “ripped off.”  You may be able to get your money back if you are not satisfied.  Once you have purchased your antique sunglasses, keep them under lock and key, because they are valuable items.

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