How can you tell if you need reading glasses
If you get headaches or sore eyes while reading for more than a few minutes, or you couldn’t thread a needle, or you always squint when you read magazines, books and Watch TV. At this time you need reading glasses.

Are computer glasses the same as reading glasses?
No, they are not the same. Reading glasses are prescribed to correct near vision only and are usually needed for people over 40 who have presbyopia. The distance for computer glasses usually are positioned 20 to 26 inches from the user’s eyes. This special distance is closer than driving (“distance”) vision, but farther away than reading (“near”) vision.

What are best frame material for reading glasses?
Typically, there are three kinds of materials that can be used as a spectacle frame. If you have sensitive skin, the metal frame of the glasses may cause skin irritation. However, you can consider other materials glasses frame. For example, the plastic frame may be a good choice. Plastic frame glasses, can not only see the light, but also protect your sensitive skin. For reading glasses, they are also applicable.

What is the best way to clean reading glasses?
I think the way which will not do any badness to your glasses is good. I can tell you an easy one. You just need a bowl of warm water and drops of soap solution. Firstly, drop the soap solution to the water, and then swirl it with your hand. Secondly, take off your glasses. Place them to the water and wipe the lenses with you fingers clearly and slightly. By the way, if the lenses are glass, you can scrub them in any direction you like. But if they are made of plastic, you should scrub them in only one direction. At last, dry the lenses and frame with the glass cloth or a piece of 100 percent cotton cloth.

We have always thinking reading glasses with nerdy, old and ugly. Now this time has long passed away. It is the era for funky reading glasses. Unlike some solid stores that don’t catch up with the trend in pace, many online eyeglasses stores have launched waves after waves funky reading glasses. This time, it is not about metal reading glasses as in old times. It is all about fashion. And there is nothing better than plastic to express fashion. A lot of funky reading glasses have appeared at online eyeglasses stores. Anyone can find their favorite and the most suitable funky reading glasses. Don’t wear the same glasses for too long. It is time for some changes and new tastes of fashion.

funky reading glasses

Square glasses are the main course of funky reading glasses. We find square in everything, square brown glasses, square nerdy glasses, square mix-material glasses, you name it. Brown stands out from all those colors in this summer. They are some of the hottest colors at this moment. But don’t forget yellow, yellow is a very bright and stylish color that designers won’t forget. Black front and yellow arms add so much fashion flavors. Of course, then it comes to tortoise shell, sexy animal prints for sexy women. Tortoise shell funky reading glasses are in strong demand for pretty women.

funky reading glasses

Even though square glasses are chic and popular at this moment, Round glasses are also competing for grounds. Black round funky reading glasses stand out from all round glasses, designed with metal tips on each side of the front frame. Steve Jobs reading glasses are fading away while full frame round reading glasses are returning grounds. As we see in some funky reading glasses, arms are designed like bamboo with those beautiful bumps and curves. It is not ended yet. Black and red have both been applied, bringing fashion up to the next level. The time for funky reading glasses has sure come.

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How can you tell if you need reading glasses?

Reading glasses have become a good solution to people who suffer presbyopia. if you are still with your old pair of reading specs made of dull frame, it is time to find a pair of funky reading glasses and anew with these colorful new sets out there now on the market. With funky reading glasses on, you will sure look better than ever before. Speaking of funky reading glasses, there are certain stylish types of reading glasses you can lay your hands on. Let’s check them out.

Nerd reading glasses— nerd glasses, especially square black ones are definitely the easiest and most convenient way of upgrading your image and elevate your personal taste. they are are the special kind of favored pet of fashionistas.

Aviator ones- reading glasses in classic aviator style are undoubted funky. With overwhelming influence of aviator sunglasses, eyeglasses in aviator are increasing become a fad in the glasses fashion world. Since aviator reading glasses can add a classic edge to your look, they are favored by lots of people who prefer classic style glasses.

Large reading glasses- your reading glasses also can be a bold fashion statement maker. Recent years, oversized glasses enjoy much popularity among fashionistas. For women who want their face look smaller, funky big reading glasses will have the very capability to make your face look smaller.

Round reading glasses— vintage trendy is still hot in 2012 and reading glasses in round shape are classic and vintage. If you like vintage stuff, you can try round reading glasses. BTW, if you have a round face, you should not choose round reading glasses.

Thanks to so many choices of reading glasses, your reading glasses can become a good facial accessory to make you see clearly and look good. You can choose one of the above funky reading glasses I mentioned, I’m sure they will surprise you.

When one of the following situations happens to you, it talks that you need a pair of suitable reading glasses: you feel unable to read up without reaching your arms to the object you are reading; you are at or above forties; you feel a lot uncomfortable after a period of reading. All these problems are related to reading and also eyes’ health. And there is a kind of specialized glasses which are designed for those reading problems. They are the practical reading eyeglasses.

Typically, the reading glasses would fall into two main styles according to the eyeglass frames: full frames and half-eyes. In the former eyeglasses design, the eyeglasses lenses are totally made in the reading glasses prescription. From this point, they are called as the full frames. And as for the later ones, the glasses would be sitting lower down on the wearers’ noses.

Since the designs of the reading glasses vary, they are sure to be used by different types of persons. Usually, the persons who spend a lot of time focusing on something close-up are suggested wear the full reading glasses. Under this situation, once you look through the reading glasses lenses and across the whole room, you will find that everything seems blurry.

And on the other hand, half-eye reading glasses would be able to enable you to look down from your glasses and see through from the near distance. And among these two kinds of choices, it is sure that almost all those persons who need a pair of reading glasses would find out those better and more fitting them.

In this day and age, the reading glasses would be no more such expensive as in the past. We would be sure to find out that more and more reading glasses come to customers with the reasonable prices and high qualities. Therefore, the cheap reading glasses also become an attracting point for us customers. Have you got such practical reading glasses for you?

Sometimes, we would feel a little hard to see the contents and the words in books, and then we have to get much closer to the books. In this way, we feel puzzled and extremely uncomforting when we desire to enjoy the pleasure of reading. If this happens, it has spoken out that you may be at the need of a suitable pair of reading glasses. Unlike other fashion sunglasses, the reading glasses are designed as the most practical purposes. From this aspect, the reading glasses have become the must-haves for those who are suffering from these problems.

As we all know that there are usually two typical and main styles of the reading glasses. On one hand, the reading glasses with the full frames are the more preferred kind among the large proportion of the customers. For those full-frames reading glasses, the designers have applied the entire lenses into the reading prescription. On the other hand, there are the reading glasses with the half-eyes. If you wear the half-eyes reading glasses, you may feel a little uncomfortable when wear them at the very beginning cause these reading glasses which are also called as the smaller “Ben Franklin” style glasses sit lower down on the wearers’ noses.

Generally speaking, the people who need spend much time concentrating on the books or materials close-up had better take the reading glasses with the full frames. It must be blurring if you look up and across the surrounding through the reading lenses. And in contrast, half-eye reading glasses may feel less troubling. The reading glasses with the half-eye may permit the wearers to look down and through the glasses lenses at the near and to look up and over the lenses to see in the distance.

Therefore, there are many significant differences and important points about the reading glasses. These tips are important, on which should be paid more attentions. If you desire to get a fitting pair of the reading glasses, why not log into which is one of the best reading glasses vendor online? Have a try and you’ll get the satisfied answer there.

Have you even thought about giving your elder parents reading glasses? As New Year draws near, buying presents for your family becomes a big problem. Many people firstly think of tonics, clothing or luxury such as perfume and jewels. No matter what present you buy at last, your starting point is to bring happiness and satisfaction to the whole family. What is the most appropriate gift to your elder parents who have been taken care of you for half of their lives? What kind of present is special enough to deserve this greatly unselfish love? The answer is reading glasses!

reading glasses

When we experience the mature progress in life, finding a good job, getting married and becoming fathers and mothers ourselves, our parents who have given us limitless supports are going through their tough old ages. They becoming physically weaker and weaker, losing their sight, decreasing their hearings, and even incompetent of many daily chores. We feel sad but don’t know how to do offer practical help, since we now build our own family and have new responsibility to bear. However, at least we can give them a clearer world through reading glasses.

Restrict by busy career and limited time, those times for us to spend with our parents are fewer and fewer. How to guarantee them a colorful retired life without stay besides? Luckily, we can promise a pair of reading glasses for our parents and let them find new hobbies themselves. With reading glasses, they can watch TV, read newspapers, surf the internet, so as to keep in touch with the outside world. With reading glasses, they are able to build their own social communities and organize their interested activities, read and write as they like.

We know that there are many ways of showing your filial piety, and buying reading glasses is definitely one of them.

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If I ask you do you need a pair of cheap reading glasses online? What’s your own answer about it? On one hand, as a matter of fact, it is very inevitable that most of people will suffer from Presbyopia by the age of 40-45. This is where the lens of the eye hardens with age and becomes less flexible making it difficult to focus close up. Certainly, the simple answer is a pair of reading glasses. Actually, people having difficulty in reading small print are shopping for help from reading glasses. Specifically, reading glasses are fully equipped to meet your demands to closely read and savor the nourishment of beautifully-worded books without any compromise of your visual comfort. On the other hand, as I mentioned before, cheap reading glasses online means reading glasses from optical online stores with affordable prices. That’s the attractive part for customers.
cheap reading glasses online
It is reported that reading glasses have everything you demand to satisfy your need to enjoy pleasant reading with more clarity and visual comfort. It is a fact that as people approach middle age, the ability of their eyes to focus on objects close up is on a continuous decrease, which is the quintessential symptom of presbyopia. What’s more, those who are afflicted with presbyopia are finding it increasingly hard to concentrate on small printed materials. So if you are still plagued by blurry vision, make haste to try on one pair cheap reading glasses online. Not only are reading glasses extraordinarily functional to the effect that they are armed with full reading prescription-the magnifying power to enable their wearers to see through the lenses with more clarity and more visual comfort, but also cheap reading glasses online can help you to save a lot of money.

cheap reading glasses onlinecheap reading glasses online

Till now, do you have clear answer about whether you need a pair of cheap reading glasses online?

Currently there are two ways to correct presbyopia. The first one is to wear reading glasses, and the second one is to have a surgery. Surgery has not yet been very mature, so the most common method is to wear reading glasses. But some myopia people suffering from prebyopia do not need to wear reading glasses when they are over 60 years old, they just need to remove the prescription glasses in order to read and write in short distance. However, it doesn’t work for all the senior myopia citizen to see something of short distance without wearing reading glasses. So a pair of prescribed reading glasses is necessary. But do you know how to choose your own prescribed reading glasses? Here are some tips.

First of all, you have to go to a professional eyeglasses center or hospital for spectacle optometry, for spectacle lenses’ precise grinding are equally important to accurate optometry for spectacles. That’s to say, glasses grinding must strictly follow the doctor’s prescription.

Second, the distance between the pupils eyes must be measured, so it is the same with the distance between the optical centers of the lens, both of which must be consistent, otherwise the prism effect may occur, disturbing visual function, appearing dizziness, blurred vision, visual distortion, eye soreness, fatigue and so on. To choose glasses frames should fully meet the requirements of the optical lens and fully take it into account that the distance between the two eyes of the pupil and the tilt of the frame must be proper.

Third, the appropriate frame should be selected based on the size of those wearers’ eyes, face, eyebrow, etc.

Finally, you should pay attention to the lenses when selecting prescription reading glasses. Glass lens is of high hardness, not easily to be scratched, but easily to be shattered, while resin lens is light weight, not easy to be broken, but of low hardness, and easily to be scratched.

Then you can buy a pair of right prescribed reading glasses for yourself online or go to a shop.

Now more and more people prefer to choose prescription reading glasses online, and if it is the first time for you to do that, it can be a lot funny to have a try. According to a survey, most people who choose prescription reading glasses online are white-collar workers, especially women. Women are born to be excellent at how to make themselves look more beautiful. With a pair of prescription reading glasses online, they can create different styles to suit on different occasions. Here is a review of some of the most fashionable prescription reading glasses online for women.

1. Tortoise Shell Round Prescription Reading Glasses Online for Women

No matter you browse any online eyeglasses stores, you’ll definitely find round reading glasses in many different styles. They are the trendiest reading glasses for women in 2011. Every woman will craze for at least one pair of round reading glasses. There are some of the more reserved or traditional round prescription reading glasses online that are made of metal, quite simple at their colors. And there are also many exaggerated round reading glasses with different kinds of patterns, many of them are tortoise shell frames. If you want to be fashionable and sexy, tortoise shell round reading glasses are the best option for you.

2. Diversified Cat Eye Prescription Reading Glasses Online for Women

Cat eye reading glasses are only less fashionable than round glasses in this season. Both of them are the classical vintage eyeglasses that are on the main stream of this year. Cat eye reading glasses are the most suitable for people with lean faces. Applied with this year’s bright or gradient colors, cat eye glasses have displayed a large diversity that makes women wonder at their creation. Different matches of colors are also highlighted in this season. It is very often to see black and white or yellow and black frames. You can choose the colors you like all together.

3. Metal Prescription Reading Glasses Online Are Still Hot for Women Now

Speaking of reading glasses, metal alloy is the most frequently seen material in reading glasses. The good thing about metal alloy is it is not easy to be eroded by our sweat, thus the durability of the reading glasses is well kept. The lightness of metal reading glasses is also a boastful feature. Actually, metal reading glasses had been very fashionable in the 60s and 90s, this time it has come back, but with more new fashion elements. Most women like the sense of elegance and gorgeousness that are incorporated in metal prescription reading glasses online.

Someone thinks that there is no fashion in reading glasses. Of course, this is absolutely wrong. There are also many fashion elements that are noticeable in reading glasses and should be concerned before making choices. It is not proper to order a pair of reading glasses without any knowledge of what fashion elements are in this season. As regards to that, a brief analysis of fashionable reading glasses will be shown here.

For women, metal frame reading glasses is recommended. The metal material is very suitable for women’s reading glasses because it is light, durable and thin, which would not give too much burden. One thing should be noticed is the hollow-out design in the new reading glasses. Actually, it is not really hollowed-out, but constructed to form a space on the edges. That has added much vigor and vitality to the reading glasses. Color is also an important aspect to be considered. Women can choose purple, black or pink colors for these colors which are not too eye-catching and yet not too dull. The last may come to price. Of course, if women are more concerned of the price, discount reading glasses online can be a very good place to visit. After taking all these considerations, a pair of fairly good reading glasses can be chosen rightly.

For men, metal framed reading glasses are also on the main stream for metal looks much more mature than other materials and is thus more suitable than others. Reading glasses with aviator style is the best-seller in men’s reading glasses. There are also many choices in choosing a metal color. For example, gold is a favorite color for many men for it sets off their status and increases their confidence. Silver is also popular because it still looks antique. The reason that aviator reading glasses are so popular is that they make men look more educated and charming. As a result, in choosing reading glasses for men, aviator style can be the first priority. Of course, there may be some exceptions for some men. Then, other kinds of reading glasses can be considered, for example, reading glasses with rectangular lenses.

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