Q: Which store is better for DESIGNER glasses, Lenscrafters or Pearle Vision?
which one is cheaper and which one has a better selection on d&g and versace glasses?

A: why not go to visit both of them and have a look by yourself ? If you have ideal designer glasses ,just take a comparison between them and you will find which is cheaper . But generally ,Lenscrafters have a wider selection for designer glasses. Learn more answers.

Q: Getting some prescription sunglasses from Lenscrafter?
I just bought a prescription glasses from another place. When I go into Lenscrafter, will I still have to do another eye exam just to buy my sunglasses? and if so how much will it be?

A: If you want to get some prescription sunglasses from Lenscrafter, just provide your prescription which you can get from where you bought your prescription glasses. The time should be less than 2 years till you get your another pair of prescription glasses. Learn more answers

Q: How much do prescription glasses cost in LensCrafters?
Is there anyone who bought prescription eyeglasses in LensCrafters? How much will it cost? Are they good?

A: I never bought prescription glasses at LensCrafters before. Just know, i go to their site and find the eyeglasses frames at LensCrafters are expensive. As far as i see, the cheapest eyeglasses require about $150. If you want to buy prescription glasses cost in LensCrafters, you shall prepare more money. In fact, you can choose other sites to buy prescription eyeglasses such eyebuydirect.com, firmoo.com and 39dollarglasses.com etc. Learn more answers


After being diagnosed with astigmatism, you should consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist about the best way to correct it. There are several options that may fit your condition: a pair of prescription eyeglasses to correct astigmatism, wearing contact lenses, and doing laser eye surgery. When deciding whether or not to wear contact lenses, you should weigh the pros and cons for your particular needs. And the same is with the risky laser eye surgery.


Many of those who are diagnosed with astigmatism have no idea what this term means. Astigmatism, manifesting in near-sightedness or far-sightedness, refers to the irregular shape of the eye’s cornea. What this means is that the shape of your cornea is stretched to look more oblong than round. People may have astigmatism in both eyes or just in one eye.

Prescription eyeglasses are the easiest to maintain and there is no disinfection matter as with contact lenses. If you like, you can choose transitional lenses, which will transform into a darker tinted shade and add protection against the harmful UV from the sun. However, you have to carry eyeglasses with you wherever you go, which is a troublesome thing for many people. And some others believe that their appearances will be negatively affected when wearing eyeglasses.

Contact lenses can give you the freedom that eyeglasses can not provide. What’s more, contact lenses do not impede any visual filed as eyeglasses do. But a disadvantage of them is maintenance, which means  that you have to ensure their cleanness all the time. Also, when wearing contact lenses, some people experience irritation, which may include burning, stinging, and itching.

A permanent solution to correct astigmatism is to do laser eye surgery. Some laser eye surgeries can correct near-sighted vision and far-sighted vision too. But some patients that undergo this surgery complain of dry eyes, and some others even experience distorted vision as well.

Prescription eyeglasses for football are designed for both the professional football players and amateur football lover who have serious vision problems. If you have myopia or hyperopia and fail to see objects clearly, it is quite difficult for you to achieve great results in scoring. Fortunately, there are prescription eyeglasses for sports like football that can get rid of all your vision problems and help you performance better in football playing.

prescription eyeglasses for football

Have you ever heard of Edgar Davids, a former football player in Amsterdam club, who frequently wore a pair of football prescription eyeglasses in his international football competition? We all know that it is difficult for him to perform well in the competition without the help of prescription eyeglasses for he has serious vision problems. Once a time, he admitted that the prescription sports eyeglasses did him a great favor. With the help of football prescription eyeglasses, he is more skillful with professional football game and the vision problem is no longer a setback for him. So we can enjoy the wonderful performance in the football field. Perhaps we can suppose that it is the prescription sport eyeglasses that oblige him to remain a renowned football star worldwide. With the prescription eyeglasses, Edgar Davids can score wonderfully.

sport prescription glasses

Apart from its correction of vision problem, prescription eyeglasses can also protect your eye from accidental injury. In fierce football competitions, the rapid flying football can be a potential harm for your fragile eyes. So with prescription eyeglasses on just as have a protect shades with you and it will help you minimize the risks to the lowest. Besides, it will cut off wind, grit, moisture and shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. There is no doubt that the prescription eyewear will do credit to poor eyesight players and effectively protect their eyes.

In all, prescription eyeglasses for football are a must for those who have vision problems or anyone who wants to protect their eyes in football games. With prescription eyeglasses for football, you will score wonderfully.

When we decide to buy some cheap prescription glasses, we need to consider at least two questions. The first is where we should make the purchase. And the other is what kind of prescription glasses we should choose. If you are confused and worried about these questions, this article may be helpful to you.

First of all, it is necessary to talk about something about buying prescription glasses on local eyeglasses stores and online stores. It is not new for us to buy clothes, books and other things online now, but it still sounds a little bit fresh when we hear somebody talking about buying prescription glasses online. When you have no clue about the online eyeglasses fitting system, it is logical for you to believe that it is not a very good way to buy prescription glasses online. Nevertheless, you must know the price is a very big advantage and benefit you can get for online shopping. You can always get the cheapest prescription glasses online.

The process of choosing cheap prescription glasses is very simple. Click the link of online eyeglasses store, type all data needed and choose the frames you like, after that, the analog system of most online eyeglasses stores can form a picture there for you to assess. In this way, you not only can choose the eyeglasses frames you like quite at ease, but also can choose a variety of brands online conveniently.

The next question is what kind of cheap prescription glasses you should choose? This question should be answered with the latest fashion trends. Many fashionable eyeglasses frames, such as round glasses, cat eye glasses, aviator glasses and other classic glasses can all be good options for you. Maybe you can pay more attention to round cheap prescription glasses online in these days because they are really popular. Cheap round prescription glasses are now used as a unique way to commemorate the passing-away of the genius Steve Jobs. Of course, it would be of special meaning to a fashionable person. Of course, Steve Jobs isn’t the only reason why people are chasing for round cheap prescription glasses. A lot of famous stars have been promoting it, such as Lady Gaga, the sexist and most gorgeous woman in the world.

As a near-sighted person, are you annoyed by your traditional glasses when you take part in sports? As for me, with poor vision, I once had to worry about my glasses slipping down during the activities. However, now I needn’t be troubled by my glasses any more for there are prescription glasses for sports, which can not only protect my eyes but also perfect my performance in the sports.

Once I read a survey, which saying that over 100,000 sports-related eye injuries occur every year because of improper protective frames and lenses, especially those who have vision problem need to wear glasses to have a clear vision. Indeed, we can take measures to prevent these tragedies. That is we are able to choose a suitable pair of sport glasses for us when we participate in sports. For people whose vision is poor, there are prescription glasses for sports, which can improve their performance. Moreover, these glasses also have the function to protect the wearers’ eyes from any dangers possibly caused by the sport, such as flying pieces of dirt or debris.

There are different types of prescription glasses for sports, including curved prescription glasses, wraparound prescription glasses and prescription sports goggles . The lenses of curved prescription glasses are slightly curved on the sides and the edges, which permit the wearers to turn their heads fast and still clearly see from any angles. Wraparound prescription glasses are mainly suitable for those who take part in sports that require the participants to move quickly or bend up and down, and whose glasses easily slip. Generally speaking, different prescription sports goggles can meet the requirement of different ball sports even activities in the water. And the tinted lenses of prescription sports goggles can help you adjust your eyes to varying light conditions.

As for many sports lovers with poor vision, prescription glasses are must-have equipment. For example, basketball lovers can wear basketball prescription eyewear which can help them see clearly. At the same time, they don’t need to worry their glasses. All of these are beneficial to perfect their performance when they are playing basketball. On the whole, prescription glasses for sports are a boon to people with vision problem.

Hey, guys, do you have used unbroken outdated prescription eye glasses collecting in your treasure chest? If you do, please, don’t discard them. Donate them!

People in developing countries struggle to make a living day to day. They can not afford eye examinations, let alone a pair of prescription glasses to correct their eyesight. Therefore, your old, out of date glasses could make light comes afresh again. And the people who receive these glasses

are always grateful to receive such gifts.

The donated glasses are cleaned, prescriptions verified and handed out to people in developing countries or areas. Volunteer eyecare teams take the library of donated glasses to developing countries and distribute them to people who really need them. Meanwhile, some eyecare teams provide vision testing, refraction and eye health examination for free. People who need vision correction are given a pair of prescription glasses, again at no charge, which matches or comes very close to their prescription.

So, please do not throw away your old prescription glasses. Donate them to the people who really need them or organizations that will recycle those glasses. Such action is not stingy, but good for public interest.


Firstly, find an eye doctor’s office with Lion’s Club glasses donation drop off box. Normally, most offices have them. You may browse the Yellow Pages to find a local eye doctor’ office, call them and ask whether they have Lion’s Club glasses donation drop off box on site. Otherwise, call your regular eye doctor’s office to check if they have the box else.

Secondly, take your unbroken old glasses to the eye doctors’ office and drop them off. Be assured that Lion’s Club will collect the glasses and transfer them to volunteer eyecare teams/organizations that will make sure they are distributed.

Lastly, once you’ve donated your glasses, please feel proud of yourself for giving someone else the ability to see clearly who wouldn’t have had clear vision otherwise.

Besides Lion’s Club, there are also other wonderful places that you can donate your used prescription eyeglasses: Hakim Optical, Unite For Sight, Give The Gift Of Sight and so on.

The coming of twenty one century marks a new epoch and is on behalf of faster development of status in the presence of us, we can strongly feel the tenses from all sides, as soon as we graduated, the first issue is the job hunting, it is not so easy to look for a ideal job in such current fierce society, furthermore, the beginning of our work are usually not so smoothly, we have to spare no effort to learn practice our and manage to do our first work, it sometime refers to do over time work. Several years after graduation, our work may go up to another step and super than before, our income also increase a lot, there is another challenge we should face, it is also the year for marriage, thus, you should consider the spent of houses and Wedding, it is not just a piece of cake, it is quite a amount of expenses, thus, you should try your best to make up the afford, even work day and night, you should face the computer screen and reading , The exhausted feeling in your eyes also put on stress from psychology after a long term, it is absolutely your eyes turn to bad circumstance, vision problems instead of your normal sight without any excuses.


This is the most widely lifestyle in current adolescent groups, they have to put on prescription eyeglasses because of their pressured life, we have to obey the rules and have no other ways. But we have some solutions to improve our vision issues. If you are continue to work in front of computer screen for two hours, you should stop for a have a rest and drink a cup of tea, close your eyes for one minute , it is easy to follow but quite useful.


Doing sport is also a good way for you get out your eyestrain problems, the most typical is playing tennis, it will add the exercise of eye muscle and prevent your eyes from fatigue from staying single view for long time.

If you’re prone to find out a way to improve the clarity of your vision naturally, without the damaging effects of glasses and contacts or risky laser surgery, you also can try on some eye protection products from chemist’s shop.

With the widespread of online shopping, we can get accessible to many products through internet including clothes, shoes, books, or other things. Nowadays, many people’s attitude toward purchasing is changing. The concept on online shopping is becoming wide accepted. It is considered as the revolution of traditional consuming method.


Currently, we can get prescription glasses online as well. You can choose prescription glasses online for men or women and even for children just from the comfort of your home. It is quite convenient and largely cut the shopping time to some degree. This is not only due to the benefits of online shopping, and there are also some other reasons of the popularity of eyeglasses online.


The online shops have a wide selection of the styles of prescription glasses online. No matter you are searching for prescription glasses for children or adults, you can get a pair that suits personality best. Besides this point, you can also find a delicately made selection of the glasses types. A lot of glasses are available. The prescription glasses, progressive glasses, bifocal glasses, trifocal glasses and other kinds are within your reach. The options of the frames are in a lot ranges as well, such as full frames, semi-rimless, rimless. The materials of the frames are also in a lot of varieties, metal, plastic and some others. You can choose what you want according to your own demands.

One reason of the popularity of the prescription glasses online is the low price. You can save a sum of money. You can compare the prices of the glasses online with those in local optical stores. You will easily find that the prices of those in online shops are much cheaper than those in local stores. However, the quality of the online ones is reliable as well. Therefore, choosing the prescription glasses online is a wonderful decision.

It is absolutely that get an appropriate frame is so important to people who wear prescription glasses to correct their eye problem (such as far-sight, near-sight, astigmatism or even the prism correction) has become a very important factor to improve their whole appearance as well as their healthy

And in today’s prescription glasses market, according to the frame structure of these eyeglasses, the frames can mainly be classified into three kinds: full-rim, semi-rim and rimless. With the badly demand for comfort and lightweight for the prescription glasses, the rimless frames has gain great popularity among men and women prescription glasses wearers. Different from other prescription glasses frames, rimless frames are always considered as non-frame since they are only consist of the lenses themselves, the nose piece, some other very thin support arms and nothing more. Beyond that, wearing one pair of prescription glasses with such rimless frames can make you more natural since they cover less part of your face compared with other type of eyeglasses frames.

Frame color, shape and size are also considerable factors to choose the latest frames for men and women. As is known to all that, men seems to have larger bone structure and heads compared with women. So the frame chosen for men’s prescription glasses tend to have a longer bridge as well as longer temple arms to accommodate for this change. When it comes to the shape for the prescription glasses frames, men prefer to choose square or rectangle type while women usually interest in rounder or oval options. And the current trends seem that both men and women are looking for angular type prescription eyeglasses frames. Women are always like to choose bright color for their prescription glasses while color for men’s frames are always go for in dark or neutral color such as brown, black and grey.

When choosing men or women’s latest frames, the weight is the most important things to consider. Among all the frame structure, rimless is the simplest while titanium is considered to be the lightest among all the frame materials. So the combination of the two -titanium rimless eyeglass frames which respect both the rimless design and the material’s natural features should be the perfect option for the women and men’ prescription eyeglasses.

The service of the company is also very sweet and we are moved with the useful advice given by the warm-hearted service personnel. Finally, we get a pair of men’s prescription eyeglasses favorably. The online store I want to recommend is called http://www.Firmoo.com / that enjoys a high reputation by customers.

Internet offers so many conveniences for our life. We can learn on internet, work with internet. And buy thing from internet. Now, we can buy almost everything from online stores. We can even buy prescription glasses online.

Although today many people enjoy online shopping, still some people told you not buy prescription glasses online. That because they are actually telling you to know a few things before you buy glasses online. They had a bad experience only because they did not know what to be aware of and what to look for while buying the glasses online. Here are a few things which are definitely going to help you when you will visit an online store to buy prescription glasses.

There are hundreds and thousands of people who get caught in it every day. The only way to stay safe and buy prescription glasses safely is to know the store before you buy from it. If you look closely, you will easily find out whether a certain website of an online store is scam or legit. You can take further precautions by reading the reviews and knowing the real thing about the store. The people do share their opinion about various stores. They share their experiences in the forums and on the blogs. Look out for these resources before finally deciding about a certain store.

Then, you should know have a general knowledge of lens option. If you do not know what kind of lenses are out these and what everyone is good for, you are not going to find it easy to pick the proper lenses. There are various kinds of lenses out there. Bifocal lenses, progressive lenses and single vision lenses are the few common ones. You can search the internet and can read everything that you need to know about each lens type. You can also read about the lens quality and can decide which lens you want to get.

At last, you can use their virtue try-on when you buy prescription glasses online. Many online retailers now offer you such systems for you to upload your photo and try on. If you satisfy the glasses, you can go on and purchase them.

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