To know the Age-related macular degeneration(AMD) well, let’s have a general idea of the macula first. It locates in the center of the retina, which converts light or an image into electrical impulses and then sends these impulses, or nerve signals, to the brain. Therefore, we may know macular plays a fairly important role in viewing. Then age-related macular generation is an eye disease associated with aging that gradually destroys sharp, central vision, the macular. There are two different types concerned, the wet ones and the dry ones. The former is a less commonly seen condition. Wet eyes may quickly develop into blindness, because rightly after the blood vessels behind the retina start to grow, they are very likely to get ruptured. The latter is featured with blurred vision and sensitivity to light. With treatment, it is reversible.

In spit that AMD is age related, however, there are ways to prevent its degeneration and even occurrence. Therefore, having a healthy life and diet style is rather important. Tobacco is one of the arch-criminals of the development of AMD, so to keep away from tobacco is necessary. Eating more fruits and vegetables should be on your dinner table everyday. In addition, salt-water fish and leafy green vegetables are most recommended, for they perform well in AMD prevention. Lack of exercise and obesity are two risk factors contributing to AMD. Besides, to guarantee eye health, regular eye examinations should be taken. They could help in avoiding the worst symptoms of macular degeneration.

If you unluckily suffer from AMD, don’t worry, there are devices which would help in viewing in daily lives. Bioptic glasses are one such device. With miniature telescopes mounted on, the patients are able to concentrate on activities that require acute close central vision. Bioptic glasses work similar to the bifocals we know. For those patients who have a requirement to work with computers, another device, a special monitor that magnifies on-screen font sizes is ideal choice. Wearing them on, the patients are thought to be able to read more easily.

AMD is not terrible. Once you find hard to read, watch TV or do other routine activities, go for an eye doctor immediately. They are always there providing your treatments and advices. Moreover, the National Eye Institute is conducting and supporting a number of studies to learn more about AMD. It is believed that more progresses on treatments for AMD will be achieved.

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Macular degeneration is one of the common age related eye diseases. There are a large number of aged people suffering from low vision caused by macular degeneration. The following will give some introduction on the causes, symptoms, and macular degeneration devices to help people maximize the remaining vision, read ahead.

If we want to learn about macular degeneration, we should know macula first. The macula is located in the center part of the retina, which is in charge of the detail vision, such as reading, knitting, driving or other daily tasks. If there is damage to macula by bleeding, a thinning of the tissue, or even a wasting away of the tissue, people will suffer from macular degeneration and can not see detailed information clearly. At the beginning, people may suffer from slight vision loss, if left untreated, finally people may suffer from blindness. Therefore, we can see it is important to have our eyes tested regularly in order to find out the eye problem and treat it in time.

One of the common causes for macular degeneration is due to age factor. When people are at their 40’s or 50’s, the macula will become weak, and they will have a low central vision. Another cause is the family history, which means if there are family members who have macular degeneration, the other members may also have this kind of eye disease. Besides, there are some people who have the genes which can put them under the risk for developing macular degeneration. For example, people who have high cholesterol, or high blood pressure will be more likely to develop macular degeneration. If we find we have blurred vision or part of vision loss, we should visit our eye doctor immediately to do a complete eye test.

In order to take some precautions for age related eye diseases, we can have some food rich in beta-carotene and Vitamins like lutein and zeaxanthin, however, this can not treat macular degeneration. Instead, we should use some new drugs which have a good effect in resisting against macular problem. Moreover, we can also resort to some devices for help. The aim of the devices is to maximize our remaining vision and help us to see detailed information clearly. Take the telescopic lens as an example, there is a tiny telescope on the lens, when we need to see detailed information, we can look through the telescope lens which can magnify the information, and for other works, we can just look through the prescription glass. It works just like bifocal reading glasses. There are various devices available for macular degeneration, and we can choose the most suitable one according to our eye condition and eye doctor’s advice.

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Macular degeneration is a common eye disease among elderly people. When people have macular degeneration, they will have some loss in their central vision. So the most important thing to do is to find out the way to save their existing vision. Macular degeneration will offer the very help they need. The following will give some introduction on macular degeneration devices in order to help people to benefit more from them.

When people are at their 40’s or 50’s, the macula, which is located in the center of the retina and in charge of the detail vision, will become weak. Therefore, people will have difficult in reading, playing cards, driving or other daily tasks. If macular degeneration is not treated in time, there will be more vision loss. Macular degeneration devices are used to maximize people’s remaining vision by the use of specially designed eyeglasses, computer programs and other technologies. With the help of those macular degeneration devices, people’s low vision can be improved to some extent, and they are able to enjoy reading or some daily tasks.

Bifocal reading glass is one of macular degeneration devices. With the help of bifocal reading glasses, people can see clearly no matter far away or close up as this kind of glass can change people’s vision field. Therefore, bifocal reading glasses are very popular among aged people worldwide.

Do you know there will be miniature telescopes on the eyeglass lenses? Yes, a miniature telescope can be placed behind or on top of the lens, so in this way, people can have two options. One is to look through the regular lens and benefit from the eye glass prescription, the other is to look through the telescopic lens to see detailed information clearly as there is an ultra magnification.

And for people who have macular degeneration but need to use computers, they can have specially designed monitor for help, as the monitor can magnify the front size and enable people to see clearly. Besides, there is also software for macular degeneration devices, which can transfer our sound into text. We can speak to the computer microphone, and then the sound will be transferred into text on the screen. Moreover, even people with no vision, they can also benefit from the program which can turn the test into Braille documents online.

Closed circuit television is also proved to be an effective macular degeneration device. We can put the right page under camera, and then the image will appear on our television screen, so that people can read and see them clearly.

Thanks for the great help given by macular degeneration devices. No matter what need you have caused by low vision due to macular degeneration, you can always find a satisfied macular degeneration device to satisfy your needs.

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Macular degeneration is one of the most common eye diseases among elderly people. When people are at their 40’s or 50’s, their center vision, which has the task of seeing detailed information, such as reading or playing cards,  will begin to diminish. If macular degeneration is not treated early and properly, the center vision will continue to lose, so the best way for people with macular degeneration is to seek the way to preserve their remaining vision.

You may wonder to know what causes macular degeneration. Macular degeneration can be caused by the following factors: First, it may be caused by weakened macula, which is in the center of the retina. Second, the thinning of the cells which contain the macula can also lead to macular degeneration. Third, the bleeding due to blood vessels bursting and leaking under the macula can also cause macular degeneration. Fourth, the macula is weakened and deteriorated itself gradually, which will contribute to macular degeneration. For people with macular degeneration, their center vision is weakened, but their peripheral vision can not be altered, so luckily they will have some vision left.

How people can be diagnosed of macular degeneration? What symptoms macular degeneration has? The most common symptom is people can not see clearly when they are reading. For people with different type of macular degeneration, the vision loss will be different. For most people, they will have part of their vision loss, and can see shadows with a blurry vision while reading.

The other symptom for macular degeneration is the straight lines will seem to be wavy, or people can not see the entire line with parts of lines missing. To diagnose this symptom, eye doctor will give people a test by Amsler Grid Test. From the test, eye doctor can test if people can see straight lines on a grid of horizontal and vertical lines, or see wavy lines.

People with macular degeneration will have low vision in terms of colors. So they have to take color test to check if they can distinguish different dark and dark tones, together with light and light shades. The color distinguish ability is determined by the cone cells in the retina, and from the test, the eye doctor can judge if the cone cells is impaired.

As macular degeneration will also affect our ability to see clearly while driving, so the eye doctor will also give us acuity test to see how well we can see at different vision lengths and under different lights, so in this way, he will measure their central vision loss.

Thanks to the fast development of eye technology that people can have some treatments to alleviate from macular degeneration in order to restore more vision left. And they can also wear special eye glasses to see clearly and save their remaining vision.

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It is a fact that a large number of people worldwide are suffering from macular degeneration, and many of them may suffer from vision loss. Therefore, more and more people are wonder to know if there are some ways to lower their risks to develop macular degeneration, or prevent them from developing advanced macular degeneration. The following will introduce some tips to help these people to find the ways to prevent macular degeneration or AMD.
In order to lower our risks to develop macular degeneration, we can follow the following tips: First, it is wise to have our eyes tested early and regularly, especially for some people who are genetically pre-disposed to macular degeneration, they should have eye exams at a regular basis. We should know that the earlier we find the eye problem, the easier and sooner we can treat them. Second, it is better to quit smoking. Researches show people who smoke 2 times are more likely to develop macular degeneration. So in order to prevent ourselves from this eye problem, we should quit smoking instantly. Third, a healthy diet will be good for us to keep away from or lessen macular degeneration, for example, we can eat more nuts or fruits, and if we are allergic to nuts, we can have some vitamins or supplements which contain omega-3, vitamin A and luteins instead.
If people are diagnosed of dry macular degeneration, don’t worry, there are also some ways to prevent us from developing AMD. First, we can eat more dark green vegetables which will be good for slowing down the progression of macular degeneration and further vision loss. Second, keeping a good weight will lessen the possibility to develop AMD through exercises, or taking in less fat and cholesterol. Third, for dry macular degeneration patients, it is necessary to wear UV blocking sunglasses when they are outside to prevent their eyes from harmful sun rays. Fourth, taking in some advanced vitamins or zinc can prevent us from developing AMD. But be sure to consult with our eye doctor and listen to his advice on which supplement should be taken according to our condition as some supplements will be bad for our medication effect. If we have diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes, we are required to have them checked as they will affect our preventing way. Last but not least, if the above is not effective, we can take laser eye surgery to destroy the blood vessels to prevent the macular degeneration from deteriorating. Though it is a hope for some people, it still has some risks.
From the above introduction, we can see it is better for us to have our eyes tested at a regular basis, and we should have a healthy diet and keep a good weight in order to prevent ourselves from developing macular degeneration or AMD.
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Macular degeneration is an age-related eye disease which bothers a large number of people aged more than fifty. Macular degeneration can cause people some damages to the retina, and what’s the worse, may cause people to lose their vision. Once we get macular degeneration, it is hard to bring our eyes back to the original state, the thing we need to do is to try every means to slow down its progress. The following will introduce some methods to slow down the progression of macular degeneration.

There are two kinds of macular degeneration, dry and wet macular degenerations. Macular degeneration mainly causes people to lose the sight in the central field of vision. Though people still have some peripheral vision, they will feel difficult or impossible to read or recognize faces after central vision lost. If we find there is some thing wrong with our eyes, for example, blurred vision or minor loss of vision, it is wise to visit our eye doctor immediately to check the eye problem. One point we should bear in mind, the earlier we find the eye problem, the easier for us to slow down its progression.

Though macular degeneration is a common eye problem among aged people, a lot of people do not know much how to slow down its progression. The study made by Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) will give us some help.

Researches show that a specific high-dose formulation of antioxidants and zinc have some good effects on slowing down the progression of the advanced macular degeneration (AMD). In addition, researches also prove that Vitamins have the function of stopping macular degeneration from intermediate stage to advanced stage, which means Vitamins can prevent us from loss vision.

Besides, LAST, which is short for the Lutein Anti-Oxidant Supplementation Trial, can also help us to slow down the progression of macular degeneration. Researches show that taking in some anti-oxidants and zinc together with 10 mg of daily Lutein will be good for improving our macular degeneration. And it is advised by ARED that people with macular degeneration should take in certain quantity and types of antioxidants and zinc everyday.

Just as we mentioned above, when aged people find there are some problems with their vision, they should visit their eye doctor promptly. Their eye doctor will check if they have caused macular degeneration, at which stage, and also give them some instructions on how to slow down the progression of macular degeneration. Though the AREDS formulation can not treat macular degeneration completely, it has some effects in slowing down its progression.

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Do you know some food can also have some good effect in preventing macular degeneration? As a matter of fact, medicines are proved not performed well to prevent macular, while some food has been testified to be effective for people to prevent macular degeneration after many scientific studies. The following will introduce the food that can prevent macular degeneration.

First, food containing beta-carotene or Vitamin E can reduce the possibility for people to develop macular degeneration. The survey done by the National Health and Nutrition Examination has proved fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene can help people to prevent macular degeneration. People can get this nutrition from collard greens, spinach, apricots, carrots, mangoes and squash. The study made by the Beaver Dam Eye Study can also prove the above point, at the same time, they also find food rich in Vitamin E can also have this function. The study is done among 2003 individuals at the age from 43 to 84. It is proved food rich in Vitamin E has a good effect in preventing the formation of druses and spots of pigmentation.

Second, drinking can also have some influence on developing macular degeneration. Scientists also make a research among 3072 adults at the age of 45 to 74. They find there are only 4% of adults who drink one glass of wine each month to develop macular degeneration, while for adults who do not drink wine, they have 9% to have macular degeneration. Surprisingly, for drinking beer, the situation is not the same. The Beaver Dam Eye Study find people who drink at least one beer a week have higher rate to develop macular degeneration than people who do not drink beer at all.

Third, the mixture of lutein, zeaxanthin, Vitamin A, B and C has some good effect in preventing macular degeneration. Lutein can be found in carrots, corn, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, and most fruits, which is a chemical relative of beta-carotene. Zeaxanthin is also relative of beta-carotene, which can be got from corn, fruit, paprika and spinach. Working together with Vitamin A, B and C, they will offer terrific effect to protect our macula, which has been approved by epidemiological studies. They work like this: Lutein and zeaxanthin make the macula to be characteristic yellow color, while lutein tending to accumulate around the edges of the eye, and zeaxanthin accumulate in the center of the eye.

Last but not least, studies also show food rich in selenium or zinc can also have the function of preventing macular degeneration. People can get this nutrition from broccosprouts, barley, beef, chicken, crab, lamb, oysters, turkey, and whole wheat.

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Age related macular degeneration (AMD or ARMD) is an eye disease that mostly affects the old. Suffering from this condition, people have poor central vision while peripheral vision remains normal. There are dry and wet forms of AMD, both of which damage central vision. But these two types of macular degeneration have their own characteristics.

Also called non-neovascular macular degeneration, dry AMD is more chronic than wet form. Dry AMD is usually detected during a regular eye exam. This form of macular degeneration often begins at a middle age and appears as the accumulation of drusen in the eyes. Showing as deposits, the drusen buildup is usually unprocessed protein or waste products. Being yellow in color, the drusen buildup always occurs between the choroid and retina.

Drusen deposits are actually early signs of dry macular degeneration that can be found by an ophthalmologist. Obvious symptoms can be seen only until there is a significant amount of drusen. Over time, dry macular degeneration will progress into advance non-neovascular AMD. At such a stage, various symptoms will occur, including blurriness, scotomas, and dark areas of impaired vision. Patients with advanced dry AMD will chronically lose the ability to recognize detailed visual images. At the end, only peripheral vision is there for use. Some activities that require good eyesight such as driving are impossible.

Another form of age related macular degeneration is wet AMD, which is also named neovascular AMD. Wet AMD progresses much faster than dry AMD. In detail, wet AMD can develop into vision loss within several months, while dry AMD usually takes years to reach an advanced stage. Wet macular degeneration does not involve drusen accumulation. As the name neovascular AMD indicates, wet AMD involves an abnormal growth of blood vessels in the eyes. Appearing in the choroid, the abnormal growth of new blood vessel will rapidly develop into leaking blood or fluids. This leakage often causes scaring and damage to the macula, resulting in central vision loss.

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Macular degeneration is a progressive disease of the retina wherein the light-sensing cells in the central area of vision stop working and eventually die. It is age related and is a comparatively serious eye problem, which may cause the loss of vision, or more specifically, the loss in the center of the visual field. That is to say, the eye still sees objects to the side, since side (peripheral vision) is usually not affected, however, you will feel hard to read, recognize people or even places because of the macular degeneration in the central vision.

There are two types of macular degeneration, the dry and the wet.

Dry macular degeneration, or nonexudative, comparing to wet macular degeneration, is a more common form of the diseases and accounts for 90% of all Aged-related Macular Degeneration. It is the debris, which is referred as Drusen, built up between the choroid and the retina that causes the symptoms of blindness, for the debris would make the retina detached. There are basically no treatment for dry macular degeneration, but you can find certain ways to learn to cope with it.

Wet macular degeneration, or exudative, is a less common form, accounting for about merely 10%, but it is more severe than the dry for. It is the blood vessels growing from the choroid that affects the vision. When more and more blood vessels growing behind the retina, one’s vision becomes more and more blurry. There are treatments fro wet macular degeneration, either by medication or laser surgery. Normally, those measures can reverse the growth of the blood and make the condition less serious.

Then how can one judge that he or she is affected by macular degeneration, for there seems no well-defined symptom at the early stage. It only becomes noticeable as the condition worsens. One of the main measure is to observe whether there are yellow deposits in the macula, because it is the yellow deposits that make up the Drusen.

Therefore, to have an overall eye examination regularly is necessary, especially when you find there are symptoms include blurred vision, distorted vision, inability to discern color variations, delayed bright light exposure recovery, a decline in contrast sensitivity and central scotoma. For the cause of macular degeneration includes the growth of blood vessels, which have a possibility of blood leaking and bleeding, there may be ultimate damage that is irreversible.

What is more, if you have a family history of macular degeneration, you are among one of the candidates who have the risk of suffering from macular degeneration. Besides, things like Stargardt’s disease, Drusen, Stargardt’s disease, Drusen, Arg80GLY variant in C3 a complement protein, hypertension or high blood pressure, a diet high in fat, oxidative stress, a mutation in Fibulin-5, ethnic background and so on so forth have a potential risk for one to increase the risk of suffering from macular. You may not believe it that a diet high in fat, and exposure often to sunlight, particularly the blue light or high energy visible light are potential causes of macular degeneration.

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There is no direct cause of macular degeneration, but rather many factors combined contributing to the AMD. Besides the fact of aging, here below is a number of factors that have been found to be associated with macular degeneration:

Smoking. It should be the No. 1 preventable cause of macular degeneration. A study done with about 3,500 Beaver Dam, Wis. residents shows that Nearly 50% risk of AMD developing originates from smoking and the result has been reported in the January 2008 issue of Archives of Ophthalmology.

High blood pressure. High blood pressure damage the blood vessels that supply blood to the eyes and the retina. For the delicacy of the retina, high blood pressure has a possibility to make blood vessels leak, leading to fluid building up in the choroid. Further more, high blood pressure is more associated with the wet form of age-related macular degeneration. Wet AMD is a more serious condition as to dry AMD with a risk of vision lost.

Medication. Some medications have a side effect on eye, causing kinds of eye problems, among which AMD is included. Some medications like Fosamax for osteoporosis may predispose to macular degeneration. The appendix of the names and side effects of those medications can be found in Daniel L. Robert’s The First Year -Age Related Macular Degeneration

Family history. You may surprise that family history constitutes a potential factor of AMD development. The fact is that it runs in families. To be aware of it is helpful for one to take necessary measurements to prevent AMD if one or two or more of his or her family members have AMD.

Sunlight. Among all the rays in sunlight, it not the UV, the risk factor of cataracts development, that burdens a risk for macular degeneration but the bluelight which can cause damage to our retinas, providing a potential risk for the development of macular degeneration.

Poor diet. A saying goes that illness often find their way in by the month. It is quiet right. If your food is lack of leafy vegetables, or food is rich in antioxidant or omega-6 fatty acids, you will be more likely to suffer from AMD.

Exposure to some car exhaust and chemicals. Most people may be not strange to free radicals, organic molecules responsible for aging, tissue damage and possible diseases. If you are in exposure often to toxins, like car exhaust and chemicals, free radicals may produce, causing damage to our bodies and eyes. Therefore be away from toxin environment, and make sure the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat is nontoxic, so that we can be far away from the AMD and other diseases.

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