Q: Are there bifocal contact lenses for astigmatism?
I have astigmatism and normally wear Toric lenses with readers on top. I also have varifocal glasses. I want to wear contact with no readers. I have some ordinary bi-focal lenses, but although good, my vision is a bit blurry due to the astigmatism.

A: Bifocal contact lenses come in many designs and can be prescribed for people with astigmatism. You can call your doctor to see if they can offer such lenses .   Learn more answers

Q: Can reading glasses be made to fix astigmatism?
Does astigmatism only affect reading close up like computer or books? Also can they make reading glasses like drug store ones, but to fix astigmatism too?

A: No, reading glasses can’t fix astigmatism. If you have astigmatism, please not wearing reading glasses randomly. You’d better take detail eye exam. Then buy reading glasses with your prescription given by eye doctor. And the opticians will make your reading glasses combined with astigmatism, thus to provide you the comfortable vision.   Learn more answers.

Q: Are laser eye surgery for astigmatism effective?
I have heard that astigmatism can be cured by laser eye surgery, is that effective? If someone has experienced it, can you share me some experience?

A: Astigmatism is a common vision problems to eyes. They can be corrected by wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. Now, It is may also cured with laser eye surgery. In a laser eye surgery, a flap is made in the outer layer of the cornea to access the tissues of the cornea. It is said that Lasik surgery now is the safest technique for correction of astigmatism. Take Lasik surgery, it can help reshapes cornea’s stroma layer to correct its refractive ability to allow light to focus on the retina properly. So, if you want to treat your astigmatism, you can try Lasik eye surgery.   Learn more answers.

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In the past several years, people in Orange Country would find it will cost a lot to undergo a laser eye surgery, however, in recent years, the price for laser eye surgeries, due to some politics related, have dropped. Common consumers are able to afford such a procedure to get their vision corrected. Cost-effectiveness and painlessness win laser eye surgery the first choice for people having nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, etc..

As the group of people in want of laser eye surgeries gets bigger, numerous medical clinics and facilities specializing in laser eye surgery emerge in Orange Country. The overnight developments of those providers, on one hand, does convenient people in Orange Country, however, on the other hand, results in crazy competition among those providers. To cater to the demand of patients and to attract more potential customers, every clinic and eye care centers cudgel their minds for promotion policies. Giving discount should be one of the best ways for a clinic or an eye care center to attract the eyeballs of more consumers.

However, for patients in Orange Country, they should not merely care about the price. When it comes to medical services, it is more important to consider whether such a surgery strategy is good enough and is suitable to them enough. What’s more, to choose an experienced surgeons is of great significance. They are more probably to give a perfect surgery. To know whether the surgery is experienced or not, the patients can simply ask how years have they engaged in this field and the success rate of surgeries they’ve done in the past. Never feel reluctant to ask those questions, which seem to be an offence to the surgeon, or you may find you lose at an expense of hurting your eye health and even losing sight. One thing needs reminding is that don’t blindly pursue famous surgeons, for you may find that a surgeon who might be well known could have done that through one extremely successful operation on someone famous or important, but his or her overall track record might still pale in comparison to other surgeons with lower profiles. To search relative information through Internet or to ask friends or relatives who have ever undergone such a surgery should be good choices.

With the spread of laser eye surgeries in Orange Country, the patients should give more attention to the choice of clinics and surgeons, for you are inevitably to come across some unqualified clinics and surgeons.

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There are a large number of people worldwide suffering from some eye problems and have to wear glasses or contact lenses to help them to see clearly. For most of them, they are tired of the hassle of wearing glasses and cleaning and maintenance of contact lenses. And now with the help of laser eye surgery, they can have opportunity to get rid of glasses or contact lenses in their later life. If you are interested in this surgery, you may wonder to know how much the cost is. Read ahead and the following will give you some information on the cost of laser eye surgery.

Though some people are eager to get rid of glasses or contact lenses, refractive eye surgery requires not a small amount of money, so they have to endure wearing glasses or contact lenses. It is true that laser eye surgery costs a lot at the surgery, but comparing with changing glasses or contact lenses for higher prescription, cleaning and maintenance, and the inconveniences glasses or contact lenses bring to wearers, laser eye surgery can save people money and a lot of energy in the long run.

Before considering to take laser eye surgery, we should know which kind of surgery we should undergo. There are mainly two types of laser eye surgeries, one is PRK, and the other is LASIK eye surgery. PRK is shorted for Photorefractive Keratectomy, and LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. Both of the surgeries will reshape people’s out-of-shape cornea in order to correct for the good vision. From the common practice, LASIK is more widely used than PRK, as it is less painful and requires less time for recovery. However, for some eye diseases, if LASIK eye surgery can not work, people have to resort to PRK for help. Before taking the surgery, we should visit our eye doctor to check which kind of surgery is most suitable for us.

The cost of laser eye surgery varies according to the following factors: First, the cost is different in different places and countries where we take the surgery. And in some LASIK-favorable places and countries, the cost will be less. Second, the cost varies according to the technology used in the operation, the skill and experience of the surgeon, and also the severity of our eye condition. Generally speaking, the cost of LASIK eye surgery ranges from USD500 to USD2000 per eye. The cost of the surgery include the following aspects: pre and post-operative consultations, equipment and laser using and maintenance cost, other devices cost such as gloves, masks, gowns and sterile materials, and some medications before, during and after the operation, such as eye drops, pain medications and anesthesia. And if the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon accompanied with several nurses and assistants, the cost will be surely higher.

Though laser eye surgery does not mean a small amount of money for us, when we choose the surgeon, please make sure not to compromise on the quality just for lower price. No one wants to play jokes on our delicate eyes. If we just pursue lower price and find a surgeon charging for lower cost but with less experience or skills, we will put ourselves under risks.

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Laser eye surgery is one of the greatest achievements in the civilization of humankind. It has allowed people with certain vision problems to regain their perfect vision and those who wear glasses or lenses to get rid of these aiding devices. Therefore, it becomes one of the most widely accepted ways to rectify vision problems.

Within only forty years or so, laser surgery become so accurate and effective in rectifying people’s eye problems that it can be called a miracle. Especially, lasik procedure is the most popular and common laser eye surgeries in the field.

It is no denying that there are still some complications and risks in the surgery, but lasik have the greatest success rate and can perfectly enhance receivers’ eye sights. However, people should know something more before they really get this surgery. The more to know, less complications will be caused. Especially, people should consult with their eye doctors and search some related information online.

Usually, the whole procedure is painless, for some numbing drops are used. But some discomfort might appear after the surgery when the numbing drops work not. Of course, the discomfort will disappear sometime later.

As its name indicates, laser is now used as a scalpel in the operation. It will be used to make a flap on the surface of cornea and it will also be used to remove some extra tissues in cornea. After that the cornea will be as same as it used to be in terms of shape when they are reshaped by the laser. This procedure will be operated and finished in great accuracy and every step is meticulously calculated.

After the surgery, people’s vision will be greatly improved or some people’s are enhanced just when the surgery is finished.

Anyway, people should consult with their eye doctors for more details if they really want to get the surgery. These specialists can offer many useful suggestions in safety, cost or even financing, etc.

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It is great that with the application of laser eye surgery, one would regain a clear vision once again, and everyone would like to have a try. However, most people would probably consider whether a laser eye surgery is trustworthy. Is it safe? Are there any after effect? Anyhow, it is surgery concerning one of the most important organ in our body, the eyes. Generally speaking, laser eye surgery is a safe procedure whose success rate is about 95%, but some complications may be possible. It would vary from person to person.

Firstly, laser eye surgery are accomplished with the help of high technologies and advanced equipments, therefore, accurate diagnosis would always be made. On the other hand, as it is a newly emerged procedure, the surgeons who go on this surgery have been highly trained, which further guarantee the safeness and effectiveness of laser eye surgery. That’s why many people who had ever undergone such a surgery would tell that the laser eye surgery is one of the best things that they have ever done for themselves, and it wins their rights the see the world clearly again.

However, every coin has two sides, risks are inevitable, but of low rate. One of them is a failure of vision correction, that is to say, the patients do not get an accurate vision after the operation, and then another one is needed. A loss of eyesight maybe one of the risks, however, up to now, such a case has never happened. As long as there isn’t a big mistake made during the procedure, it is not likely to happen.

Next, some complications, or after effects, include infection, dry eyes, corneal haze and laser risk, etc.. Infection and dry eyes are the most common after effects. Eyes are easily to get infected if the hygiene work is not done well, for during the few weeks right after the surgery, eyes are rather fragile and bacteria would be easily enter into eyes. Therefore, don’t rub your eyes and get your hands cleaned if you want to touch your eyes. Dry eyes do not threat the eyesight but would easily contribute to eye infections. It originates from the fact that the tear production system may be injured during the procedure, and as a result, there is not enough tear to get eyes moist. Therefore, to carry about some eye drops to lubricate the eyes on regular intervals is necessary. Corneal haze and laser occur respectively during the recovery time and when the laser damage the flap. Those symptoms can be eased by taken some medicines prescribed by your eye doctor.

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The need for laser eye surgeon skyrocketed in recent years, and many a laser eye surgeons emerge as well. To find a proper laser eye surgeon among them is not an easy task. Suppose you are in Maryland, there are several ways which may help you find the best eye doctor.

Search local providers in the phone book and use the contact information to ask relative information, including what kind of clinic he/she is serving for? What kind of surgeries has he/she ever performed? How about his/her success rate? How much will you cost if you undergo such a procedure? And some other questions similar. General speaking, surgeons with rich experience in this area may insure that you have the best results with your surgery. By this way you are possible to find a provider which provide the best service but charge the least. Besides, you can also find websites that will tell you surgeons most reputable in Maryland, as well as the approximate cost of the surgery, detail information concerning the procedure and matters needing attention, etc.. When selecting the right surgeon, you could also ask any questions you concern. Under normal circumstance, the doctor will be rather helpful.

Price is another consideration you should take when you choosing a surgeon. With those information, you can make a decision whether you are able to afford one or not. In principle, the price vary depending on what specifics you are looking for. Many people would blandly inclined to select the least expensive ones, which may not always be the best ones. On the contrary, the most expensive ones are not definitely the best ones as well. Therefore, pre-investigation is necessary.

Sometimes, the right surgeon may be not in your location, in this case, the insurance may not cover the cost. Then you have to talk to person in charge about it. If he/she allows such a covering method, provide the surgeon you have chosen with your medical records.

In Maryland, laser eye surgery has become very popular, and finding the best doctor is becoming more and more difficult, but if poper method is applied, you are believed find the right one.

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After a laser eye treatment, a surgeon will always suggest many dos and don’ts for his patients. In fact, there are both preoperative and postoperative tips associated with the health of the eye that has been treated with a laser surgery. These requirements can never be ignored if the patient wants to get a successful operation and satisfactory outcome. Fast and smooth postoperative recovery can be ensured only by a strict following of the necessary instructions.

First of all, the surgeon will require the patient to wear a protective shield in order to cover the eyes immediately after a laser eye treatment. In addition, it is also advisable to close the eyes, rest and relax them as much as possible immediately after the surgery. The most effective way is to go to sleep when the patient gets home after surgery. This can ensure the maximum degree of rest for the eyes. It is always true that significant vision improvement can be noticed after waking up form sleep. Rubbing the eyes should be strictly avoided during the recovery process. Otherwise, eye irritation may be caused. In fact, most doctors would encourage their patients of laser eye surgery to use medicated eye drops so as to manage potential itchiness.

There are also other requirements that are also closely associated with the eyes. One is to wear sunglasses as much as possible, either in rain or shine. The eyes are often fragile that they should be protected from any harmful elements, like sunlight, dust and damageable ultraviolet rays. A doctor would suggest a period of 2 weeks during which sunglasses should be in place. What’s more, female patients should take an additional care that makeup should be avoided during the recovery process. It is also suggested that laser eye receivers should better avoid activities such as watching television, driving and using the computer, because they will easily cause excessive eye strain.

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Since the usage of first excimer laser in vision correction in the 1950s, laser has been around in laser eye surgery for nearly sixty years. Medicine is one of the major fields that have benefited greatly from the invention of laser, which has also helped make a lot of advancement in other industries. It is widely recognized that the discovery of laser was the direct contribution to the widely application of laser eye surgery. The recent decades have even seen an increasing figure of individuals suffering from those common visual problems and refractive errors, including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.
In addition to those traditional solutions such as corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses, vision defected folks living in modern times have another advanced option: laser eye surgery. After an eye surgery, they will successfully restore normal vision, because the laser used in the procedure will reshape the cornea and help it focus light in the retina properly. In detail, a typical laser eye procedure will use a laser device to make changes in the shape and contour of the cornea. For instance, an excimer laser will typically used to produce an ultraviolet light which is vaporizing unwanted tissues. In such a way, the corneal contour and shape will be appropriately altered, correcting mild to moderate refractive errors.
Knowing the basic information of laser eye surgery, it is also important to distinguish different kinds of it. Common forms of laser eye surgery include PRK, LASIK, LASEK and Epi-LASIK. During a PRK procedure, only the outer layer of the cornea will be touched using a surgical blade. The corneal tissues will be cut and vaporized by a computer guided laser beam. In a different approach, LASIK surgery will create a flap in the cornea using a blade or a laser. In addition, tissues inside the cornea will be removed. LASEK procedure is actually a combination of PRK and LASIK. And Epi-LASIK is a modification of LASEK.
If you want to know more about vision knowledge, then feel free to visit http://vision.firmoo.com/vision-surgery

Thanks to the fast development of modern eye technology that some people can get rid of their eyeglasses or contact lenses for the rest of life with the help of Laser eye surgery. In recent years, Laser eye surgery has developed fast. The following will give some introduction on the advances in Laser eye surgery in order to let people know more about the surgery.


For people with good eyesight, their cornea shape is oval. But when they suffer from some eye diseases, the cornea will be out of shape. Laser eye surgery is to use a laser to reshape the cornea, which is achieved by intervening on the tissues on the underlying or stromal layer.


PRK is short for the Photo Reflective Keratectomy, in which optometrist will scrap away the cornea and then use an excimer laser to correct patients’ vision. Though it has some effect in correcting people’s poor vision, it usually have longer time for recovery, in addition, the epithelium layer is likely to grow back in time. However, compared with LASIK, there are lower risks inside as people don’t need to have their cornea cut. And for certain eye problems which can not be treated with LASIK, PRK can help.


Then the creation of LASEK brings advances in PRK. LASEK stands for Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomileus. Before removing the epithelium, eye doctor will use a solution with alcohol to soften the area, and then reshape the stroma by excimer laser, and finally replace the epithelium. With the help of LASEK eye surgery, people can recover sooner than with PRK.


And then LASEK continue to develop, and Epi-LASEK comes into being. When people take this surgery, optometrist will use a separator to preserve a living layer of the epithelium, and replace the layer after correcting patients’ vision by excimer laser. The advantage of Epi-LASEK is it has less recovery time than LASEK.


The development of LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) enables people to correct their vision almost at once. It will use a microkeratome metal blade to cut the cornea flap, and then use an excimer laser to reshape the cornea and reposition the flap. It is amazing that people will enjoy a good vision after 24 hours for successful surgery.


Compared with LASIK, custom Vue LASIK is to use wavefront software to lead the laser to reshape patients’ cornea shape, so it is more accurate and will ensure a higher successful rate. And now this is the most advanced Laser eye surgery, and of course, this is also the most expensive.

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Most people tend to get laser eye surgery if they have vision errors of certain sorts, especially those who do not want to wear glasses or lenses. And it is true that many receivers’ lives are greatly improved because of this. However, there are still some unavoidable risks and complications in this procedure, though the possibility is low. Therefore, people should have a good understanding of these potential risks and side effects about the surgery before getting it- some eye checks and exams are needed for greater security. a

Usually, receivers may suffer from different risks and complications after the surgery. For example, some people have to suffer from corneal infection after the procedure. Though the chance is slim, it occurs onto people of certain groups. Another common problem during laser eye surgery is surgeon may cut the eye tissues improperly. And the result is the too much or too less corneal tissues are removed and receivers’ vision is affected as a result. Other very common complications after the surgeries include eye dryness. It is true that some receivers have suffered from intense eye dryness after the procedure. For this, some artificial eye drops are needed. Or some receivers may get blurred eyes after the surgery due to different reasons, but the symptom will disappear quickly in most cases.

Or in certain laser eye surgery, specific complications might appear. For example, corneal flap must be made in Lasik eye surgery, but flap might become wrinkled or damaged and the result might be serious in some cases. Or the cornea of some receivers become unusual in shape due to different factors, and sufferers’ vision will be affected greatly.

Other risks and complications after laser eye surgery include vision loss, irritation, etc.

Anyway, it is also risky to receiver laser surgery, though rare. And people should be careful if they really want to get it. It is strongly recommended for any receivers to consult with their eye doctors first and ask as many questions as possible. Of course, the benefits of these surgeries are really great. 

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