1.    Q : Are mirrored sunglasses in fashion in 2012?
I know mirrored sunglasses are not some fresh products. But i like it. I plan to buy new mirrored sunglasses. Are mirrored sunglasses still in style in 2012?

A: Well, in fact, I do love mirrored sunglasses, because it looks so cool when someone wears it. Actually, mirrored sunglasses are never out of fashion, it’s very classic. So you can buy a pair of new mirrored sunglasses in 2012. And there are a lot of fabulous brands for mirrored sunglasses, such as Ray-Ban which is famous for mirrored sunglasses, Gucci and Prosun, etc. I am sure you will look very fashionable with mirrored sunglasses. See more answers.

2.    Q: Are big sunglasses still in style in 2012?
i have a pair of big sunglasses bought last year. Are they still in style in 2012?

A: Of course it is still in style in 2012. The oversize sunglasses are very elegant and fashion to wear. The super model Miranda Kerr also wears big sunglasses. It is fashion and it can easily match your most kinds of clothes. You may still remember Audrey Hepburn wearing big glasses in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Roman Holiday”. So the oversized sunglasses is the symbol of elegance and fashion.See more answers.

3.    Q: re ray ban wayfarer sunglasses still in fashion 2012?
How do you think of ray ban wayfarers? Are they still in style in 2012?

A: Yes, they will still be in fashion in 2012. As we know that the Ray-Ban Wayfarer are famous for their special function and advantages. In other words, they profited from the advantages of the synthetic frames and created a bridge between the previously standard metal frames made from extra thin metal and the following era of thick plastic frames. The design of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer was radical for the time and it’s totally a new non-verbal language. The nonconformist design is especially attractive to creative free thinkers. So maybe you also can have a try. See more answers.


It may be time to get fashion sunglasses since summer is already here. A pair of fashion sunglasses will compliment your look and protect your eyes when you are enjoy sunshine. At present, fashions sunglasses are now all the rage among an increasing number of people. You can have at try at sunglasses and they will surely add a finishing touch to your ensemble.


There are certain types of fashion sunglasses in 2012. If you want to flatter your ensemble, you may grace your face with a pair aviator sunglasses together with a simple pair of T-shirt and jeans. Besides, vintage sunglasses will be a hit in 2012. Vintage sunglasses are all the rage right now and aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Round sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses and horn rimmed sunglasses are notable members of vintage category.

When it comes to the shape of sunglasses, I recommend wrap round shaped sunglasses because of their special wrapped design. Due to their shape, they will prevent strong UV rays from the front and the sides. Therefore, they will protect your eyes and skin around eyes better than other counterparts. In addition, wrap round sunglasses can firmly stay on your nose, so you don’t need to worry they will fall off easily. They are quite suitable for people who often stay outsides. Besides, they feature very large sunglasses frame, which make them a hit. Guess what, for women who have a chubby face, wrap round sunglasses have the very power to make your chubby face look smaller and prettier.

There are a wide range of fashion sunglasses available, designer sunglasses or non designer sunglasses. Speaking of which, I like find some really good fashion sunglasses whether they are designer sunglasses or non designers ones. If you like designer sunglasses, you can try some good reliable online sunglasses stores that stock great designer sunglasses at cheaper prices. If you do not prefer designer sunglasses, there are more choices for you at online stores or local retailer stores.

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Popular sunglasses are varied in colors and designs to appeal to the consumer psychology. Why should I say so? The reason is that, most young and beautiful people are inclined to wear fashion sunglasses, to some extent, with exaggerate styles matched with pretty and characteristic clothes to show their individualities. Here, color has been regarded as a priority to note the style of exaggeration. Generally speaking, in terms of colors in sunglasses, it is easy for us to associate with colored lenses and painted lenses simply because they are so colorful. However, why could they be so colorful and how? Below is worthy your attention.

colorful sunglasses

Colored lenses are also called stained lenses whose feature is to couple with some chemical substances during the process of manufacturing lenses, so that colors can be showed on the lens in order to absorb lights with different specific wavelengths. Colorful lens is the most commonly used types and is well-made by the high-qualified CR-39. With enhanced plating on the surface and colorful film-plus treatment, it is characterized as colorful, circular, solid, fixed, and so forth to stop ultraviolet, infrared, blue lights, etc. After installing the lenses into the frame and wearing on, you can contently enjoy the comfortable feeling that lenses have brought to you no matter you are myopic, aging people, or individuals with either astigmatism.


Though painted lenses have the same effect of colored lenses, the ways of production are different. For painted lens, unlike colored lenses, colors are directly applied to the surface, and the most well known one is the “gradient-like coating color lens” that the deepest color is topped and the lightest is bottomed. In general, those sunglasses designed with degrees are, to a large amount, handled by coating.

I believe most people are complaining about the hot weather these days, for we have been experiencing the hot weather. But people need to live, so we have to do some daily work outside such as driving, walking. And we will feel there is something wrong. I think what we need to take with is a pair of sunglasses. There are some benefits of wearing sunglasses.


First of all, wearing sunglasses in hot summer days can protect our eyes from the strong sunlight which will make our eyes uncomfortable more or less. And on hot summer days the ultraviolet radiation is so strong that it can easily harm our eyes. If our sunglasses has such function to prevent the ultraviolent radiation, our eyes will be protected.

Next, wearing sunglasses can block the sunlight to some extent. It is wise of people who like to do outdoor activities such as riding a bike, going fishing, driving to wear sunglasses, because it can help us block the sunlight. What’s more, it can help us to see more clearly.

Now let’s talk about it’s another function of sunglasses, which is decoration. Nowadays many people, especially young people, are fashionable. So a pair of fashion sunglasses will be their favorite choice on hot summer days. Some young people will put the sunglasses on their heads or just hang it on their chothes even when they are not outside or the sunlight is not strong. And they think they will look fashinable or more cool.

Last but not the least, for contact lenses wearers, wearing sunglasses can prevent water lost, which will definitely keep the contact lenses work well.

From what has been presented above, I think there is no doubt that we should prepare a pair of sunglasses for ourselves for it can protect our eyes, it can make us more fashionable.

Though summer has gone away, strong light are still hanging around us. Therefore, autumn is still a great season full of fashion sunglasses . There are a great many kinds of fashionable sunglasses which can make you look more trendy than a star. Come on and have a look at those beautiful fashion sunglasses. Perhaps you will be the next fashion talent.

Cheap high fashion sunglasses are always greatly loved by a large number of customers due to its new style and low price. Here is a kind of cheap fashion sunglasses. The round lenses, after being matched with an angular frame, look both fashionable and interesting. The shape of the sunglasses resembles the eyes of an animal,which simultaneously reminds us of the characters in the cartoon of the 80s. Are you thinking now about buying a pair of cheap fashion sunglasses?

This kind of sunglasses has a round frame with bright metallic luster, its lines light and winding. The whole sunglasses look just like a beautiful butterfly who is having a rest after a long time dancing in the air. Besides the blue one, there are also classic silver and golden ones as well as special wine-red and dark green ones available. You will must feel cool when strolling about on the streets and appreciating the beautiful scenery with this pair of sunglasses without any worries about the hurt of your eyes from the sun.

Spicoli 4 shades have a whole black frame without any decoration except for the small squares on the handle of the shades, which can be regarded as the reappearance of the classic. With its frame made of metallic materials, this kind of sunglasses shows its style by engraving the logo on the nose-supporting part instead of the glasses handle. There are also some other types of light blue and yellow with some small ornaments such as crystals and glasses foot straps which have the same colour as the whole body of the sunglasses.

From many fashion shows with models wearing fashion sunglasses, we perceive gorgeous and splendid beauty. How we feel envious as we see the wonderful figures with beautiful matched clothes and the decoration of fashion sunglasses. Luckily, in this particular fashion era, we can share everything including fashion so that our individuals have ways to do our pursuits for beauty without too much cost on time and money. To become fashionable, fashion sunglasses are really vital factors.

First, let us look at this style of sunglasses, a classic gray one with metal frame. To speak of the sunglasses, they are extraordinarily constructed of sleek metal and ingeniously produced. Therefore, you can trust the quality! The square lenses are considerably modified and are decorated by high-qualified metal front frame. Though fancily designed, the sunglasses are not expensive for you to try them on and enjoy the fashion feeling and bring the feeling to people around you.

Look back to before, we spend too much time talking about how to make women more beautiful with sunglasses, but now and here, we should pay our attention to men’s fashion sunglasses for consideration of men’s handsome and modesty. You can see the sunglasses in the picture next. The lenses are in brown color, and there is another color like black for you to choose. There are two materials for the manufacturing of frame including silver and gold. You can make your decision by your own preference. For men, this kind of sunglasses can best appropriate for occasions like either business or pastime.

Fashion, to both men and women, is to become what you like to be as time goes by and fashion changes. So, seize the time and opportunity, to get your own fashion sunglasses and to enjoy your own fashion life.

Sunglasses are one kind of eye protection tool which can protect the eyes from the damage of strong sunlight. Besides the sunglasses are also regard as one kind of fashion accessories. Like the fashion clothes, the design of sunglasses frames is very special and unique. There are lots of sunglasses with different colors and frames for you to choose. Almost all of these sunglasses are fashion sunglasses. You can know several types of them in the following passage.

The sunshade models

Reducing the strong sunlight, seeing the things clearly, anti-radiation and recognizing the traffic signal clearly are the basic functions of sunshade models. This kind of sunglasses can protect the eyes from the strong sunlight and harmful UV rays well. And it is suitable for many people to wear. Wearing a pair of this kind of sunglasses, you will never be out of the fashion. You can choose a pair of this kind of sunglasses based on your requirements.

The colored sunglasses

The colored sunglasses are one kind of fashion sunglasses. The colors of this kind of sunglasses are various. You can choose them freely. This kind of sunglasses can match with different colors and styles of clothes. Wearing a pair of color cutting sunglasses can decorate your face shape and personality perfectly, so they are favored by most of young people.

The round shaped sunglasses

The round shapes sunglasses also belong to the fashion sunglasses. It can also protect the eyes from the strong sunlight and harmful UV rays well. This kind of sunglasses can help you reduce the eye fatigue and protect the eyes from the damage of the strong glare. Besides, they can match with different styles of clothes easily. The round shaped sunglasses can decorate the face shape well. Most of people would like to wear it in our daily life.

Today, with the increasing needs of eye glasses to vision correction, people find that eyeglasses can also be displayed in a fashion way. And gradually, more and more people who have good vision wear eyeglasses especially for sunglasses.

Nevertheless, sunglasses are still commonly used for protecting eyes from strong sunshine which contains intensive ultraviolet radiation. Sunglasses could mild the strong light into a natural vision and block ultraviolet radiation through their lenses thereby to protect eyes. So, we can see lots of people who like to wear sunglasses outdoors especially in summer.


However, no matter you buy high priced sunglasses or get free sunglasses, there is one thing you should know that you should not wear sunglasses randomly. First, no matter you has poor vision or good vision, you should have an eye test in eye care center. On one hand, you can know if you can suit for wearing sunglasses or not. On the other hand, you can get eye prescription which could be used for buying prescription sunglasses so that you can not get eye protection but also vision correction. Second, you should think about your work condition when you buy sunglasses. For example, for drivers, polarized sunglasses are recommended. Third, please do not choose too bright colored sunglasses because it will cause big vision contrast of object. Of course, if you just wear it to attend some party, you should first think about fashion and individuality factors when you choose sunglasses.


Besides, sunglasses are also a kind of eye care products to protect people’s eyes from strong sunshine. Therefore, please not wear sunglasses with the poor quality. First, please not buy sunglasses without UV protection. A pair of quality sunglasses could block 99% UV rays. Second, please not buy sunglasses without label. Third, please not buy sunglasses which were made from some easy-broken material.

Wearing a pair of stylish sunglasses can not only protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays but also a reflection of your personal style and personality. Stylish sunglasses have long been the most coveted fashion accessory of celebrities, superstars and athletes. From sports sunglasses, to trendy fashion sunglasses, the range is wide and there are many price points. It is truly mind boggling at the thought of choosing a right pair of sunglasses within the great selection of trendy fashion sunglasses.

For many women choosing the right pair of sunglasses is based on the color of their complexion and their hair color, there is an emerging trend in fashionable sunglasses that is now leaning towards more color. Oversized sunglasses are perfect for women because they can double as a head band and still make a style statement.

As we have said that it is not easy to find the right pair of trendy fashion sunglasses. The best way to find the perfect frame for your face is to try on different frames, styles and lenses before deciding on which ones to purchase. Don’t just purchase trendy fashion sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Making sure that the sunglasses you decide on flatter your face shapes is necessary when it comes to select a right pair of sunglasses .You can choose from the latest styles that include: aviator sunglasses wrap sunglasses, clip on sunglasses, oversized sunglasses and even futuristic sunglasses. Let’s tie everything together and discuss what sunglass material is most popular. Many people like brightly colored frames. Popular colored frame colors are red, white or black, just to name a few.

Wearing a pair of trendy fashionable sunglasses can really make you look exquisite and cool. So with the above useful tips to find one!

It is difficult to buy a pair of suitable and comfortable UV sunglasses from online. If you want to buy a pair of fashion sunglasses, it will spend lots of time on choosing and making decision. As the widely choose of the types of the sunglasses, you may feel confused which one you would like to buy, you did not make a decision firstly. Maybe, it is unnecessary to spend much of time on choosing sunglasses. It is important to choose a pair of suitable and comfortable sunglasses for ourselves. If you did not know how to do, the following passage will help you find suitable and comfortable eyeglasses with a short time.

The first and most important things are that we should take the consideration of the UV protection. The main function of sunglasses is to provide our eyes with UV protection. Therefore, it can’t be ignored. A pair of qualified UV sunglasses should have 99% to 100% UV protection. When buying sunglasses, we’d better look at the tag carefully. And the lenses of sunglasses should be high qualified. The kinds of lenses vary from the polarized lenses to the tinted lenses. We can choose them according to our individual needs.

Another equally important thing is that we should take the consideration of the sunglass frames. The eyewear frames market is so huge that the shapes of frames are various. They are made of different materials like titanium, aluminum, plastic and metal etc. Each kind of material has its own advantage over others. And the shapes of frames are generally classified into three kinds, which are semi-rimless frames, full frames and rimless frames. It can be chosen depending on face shape.

The last but most important things are that the quality and the prices of the sunglasses should be considered. Except the brand of the UV sunglasses, www.firmoo.com has large number of sunglasses for you choose. Their sunglasses are fashion and cheap. Especially their qualities are very high. After you order their glasses, you will receive from them in the next 7 days. No matter where you buy the sunglasses, you should take a consideration of above thins which I have mentioned.

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