What will you choose when you prepare to send a present for your beloved man? Still clothes, watches, shoes…These presents are so practical but without innovation. Therefore, someone choose to do nothing rather than find a better way out. However, I bring a new item for you to use: send a pair of eyeglasses frames for your men!

As the most intimate partners for your men, you can make the most suitable choice for them. Before doing your shopping aimlessly, how the most suitable choice compound should be the most important question you should hold in your heart!

1. Make sure how much you will use on the eyeglass frames for men. Your budget target should be in your head when you are shopping. If you are inclined to those economic styles, pay more attention on the discount items for cheap eyeglasses, and if you are quality and fashion enthusiasts, spend your money in those high reputation stores with fashion eyeglasses.

2. Choose the eyeglass frames for men with proper color supplement to your men. Do not make too flaring choice if your men are not young guy any more. Generally speaking, black and brawn are safe colors that they can go well with men with different ages.

3. Choose the eyeglass frames for men with proper styles for your men. No matter they are sunny, cool, mature or sexy…they are proper eyeglass frames for men in the market.

4. Choose a pair of eyeglass frames for men which are comfortable to wear for your men. Comfort ranks the first when asked about the requirements of their desired eyeglass frames.

All in all, if you are really concentrated on the eyeglass frames for men, you will get the most proper one for you beloved! Do not hesitate now, get a pair of eyeglass frames for men now!

In terms of eyewear frames 2011, in most people’s hearts, rimless, rimmed, semi-rimless regular eyeglasses must be the first things jumping into their minds. Nevertheless, apart from these regular eyewear frames, novelty eyewear frames are as hot as fire at the present-day society, so that I don’t wanna miss them out. Here I will share with you some eyewear frames 2011 with novelty style, then you can find out that novelty style eyewear frames can lead you to dress up in your trendy way.

eyewear frameseyewear frames
If you are a spectacle wearer, may be you will appreciate the fine balance between “fashion frames” and “novelty frames”. Take a look at the so called urban spectacles of wood may well be my new favorite thing. As a matter of fact, this sort of eyewear frame is invented by a designer named Harry Potter, looks exaggerated, isn’t it? Maybe, sort of!

eyewear frames

How about this pair? The yellow butterfly shaped novelty glasses features exaggerated frames, which seems that they are very suitable for make-up parties or Halloween night! Just imagine that when you wearing these oversized glasses frames to take part in the parties, how attractive you must be!

eyewear frames

Differ from this former butterfly yellow frames, this novelty glasses frames must be much more creative and imaginative. Just take a look at the eyeglasses frame, the shape of it is just like a guitar, how to say, kind of cool and funny. Matching with your crazy suit or funny costumes, you must be the perfect and most attractive one in the costume parties. By the way, you cannot wear this sort of glasses to play sports outside, aha, just be kidding!

When is comes to eyewear frames 2011, till now, is it remind you of regular ones? Regardless of regular frames, novelty style must be the one which leads you to dress up in your trendy way.

It seems difficult for women with round faces to find a suitable eyeglasses frame. I have this kind of confusions before, but now I can handle it perfectly well. As a girl with round faces, if you think that you have to say goodbye to various beautiful eyeglasses, then you are absolutely wrong. According to my own experience of trial and error, I finally conclude with a type of eyeglasses which have wide application- that is big vintage eyeglasses! I am not giving direction blindly. Here are my reasons.

women eyeglassses

First and foremost, big vintage eyeglasses let your face look smaller and beautify your facial shape. As is the rule that lenses of big vintage eyeglasses are usually a little bit over sized compared with other styles, this can very nicely go with round faces. By combining classic and popular designs, big vintage eyeglasses cover the imperfect part of one’s round face and outline a even beautiful figure. To put it simple, big vintage eyeglasses help hiding the defects of round faces, and at the same time adorn the many lightspots.

Secondly, big vintage eyeglasses themselves are novel and fresh. This trait is harmonious with the characteristics of round faces. In fact, round faces are sweet and cute features, big vintage eyeglasses can make them cuter and more lovely. Unlike same formal or rigid eyeglasses, big vintage eyeglasses are more innovative and exaggerate. Round faces women weared with big vintage eyeglasses appear to be energetic and active.

Thirdly, big vintage eyeglasses are classic and unique, which will not out of date. Apart from regular rectangular glasses, big vintage eyeglasses also have round and oval shapes. Except for young generation and office people, big vintage eyeglasses also have big market for the elder or even children. With the examination of different ages at different times, big vintage eyeglasses retain a classic. Can women with round faces resist it? Of course not!

Your look might not be extraordinary, but your eyes can! That is what big vintage eyeglasses will help you with.

As eyeglasses frame are designed in various styles, some people my wonder how many types and what are the types of eyeglasses frames? In fact, to be simple, those various eyeglasses can be classified into three types according to their frame structure: full glasses frame, semi-rimless glasses frame and rimless glasses frame.

full glasses frame

Full glasses frame is the most classic glasses frame in eyeglasses industrial. This kind of frame can swallow the full lenses of lenses so as to fix the lenses and let them always in front of your eyes. This frame can provide a good protection of the lenses, thus you can feel free to get vision aids from the eyeglasses. Besides, the full frame can be made into many shapes and colors of frame in order to meet the needs for fashion. And wearing a pair of full glasses frame usually make people look sophisticated and hardworking.

semi rimless glasses frame

Semi-rimless glasses frame is a kind of eyeglasses frame which can swallow half of the each lens. Usually, the upper part of the lens is fixed in glasses frame while the upper parts of the lens have no frame but fixed by a very fine nylon. As the nylon is very filament and as clear as the lenses, the whole pair of eyeglasses looks like half part of the rim. Wearing a pair of such semi-rimless glasses, one looks more elegant and smarter.

rimless glasses frame

As for the rimless glasses frame, as its name implies, is the type of eyeglasses frame which let the lenses naked in the air without any frame around the edge of hem. This kind of eyeglasses lenses are usually connected by the nose pads between bridge and screws. And the lenses are supported by the temples which connected by screws. The eyeglasses have no frame at all in the front so as to provide wearers the most natural looking. Thus, those eyeglasses frame are very popular among young people. Wearing a pair of suitable rimless eyeglasses frame, it makes people look very unique and trendy.

Frames are tools to fasten lenses before your eyes. The quality of frames not only influences one’s vision correction, but also affects one’s appearance directly. So, what are the types of eyeglasses frames?


There are sundry kinds of frames including both metal material and non-metal material.

Metal frames:

Metal frames comprise gold, rhodium, palladium, silver, nickel, chrome, ruthenium, titanic, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and so on. An advantage of metal frames is that they own flexible nose support, which can ease the burden of your nose bridge, which is especially good for teens. Gold, a metal with perfect ductility, hardly has any circumstance of oxidation or color changing. Whereas, gold frames are too heavy and too expensive to ordinary people to bear. If you want to buy a frame at medium price, you can try titanic or nickel alloy material. It is light, containing high levels of antioxidant, meaning that your skin will never get allergic. Copper frames are cheap. However, they are easy to rust, thus damaging your skin.

Non-metal frames:

The most luxurious material for frames is tortoise. Similar to gold, it is very expensive and rare material. Plastic, the most common non-metal material for eyeglass frames, is appreciated by many people. However, there exist hundreds of kinds of plastic, making their price differences very big. To choose a good pair of plastic frame, you should test its flexibility, smoothness and symmetry. Cellulose acetate resin is also a very hot material in recent years. It’s easy to be colored, polished and processed. When exposed to strong light, they are unlikely to shade color or lose flexibility. Thus, they are very easy to preserve.

Recently, buying glasses online has become very popular. To get a good pair of eyeglasses, you had better go to big and regular shopping sites such as Firmoo, and make comparison between different styles. The question what kind of frame is good depends largely on your values and preference.

It is familiar to the spectacled person that eyeglass frames today come in various materials. Ranging from different materials to different colors, from earthy eyeglasses to vibrant ones, eyeglasses frames come in every variety to for we to choose. Nowadays, eyeglass frames are no longer restricted to dull colored ones made in metals and plastic with a very few shapes to choose from. Though these frames are still made in metal and plastic, yet these two categories come a host of overwhelming choices.


Metal Eyeglass Frames: Metal frames for eyeglasses range from stainless steel to aluminum. Both of these frame types have the qualities inherent in these two metals like resistance to corrosion and abrasion, durability and adaptability to tinting and un-brittleness. In addition, there are titanium eyeglass frames that are hugely in demand. Combined with nickel and copper, they provide lightweight and flexible eyewear solutions. One of the main advantages of these kinds of eyewear frames is that they are not tarnished even when they are exposed to salt-water type materials. On the other hand, stainless steel is ideal choice as it has hypoallergenic properties ideal for those with sensitive skin. Then there is Titanium alloy, titanium mixed with copper and chrome, which make them much more affordable than Titanium frames. Besides, there are Flexon eyeglass frames, which is also a Titanium alloy but has flexible properties. This is because you can twist and turn these frames in any way but finally they come back to their original shape. Additionally, these frames are lightweight, hypoallergenic and corrosion resistant that makes them ideal choice among smart buyers.


Plastic Eyeglass Frames: Equally popular like metal frames are those made from plastic. The advancement in plastic molding and blending process has allowed designers of eyeglasses and sunglasses to experiment with plastic frames. Today they come in different colors, shapes and combinations including Rimless Eyeglasses as well. Among these popular sunglasses, there are different nylon varieties, which make them lightweight, compared to those made only from simple nylon. Special mention can be made of coach eyeglasses frames. Again, there are separate varieties that are made especially for sports and other activities. Plastic eyeglass frames are malleable, and have hypoallergenic properties that make them popular with all users irrespective of age and gender. However, one has to be very careful while using plastic frames. This is because when exposed to harsh conditions like excessive sunlight, they become very brittle.

Whatever frames you choose ffor your expensive or cheap eyeglasses, always get only the ones that suit your purpose. Consider beforehand whether you want them as prescription eyeglasses, specialty glasses or just as a fashion accessory.

Now, it is an important to select a pair of good eyeglasses. To select a pair of fashion eyeglasses, you should not only think about your face shape, frame materials, you should also think about your occupation and working environment. What’s more, glasses frames have become the symbol of fashion. So, it is necessary to choose some which suit for your style as well as fashion.

Among those varied eyeglasses in the market today, there are always some classic styles which give us deep impression. The miracle of eyeglasses is that it is the only focus of face decoration. That’s why most famous people were remembered was just because of their eyeglasses. For example, round shaped eyeglasses always remind us of John Lennon. That’s all because he always likes to wear this kind of eyeglasses.


Most people think that eyes can speak which means your eye can express your emotion. Glasses frame, as the widow of our eyes, also convey information to others. To some extent, the style of your glasses frame can express your personal style. For example, most success businessmen like to wear light metal eyeglasses frame. This kind of eyeglasses is always impression on others of a kind of careful and efficient person.


Generally speaking, for most people who need to correct vision, they usually have just prepared one pair eyeglasses. In fact, the most reasonable way is prepare four pairs for using in different occasions. Usually, two pairs for work, one for your leisure time and one for your party time. Besides, you should prepare several pairs of eyeglasses according to your clothes color and styles so as to meet your different demands in different occasions.

Apart from glasses frame, fashion also related to your glasses lenses. Here are some fashion glasses lenses you should know. There a kind of progressive lenses which belongs to multifocal lenses. Progressive could correct vision for people in different distance. This lenses could meet people’s different demands as well as in a fashion way. Anyway, a pair of fashion eyeglasses is closely related their frame styles. So the next time, when you buy eyeglasses, choose some fashion styles to show your personal style.

You will spend large of money to buy a pair of fashion and super quality stylish glasses in an brand eyeglasses stores .you may feel regret to make such a decision when you found that the same glasses online is much cheaper And we can also find some cheap eyeglasses with high quality. Some guidance for people to buy cheap eyeglass frame and lenses online will be given in the following.

When you a pair of eyeglass, firstly, you should find the frame you like. Many online sellers offer some type of functionality which will allow you to upload your picture and superimpose the frames on your face.

You can save a lot of money to buy cheap eyeglasses frames online. And online sellers are able to hold a huge variety of frames for customer to choose from.

Nevertheless, as you buy and try the frame online and you can’t physically try the frames on your face, some people are concerned that maybe the real frame does not fit him. So you should first measure your frame size firstly and choose the proper frame size.

When you choose the frame, you should take your hair, eyes and skin into consideration. Knowing what styles suit your face shape will help you narrow down the range.

After you choose the right frame, the next you will choose the lens. Many online sellers offer free for Standard index 1.5 lenses. Of course, they also offer other type of lenses. Maybe you need pay some money, but not as much as you buy in local store. Which type of lens you should choose is depend on your prescription. So you should also get your prescription ready.

Before you buy cheap eyeglasses frames and lenses, you should also read their Returns Policy. If you’re less than delighted with your new spectacles, make sure the seller will send you an alternative pair or give you your money back. If the seller does not state that don’t take any risks and find one that does.

To sum up , you can choose cheap eyeglass frames online shop. And also get the inexpensive lenses from online shop. You needn’t worry about how to buy eyeglasses online. There already exist many useful and convenient ways available for you to buy cheap eyeglass frame and lenses online.

When you go to local optical stores for a pair of fashion eyeglasses, you are accessible to different kinds of eyeglasses. If you watch carefully, you will find that there are so many eyeglasses frames categories in the windows. You may get confused by large selection.

As a matter of fact, you don’t worry about what you should choose. If you read this article carefully, you will make a distinct understand of the eyeglasses frames types. Then you will know what you should choose and you can easily choose from the large options.

According to the rim of the eyeglasses, they can be classified into four types, that is, rimless frame, half rimless frame, full frame and reading frame. You can select what you want and what are suitable for you based on your personal preference and demands.

As the name shows, the rimless glasses frames have no frame at all around the lens. Rimless eyeglasses come in three pieces (two temples and the nose part). The lenses are actually part of the structure of the frame. A half-rimless glasses frame design has a rim over the top half of the lens (and sometimes just on the bottom half).

As for full frames, they are just normal eye frames. Full lenses are cover by frame at all sides. This kind of frame is more useful in roughly usage especially for kids. The last type, reading frames, they are a generic term that refers to glasses frames that hold lenses that are used only for reading.

Since the different functions of the different eyeglasses frames, the wearers must know what they need and then make choices.

Today, more and more people tend to choose the ancient classic items. So, vintage eyeglasses are becoming more and more popular. The vintage eyeglasses frames tend to get more and more popularity, too. Sometimes, it is hard to tell the differences between the vintage eyeglasses frames and ordinary ones.

The main difference of glasses frames between current and in the past day is that the vintage style eyeglasses frames are now available in many colors and add exciting new designs. Different from the real glasses in the 70s, the frames have additional advantage that they can now be fitted with modern light weight glasses that are made of special fiber glass rather than the ugly and heavy glasses of the previous years. Therefore, you feel comfortable and at the same time you are able to get the benefits that these vintage eyeglasses frames share in the last days.

In some specific conditions, people like to wear vintage eyeglasses, especially in some theme parties. Even if your eyesight is normal, you can simply put on a pair to gain the sexy glamour of the past. Team this with a fantastic theme outfit, and you will have the best look in the party. These frames are now available in plenty of exciting colors and their combinations. You can get them in gold, silver, black, brown, red, purple, pink, blue and lots more. You can choose what you want in large selections.

There are many channels to get vintage eyeglasses frames, such as in local optical stores or searching in the online optical shops. You can easily find what you are pursuing for. You may get surprise in selecting vintage eyeglasses.

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