What do men most want to look at? The answer is various. Shallowly speaking, men always want to look at beautify women. Of cause, this is a common understanding for most ordinary men. For men with huge ambitions the focus of their eyes might be the power and wealth. And for men who have a profound wisdom, what are they looking for might be the wideness and depth of life. As the targets of their eyesight are so important, men deserve good eyesight. Therefore, lots of them wear prescription eyeglasses. Besides the glasses with lens, men still wear glasses frames. Different from common glasses, eyeglass frame for men seems offer nothing but the circles in front of the eyes of the wearers. What are the circles for? I think they could be used to fix men’s attention.

Traditionally, men always shoulder more responsibility for the family and society. Thus, men are always inclined to be more ambitious than women. So, they are easily to be confused by the endless world they see. The frames on their nose, shaped as circles, could be used to fix the range of their seeing at a fixed time. While they see less, the can be more concentrated and see deeper. Focus, can be important for men to achieve their goal, and also important to the women by their side. They women need their man to be focused and stable.

Although they theory that eyeglasses frames for men can settle down their focus just come from imagination, but it actually gives a man a temperament of concentrated. Do you want to be or do you want your man to be with concentration? Go to Firmoo to get an eyeglass frame for men. They can offer you the thing that others don’t have.

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Frames always play a dominant role in eyewear field, for ladies who care about the outlook with eyeglasses, there are increasingly number of eyewear vendors offer a large selection of eyeglass frames for women with a wide variety of designs and styles, from plastic to metal, from red to black, from novelty to retro style, you can find what you wanna below. Here I will mainly offer you guys four types of cool eyeglasses which are very popular in recent years. OK, here we go!

No.1: Plastic eyeglass frames for women
Plastic is a sort of important material in eyewear field, featuring lightweight and cheap characteristics, so that many young individuals are big fans of plastic eyeglass frames for women. Not only they find that prices of this sort of eyewear are very cheap and affordable, but also plastic eyeglass frames for women always varies a lot in designs and styles. You know, girls love fashion, that’s their things.

No.2: Metal eyeglass frames for women
Differ from plastic eyeglasses frames for women, metal ones usually feature high-tech, durable and flexible characteristics. On the other hand, metal eyeglass frames for women can bring people a sense of intellectuality to some extent.

No.3: Novelty eyeglass frames for women
Novelty eyeglasses frames for women are often designed in the exaggerating ways, so that they are very suitable for people who will attend some costumes parties or make-up parties, such as Halloween’s festival.

No.4: Clear lens eyeglass frames for women
As the clear lens eyeglasses become more and more popular at the present-day society, so clear lens eyeglass frames for women have gained a large number of popularities nowadays. Due to the vision correction function which has been replaced by decoration one, frames without lenses tend to be the fashion trend in eyewear field.

So, ladies, what’s your preference of eyeglass frames for women? Anyway, there are a large selection of different eyewear frames at Firmoo.com, you can check them out and more surprises are there waiting for you.

Once talking about women’s glasses, a world of beauty will immediately unfold before our eyes rather than just being as a tool for vision problems. It is the very dream for every woman to become the focus in front of the public, especially our beloved ones, here, glasses, which bamboos with various types and color, providing us the chance to be graceful rather than cool. With the importance eyeglasses play, eyeglass frames for women, as a result, is an assignable cause for beauty.

eyeglass frames for women
When we talking about the beauty we can purchase with those glasses, we should be aware of what kind of eyeglasses we need to choose according to the face shape and dressing type of ourselves? Generally, there are three kinds of glass frames for women: full frame glasses, semi rimless glasses or rimless glasses. And what shape of glass frame we will purchase, round or square, big or small? As every knows round eyeglass frames will make the wearers’ round face even much rounder and fatter, but square eyeglass frames, on the contrary, with their “contrast” effect, would let the wearers’ face slimmer. What’s more, what kind of feeling we expect to have with the new glasses, cool, pedantic or sunny?
Remembering the questions listed above; there are another two things we need to pay attention to before jump into the eyeglass frames for women market anxiously. Firstly, if we are no longer having a clear vision with the pair of glasses on, or we are diagnosed to have vision problems and do not posses a pair for our own; we must have to choose a suitable pair for ourselves immediately. Second, find a professional doctor to give out a diagnosed result for our eyes because people sometimes would get rid of this step just because it will take some time as well as they ignore the importance of diagnosed result.
Firmoo.com, with various eyeglass frames for women and eyeglass frames for men, can give out the highest discounts for customers now! So, hurry up, lets go to firmoo.com now!We are doomed to be the most attractive sights in this spring!

For a man, it is very important to have at least one eyeglass frame. No matter you are at work or in your leisure time, eyeglasses can always be your ornament. Wearing different kinds of eyeglass frames can make you play different roles on different occasions and thus make life more interesting. Compared to women, most men will care about the materials and textures of eyeglass frames more because they seem to be more practical. What’s more, good texture can always make you stand out differently. Nowadays, since there are so many kinds of materials that are used to make eyeglasses frames for men, you need to be really good at picking out your own favorite.

The priority for most men is metal eyeglass frames. Metal eyeglass frames are always the most expensive because of their good qualities. Its kinds range from brass to gold, each of them has different features. The cost of making metal eyeglass frames is very high, with hard brass being the lowest, but still much higher than many plastic eyeglass frames. Since hard brass is cheaper, it is widely used in eyeglass frames for men.

Actually, most of metal eyeglass frames for men are made in alloy, which means adding other kinds of metal and other elements. Hard brass and some other metal alloy are used to make low-end eyeglass frames. If you want to look for high-quality metal eyeglass frames, there are also many choices. Titanium, gold or silver eyeglass frames are the most remarkable. They are widely enjoyed and appreciated by many men for their gloss and good durability.

Titanium eyeglass frames have many good features. They are super light, extremely durable and very flexible. Titanium almost has all the good features that are needed in making eyeglass frames. No wonder it is so widely used in 2011. In titanium eyeglass frames, a special kind is 100% titanium eyeglass frames. Mainly, titanium is used to make the main body of the frames and other small elements are made of other materials. But 100% titanium eyeglass frames are made of titanium in everywhere, including the nose pad, hinges and etc.

Gold eyeglass frames are almost the most expensive eyeglass frames. There are three forms of eyeglass frames that are made of gold. One is carated gold alloy that is produced with other elements added. Since pure gold is too soft and makes it easy to be distorted in making eyeglass frames, carated gold alloy is widely used in making high-quality eyeglass frames. Another is gold-filled, which means inner side is some other metal and the surface is made of pure gold. The last one is gold plated. This is also very popular because it is often less expensive.

To know the essence of different kinds of eyeglass frames means we can choose eyeglass frames better. Understanding eyeglass frames to this level often helps us to understand fashion better. If you walk into any eyeglasses stores and ask the working staff the features of the kind of material that your chosen eyeglass frames have, he will probably only speak out some good ones to make you make the choice. And they are unlikely to be true. To really know how to choose eyeglass frames, you need to do your own work: study, because there is no shortcut.

Generally, there are three kinds of materials that are used in making eyeglass frames: natural materials, plastic and metal. We seem to know natural materials very little, so natural materials of eyeglass frames and some plastic materials will be discussed here. Mainly, there are two kinds of natural materials in making eyeglass frames. One is called horn material. In ancient times, many animals’ horns have been used to make eyeglass frames, but now they are replaced by plastic.

The other kind is tortoise shell material. Just hearing its name can make women excited. It has become indispensably important in playing a role as making women more fashionable and sexier. It is super light, which gives you good comfort while wearing it. And tortoise shell is very durable. Plus, it is very shining by the natural gloss. Many people just become crazy at its uniqueness and dazzling gloss. Most remarkably, tortoise shell eyeglass frames won’t make the skin allergic.

Legend has it that the tortoise that is used to make eyeglass frames must be over 100 years. From this point, we can get a glimpse of just how valuable it is. But now, there are really few eyeglass frames that are really made of tortoise shell. It is on the one hand good news because tortoise shell is saved from this disaster, on the other hand, we can never use these incredible eyeglass frames. After all, the environment we are living in is the most important. And fortunately, though the real tortoise shell eyeglass frames are few to be seen, many tortoise shell replicas that are made of plastic are produced in large quantities in these days. Though the features are far away, but as technology gets higher and higher, it is sometimes a little bit hard to distinguish between real ones and fake ones.

And those plastic that is used to create “tortoise shell eyeglass frames” are actually of good qualities, for example, good durability and flexibility. As regards to eyeglass frames that are made of plastic, another material that has the same fate as tortoise shell is celluloid. Invented in 1869 by the Hyatt brothers, it is now banned in most counties. Actually, celluloid has many good qualities. Now there is only one eyeglasses shop in Japan that uses the celluloid material to make eyeglass frames. They are all made by hand and no other two eyeglass frames are the same, Made in this way, the value of it is beyond question.

Frameless eyeglass frames for women are strongly recommended. They can be the most unique and stylish glasses. Actually, they are not only saving materials for glasses frames but also artistic in their designs. It is totally a different design from other types of glasses. In essence, it makes women the focus of the glasses, aiming to bring as natural as women are. Thus, frameless eyeglasses frames are favored by many women. They seem to be a bit of manifestation to environmental protection from the point of saving materials. With such a unique feature and practical use, we may find out something interesting in the below classical frameless eyeglasses frames for women.

Frameless eyeglass frames for women: simple, natural and elegant. There is a unique way of manifesting art in glasses making. The above one can be a lively example. It is designed with a single color, but what we see is colorful. The spaces the designers live for the connection between the front frame and the arms strengthen the holistic effect by generating three dimensions. In the front, several copper pieces form clear lines that mark exquisiteness for these frameless eyeglasses frames for women. The details are very uniquely and ingeniously dealt with in these fabulous eyeglasses. There is a saying that one who pays attention to details will be found attractive when seen by others. In effect, these frameless eyeglasses frames speak for elegance and nobility for women.

Frameless eyeglass frames for women: delicate and fashionable. At first glimpse, the first idea that comes to our mind is these glasses are really suitable for women for we seem to see a feminine, sumptuous woman in these frameless eyeglass frames. The most eye-catching design of these glasses is the high and mature craftsmanship of the metal frame. Also, the rivets tell some stories. The most eye-catching part is the temples. Due to the frameless frames, we can marvel at the exquisite construction of the temples by pieces of metal. They form a very trendy element in this season, hollow-out design. But unlike other glasses frames, it seems much more natural. And beauty thus derives from it. The arms are designed in two straight lines that deserve our attentions. We seem to connect the wearers with a sense of art whenever we see them.

Different material of eyeglasses frames has different functions for many of eye wears. Today, we can know the material of eye glass frames from its color to prices and from its function to its design.

Compare with nylon eye glass frames, the plastic eyeglass frames are lightly. Originally mostly made of nylon, most eyeglass manufacturers have switched to blended nylons or nylon-based plastic that has more transparency and gloss than other types of plastics. Plastic frames are a good choice for sports and performance-oriented glasses because they are resistant to hot and cold and are flexible, but also stiff enough to be molded into today’s popular wraparound styles, as well as many other shapes that are otherwise very difficult to produce. Plastic frames do break more easily than metal frames and they can fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight, but today’s modern high-tech materials have greatly reduced those problems.

For metal eyeglasses frames, most of people would like to choose a pair of nylon eye glass frames. Titanium frames are offered by many manufacturers these days, the silver-gray metal is lightweight, durable, strong and corrosion-resistant. Titanium frames can also be produced in a variety of colors. Many frame manufacturers offer alloy frames that are a combination of titanium and other metals, like nickel or copper to reduce cost. Beryllium is another lightweight, very strong, and very flexible metal that is a less expensive alternative to titanium and since it resists corrosion and tarnish it is a good choice for people with skin problems or those who spend a lot of time in or around the ocean.

nylon eye glass frames can hardly find in the stainless steel frames store. Stainless steel frames are light weight and strong and are also usually very hypoallergenic. Stainless steel frames contain about 30 percent chromium, which means they provide excellent resistance to corrosion and heat like beryllium. Some new titanium-based alloys on the market allow the creation of flexible metal frames that will spring back into shape even after twisting, bending and crushing. Materials like Flexon are popular for use in “memory metal” frames and are lightweight, hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant too.

Today, the nylon eye glass frames have gained people’s popularity. High-end optical boutiques will also carry some frames made out of unusual materials, but they will probably not be cheap. Sterling silver is not used commonly as a frame material because it is too soft but can be employed in alloy-silver frames. Gold eyewear is usually gold plated instead of being made of solid gold for obvious reasons. However, like silver, gold is often used to accent other types of frames.

It is surprised that wood also can make a pair of eyeglasses in this high development of eyeglasses industry. Their style are stylish and fashionable, most of people would like to choose them when they get into eyeglasses optical store. You can find other fashionable material of eyeglasses in www.firmoo.com .

When you go shopping for eyeglasses, there are some factors that you need to take them into considerations. Buying glasses is easy but how to select eyeglass frames that suit you well is not easy. It seems to look for a needle in the hay stack. Although it is an exaggeration, we indeed feel confused when facing lots of choices. Anyhow, your selected glasses will be suitable if you have a full consideration.

Now, eyeglass frames can be available in all kinds of shapes, colors and styles. You have to have your wanted glasses in your mind. And you have to know how you can pick out your suitable glasses. You will have a better choice if you have taken these factors into considerations. It is believed that your fashionable friends will also give your some useful advice.

To begin with, you should consider about the complexion of your face. And you are advised to select dark eyewear if your complexion is fair. They are not suitable for people who look a little darker. And the light color glasses are more appropriate for them. Different colors will reflect different personalities. You’d better choose the right color and your personality will be expressed.

Moreover, your face shape should be emphasized. If you have round shape, you shouldn’t put on large sized glasses frames, which will not be attractive. Similarly, if you have oval face, you shouldn’t wear small frame eyeglasses as well. In order to get your suitable glasses, you must think over your face shape. If you are not sure about it, you can try on different shapes and decide which one is the best.

Finally, you can take the materials, designs and quality into account. It is not difficult to select eyeglass frames to fit you well.

Many people may have perfect vision when they are young, but their vision becomes blurred as they age. This is particularly common among people who are over forty. This is also why more aged people are in needed of eye glasses. However, eye glasses must be well selected for much better personal images. And how is a pair of eyeglasses looked is determined by its frames.

A pair of well chosen eye wear can not only make wearers much younger to look at, but also much fashionable and stylish.

It is a good idea to select frames that can attract the attention of more people- this can make wearers much younger than their real age. Of course, those frames with heavy bottom should be avoided. Or sometimes, some colors can be attached onto the upper part of the frames.

The frames should be simple in style, never make the arms too tedious- offer more space for face. It is also very important to select the ones designed in the latest fashion tide or modern styles at least.

In addition, the frames should compensate wearers’ personal situation. For example, the frames should be at least contrasted with wearer’s faces and skins in terms of shapes, colors, etc. Sometimes, large frames are popular, but small frames in other occasions. Therefore, it is needed to follow the social tide.

It is now the time when eyeglasses are also used as accessories. Therefore, several pairs in different styles are must for many people. Certain glasses can be used at particular occasions.

Once more, the color of frames should be highly considered. This is because color is one of the most important aspects to attract others and highlight wearers’ personal tastes. Different color can make wearers different to look at. This is also some bright color are usually more popular than those dark ones.

Do you want to customize your look for everyday or special occasions with your only eyeglass frames? Here is a creative way to do so, decorate your eyeglass frames by yourself. Almost everything can be done to plastic eyeglass frames to dress them up. Then how to decorate eyeglass frames? Here are instructions can help you!


Step 1 Determine your design. Draw out a rough draft of your eyeglasses and plan out your design. A simple dot or floral motif works well if this is your first time decorating your frames. Also consider a special outfit or your general wardrobe colors when selecting your dominant colors.

Step 2 Gather your materials. For a simple painted eyeglass frame you will need hobby plastic paints such as Scribbles Dimensional Paint. Since the pain is applied directly from the tubes, you don’t need a paintbrush. Scribbles Dimensional Paints come in plain or iridescent colors.

Step 3 Clean your glasses and frames and dry thoroughly. After cleaning, do not touch the front surface of your eyeglass frames where you want to apply your paints to keep them oil-free.

Step 4 Shake the tubes well to mix the paints. Tap a dot of paint onto some scrap paper to get rid of the first, often watery, application and to test the size of the paint line or dot.

Step 5 Begin applying your design. Apply the paints directly from the tube onto your eyeglass frames. Make dots, swirls or vines around the top and bottom of the frames.

Step 6 Remove design elements you don’t like with a cotton swab while the paint is still wet.

Step 7 Apply additional colors to finish the design. Decorate the widest areas of the frames such as the top of the frame, the ear pieces and the bridge.

Step 8 Avoid getting paint onto the glass surface. For extra protection, cut a piece of cling wrap to the size and shape of your lens and place over the glass surface.

Step 9 Let your eyeglasses dry for 24 hours before wearing. Place them in a safe area where they won’t be moved or bumped until the paint is totally dry.

For a first time foyer into the eyeglass-decorating realm, hobby paints made for plastic can inspire countless ideas and result in personalized eyewear sure to get second looks. Enjoy a wonderful life with eyeglass frames decorated by yourself.

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