The importance of eye lid can never be neglected when people take care of their eyes. This part determines their personal images to a great extent. This is also why so many people who are not satisfied with their eye lids want to get some eye surgeries for much better personal images. And there are now some eye procedures particularly for eye lids.
Eyelids procedure is suitable for people in almost all age groups, but most patients are about forty or above. This procedure can really bring receivers a lot of benefits and now become very popular in the massive people.
This reason why people tend to get eyelids eye surgery when age is very simple- aging people have loose skin and eyelids, which will affect their personal images. This is also why people also tend to get facelift and other cosmetic procedures while receiving eyelid procedure. All these can make people much younger to look at.
In most cases, eye lid surgery is an outpatient procedure, but much longer time is needed if people want to receiver other cosmetic procedures. And people can not get it at many special places.
On the whole, this procedure will not do any harm to eyes, but can bring more benefits if people have drooping eyelids. During the procedure, some numbing drops will be used, in case of pain. No marks can be found on eye lids after the surgery, especially as some new technologies are employed. And people will be much younger to look at as a result.
Anyway, as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, eyelid surgery has really brought receivers a lot of benefits- offer them much better vision sometime and make receivers much younger to see in all cases.
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On the whole, kids are seldom suggested to get eye surgery, due to their special eye conditions. However, if the situation is serious, some procedures are needed. Or these errors will lead to permanent problems. And many children have benefited from those special procedures.

Eye surgery for children can be categorized into different groups if seen from how these problems are caused, though some of them are natural and others are nurtured. Here is a simple introduction about these surgeries.

Some kids may get crossed eyes. This is very common on some kids due to different reasons. In most cases, two procedures are needed before the problem is completely rectified. Kids should take a rest for sometime after the first surgery and get another. And the result can be perfect if well cared.

Some kids may get drooping eyelids- this will affect kid’s vision and daily lives if not well treated. Therefore, some extra lids will be removed in the surgery. Similarly, post surgery maintenance and care are critical for the recovery. And many kids have regained normal vision and lives after the surgery quickly. One point should be remembered that the problem must be rectified as early as possible.

If kids’ cornea are infected or worsened due to various reasons, some implant surgeries are needed. Transplantation of cornea can really bring kids bright future and vision again, but the cost is relatively expensive.

Though cataract is an aged related problem, it also attacks kids. The reason why children get cataract can be very complex. Luckily, kids can recover much quicker and better than those adults receivers, for their eyes are always in the growing.

Glaucoma also affects children, though rare. For this, some special eye surgery is needed. Kids with these problems will be found have increasing pressured eyes. Therefore, the earlier the problem is detected, the better the surgery result will be. And it is also needed to pay great attention to after surgery care- many kids have suffered from great complications, due to carelessness.

In addition, kids often play wildly and have their eyes injured while playing. This problem can be blunt injury or trauma, for eyes can be injured on different parts. And these problems can be well resolved if well cared after the surgery.

Though it is not a good ideal for child to get vision rectifying eye surgeries of some kinds, these procedures are needed in particular occasions.

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It is researched that injury, disease and age are three major factors to rub us of the most important senses – vision. But it is lucky for us today that advanced modern hi-tech can help us to lessen the bad damages and improve our vision. Corneal transplant is just one of advanced hi-tech. The following will introduce PKP and DSEK in order to help people to know more about corneal transplant technology.

PKP is shorted for Penetrating Keratoplasty Procedure, which is taken by replacing part of patients’ unhealthy, clouded cornea with a cadaver’s donated issue. Surgeons will cut a “window” and sew in the new piece, so it will take at least six months to remove those stitches. Just as Dr. M. Bowes Hamill said, PKP or total corneal transplant is regarded as the gold standard for those who have scarred or damaged corneas.

PKP indeed contributed a lot to people with damaged or scarred corneas, while it also has some shortcomings. In common cases, patients after PKP need to wear hard contact lenses and they only can see 20/20 with the addition.  And for old people with arthritis or other dexterity problems, it will be hard for them to put on the contact lenses.  Another shortcoming is there will be some possibility of rupture as the tissue never really regains its strength.

With the fast development of advanced eye technology, DSEK comes into being. Dr. Jone Hovanesian of Harvard Eye Associates is the first surgeon in Southern California to perform DSEK. Compared with PKP, patients taking DSEK surgery will have less pain and quicker time for recovery as surgeons will use special instruments to go through the front of the cornea, strip the back part painlessly and replace it with a healthy graft from a cadaver donor. DSEK can also enable patients to have less possibility to have astigmatism. Unlike other transplants, DSEK only requires patients to take some eye drops steroid in nature after the transplants, no need to take anti-rejection pills.

Now you may be interested in DSEK and want to know if you or your family members are suitable for this transplant. Actually, don’t worry too much about the age. In common cases, the younger the patient is, the better result will be achieved. But the fact is people at their 90’s can also have successful transplants. In addition, people who only have one kind of eye disease will have better treating results. Before deciding to take this surgery, it is important to talk with our ophthalmologist first to test your eye condition and procedure will be applied.

Compared with PKP, DSEK has less down time. After the surgery, patients are required to lie as flat as possible for 24 hours. After that, the air bubble dissolves and the graft is set permanently. And patients should bear in mind the following points after DSEK: first, do not do any lifting or exercises for a week. Second, try to avoid in the circumstances with dust and dirt for two weeks, which will cause eye infection. Third, patients should keep away from chlorinated water.

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My Mom took the surgery for glaucoma several years ago. Thanks to this successful eye surgery which helped her eye pressure to control in the normal ranges. Though Mom’s eyes are stable in recent years, she keeps visiting her eye doctor to do regular eye tests. In the eye test several weeks ago, her eye doctor said she needed to take a macular hole surgery. To be frank, we were surprised at this as we thought Mom’s eyes condition was stable and good.

Then the eye doctor explained more about macular holes and macular hole surgery to us. Macular holes are due to traction from the vitreous gel on the macula, which will take people’s central vision at risk. Though I can not get how macular hole occurs, I know if not taking the surgery in time, my Mom’s central vision will be under risk. Eye doctor continued to explain that macular hole is very common among people, especially among people at their 60’s or 70’s. Nowadays, with the advanced eye technology, it is not a big problem to have macular hole if taking macular hole surgery in time.

For the macular hole surgery, in order to make the hole to close, eye doctor will inset a gas bubble into patients’ eye, which will put gentle pressure on the retina. The whole process is very quick, and patients need to make local anesthesia. Generally speaking, this surgery has a high successful rate that 70% to 90% patients can save or restore a good portion of their vision.

After learning about this, we made up a decision to take macular hole surgery. Mom was very brave and confident about the surgery. As a result, the surgery was very successful. After several days, Mom was recovered and fully satisfied with the surgery. Thanks to macular hole surgery that Mom can enjoy a good vision in her later life.

From this case, I also learn it is necessary and important to take eye test at a regular basis. Just as my Mom doing, she never forgets to visit her eye doctor, though we think her eyes are in good condition. We should know that the earlier we find the eye problem, the better and easier we can cure it. Don’t be afraid to have eye problem, we should have enough confidence on the modern eye technology. The main problem is to find the problem in time. Therefore, in order to have good vision, please have our eyes tested at a regular basis just as our body does.

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At present, anyone who wants to correct vision through a surgery is likely to choose LASIK, because it is reported to be one of the best eye surgeries where new technologies and advanced equipments are provided. However, the fact is that not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. For those people, another eye surgery may serves as a better alternative. That is PRK.

PRK, the abbreviation of Photorefractive keratectomy, is a laser eye surgery, which actually emerges earlier than LASIK. The success rate of PRK is about 80%. Most patients who have ever undergone a PRK would claim that they are happy to abandon their corrective glasses and troublesome contact lenses.

PRK differs from Lasik in the way reshaping the abnormal cornea. In a PRK surgery, no flap will be created, because the surgeon, applying a laser, reshape the cornea directly by removing thin layers of cells from the outer surface. It results in a longer recovery time compared with that needed after a Lasik surgery. And great pain and discomfort are possible for one to suffer during the procedure. Furthermore, PRK patients are impossible to see clearly immediately after the surgery. Usually two months are needed for them to wait for a clear vision. Moreover, Since the PRK procedure actually removes a portion of the epithelium, patients usually are required to wear a temporary bandage contact lens for protection for five or six days, until the epithelium regenerates.

Like LASIK, PRK patients may meet with dry eyes symptom after the surgery, therefore, lubricating eye drops or artificial tears should be carried about often. In order to prevent possible eye infection, the eye doctor will prescribe anitibiotics and you would be asked to take on time. Another side effect concerned is that PRK performs not so well in night vision correction. One has to take longer time to see clearly at night. As a result, in the first few months after PRK eye surgery, it is not advisable for a patient to drive at night, in case of, on one hand, car accidents and on the other hand, affection from the glare and halo.

In spite that laser eye surgery, either LASIK or PRK, is permanent, it does not mean that once having an eye surgery, you would see clearly forever. Natural aging process would also change your eye condition. And then, maybe another surgery is needed. However, some doctors offer an inexpensive upgrade so that if you ever need the procedure repeated.

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Lasik eye surgery becomes more and more popular, people with serious eyesight problems always choose to do the eye surgery, making life more convenient. Though compared with other surgeries, this one is really quite small. You still should pay enough attention to the preparations before.

Firstly, a reputable doctor, who will provide you with the most experienced skills, is essential. Some people would consider the cost when choosing the doctor. Though the higher cost doesn’t mean the better service, generally speaking, quality costs many. So do as many investigations as you can or consult your friends and families for a satisfying doctor. Beside, the perfect recovery guidelines are most probably given by the good doctor to help you to avoid any complication after the surgery. It is a great treasure and you are supposed to follow the steps of recovery lines.

Secondly, do not wear any facial cosmetics when going to the eye surgery, like the scents, perfumes and colognes are absolutely forbidden during that day. If you happen to do that, you must feel sorry to go home and make another arrangement. Also, you had better to plan for logistics in advance, considering every aspect before and after the surgery. For example, it is advisable that you take someone with you to help you drive back home because you eyes may not see well right after the surgery and are not suitable for driving. Furthermore, your eyes may not feel well at first few days, and you are required not work long time. So it is better to make a plan and arrange your work ahead of time. Only in that way, your life will still be in order.

Finally, keep ease and do not try to expect a miracle of the surgery. Though eye surgery is a quite mature technique, and most people can expect a good result. They still process tiny problems. As there is not enough time to prove that the effect of the eye correction is permanent, there are risks that the eyes will become worse again. This is always the main reason that some people choose not to do the surgery. Also, some people may feel blurry after the surgery and some people may have worse eyesight after the surgery. However, the possibility is quite small, so you do not need to feel nervous. If you do enough preparations on the choosing and carrying out procedures, you are quite likely to go through a successful surgery.

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The ongoing crumbling economy is affecting a great number of employers in the United States. Some people are fired due to job decrease in their industries. For these individuals, it is necessary to restart job hunting. Some of them were even in the most secure fields. Another negative factor is that requirements for job hunting nowadays have slightly changed. In the past, skills and accomplishments could ensure a person employment. Due to the increasing number of laid-off folks, these requirements are not enough now. It is also very important for job seekers to be confident and maintain self esteem.

To be confident, some males choose to have an eyelid surgery. This kind of surgery has become an effective alternative to traditional methods such as eye exercises and proper dieting, which all aim to prevent the skin from natural aging. Unfortunately, these traditional ways may cause some people to look much older than they feel. Eyelid surgery can be performed for cosmetics that the surgery can not only provide rejuvenated appearance, but also younger feeling inside.

There is no denying that eyelid surgery can not erase all signs of aging. Some features caused by aging are actually incurable. For instance, the dark looking circles appearing under the eyelid are beyond an eyelid surgery. But eyelid surgery has many realistic benefits or functions. For example, it can ease swollen looking upper eyelids and smooth puffy looking bags underneath the eyes. These changes are quite drastic. The vast majority of patients will notice marked difference and look much younger. Very few people would regret it.

In general, everyone above 18 years old is eligible to an eyelid surgery. But most candidates of the surgery are 35 and older. People with some conditions will be excluded from this surgery. Those conditions include glaucoma, tear-duct related problems, heart problems, hyperthyroidism, blood pressure issues, and diabetes. The cost of eyelid surgery can vary from $2,000 to $7,000, depending on specific regions.

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As we know, nearsightedness and farsightedness are the most common eye problems that are concerned by people worldwide. Besides wearing glasses or contact lenses, people can also choose to make laser corrective surgery. But the fact is people do not know much about it. So before we do any form of laser surgeries, it is wise to get a basic idea of them, which will be helpful to treat our eye problems better and effectively.
People, especially those who need to work in front of computers in most of their working time, are easily to have eye problems, for example, nearsightedness. And the situation will be worse for some people who work or play on computers all day long except their sleeping hours. While enjoying the convenience and efficiency brought by computers, we also have to sacrifice our eye health. Therefore, more and more people feel their eyes stressed, dried, and vision blurred.
For some people who are very conscious of their appearance, they do not like to wear glasses. And even for wearing contact lenses, some people still think they are inconvenient, as they have to clean and take good care of the lenses. What is worse, it will cause eye infection as a result of improper cleaning. And for people who are not allowed to wear glasses in some fields, the eye problem is really a big block for their work and career.
Thanks for the laser corrective surgery. It can take the eye problem away completely. There are 2 main laser surgeries: PRK and LASIK. PRK is short for Photorefractive Keratectomy. LASIK stands for the laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. The similarity of both is they are refractive laser surgeries. But they use the different methods. In LASIK, a flap will be cut on the eye, so that the laser can get behind to perform remodeling. But PRK uses a laser to change the shape of the eye surface by sculpting instead of cutting. Compared with PRK, LASIK is more popular as it is painless and needs less time for recovery.
Compared with other surgeries, PRK and LASIK are less risky. Besides knowing the basic knowledge of laser corrective surgery, we also need to discuss the surgery with our eye doctor and follow his advice as they are more professional than us. If you have any confusion, please do not hesitate to ask your eye doctor until you completely understand it.
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A new therapy comes to people’s eyes, and it is the gospel to people all around the world. This modern technique is called Laser eye surgery, and it receives more and more people’s welcome.

Most of eye disorders are tired of wearing glasses all day long or are bothered with seeing nothing without glasses. They have to wear special glasses when doing sports and they are considered as being impolite for not saying hello to friends. These are all the troubles encountered by the eye disorders. Now these problems can all be settled with the appearance of Laser eye surgery. No matter how deep the degree of your glasses, you can do this surgery.

Laser eye surgery mainly has two types – LASIK and LASEK. The latter is more suitable for those with thin or flat corneas while the case of LASIK is the opposite.

Though the eye surgery is popular among the eye disorders, there is still something the surgery can’t deal with. So you must know the details about the surgery before going to do the operation.

The laser used in the surgery must have been strictly tested. Only those which can cut 0.25 microns of tissue per pulse can be applied to correcting eyesight. Furthermore, you should make sure which area of the cornea is fit for being reshaped.

Not everyone suits for the Laser eye surgery actually. Only the problems of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be corrected well. So if you are in these cases, Laser eye surgery is the best choice, I promise.

You need not to worry about the food that you eat in daily life will affect the result of the surgery, so you can enjoy your food as usual. Ophthalmologist will drip some anesthetic on your eyes before operation, so you will certainly run out of being hurt. However, if you wear contact lenses, you should take them off a week before operation in case the cornea is misshaped. Moreover, people who have the problem of gas permeability need to take off contacts up to four weeks.

Laser eye surgery can be finished within half an hour, and it hardly hurts patient. Nevertheless, it’s not permitted that you drive home alone right after the surgery. So ask someone to company with you to take you home safely.

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In modern society, various advertisements can be seen everywhere. All are attractive either by the promises or by the cheap prices, so are some advertisements concerning eye surgery. Eye surgery, as an innovative way to correct vision, is able to help both eyeglasses and contacts wearers to restore their eyesight. It is really a magic and most people want to get rid of glasses and contacts forever by having such a surgery. However, an eye surgery is usually of high cost which makes most people discouraged. Thus on reading eye surgery advertisements of low price, they are sure to be glad and excited, and are inclined to do it at once.

Whereas, I want to remind them never easily trust those cheap surgeries, because even a standard eye surgery of relatively higher price involves amount of risks, and how can those cheap and unauthentic surgeries be guaranteed to be safe? Usually the surgeries advertised in low prices are done by either sub-par practitioners or even unlicensed ones, or some of other expenditure is not involved. In addition, there is also a possibility for a clinic providing surgeries of low price to apply antiquated tools or even unsterilized equipments.

Actually, there is a method which can improve one’s eyesight without surgeries, which makes one not necessary to worry about the risk of a surgery. That is the Bates Method, developed by Dr. William Horatio Bates in the early part of 20th Century. It works on the principle of stress relaxation, because Dr. Bates holds that eye health is greatly related to what happen to the whole body, and the main factor causing eye problems is stress.

Take care more about your eyes and never believe cheap eye surgeries. Bates Method is good for you to have a try, and you will get more than you expect.

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