Q:Can Bad Eyesight Cause Anxiety?

I am suffering from anxiety recently. It seems that there is some vision problems occurs. So I am wondering whether bad eyesight will cause anxiety. If it does, what can I do to relieve my anxiety?
A: Bad eyesight and anxiety can be the cause and effect of each other. have your ever heard that mental strain may produce many different kinds of eyestrain. As to those who experiences anxiety and panic attacks and vision problems at the same time, the best solution for all of the problems is relaxation. Learn more answers.

Q:Can bad eyesight cause headaches and dizziness ?

I got headache and dizziness. I doubt that it is caused by my bad eyesight. Can bad eyesight cause headaches and dizziness?
A: I think bad eyesight can cause headaches and dizziness. The extra-ocular muscles play a very important role in the process of vision. Extra-ocular muscles are responsible for the movement of your eyes. These muscles can let you look up, down and sideways. They can respond to orders of your brain. Learn more answers.

Q: Is bad eyesight genetic?

I just want to know if eyesight genetic? I mean. If i have bad eyesight. Will my baby born with bad eyesight? Any idea?
A: The morbidity of myopia is different from the families with and without myopia history. That is meaning there really has the relationship between the family genes and the eyesight. However, most of the happening of eyes diseases is relative to the effect of the environment factors. The bad illumination, bad reading habits and working custom will have more affect to the vision and eyesight. Long time’s working and reading without relax, the eyes muscle will be always intensive and contract condition, this kind of condition would make people’s bad vision. The genes and environmental factor plays together with the eyesight, but the people who have the bad vision family history will be more likely to get the myopia and other eyes diseases. Learn more answers.


Q: What do for eye strain? Where can I find info on Computer Glasses?
I’ve been getting some eye strians lately and today its really bad. I talked to my mom and she said to look in to computer glasses since I work at a computer almost 8 hours a day. Where can I find info on them and how can I reduce my eye strain? its getting quit hard to work today becuase its hard to focuas.

A:  As for the eye strain, try to look somewhere else every 30 minutes and blink your eyes consciously more or do some eye exercises . Some eye drops will help reduce the eyestrain . computer glasses are advantageous in many aspects, they are naturally a little more expensive than ordinary glasses and computer glasses in the entity stores are limited in number yet more costly. some online stores such as Firmoo offer a wide selection of computer glasses. Learn more answers.

Q: Do non prescription computer glasses help the strain in your eyes?
My sister has it and doesn’t wanna go to the eye doctor! Please get back to me.

A: I don’t know what causes your sister’s eye strain .Does she work on the computer all day ? Does she wear prescription glasses ? Why doesn’t she want to see the doctor ? non prescription computer glasses do work for people who don’t wear prescription glasses to ease the eye strain caused by long time working on the computer. Learn more answers

Q: Are anti-glare computer glasses really effective in reducing eye-strain?
I don’t need prescription or reading glasses but feel like my eyes get strained when staring at the computer for long periods—-and it shows in their appearance. So now I am thinking of investing in a pair of no-glare glasses. I have seen the amber shaded ones, ugly but are they effective

A: Yes,I can bet that they will surely work for reducing eye-strain.More and more office workers are being tortured by computer radiation at all times that their eyesight is getting worse and worse, alongside with eye dry, itch and fatigue. computer glasses not only have magic function of vision correction but more importantly, they are unique and superior in reducing the computer radiation while we are working at the computer. With a pair of computer glasses and you will work more wholesomely and cozily.  Learn more answers


People who often use computer may suffer from various sorts of eye problems. Though most of these problems are not very serious, they are very bothersome and can bring sufferers great discomfort. For example, eye strain has really bothered a lot of people. This problem is very common among frequent users of computers.

On the whole, eye strains caused by overusing computers can be showed in different ways with different symptoms. In other words, different people may have different experience of suffering this problem. But some of the commonest symptoms include, eye dryness, pain, blurriness, etc. And these symptoms can be relieved when people use computers less- this is very obvious when people do no work.

Computer related eye strain becomes much common than ever before as more and more people have to sit all day long before computer monitors. Of course, such similar symptoms may also appear when people stare at something for too long time. This can be well explained by the fact that many drivers have suffered from headache, dry eyes while driving in a crowded road for very long time. This is because their eyes are greatly strained.

In order to reduce the harm caused by computers, people should learn to have a break at intervals- doing so can really bring eyes a lot of relaxation. Therefore, it is a good idea to nurture right habit of using computers.

But what if people have forgotten the importance of resting when the work is too urgent? For this, some special software can do a lot of benefits. This technology can warn users it is needed to have their eyes relaxed at certain intervals.

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As one of the common eye problems, eye strain has probably happened to everyone, except for the blindness. In detail, the eyes are easy to suffer tiredness and stress if they are used for a too long time. The problem is that most of the people need to use their eyes nearly all day long. There are many activities that may lead to eyestrain, such as working on a computer, watching TV, driving and the others. A common place among these activities is that they all require the eyes to focus carefully with lots of efforts. This can easily get the eyes fatigued. In addition, eyestrain for a long time or on a daily basis is quite likely to bring other short term side effects, like headache, neck ache, and possibly long term conditions such as myopia.

To deal with the problem of eyestrain, the best way is to prevent it by avoiding excessive eye use. In fact, it is possible to use the two eyes uncoordinatedly. For instance, it is ok to relax one eye while using the other. To state clearly, one eye can be closed for rest while the other one is still working. The reason for this magic ability is that the eyes use more than one set of muscles, which can be controlled separately. Among all those activities that commonly cause eyestrain, computer use is an outstanding one for the increasing popularity of this contributive invention. The ways to avoid eyestrain or stress while working on the computer are quite important for computer users.

The simplest tip is to make short breaks frequently while using a computer for a day long. And shift focus from up close to at least 20 feet away. This will help relax the tense eye muscles. The working environment is also critical. Once feeling that the screen is causing eyestrain, check the contrast on the monitor. It is always helpful by setting the monitor contrast knob on high. It is still necessary to check the position of the monitor, which should avoid glare created by window light. Nowadays, PC manufacturers are making larger computer monitors or bigger laptops.

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There are some symptoms associated with eyestrain, such as blurry vision, burning eyes, double vision and headache. You need to pay attention to these symptoms though they are not so serious. In general, there are some ways to deal with eyestrain. However, it is wiser to prevent eyestrain than treat it. Causes of eyestrain include computer use, reading, watching TV, driving, stress and poor vision. We have known the causes of eyestrain, so how to prevent it?

Bad visual habits should be corrected. You should not focus your eyes on one object for too long time. If you use computer, it is very essential for you to take breaks. You can choose a dark screen which is less harmful to eye. Because the contrast from the light is the most often cause of eyestrain, so you should reduce the contrast color in your office or your home. This problem occurs when you read some light letters on a black background. Only when you reduce the contrast, your eyes can work much easier.

When you work for a long time, you need to relax your eyes for a moment such like changing focus. You can look out a window or just watch something which is in the distance. Doing eye exercises is also a good choice for eye relaxation. Using your warm palms to cover your eyes for a rest can also take some benefits. But one thing you should take in mind is avoiding any pressure on your eyeballs.

When you have dry eyes, you need to keep the eyes lubricated. Blinking is the easiest way. People who have vision defects seem to stare all the time. Some special eye drops can also relieve your eyestrain. Glare which causes harsh light should be eliminated if you want to avoid eyestrain.

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Researches show that eye strain is a main cause for some eye problems, such as nearsightedness. It is common that when we work in front of computer, or watch TV, or read books for a long time, we can feel a little headache and our eyes strained and tired. Actually, it is the eye muscles inside our eyes tightening up that causes our eyes feel irritated, dry and strained. Then how to relax our eye strains naturally without any help of tools? To do some relaxation eye exercise is definitely the best answer which has been proved effective by some researches and people. The following will introduce three simple eye relaxation exercises to help people relax their eyes and then to improve their eyesight.

The first eye relaxation exercise can be taken in this way. While sitting comfortably in the chair, hold a pen in front of our face at arm’s length. Then move our pen towards to our nose, during this procedure, make sure our eyes to follow the moving pen till we can not see it. Then repeat the circle like this for 10 times. This is very good for eye strain relaxation and improving our eye focusing ability.

The second is for practicing our eye rotation ability and relaxing our strained eyes. Just imagine there is a very big clock in front of us and we want to see the number on the clock without moving our head. Start from the center of the clock, then to the each sides. 12 times of this exercises will be ok.

If we feel your eyes are stressed together with a little headache, we can take the below exercise to relax. Press our upper eyelids with three fingers of each hand for 1-2 seconds, then release. We can repeat this exercise for 5 times, after that our eye strain will be a little relaxed.

From the above exercises, we can see they are not difficult at all and will not take you a long time to do it, but the benefits they bring to you will be amazing after long-time of persistence at a daily basis. Another advantage of these eye exercises that they can be taken at any time and place if you want. Nowadays, eye relaxation exercises are very popular with people with eyesight problem and they do help people a lot in improving their eyesight naturally and effectively. And one point we should bear in mind that long period of exercises may not realize our target, we should exercise our eyes regularly for several seconds instead.

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Computer eye strain is an extremely common eye problem that affects almost everyone who working in the office spending more than 8 hours in staring at the computer screen. The reason for computer eye strain is that the eye muscles are over worked which results in the annoying feeling of itchy, dry, watery or blurred. It seems to be a very small eye problem. However, if computer eye strain frequently happens, it can also lead to tired, sore, and even headaches. In this situation, it can affect your career, because you can’t keep concentrated during your work.

Although there is not effective ways to treat eye strain, there are many methods to prevent it from happening. The most important things in preventing eye strain is that you should take care of your eyes in your daily life. Following are 6 methods that may help you to get rid of computer eye strain.

Blink your eyes often is one of the easiest ways that can help you get rid of eye strain symptoms such as flaky, itchy, dry and burning eyes. According to experts’ report, you will blink five times less when you use a computer or staring at any other item for a long period of time. So keep this concept in your mind, blink your eyes as often as possible.

An alternative way to keep your eyes lubricated is to use eye drops, in case you can’t remember blink your eye often during your work time. You can buy the over counter eye drops from the local stores without prescription. Two to three drops of the medicine for each eye is enough to protect your eyes for a whole day.

Rest your eyes for a few minutes every hour maybe the easiest way to avoid eye strain. For example, you can go to have a tea so that you can relax your eyes at the same time and keep them fresh all through the day.

There are many kinds of software available online to prevent eye strain. If you can’t remember to give your eyes a rest, you are recommended to use the software some of which will lock your computer for one minute every period of time, so that your eyes have enough time to recover.

Besides, your working environment is also important for preventing eye strain. For example, if you are facing a window, you may be easier to get eye strain. Switch to another position and make sure you have a comfortable light supply. And your computer monitor should also be in the right level and distance for your eyes.

Finally, it is necessary to visit your optometrist every year. You can have your eyes checked up and get suggestions about the treatment for strained eyes from your eye doctor. Otherwise, you may need a pair of glasses to correct your vision.

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Computer eye strain is one of the most common health problems for those people who work in an office spending 8 hours staring at the computer’s screen. It’s not surprising that the muscles of your eyes get tired or sore when they keep staring at screen or monitor for a long time, maybe 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, just like the feeling of your legs after being at the gymnasium for an hour.

People who suffer from computer eye strain may have some of the following symptoms, for instance you have trouble in focusing on the screen, dry eyes, itching and burning of the eyes, tired eyes, sore eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision, double vision and have color fringes or images in your vision when you look away from the screen. Some of them may even have headaches, sensitivity to light or a sore or stiff neck due to computer eye strain.

What causes computer eye strain? There are mainly five of the most common causes of eye strain that may frequently happen in your work place. First, staring at the monitors is the most important reason for getting eye strain. Focusing on computer for a long period of time will makes the muscle of your eyes tired. Second, the distance between your computer and your eyes is also a factor that may cause computer eye strain. If it is too close to your eyes it can start to hurt. And if it is too far from your eyes which make you difficult in reading, it can also cause eye strain. Third, when you look at a screen that is too bright for a long time, you may probably get sore eyes or even headaches. And if your computer monitor is not set up properly, it can also cause your eyes tired. Finally, poor lighting, either too bright or too dim can hurt your eyes. For example, if your position faces a window, the glare can make you may have high risk of getting eye strain.

After knowing the causes of eye strain, we can do the following things to prevent computer eye strain. First of all, give your eyes enough rest and relax during your work. Put the monitor in a proper position, so that you will not feel tired when looking at the screen. Remember to put your keyboard and your chair ergonomically, so that your eyes will in the right direction to your computer. Take down the bright level of your computer if it is too bright. And try to get rid of the glare from the surrounding environment.

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Signs of Eye Strain

In common conditions, we just associate headaches with cold. In fact, there are, sometimes, very strong relations between headaches and eye problems. Sometimes, it is very hard to tell whether the headaches are signs of eye problems. If we feel some aches in our heads whiling staring at some bright objects.

In fact, such headaches are not as horrible as we think. They can be cured or treated in some proper way.

In normal conditions, we will suffer from some sort of eye strains if we have stared at something too long. Reading, watching can always lead to eye strains. But all these stains are normal and ordinary.

However, we should pay regular visits to our eye doctors, as we may not realize that we are suffering from some eye strains. Generally, there are some very common symptoms of eye strains.

  1. If we often feel tired, we may suffer from eye strains. The reason is that the tiredness of our bodies can also cause tiredness in our eyes.
  2. Dryness is one of the commonest signs of eye strains. If we can not move our eyes normally and smoothly as usual, we may have suffered from eye strains.
  3. Opposite to dryness, watery eyes are also signs of eye strains. If we always feel watery in our eyes, we may have suffered from some eye strains.
  4. Blurriness is also the signs of eye strains. If we can not see objects around clearly and always feel some blurriness, we may have suffered from eye strains.

The above mentioned symptoms are common signs of eye strains, but there are also many other indirect signs of eye strains.

    1. Headaches, as mentioned above, are sometimes signs of eye strains.
    2. If we feel some sort of discomfort whiling looking at some bright objects, we may have also suffered some eye strains.
    3. If we feel some discomfort in our necks, especially stiffness in our necks, we may have suffered from eye strains.

If these symptoms have occurred to us, we should be cautious. And the best way to eliminate our eye strains is to relax more.

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Nowadays, eye strain is one of the commonest problems among people. Eye strains are can be divided into eye sore, dryness, itch, headaches, blurriness, etc. Eye stains are results of staring at something too long.  Long time of reading, driving, etc can lead to eye strains.

Luckily, some methods can also be employed to release our eye strains.

The first method is to coordinate the light of our working conditions. The facts have it that the lighting system in working place can influence our visions. Generally, if the light is too bright, our eyes will be tired for having received too much light. On the contrary, if the light is too dim, our eyes will also get tired. So just balance the light in our working places. Make sure the light can coordinate with our work. For example, we should balance the contrast of computer screens and TV. On other occasions when we work under bright light, we should wear glasses for protection.

The next method is to relax our eyes. As for any of us who has to work in front of computers, relaxation is very essential. Do something else when we have worked for a long time. Or we can do some eye exercises, as palming; to relax our eyes. Take some deep breaths when we relax. This can greatly reduce our eye strain.

The next method is to visit our eye doctors for some suggestions and help. Some eye examinations can help us to know whether there are any potential eye problems on us. If necessary, we can prescribe some glasses or buy some care products for our eyes.

Usually, eye strain is caused by bad habits. If we have nurtured some bad habits in using eyes, our eyes will get strained easily. But, eye strains are sometimes signals of potential eye problems. It is necessary to visit an eye doctor if you have found some eye strains for unknown reasons.

If we feel some sort of discomfort in our eyes, we should pay regular visits to our eye doctors. Generally, our eye doctors can help us to release our eye strains and find some ways of curing potential eye problems. This can assure the security of our eyes. All the methods above mentioned can help us to reduce the symptoms of eye strains.

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