People are not satisfied with the helping of eyeglasses, contact lenses or Laser eye surgery to have a clear vision nowadays, and now they are seeking if there is other way to improve their eyesight without the above measures. Actually, many studies and researches have been done on this subject. If we want to get a definite yes or no answer on its effectiveness, it is really difficult to say. There are indeed some people who have improved their vision in the other way, but it still needs more and more researches to be made to prove it.
The other way we mentioned to get better vision without the help of eyeglasses, contact lenses, or Laser eye surgery is as following: First, to find out the real causes for our poor vision problem and try to avoid these cases. Then give our eyes much training in order to let it come back to its original shape. The causes for eyesight problem refer to some environmental factors, instead of genetic factors. Actually, environmental factors play more important role in people’s eyesight problem than genetic ones, such as reading under dark or too light environment, watching TV for too much time, working before computer screen for longtime.
Let us talk about the two steps separately. First, if we know the causes for our eye problem, and try to avoid these cases and develop good habits for our eyes, the result will be surely good for us to prevent our eyesight from deteriorating and to improve our poor eyesight to some extent. Then give our eyes some training to get it come back to their earlier level. For this point, many people hold some doubts that if our eye muscle can be same as other muscles in our body and able to get back to its original effectiveness through training.  
Firstly, we need to know eye muscle is not like other muscles in our body at all, which has a totally different cell structures. But this does not mean we can improve our eyesight by training. There have been several good samples to prove that people can improve their organs by certain training. For example, giving the specific training, we are able to have better circulation for our hearts, and better capacity for our lungs. From this point, we can see it has some possibility to improve our poor eyesight in this way, without the help of eyeglasses, contact lenses, or Laser eye surgery. Anyway, it is a promising field which is waiting for more and more researchers to investigate further.

It is very common for people to take vitamins supplements in their daily lives, in case of diseases of certain kinds. This is because vitamins and many other nutrients play a critical role in maintaining and supporting the running and working of human bodies. These special substances can not only be used to cure something, but also be employed to support the work of other tissues or organs.

Vitamins can be fallen into various groups according to their structure or functionality. However, it is still unknown whether or not certain vitamins can do particular work in treating specific vision problems. For example, it is believed that Vitamin E can play a powerful role in preventing and combating cataract and many other similar vision problems. But other surveys also reveal that there is no connection between vitamin E and cataract.

It is found that cataract is the result of oxidation in the eyes. This process is much faster when too much UV rays are absorbed by lens. However, UV rays are harmful and lens tends to find some way for protection- a kind of cloudy substances is formed, so as to avoid more UV rays. Ultimately, people can not see gradually. Luckily, decent amount of Vitamin C can benefit people a lot in slowing down or preventing the occurrence of cataract.

Anyway, it is a good idea for people to let fewer harmful rays come into their eyes. And one of the best ways is to wear sunglasses of certain kinds. Some of these qualify sunglass wear can really help people a lot in blocking UV rays and many other harmful radiations. Of course, it is also needed to take vitamins of certain kinds.

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Many people tend to wear glasses or lenses if they have some vision problems. However, the fact is these devices will do great harm to wearers’ eyes. When people’s eyes are out of shapes due to various sorts of reasons, their eyes can not focus on certain objects at particular distance. And, like many other organs, eye will try to recover its original state. But if glasses or lenses are used, eye becomes powerless in the recovery. These aiding devices can make eyes lazy and never try to regain its original state. Later, eye and its muscles will become much worsen as prescription gets stronger and stronger.

In fact, this is detected by Dr. Bates Over one century ago. He is one of the most famous eye doctor in then time and concentrated on finding out the most natural and practical ways for eye problems. He claims to get rid of glasses and lenses by doing certain eye exercises, for he thinks these rectifying devices will make eyes lazy on and on. In addition, he also finds that many eye problems can be caused by unknown reasons, which proved by him later are strain and pressure. Therefore, he thinks eyes are in need of more rest and relaxation when they can not work properly.

According to different eye problems, Dr. Bates has devised a lot of natural solutions for certain eye problems.

The first way is to palm eyes with hands. This exercise aims at relaxing eyes and deleting strains. While palming, no pressure should be posed on eyes, neither any light should be let in at the same time. People can think many pictures or vivid flashes while doing this. Several minutes each time and idea results can be achieved in the long run.

Another is to swing one’s eyes. During this process, never stare- this may strain eyes more. Look at some objects in the distance and swing. Doing so can make eyes become more active, not lazy. It is also found that dark light can also lead to poor vision. And people are suggested to expose their eyes to sunlight within certain and safe range. Doing so can make eyes less sensitive, but brighter.

Another nice way is to concentrate on some objects. By looking at single objects, people’s eyes can become relaxed and vision will also be enhanced as a result. Dr. Bates also believes that different colors can offer different benefits for eyes.

All in all, Bates Method is natural and people just need to do some exercises only. However, perseverance is the key for success. If people can persist for very long time, their vision will be recovered and glasses and lenses are no longer needed. This will also make refractive eye surgeries unessential, which are costly and risky.

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A concerning fact is that many people nowadays do not keep enough awareness of the importance of eye care. There are many real examples in this sense. Some people do have more information of vitamins, angioplasty and diets than that of the eyesight. In some cases, they are indifferent of their eyesight when their eyes are healthy enough.

In the contrary, they are more concerned about their teeth. To some extent, it is understandable because toothaches can be painful and teeth call fall out. It is so common that most parents have their children checked by a dentist twice a year, in order to detect cavities, poor bite, protruding teeth and the like. Meanwhile, a child’s vision is always neglected by the parents. There are some potential reasons for this disappointing phenomenon. Poor vision does not hurt and it often appears as a simple headache, fatigue or avoidance of near tasks. In fact, the neglect of poor vision in a child is more consequential than that of teeth defects. Slight consequences include poor schoolwork and limited job choices, while a serious result can be blindness.

Good vision is a necessity for nearly all activities such as TV watching, seeing a movie, driving automobiles, school tasks and computer use, just to list a few. People with different occupations still depend on good vision to milk a cow and rely on binocular vision to stomp on grapes to make wine. In 1894, a professor of disease of the eye and ear at the New York Medical School and Hospital wrote a note that “The demands upon our eyes in our days have greatly increased over those made by our ancestors. The demands upon school children’s eyes have been excessively increased in the last years”. It is true that this quote can also be used to describe the situation after more than one hundred years.

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God gives us a pair of bright eyes, and we use them to see the whole world. But when you don’t protect them well, you can be myopia or hyperopia. Only when coming to this situation, you will realize that how important to use eyes properly. But it’s always too late to regret because your eyes are seriously damaged. Therefore, forming a good habit is very significant. In fact, in your life you can relax the eyes all the time like when you are driving or riding.

The nature is so beautiful and exquisite that you nearly don’t have enough time to admire it. You may say you don’t have enough time to travel around to enjoy the beauty of nature. But actually beautiful scenery is everywhere, in your way home or to office.

On subway, train or bus station, most of people are busy catching up with time. Some are going to be late for work. Some are going to somewhere to deal with unknown troubles. Others are walking with quick footsteps with worried feelings. Researches show that stress is main cause of eye problems. With a lot of pressure, their eyesight can’t be improved even a little.

How can we avoid joining in them? The best way for us to do is to look at the things around peacefully or to close the eyes for a rest.

Though the time you are sitting on the bus may be quite boring, you can still make good use of it effectively. Sit straight with your head without shaking, and focus on an object. Then shift your eyes from one thing to another, then to the next. Quick movement of things makes an animation effect. It not only improves your eyesight but also please your mind. Besides, you can also imagine you are passing by a fence or doing something like running. This keeps your mind and eyes working all the time and it will benefit to your eye view. What’s more, the scenes outside the windows are fantastic, too. A passing house or an advertising billboard must catch your eyes. You only need to look at it with a quick glance. And you can remember them the next time. In this case, you eyes are wonderfully trained.

Driving is a tiring work. After a long way drive, you may have a pain in back or neck, a headache and blurred eyesight. So people who have experienced a long drive must feel sick and consider it a nightmare. Nevertheless, the situation can be improved if you pay more attention to other things instead of the purpose you go for. Make sure you are in your proper sitting position. Change it after a long drive. Shift your attention from the instrument board to some objects more far away. Blink your eyes every other time so as to relieve your stress. During the route, you can glance at trees or houses or other things coming up to you instead of staring at the road ahead all the time. So your eye muscles can’t be tired. After driving for about two hours, stop and have a rest.

If you do these exercises as a habit, your eye view can’t be worse.

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Can glasses or contacts help people to improve their eyesight? Definitely not! Maybe some people don’t believe this. The fact is it really can not improve your eyesight, but long-time wearing can make your eyesight deteriorating. Why? That is because at the beginning, you just have little eye problem. After wearing glasses, you become replied on your glasses too much, so that you always believe you can not see clearly without glasses. As a result, higher and higher prescription glasses or contacts will be needed. You may want to know what we should do to improve our eyesight, the following will give some tips on it.
It is a common phenomenon that after long-time reading or staring at the computer screen, you will feel the eyes tired and stressed, even blurred. But after resting for several minutes, your eyesight is normal again. Why this can happen? Actually, though most people haven’t notice it, for a normal person, your eyesight is changing day to day. In order to learn this phenomenon well, it is better for us to know something about our eyes. What can make our eyes move freely and have the ability to concentrate on certain specific points? It is the internal and external muscle, which builds up our eyes. So we can see if we want to keep good eyesight, we must give these eye muscles enough time for relaxation. Therefore, even though we have so much work to do, just keep in mind that we must take a little time from our busy schedule to relax our eye muscles. It is so simple that you just need to stop the work on hand for several minutes to look outside the window.
Besides giving our eyes enough time to relax, taking some eye exercises can also have some good influence on our good eyesight. In order to remove the stress and strain on our eyes, we can take palming, eye rotation and eye focus exercises or other eye exercises. Just 3-4 minutes, but you can be blessed with good eyesight. At last, the eyesight is also affected by your health and mood. It is researched when you are in good health and mood, your eyesight is much better than that of the contrary side. Therefore, in order to improve our eyesight, please remember the above three tips: try to relax our eyes regularly, take eye exercise and keep good health and mood.
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Most things everyone sees and experiences every day rely on the vision. Good eyesight is one of the most important sensations for a normal individual. Nevertheless, the other side that disappoints many people is various eye problems and diseases. There are kinds of statistics related to this area. Currently, some kinds of severe vision loss are affecting a million people each year in the United States. Among Americans over 55 years old, one sixth is affected by age related macular degeneration. And there are a considerably greater number of individuals suffering common vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Fortunately, the public has various ways to preserve or improve eyesight.

One important aspect is to take beneficial nutrients. Good foods in diet are an indispensible part of maintaining good eyesight. For instance, powerful nutrients such as lutein and zeaxanthin can be achieved from many foods including spinach and bilberries. Antioxidants contained in natural foods are believed to prevent age related macular degeneration. What’s more, vitamin E has been proven to reduce the risk of developing cataracts.

A second way to improve eyesight is practicing eye exercises. One of the commonest eye exercises is palming. This exercise requires a person to rub the palms together in order to create heat. After that, place the warm palms against the eyes for 5 seconds. Another eye exercise involves the upper and lower rim of the socket. People can use both thumbs to press slowly from the inside to the outside of the socket rim. The most essential requirement for eye exercise recipients is to maintain these exercises for a period long enough.

Besides these ways mentioned above, ordinary people also need to take close care of their eyes during daily use. For instance, a bright area is easier for the eyes to focus on text and images. Furthermore, reading materials should not be held too close to the eyes, because the eyes forced to focus at close distance frequently may lead to myopia. In addition, proper and regular breaks are very important during long time of eye use.

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How to improve eyesight? Most people may answer eyeglasses or contact lenses, which are chosen by most people to correct their eyesight for all their lives once they are nearsighted. But, contact lenses or glasses may decrease the eyesight in the long run. And some may tell you that you can undergo a laser eye surgery to correct your vision in order to get rid of wearing glasses. However, there is one thing you may not know that eyesight problems can be transmitted from one generation to another due to genes effect, which means if you have vision problem your child may have high risks of getting vision problem when they were born.

You may have heard that eye exercises can improve your vision naturally. And you may not believe it. However, as have been proved by hundreds of patients and some eye specialists, it is really true. It is time for you to be aware of the fact, and know more about how eye exercise can reduce the power of your eyes.

According to Dr. William Bates, poor eyesight occurred when the spherical shape of the eyes is changed due to the high stress and strain that put on the eyes. In this condition, the rays can’t focus on the retina which leads to blurred vision. Dr. William Bates also expressed the principle of how eye exercise helps you to gain better vision without glasses. By doing eye exercises you can strengthen the muscles around your eyes, improve the blood circulation of the eyes and release the stress on the eyes. Eyes have immense healing abilities and if you doing exercise regularly your vision will return back to normal state.

There are many information about eye exercise available online teaching you the procedure of these simple techniques. Practice eye exercise in your daily time to protect your eyes. After one month, you will see the difference it brings to your vision.

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Eyesight is so powerful to improve eyesight that people sometimes doubt its effects. People try to start to carry out the action, and the bad result is they do not see any effect happen after one time or twice.

Then what is the problem? Is the effect not that good?

Actually, the truth is eyesight improving successfully can only be achieved by patience. We know Rome is not built in a day. So it is the same to bad eyesight. Our eyesight cannot become bad in a day or two. After years of tenses on eye muscles, our eyesight finally goes bad. Since that, we cannot expect the eye exercises can come into effect in a little time. If the effects can appear after several months’ eye exercises, we should satisfy its wonderful effect.

Chances are that if you do eye exercise at least three times a day and ten minutes every time. After several months, you may find it magic that your eyesight is indeed improved.

A famous optometrist called Dr. Bates invented a series of eye exercises to cure patient’s vision problems. There is a story which tells that an old man who had worn eyeglasses all his life, finally recovered his eyesight in 24 hours after following Bates’ introduction. Though this is relative exaggerative, we sometimes cannot expect that result. At least, the story tells that our eyesight can be improved by eye exercise.

One of the eye exercises invented by Bates is called palming. Here is how you can do it. Close your eyes and put your palms over your eyes gently. In that case, all the lights can be blocked out, so you must feel quiet and relaxed. If you find your mind drifting, you can consciously bring it back to something you like, like beach, lover or flowers.

In the end, remember that Rome is not built in a day and eyesight is not improved in a day, either. Be patient and insistent.

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A lot of people want to seek the way to improve their vision in a natural way, especially for some people who need to wear glasses or contact lenses all the time except their sleeping hours, but still find their vision deteriorating day by day. Is there any way that can help people to get better vision naturally? We always dream how perfect it will be if the eyesight is just like our bone or muscles that can heal by themselves. Now this dream can be realized step by step with Bates theory.

Who is Bates? What is Bates theory? And how can it be so magic? You may come up with these questions in your mind. Bates is Dr. William H. Bates who developed the Bates theory to help people improve their eyesight in a natural way without the help of glasses or contact lenses. He was graduated from Columbia University in New York at the college of Physicians and Surgeons with a medical degree in 1985. Owning more than 20 years of ophthalmology’s practice, he was awarded many prizes on his outstanding performances and researches on eye health and corrective vision issues.

Though as a surgeon, he was not satisfied with the conventional work. He was also curious if eyes can heal themselves just like injured bone and muscles, which is the basic concept in his theory. So he began to make a lot of researches on how to improve people’s eyesight without classes or contact lenses. His work also gave him chance to put his method into practice. He treated his patients with his method to see if it can help people get better vision naturally and efficiently.

His main researches on how to improve people’s vision naturally include: in 1986, he made some researches on how to prevent myopia. Then in 2002, he worked on school children and treated their myopia and other eye problems by his method. At last, he discovered and proved his theory of improving people’s eyesight in a natural way without glasses or contacts in his clinic.

Then he introduced his theory to the world and the theory was popular with people worldwide. That is because this method does not only improve people’s vision, but also can treat a number of eye problems naturally, such as myopia, lazy eye, cross eye, muscular degeneration, eyestrain, astigmatism, cataract, glaucoma and poor night vision. So we can see how magic and great the Bates theory is. Thanks to the great work of Dr. Bates. If you want to learn how to get better vision with Bates theory, it only needs USD50 to have this method in the e-book. Following it step by step, you can notice that your vision has been improved naturally.

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