Q: Do your eyes lose focus when you are relaxed?
Why does my vision lose focus when I am relaxed? I have some vision problems. Do vision problems lead to this?
A: Once, one of my colleagues told me that he couldn’t know where my vision focuses. It was just like I was trying to avoid eye contact or something else or I was just absentminded. I have to admit that I didn’t know what I wanted and what I wanted to do in that period. In other words, I lived with confusion. I didn’t want to see anything and I didn’t want to listen patiently. But after I find what I want to pursue in my life, there is nobody told me that words again. Learn more answers.

Q: Eyes can’t focus after lasik?Really?
Is it true that eyes can’t focus after lasik?What causes that?
A: It is hard to see. If you can’t focus after the surgery, it may caused by some lasik surgery complications or side effects. In some serious cases, it may caused by overcorrection or undercorrection for the eyes. That is to say, you got a unsuccessful lasik eye surgery. So far, most of patient who take the surgery may suffered from glare, seeing halos around images, fluctuating vision and dry eyes etc. If you can’t focus over 48 hours, you must consult your surgeon. Learn more answers.

Q: What causes eye focusing problems?
Is it a serious problem if I can’ t focus my eyes sometimes? What kind of problems can lead to this situation?
A: Focusing problems are the most common eye disorder. And people may suffer from focusing problems from different factors. Generally, myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism and presbyopia are the most common refractive errors that cause people difficult to focus target subjects. So, it is hard to see what the problems on your eyes are. You shall take a complete eye exam so as to know what the causes. So, just talk to an eye doctor. Learn more answers.

Q: Why do you see floaters and flashes? What can you do about them?
I can see some floaters in my vision. Sometimes they really bother me. Why can I see floaters in my vision? And sometimes I can see flashes even in a totally dark house. There is no light. What’s wrong with my eyes? What can I do about them?
A:Many people can see a few eye floaters in their vision. Don’t worry. It is not a big problem. Many people just learn to ignore them because they won’t do any harm to their normal life. I suggest you to apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes. Sometimes the debris of the cells on the surface of our eyes will lead to a few eye floaters. But the debris can be washed away by tears. If your eyes are too dry, you may need to turn to artificial tears to flush your eyes. Learn more answers.

Q: How to make eye floaters go away ?
I bothered by eye floaters recently. What shall i do? How to make them go away?
A: Eye floaters are harmless. And eye floaters are often happen to people with vision problems. They won’t affect your vision. However, the can affect the way that you focus to other objects. You shall try to focus things in other way that avoid the eye floaters. And finally, your brain will learn to ignore it. In fact, eye floaters can come and go themselves. So, you don’t worry too much about them. Learn more answers.

Q: Can fatigue cause eye floaters?
What causes eye floaters? Does fatigue causes it? It is really boring!
A: Eye floaters can be caused by eye disease, eye injury, retinal detachment, viteous hemorrhage, eye fatigue and so on. Most of the people can live with eye floaters and ignore them, while, serious eye flaters can be annoying and cause some other problems. See an eye doctor if the eye floaters affect your vision. Learn more answers.

Q: What are the side effects of visine red eye drops ?
Now I am using the visine red eye drops. I am just wondering is there any side effects of visine red eye drops. Can you tell me?
A:Well, all medicines can have some kinds of side effects. But some side effects are minor while some are serious. As to visine red eye drops, it may cause tearing, blurring, stinging of the eye, or dilation of pupils. if you have any kind of these symptoms, you just need to stop using this eye drops and the symptom will go away on its own. But if you are suffering from severe side effects such as hives, rash, difficulty breathing, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue, tightness in the chest, continued redness or irritation of the eye, eye pain, change in vision, or even headaches, you may need to seek for medical treatment right away. Learn more answers.

Q:How to use eye drops properly ?
I bought a bottle of eye drops. I can’t put the drops into my eyes. And if I don’t have dry eye, can I use eye drops? Can I use the over the counter drops for eye problems?
A:We should use eye drops properly though they may not cause big problems. Eye drops will function directly on the most delicate part of our eyes. So I suggest you to see your eye doctor before buying the eye drops. You can think about that if you apply the drops but they will not help with your problems, this will delay the most effective curing time. Learn more answers.

Q: Can eye drops give you headache?
Have you ever had this happen? After using eye drops, i got headaches. Can eye drops cause you headache?
A:I don’t have this experience before, but my friend has. Usually the eye drops will not cause you this. The eye drops are used to get rid o the invisible bacterium in your eyes and make your eyes become moisture. When you get the headache, the eye drops may stimulate your eye nerves. You may be sensitive to this type of the eye drops. You should change another type of the eye drops. Learn more answers.


Q: What causes a sore throat and pain behind eyes after drinking alcohol?
I have a sore throat. I drank too much last night. I also feel pain behind my eyes. What’s wrong? Can you tell me what causes this?
A:Well, a sore throat can be caused by glandular fever. You may get glandular fever. It is just an infection. Your immune system will make antibodies during the infection. And you may find that it is painful to swallow. Usually we needn’t apply for special treatment for glandular fever. We just need to drink plenty of water. The symptoms will go away on its own few days later. The alcohol can dehydrate your body, your eyes may get dry and pain after drinking too much alcohol. Learn more answers.

Q:How to bring down a swollen face and eyes from drinking too much alcohol?
I drank too much alcohol last night. Now I have swollen face and puffy eyes. Can you tell me how to bring down a swollen face and eyes? Thank you in advance!
A:Dear friend, coldness can help to reduce your puffiness. You can put cold packs or a cold towel on your face for 10 minutes. This will help reduce your swollen face and puffy eyes. You can wash your swollen face and puffy eyes with cold water too. You can lie down and apply chilled raw cucumber slices and potato slices on your swollen face and puffy eyes. You will find good result after 10 minutes later. Good luck! Learn more answers.

Q: Does drinking make pink eye worse?
Is it Ok to drink alcohol when i get pink eyes. Will it make my pink eyes more serious?
A:Yes, to some extent. Drinking doesn’t make the situation of your pink eye worse, but it makes your eyes look even redder. As you drink, the alcohol makes your blood vessels expand and causes dehydration. As the blood vessels in your eyes expand, you have red eyes. What’s worse, dehydration leads to dryness in eyes of whose symptom one is red eyes. Therefore, it’s better for you not to drink before your pink eye recovers. Learn more answers.

Q:How to make the whites of your eyes yellow?
I saw the whites of some people’s eyes are yellow. What causes this? How to make the whites of the eyes yellow?
A:Dear friend, usually the whites of our eyes should be white. But some people may have yellow whites. If they got an infection on their liver, they may have yellow whites. If they smoke heavily, the whites of the eye could be tint by the yellow smokes so the whites of the eye will become yellow. Learn more answers.

Q:How to make the whites of your eyes black?
Is there anyway that can make the whites of your eyes black? How?
A:My dear friend,I have to say,I doubt there is no one want to turn the whites of eyes black,except you.what’s more,that is impossible to turn whites into black.Healthy eyes got clear whites,unhealthy whites of eyes will become dull, red, and even yellow.Do not mention about black whites,which can be so horrible. However ,if you want black whites only because you want to make fun of others,Here is my suggestion. Close your eyes first,then draw your eyelid with black eye shadow.You’ll find that it seems your eyes are entirely black every time when you close your eyes.That’s funny right? Learn more answers.

Q: Is There a Way to Make the Whites of Your Eyes Whiter?
How to make the whites of my eyes whiter? I am a heavy smoker. Is there any suggestions?
A:Dear friend, you can smoke less to make the whites of your eyes whiter. We know that the smokes can tint the whites of our eyes and make our eyes look yellow. But the yellow on the whites of our eyes will disappear slowly if we smoke less or give up smoking. Don’t worry. This will not affect your vision. Learn more answers.

Q:Why do my eyes burn when I put cucumbers on them ?

I heard that cucumbers can help reduce puffiness under our eyes so I applied two pieces of chilled cucumbers on my eyes. But later I felt that my eyes burn. Why? What’s wrong? Have you suffered from similar symptom?
A:Dear friend, I have applied chilled cucumber slices on my eyes for several times but I haven’t suffered from burning eyes. Some of my friends also did this before and they didn’t come across any side effect. So I doubt that whether your burning eyes are caused by other reasons. Usually I will wash the whole cucumber bar and then put it into the refrigerator. When I take it out from the refrigerator I will wash it again. And then cut them on a piece of clean chopping board. Oh, God! Maybe I know where the problem lies. Do you wash your chopping board? If you didn’t. The remains of hot pepper or other condiments may cause your burning eyes. So you can wash your chopping board and chopping knife and try cucumber slices again.

A: Dear friend, Are you allergic to cucumbers? If you are allergic to it, you can’t apply cucumber slices on your eyes. I have heard many kinds of allergens before but I really haven’t heard about that someone is allergic to cucumbers. But that’s not mean this kind of things can’t happen in our daily life. So I suggest you to see an eye doctor immediately. The eye doctor may tell you whether you are allergic to cucumbers or not and treat with your burning eyes. Or you can put a piece of ice on your irritated eyes or apply some artificial tears to flush the remains out, or you can wash your eyes with cold water. Hope you will feel better soon! Learn more answers.

Q:How to Put Cucumber on Eyes ?
I have swollen eyes. I want to do cucumber eye treatment. The cucumber slices often do not touch my eyes completely. Can you tell me how to put cucumber on my eyes? Thank you!
A:Put thin cucumber slices on your closed eyes. our eye is not flat so it is hard to cover every part of our eyes. But you apply cucumber juice to treat your swollen eyes. Just make yourself a cup of cucumber juice and then put it in the refrigerator for twenty five minutes. And then take it out. You can also drink cucumber juices for it is good for our eyes too. Then take out a piece of cloth to dip into the cucumber juice and then cover your eyes with the wet cloth. Or you can put ice on your eyes to relieve swollen eyes too. Learn more answers.

Q: How to Do Cucumber Eye Treatment?
I have puffy eyes. I heard that cucumber can relieve puffiness. How to do it? Is there other ways to get rid of puffy eyes?
A:I can tell you how to do cucumber eye treatment. Cucumber is very good for puffy eyes. And the treatment is easy and harmless. First, you need to wash the cucumber, and then chill it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Then you can take out the cucumber and cut it into thin slices. You can lie down or tilt your head to put the slices on your closed eyes for 5 minutes and then change another piece to cover your eyes again. Learn more answers.

Q:Can contact lenses cause retinal detachment?

My father suggested me not wear contact lenses too much because they are harmful. So, what are disadvantage of contact lenses? Can contact lenses cause retinal detachment?
A:Well, first, you should know that contact lenses will not lead to retinal detachment, only if you have worn them after have taken an eye surgery. So you should not worry about it. Also, there are many other factors which can lead to retinal detachment, such as eye injury, severe high blood pressure. But on the other hand, most people with detached retina risk factors will not develop a detached retina. If you have some questions about retinal detachments, you can talk with your doctor. He or she can recommend detached retina symptoms to watch for and a schedule for regular eye exams. Besides, keeping the contact lenses be clean is very important, for they can just make your eyes infected by some allergies. for example, they can lead to eye infection, pink eyes, eye strain, even light sensitivity. So you should just clean your contact lenses with resolution. Learn more answers.

Q:Does retinal detachment happen in both eyes?
What is retinal detachment? Will it happen in both eyes?
A:Like a piece of wallpaper peeling off from a damp wall, retina will separate itself from the back of the inside of the eye. Under such circumstances, a retinal detachment happens. But in order to work properly, the retina should attach to the back of the eye. If you suffer from a lot of eye floaters in your vision suddenly, you need to see an eye doctor for lots of eye floaters can be a sign of retinal detachment. Learn more answers.

Q: How long does it take to go blind from retinal detachment?
I heard that retinal detachment are likely to cause blindness. So, can you tell me how long does it take to go blind because of retinal detachment?
A:It is not a fixed time from retinal detachment to blindness. It is depending on the exact situation you are in. Usually at the very beginning of retinal detachment, it is only tears or holes of retina. The fluid will go through the tears or holes and get underneath the retina which could cause retina peals away where it should be. Without prompt and proper treatment for it, the tears or holes of retina will gradually enlarges as the fluid underneath retina is getting more. Finally the retina will completely peals away from the back of eyes where it should be. At the beginning of this disease, you may have spotted vision, and then develops into partial vision lost. Take effective action before the permanent vision lost happen or you will definitely get regretted. See an oculist for professional support is the best. Learn more answers.

Q:What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

I have heavy dark circles under my eyes for almost two years. Everybody will tell me that I need to sleep more in the night when they first meet me. Dark circles make me look so ugly and so old. Can you tell me how to get rid of dark circles? My aunt also has heavy dark circles. Now we are seeking for help. Any suggestion?
A:Dear friend, I think the best way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes is to have good sleep in every night. Lacking of sleep can be the most common cause for dark circles under eyes. But I can also give you some suggestions to treat with your dark circles under eyes. You can use tea bags to reduce dark circles and under eye wrinkles, what you need to do is just put wet tea bag on your closed eyes for fifteen minutes. But the chilled tea bag is much better for the coldness of the tea bags will increase circulation around eyes, so i suggest you to put the tea bags in the refrigerator for half an hour before using them. It is also said that the tannin in the tea bag is good for puffiness too. Hope this helped!

A:I often apply raw, chilled cucumbers to treat with my dark circles. Usually I will apply chilled cucumber slices on my eyes for 10-15 minutes every night before going to sleep. Chilled cucumber slices can help with darkness under the eyes and puffy eyes. They are a home remedy for wrinkles under eyes too. But I suggest you to change the slices when you feel the water in the slices is evaporate. Many people will put just one piece of cucumber slice on her eyes for 10 minutes. I think she can’t achieve a good result in this way. We must change the slices as soon as needed. You can have a try! Learn more answers.

Q:How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes for Men Naturally ?
My husband has heavy dark circles under his eyes. Can you tell me how to get rid of dark circles under eyes for men naturally? Thank you in advance!
A:There are many ways to get rid of dark circles under eye for men. Men are easy to get dark circles as women if they stay up too late in the night to work in front of a computer. Dark circles can be called dark rings or shadows. The best way to get rid of them is to form a healthy sleeping habit. Aging, dryness of skin, crying for a long time and using computer for a long time may lead to dark circles under our eyes too. So men also need to stay away from these triggers too. Men can drink plenty of waters every day to lubricate their eyes and find a good way to reduce the pressures from work or life. Learn more answers.

Q: What Is the Best Natural Way to Get Rid of Dark Circles?
I have heavy dark circles under my eyes. I want to get rid of them. Can you tell be what is the best way to get rid of them?
A:I heard that we can apply chilled cucumber slices or tea bags to get rid of dark circles naturally. But if only we persist on this then we can see the effect in the end. And there is also a quick way to get rid of dark circles under our eyes. You can use makeup to cover the dark parts under your eyes. While I think the most effective way to get rid of dark circles under our eyes is to sleep on time every day and have good sleep during the night. Learn more answers.

Q:  What are good home remedies to reduce eye strain?

My eyes are strained. Can you tell me some good home remedies to reduce it?

A: Well, it seems that your eyes have got some problems. So, as a matter of fact, an eye strain could give rise to some uncomfortable feelings which could be really annoying. So, you should know that eye strain is resulted from overuse of eyes, a lack of sleep, or long time exposure to harmful lights such as TV set or computer screen. Anyway, what I recommend is a warm compressor , more sleep, a healthier diet and some eye drops. See more answers.

Q: What are good home remedies for eye wrinkles ?

The wrinkles around eyes are so boring. Can you tell me some good home remedies to reduce it? Please help.

A: There are many different home remedies that can help reduce eyes wrinkles. Because the area around eyes is sensitive, it is advisable to first check on a small area. We can use vitamin E to help reduce eye wrinkle. Before going to bed every night, you can squeeze the liquid out of the vitamin E capsule and smear it on the wrinkles. Also, lemon juice can do help to remove the wrinkles around eyes. Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply around your wrinkle twice a day. See more answers.

Q: Does anyone know home remedies for an eye infection?
I get eye infections. Are there any good home remedies to help me? Please help

A: Well, generally speaking, eye infection is normal for many people, and it happens frequently. First, you should know that eye infection is caused by bacteria, viruses or environmental agents, such as pollens and other irritants. So in other words, we can say that irritants lead to eye infection. And when it happens, it can make your eyes feel itchy, red, burred. So you should be careful about it. To treat your symptom, you can just take some measures to find out the direct infection cause. Also, just going to have an eye exam will be considerable. Also, you can put some tea bags on your eyes. As we know that tea bags contain a high concentration of the chemical epigallocatechin gallate, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that can relieve your symptom. Anyway, you can have a try. See more answers.


Eye Maintenance For Women

Along with social development, the different ages gives different new fashionable elements. Today crow’s-feet, pouch, black eyes are taking into shape and appear around the eyes which deprive the beauty of women. This is a saying: telling the age from the one’s eyes, we can recognize the importance of the eye maintenance from this proverb.

How grain of purify fish end?

Firstly, get rid of six “enemies” of beautiful eyes, “alcohol, cigarette, insolation, air pollution, sleep insufficiency and expired cosmetics which are the arch-criminal of damaging the delicate skin”. The alcohol can improve the metabolism and expand blood capillary. The broken blood capillary will make the ugly spots due to insobriety.

Moreover, the cigarette and Overexposure will make injuries to eyes which are easy to produce wrinkle. The bacterium generates from polluted air and expired cosmetics entering eyes are possible to infect eyes to some degrees. Sleep insufficiency make the “panda eyes”, if you have to do extra works at night. It is quite possible for you get sleep in time to keep the clear eyes.

Secondly, avoid the bad habits in daily life which include: Do not wear eyeglasses in order to keep good images. Squint eyes when in poor vision will result in the microgrooves climbing eyes. Be moderate in your diets, they should abide by scientific methods. Weight slashed will make the muscle relaxed and lose elasticity. For the good-looking girls, it is quite important for them to clean up their makeup as the processes of cleaning makeup is quite important before sleeping.

Drink lots of water is the most economical way to improve one’s beauty, because getting enough liquids may help specifically with fatigue or constipation, Sufficient supply with water for our body chronically can improve metastasis and prolong life

Though, young girls are in the their youth and seldom have the eye skin issues,  the eyestrains, seasons, environments as well as the other external factors that  also can damage their normal images. Keep your eyes maintenance regularly will make your eyes more charming. More eye maintenance professional knowledge by clicking: http://www.firmoo.com/eyecare-directory/.

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