Many people believe that eyeglasses and lenses or surgeries are needed if they have some vision errors. And most of them think doing eye exercises can do no real benefits to their eyes. However, it is proved that eye exercises can really help improve vision among people of certain groups, like eye fatigue.

It is found that many people get vision problems due to eye pressure and strain. This is because most of them have to read or do something closely for very long time each day. This is also why teachers, students and so like, are more likely to get eye problems, whereas those farmers or soldiers seldom get. Therefore, if people do not look at object in the distance, their eyes and eye muscles will be pressured and deformed. And vision becomes blurred as a result.

In fact, eye muscles are so flexible that they can adjust according to people’s vision area and distance. But they also become powerless when people do not see in the distance. And the result is nearsightedness, farsightedness and many other vision problems occur.

And people’s living condition is attributed to the occurrence of different vision problems. This is much obvious as more and more high-tech products are used, like computers, TV, etc. Eyes have to focus on the monitor or do hand-close reading and eye muscles loose their elasticity gradually. This is also why so many people are now suffering from computer-related vision symptoms.

People who often stare are monitors seldom blink and have their eyes greatly pressured. And they run very high risk of getting vision problems. Luckily, all these pressure can be well relieved by doing certain eye exercises- look at objects around or in the distance every half an hour.

In addition, eye problems can also be results of aging process. And this is can never be stopped- it is a natural process. However, there are still some solutions for it. Some eye exercises can really help slow down the aging process in eyes. And many people have benefited a lot in so doing. Therefore, eye exercises are really critical and essential for people’s eye sight.

What’s more, people should also keep a balanced diet while doing eye exercises if they really want to have clear vision. Doing so can help prevent a lot of potential vision problems, because some nutrients in foods can help slow down or stop some harmful reaction in bodies.

Anyway, eye exercises are natural, simple and effective to prevent or treat vision problems of certain kind.

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Nearly each action taken by any individual helps move their lives. In turn, this kind of daily action relies highly on the eyes which make out all about the things going around. The eyes are so valuable that they can understand the surrounding environment within a fraction of a second. For the vast majority of human beings in the world, their both eyes work together, with the aid from muscles, nerves and brain. The eyes enable a person to get a full and clear view, at the same time adjusting to changes in climate and intensity of light. Normally-functioning eyes are capable enough of adapting to the changing climate and brightness so as to grant people correct information. However, a wide variety of eye problems may be caused if the muscles and nerves around the eyes are damaged.

There are several eye conditions associated with weak eye muscles and nerves. Some of them are temporary while the others are disappointingly permanent. For instance, irritation in eyes, red eyes and swollen eyes usually last a short time and will disappear on their own. It is helpful to splash fresh and cold water in order to ease these conditions. Unfortunately, some visual problems can persist for a long period or even last forever. Refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism are among the latter group. Even though they are quite bothersome and take longer time to diminish, there are claimed effective ways to exercise the eyes by strengthening the surrounding muscles through eye exercises.

Ordinary people can take an easy exercise that involves taking water in the mouth repeatedly, splash clean water on the eyes, and then throw out the water with a pressure from the mouth. A second exercise can be giving light massage with thumb and index finger on both eye-brows. It is also helpful by placing thumb and index finger on the cheek bone that is below the eyes and give light massage 45 times. Another simple eye exercise that is commonly utilized is palming, which requires a person to rub both palms 5-7 times and place them on the eyes.

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At both online and local book stores, there are currently categories of books describing the benefits and principle of eye exercises. There are also many experts focusing on this popular field. The fact is that many people want to naturally improve their eyesight through simply eye exercises.

Although all the opinions about eye exercises are derived from the founder of this field named Dr. Bates, they are mainly divided into two categories. Some people think that eye exercises can strengthen the eye muscles while others insist that eye relaxation is the true contribution from those exercises. Although keeping different opinions, all these people believe that eye exercises are beneficial for natural vision improvement.

Actually, both of the two opinions can be testified by many successful cases. It may be not so important to rule out which one is absolutely correct. The fact is that many people resorting to eye exercises are neglecting the most important factor.

The majority of eye exercise participants have a similar experience that they pick up one exercise and then give up it after certain periods. And then, they restore it again and discard repeatedly multiple times. This way can never help in rebuilding one’s eyesight.

The most critical factor these people commonly skip is motivation. It is true that eye exercises offer no fun and always be boring unintentionally. Those people sheering will and relying simply on discipline are quite likely to fail. Prolonged period time of persistent exercises is a must if one person wants to get natural vision improvement.

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Why Not Try Eye Exercises?

Many cases have proved that eye sight can be enhanced by doing some very simple eye exercises. If you are suffering from some eye problems, these exercises can help improve your vision; even if your eyes are healthy, they can help maintain the good state forever. However, not all people have good understanding of the exercises and their effectiveness.

Some related information about these exercises will be presented subsequently, and you may get a better understanding of them.

Our eye problems are results of too much eye strain for some general reasons, as reading too much, etc., but wearing glasses and contacts will worsen the situation. Much more strained, we suffer from greater sight loss. Here are some instructions about these exercises.

We should do these exercises under a very relaxed condition. If we are too pressed, these exercises will be useless.

Each time, these exercises should last over 20minutes. Too little exercises will be not so ideal for our eyes.

We should be patient to wait the coming of perfect vision while we doing eye exercise. It usually takes us almost several months to get our vision recovered.

We should adjust the exercising intensity on our eyes at different phases. Especially, when it comes to later stage, we should reduce the force and time of exercises.

Almost all common eye problems can be cured by doing these eye exercises.

Why are these methods not as popular as we have ever expected. The reason is the glasses and related industry is very large and many people want to earn money from glasses wearers. On the contrary, if more of us choose to do eye exercises instead of wearing glasses; many people in lenses industry will suffer great loss.

Now it is time for you to reach your own decision.

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Whenever you go, if you look around, you will find three quarters people are eyeglasses wearers. Obviously, glasses have become one of the indispensable parts of most people’s lives. But wearing eyeglasses and contacts can be uncomfortable and can complicate life.

That’s why when eye surgery emerges, many people go to have an eye surgery for vision correction. However, the fact is that not everyone is able to afford an eye surgery. For them, they could only continue to depend on vision aids for seeing things clearly.

The good news is that there is a natural way to improve eyesight. Would you want to see well again without glasses or contacts sand spend your hand-earned money on better things? Do you want to lead a life without the frustration of stumbling around the rest of your life anytime without your glasses or contacts? Let’s do eye exercises.

But before you engage in eye exercising, you should know something about this natural way of eyesight improvement.

Eye exercises require regular practicing. The first thing everyone should know is that it is a long journey for the eyesight improvement. None is able to see initial success with several days’ exercises. Everyday you have to spare at least 10 minutes to practice. Therefore, if you are not able to persist, you’d better not embark on this practice at the very beginning.

Once you have make a decision to begin, you must be patient and overcome your lazy nature, because you could probably see no significant improvement fast enough. Eye exercises may take years for your eyesight to deteriorate to the its present state, therefore, how can you ask for a fast reversion within a mere days since you have spent a long period of time to impair your vision.

Besides persistence in eye exercise practicing, you have to get rid of your bad habits that deteriorate your vision, or you will never expect to see the results. One’s habit patterns constitute the main factor for eyesight deteriorating. For example, if you use computer frequently everyday, you have a big risk of eyesight problems, because the long hours staring at the screen puts a strain on your eyes. Eye exercise is just a practice aiming at relaxing muscles of eyes.

But if your work require you to work with computer everyday, there is a simple rule that is believed to offer a great help if you implement, the 10-10-10 rule. It refers to staring at the screen at least 10 feet away for about 10 minutes and taking a break at least once an hour for about 10 minutes.

Some other rules include frequent blink. If you stare at computer screen without a rest, an increased rate of tear evaporation would be caused and you will constantly experience dry eyes, therefore, you should blink frequently so as to provide moisture to eyes. And make the center of the computer screen be 4-9 inches below your eyes, for your eyes work best with a slight downward gaze.

When you build muscles, besides physical exercising, like gym and lift, you have to  eat proper food so as to intake protein to help the growth of muscles. Likewise, food is another element that effects the result of eye muscles building as well.

Then what are the food that do good for the eyesight improvement? They include carrot, which might be the first thing coming up to your mind, because when a carotenoid called beta-carotene in carrot is converted to vitamin A, it constitutes a kind of anti-oxidant which is an essential element to eye health. It help eyes adjust to light changes; enhance visual acuity by moistening the eyes; prevent the forming of cataracts; prevent blindness from age-related Macular degeneration.

Apart from vitamin A, vitamin C and E also are helpful to eye health.

Another important element for eye health is lutein which can be found in green leafy vegetables, eggs, corn and pumpkins. Lutein has been proved to reduce one’s possibility to suffer age-related macular degeneration and the risk of cataract extraction. Eating vitamin supplement that is especially formulated for healthy eyesight is also advisable.

Water is very important as well.

Therefore, to improve eyesight, we should do both things simultaneously — doing eye exercises and increase intake of the above nutrients.

All in all, eye exercise is very suitable for people who want to get rid of vision assistance but do not want to have eye surgeries, either for the high cost or risk. The keys to improving eyesight naturally by doing eye exercises are: persistence, good habit patterns and proper food.

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Though there are natural methods to improve people’s vision, some of them do not believe. However, those methods can really work. If people do not use such methods but wear glasses, they will suffer from sight loss gradually. The reason is glasses will make eye lazy. On the contrary, doing some natural eye exercises each day can help people a lot in their vision improvement. Here is going to introduce one particular method- palming.

This method is widely employed and welcomed by many people who have some eye problems. This can help relax people’s visual system. Whiling palming, all lights should be blocked out. For people who have bad vision, they will see some colored pictures in their eyes though with their eye closed. This proves that their eyes are greatly strained. How does palming help relax people’s eye? The heat from hands works.

Here are the specific steps of palming. It is good to turn off all lights in a quiet room before palming. Then sit down with relaxation. After that rub hands to warmth. Ultimately, palm the eyes with elbows lying on some objects.

Generally, people should palm their eyes each day if they want to enhance their vision quickly. Just remember, be calm and relaxed whiling palming. People can sit or palm as they like. For example, people can do some mini-palm.

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People all hope to have good eyesight. But how to achieve it, esp. for some people have poor eyesight, how to improve it? There are several ways we can do. The following will introduce how to take exercises to improve our eyesight.
It is researched that one of the best way to improve our eyesight is to relax, not only relax our eye muscle and eyes, but also relax our body. You may wonder to know what the best time is to relax. Researches show the best time for relaxation is in the morning when you wake up, and in the evening before you fall asleep. And how to relax? One thing we should know is the darker the environment is, the better the relaxation can be. So if your room is not darker, you can put a blanket to cover our eyes, and then close our eyes. Just close our eyes is ok for relaxation? Absolutely not! At this time, you should keep pleasant pictures and thoughts in you mind so as to relax our mind and eyes.
In this way, after several minutes of focusing on relaxing our eyes, you can feel your eyes, eye muscles around the eyes are less strained, more relaxed. Not only the eyes are less tense, but also you can feel the whole body can calm down. During this process, you can also try to take deep breath, or take some eye exercises like palming, which will be good for improving our eyesight. But take note that during the eye exercise never wear our glasses or contact lenses.
It is common for some people when they want to see clearly, they always squint their eyes to try to focus on the details. But from now on, in order to improve our eyesight, please don’t do it as when you squint your eyes, additional strain will be added on your eyes. And blinking our eyes often and keep our eyes moisturized are also helpful to improve our eyesight. That is because the dry and irritated eye will increase the strain and stress on the eyes, which leads to the eyesight deteriorating.
Besides taking the above exercises, one point I want to emphasize here is people should limit their use of eyeglasses or contacts. Of course, you can use it when it is necessary, but when it isn’t necessary to see clearly, please take off your glasses. It is known that too much relying on glasses will lead to eyesight deteriorating. There is one kind of glasses maybe good for some people as it can reduce people’s dependence on corrective glasses. This glass is made from an opaque sheet of plastic with pinhole openings. With these openings, the circle of confusion on the retina can be reduced.
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It is proved that eye strain is mainly responsible for eyesight problem. Then we can see the way to improve our vision problem is to reduce eye strain and relax our eyes. Regarding how to relax our eyes naturally, a large number of people may not have a clear idea. Actually, it is not difficult to relax our eyes, then to have our vision improvement naturally. The simple thing you need to do is to do some eye exercises on a regular daily basis. The following will introduce three simple eye exercises but with a great effect on people’s vision:

The first eye exercise is Sunning. From the literal meaning, we can know it is related to the sun. Right! In fact, proper amount of sunshine is very important for our health as it can make our body to produce Vitamin D. You can take the eye exercises in the following steps: First, close the eyes with face towards the sun directly. Then move the head to the left and right side to make every part of our eyes can enjoy this beautiful sunshine. During the moving process, we should have deep and slow breath. Of course, we can also change the direction, for example, we can rotate our head clockwise, only if this can make us enjoy the sunshine more. It will be ok to repeat the circle for 5 minutes. But after each session, please don’t forget to palm for few minutes.

The second simple eye exercise we want to introduce here is palming, which is the most commonly-used one. While sitting in the chair, we can rub our hands until they warm up. Then use the palm to cover our eyes so that we can put ourselves in the dark world. If it is not dark enough, we can use a blanket to cover our eyes. Just think about some pleasant pictures in our mind with deep and slow breath. Therefore, we can enjoy in this darkness with relaxed eyes. This circle is needed to be repeated for 5 times.

The last one is Eights eye exercise. This is especially effective after we work in front of computers for a long time and feel neck and shoulders pressed. In this exercise, it is necessary to find a quiet space. We can begin with drawing imaginary “eights” with our nose together with our head in vertical and horizontal directions. Please note that do not move your head too fast in case of pulling heads. This exercise does not only can help us to relax our eyes with smaller eights, but also can relax our neck and shoulders with bigger eights.

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You can take only 30 minutes to read through the guide of rebuild your vision naturally, and you can thoroughly understand its meaning and you know what you should do and shouldn’t do to protect your eyesight.

Of course, you start to implement. However, after a long time you don’t see any improvement on your eyesight, so you become frustrated and do not want to do eye exercises again. You give up and tell your friends that it is a liar.

But the truth is the improvement caused by eye exercises is a chronical process, whose effects must experience a long time. So doing eye exercises takes you a bit of faith, patience and courage. It is not an easy job but also not a hard job. When you really want to change the current condition of your bad eyesight, you can succeed in the end, and also clear up the doubts on the eye exercises method to improve eyesight. The most important result is that you can see clearly without eyeglasses.

I always do the following two eye exercises to achieve my dream of getting good vision again.

Close your eyes and put your palms gently over your eyes. You can image something wonderful or you do not have to think about anything at all to make your eyes completely relaxing. I would like to image beach, trees or a field of flowers because all the scenes make me happy.

Raise your hands sideways almost at the level of shoulder. Close your eyes and swing your body from left to right and from right to left. You can image you are at a beautiful place with your lover walking down the boulevard while doing the motion of swinging.

However, all the above eye exercises can not function well if you do not limit the time that you wear eyeglasses. This is the same principle with a cripple. If he cannot give up his crutch, when and how can he learn to walk? So try not to wear eyeglasses if not necessary.

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If we stare at something too long, our vision will be greatly influenced. After long-hour working, our eyes are urgently in need of relaxation. If we do not let them relax, our vision will decline as time goes by. In order to relax our eyes, some eye doctors have recommended some exercises that are very useful and practical.

We can try some dot exercises, which require us to gaze at some dots. First, find some dots on a paper, and then stare at them directly. Some time later, the dots will be on our focuses. At last, we may find that we cannot see these dots clearly.

Then we should relax our eyes by closing them for some while. The next step is to look at these dots leisurely, not to stare. Now, our eyes should scan the paper and the dots for some time. This is because, in this process, our eyes are in need of some movements. Of course, blinks are essential. Subsequently, we can repeat the foregoing process till we can see the dots and paper much clearly.

Word exercise is also very useful. Write a word composed of several alphabets on a piece of paper. Then directly look at the word. After that, remember the image of the words. Like dots exercise, staring at them till we feel some sort of blurriness in our eyes.

Now it is time for us to relax our eyes. We should scan each alphabets of the word slowly with some blinks. In this process, we should not stare. Later, the word will be much cleaner to look at. This process can help us to relax our eye strains very much.

Double vision exercise is also a very useful method. As it name indicates, the exercise requires a lot on the co-work of our eyes. Some people make their eyes suffering from some very serious vision problems for some bad habits. Such as, they always look at something with one eye or look at them from a one-side angle. So, to solve such problems, we should stare at something calmly in the same direction.

These eye exercises can be really helpful for us to improve our vision. So, it is necessary for us to do them as daily habits.

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