Eye drop is a kind of medical product that most people have heard of. In fact, there are a lot of eye drops for different purposes. Common reasons of using eye drops include pink eye, dry eye after an eye surgery or even simply for eye moisture. Most people would consider that eye moisture is the only function of eye drops. This is not the real case. Some eye drops as medications are used to cure pink eye as well as some other eye infections. In general, eye drops in various types can be prescription or over-the-counter. They are available from both eye doctors and pharmacies.

Regardless of the specific function of any kind of eye drop, a key point is how to apply it. Everybody knows that the eyes are very sensitive that be careful is a necessity. Eye drops in any kind are foreign substances for the eyes. There are detailed steps of applying eye drop. It does not matter which posture the person keeps before applying eye drops: sitting, lying down or standing. But it is necessary to tilt the head backward. And then pull down the lower eyelid to reveal the bottom of the eyeball. With such a gap being created, it is the time to squeeze the eye drop container and allow a drop to fall into the gap.

After that, release the hand and close the eye applied slowly. Never squeeze or rub it or the liquid could be pushed out. Inside the eye now, the eye drop may be soaked into the body. The way to avoid it is pressing the inside corner of the closed eye for a few minutes using the index finger and thumb of one hand. Use soft paper to soak the excess moisture. This process is quite simple but it can fail sometimes. Just apply another drop. But it is unnecessary to waste too many eye drops one time.

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Concerning eye drops, many people may think about one or two kinds of eye drops they know. Actually, there are many kinds of eye drops available now. When people have eye problems, a lot of people are puzzled for which kind of eye drops they should choose to cure their eye problem. The following will give a brief introduction on eye drops and their functions with the aim to give people more understanding of eye drops.

According to their different functions, eye drops can be classified into different types: Eye drop for dry eyes is an effective treatment to offer lubrication so as to treat our dry eyes easily for causes of dry eyes, there are some controllable factors and uncontrollable factors, for example, dehy dration, high speed wind, sunshine and so on. When our blood vessels on the outer eye become enlarged, we have to face red eye problem. Then you can use red eye drops to treat it. The pollutants in the air like dust and pollen can cause eye allergies when they contact our eyes. Then how to cure it? There is also a kind of eye drops specially designed for eye allegories. Sometimes, we feel our eyes painful or even swollen, maybe because eyes are overstrained. Besides enough rests needed, we can also choose to use eye drops to release the pain or relax our eyes. This kind of eye drops usually contains soothing ointments to make our eyes more comfortable. If you have the yellow eye discharge problem, it is better to use antibiotics to treat this eye problem. Besides for pink eyes or other eye illnesses, you can consult in your eye doctor and follow his advice on which kind of eye drops should be used to treat your specific eye problems. When you feel your eyes are itchy and scratchy, you can use moisturizing and soothing formulas to cure it as in this kind of condition, your eyes are usually very dry.

From the above introduction, we can see there are many types of eye drops available to cater for people’s different eye problems. As for which kind of eye drops should be used to cure your eye problem, it is advised to visit your eye doctor and follow his advice as they are more professional than us in this field. And we can also know more about eye drops and the methods and taboo to use certain eye drops.

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OTC and prescription eye drops and ointments

Eye drops and medications for glaucoma

Loteprednol, the ophthalmic solution of Bausch & Lomb, was originally bought from Pharmos Corporation with a price of about $25 million. Now the most commonly used brand names of the solution in the U.S. are: Lotemax and Alrex, while the former has ranked first in the country’s prescribed ophthalmic steroid brands.

Lotemax is labeled as corticosteroid. If you have ophthalmic diseases like pinkeye, eye redness caused by seasonal allergies, or inflammation suffered from surgeries, Lotemax eye drops are good for you, but you can only get them when the ophthalmologists prescribe for you. Be cautious before using these eye drops, since they can’t be used on people who are allergic to the preservative benzalkonium chloride, particularly pregnant women.

Some experiments have been done on animals, making them to take high doses of medicine orally, and thus to observe whether there will be side effects, while the results showed that it could cause infertility. Remember not to wear contacts when you are using the 0.5% strength of the solution, and wear contacts again at least 10 minutes after administering eye drops when you use the 0.2% strength of the solution with the symptom of eye redness.

The dose of ophthalmic loteprednol will be different for different patients, the average doses of Lotemax is one or two drops every six hours, with a treatment of two weeks. But you can not extend or reduce using time at your will. If you will be using this medicine for more than few weeks, some unwanted effects may occur such as impaired optic nerve or glaucoma. Be aware that along with its needed effects, this medicine may increase intraocular pressure and cause eye infection of fungus.

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·Eye drops and medications for glaucoma


Most people must have used eye drops and gels to treat eye problems, however, since eye drops and gels are so common products that we use almost everyday, do you know whether you use eye drops and gels correctly? Some tips for it have been listed below:

Before using, you are required to check whether the eye drops or gels are within expiry date, which you can get on the label of the container.

When preparing to drop one or two into eyes, make sure to wash your hands, since bacilli is easy to be brought into you sensitive eyes and eyelids, protecting them from infection.

After finishing squeeze drops into eyes, close both of your eyes gently to allow the eye drops to soak-in, by which way the eye drops or gels are able to work to the maximum effect.

Re-cover the lid of the container, making sure dust or other tiny particles not to fall upon.

Then what the common senses of protecting eyes?

In case of suffering from dry eyes, you’d best to avoid your eyes exposing to dry air for a long time. Therefore, either in office or at home, you should open the windows more and turn off the air conditioners at intervals, preserving air humidity.

If you are unfortunately to experience dry eyes, try dry eye drops as long as your eyes feel uncomfortable. Dry eyes are thought to be able to maintain the control of your tear film, protecting your eyes from the discomfort of desiccation.

All in all, ways to use eye drops and gels are simple: wash your hands, check the dropper is clean and within pack expiry date and keep a healthy environment. Maintaining all the principles, you are believed to be more able to maintain a good eye health.


·Eye drops and medications for glaucoma


Over one million people suffer eye injuries each year in America, most of which could have been prevented. The consciousness of eye care should be held by everyone. It is an advisable choice to wear protective safety glasses for eye care when people do sports and recreational activities. Also, people should pay more attention to children’s eyecare, supervise kids when they are playing with toys or games to avoid hurting their eyes from some projectile toys such as pellet guns. If people have an eye injury, get medical attention from an eye care doctor as soon as possible.

People also should attach importance to the influences of environments on their eye health. Just like the skin, eyes are damaged by UV rays coming from the sun, whether it is sunny day or overcast. According to eye care professional, people should always wear sunglasses which can offer UV ray protection for eyecare in daylight hours. When it is smoky, people should follow eyecare practitioners’ advice that try not to rub eyes, for not transfer dust and ash from hands to eyes.

People who do any of these things which require staring at one place for a long time such as working on a computer really need eye care. It is important to take frequent brakes and look at things farther away for a moment. There are some special eyecare films offered for computer screens to minimize the harm from looking at monitor for long period of time. As is pointed put by some eye care experts, people should make sure the lighting is correct for the activity they are doing-a bit dimmer for computer work and bright for reading.

Frequent check-ups with eyecare professional will be good for eyes health. If people have some eyes problems, some eye care products may help people for eyecare such as eye drops, which can use to relieve dry eyes. Also, people can do a number of eye care exercises, which can make eyes to stay in good shape and help with any inherent problems.

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It is estimated that about 75% of allergies are associated with eyes, which are mostly hereditary. These allergies are mainly caused by pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, foods, bee stings and even certain eye drops. Most of them are airborne. If you are allergic to eye drops, they are most likely to contain preservative.

Most of the allergies involve people’s eyes and noses, such as red, swollen, or itchy eyes, and runny, itchy nose. Others include sneezing, coughing, headache, and itchy mouth or throat. More severe conditions may be conjunctivitis and rhinoconjunctivitis. Not all substances that cause allergy are harmful, such as dust. Their harmful effects may come from the people’s overreaction.

The simplest way to “treat” allergies is avoiding the allergens, such as pet dander and pollen. And individuals can wear wraparound sunglasses to get protection. Once you have suffered from allergies, medications such as eye drops can help you alleviate the symptoms. Over-the-counter medications are always cheaper, while prescription medications are more effective. And antihistamines are always effective in treating airborne allergies, such as itchy, watery eyes and so on.

Two types of treatments are available for red eyes. Decongestants can temporarily lessen the apparent redness by reducing the size of blood vessels. But it always causes rebound hyperemia, which means that if decongestants are removed, the patient’s vessels will become larger than their initial sizes. Another redeye treatment is mast cell stabilizer, which can relieve redeye in a longer term. Most allergies cause your eyes to water and your nose to run. The underlying reason is the release of histamine, so that antihistamines are created to cure redeye. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and prescription corticosteroid eye drops can be prescribed to decrease swelling, inflammation and conjunctivitis, while some of which may cause certain side effects.

Seasonal allergies may cause discomfort for some contact lenses wearers, since airborne allergens can get on the lenses.

While switching eye drops for contacts cleaning, you should always consult your doctor, since some drops can discolor or damage certain lenses. The most convenient choice is daily disposable contact lenses, which are unlikely to develop irritating deposits and discomfort.

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