Q: Does the new treatment for macular degeneration really work?

Have you heard about the new treatment for macular generation? Does it really work? Any ideas?
A: I heard that the best treatment for macular degeneration available on the market is anti-VEGF which is a kind of antidoby. Usually doctors will inject this kind of antibody directly into the patients’ eyes. And patients need to visit the doctor for a new injection every 4-8 weeks. Learn more answers.

Q: can stress cause macular degeneration?
I Just want to know if stress cause macular degeneration? Is there anything that i can do to prevent macular degeneration?
A: The causes of macular degeneration can be divided as genetically inherited and environmental factors. The genetically inherited causes include age, pigmentation, sleep apnea and so on. And environmental factors include medications, high degrees of myopia, stress and so on. There is no preventive medications for macular degeneration, while, have a regular prompt examination to find it earlier. Learn more answers.


Q: Can alcohol cause macular degeneration?

can taking alcohol increase the risk of macular degeneration? How?
A: Well, yes, taking alcohol can be bad for your eyes. And in some cases, it will just increase the risk of getting macular degeneration. According to some experts, drinking is damaging to the blood supply, and increases your blood pressure which is a risk factor for macular degeneration. And that can be dangerous when you have macular degeneration, for it can be related with vision loss. And there are many home remedies to prevent the macular degeneration. Maybe you can have a try. For example, you can eat more fish, such as catfish, eggs, and cod liver oil. Also, vitamin d which has anti-inflammatory properties and inflammation has played a big part in macular degeneration. Anyway, just be careful about your eyes. Learn more answers.

Sitting in front of a computer, has the idea of wearing a pair of glasses with computer lenses ever stoke your mind? In this technology blasting century, even your two years old baby possesses his own private computer, let alone we adults. Computer now is an indispensible application in home or office. No matter weather you are in want of it or not, you are demanded to confront with computers. So, glasses for computer are also needed.

computer lenses

Why we need glasses with computer lenses? If you are puzzled, that means you are fully unaware of the destructive effects that computer bring us. The radiation from your computer plays a detrimental role to your eyes. The computer ultraviolet ray will lead to an early declining of your eyesight. What’ worse, if you stare at your computer constantly all day, the chances of suffering severe eye disease, such as cataract, eye cancer, keratitis, are good. Apparently, everyone will never want to catch such terrible troubles. Thus, we need a pair of glasses with computer lenses when working with computer.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of computer lenses in optical stores, namely, the Plano computer eyeglasses and the prescribed computer eyeglasses. For you guys who have genetic lottery to possess healthy eyesight, Plano computer lenses are recommended. Plano computer lenses have no prescription, just protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet ray. For me and for those with loathsome vision problems, prescribed computer lenses are better. Prescribed computer lenses are specially designed for people to see the computer screen which is 23 or 28 away from us. It is totally different from our progressive or bifocal eyeglasses.

glasses for computer

With computer lenses, you are no longer worried about that hatred eye diseases or vision problem. However, the computer lenses are a little bit expensive. So, you can try to buy computer glasses online. Online optical store in most case will offer you plenty of discount computer lenses. Wanna to free from monstrous vision problem or eye disease? Then get a pair of computer glasses right now.

Most of office worker have the habit of nap and they use to nap on the desk after the lunch. They would like to use their hands to take place of the pillows when they are napping in the office. The expert have pointed out that napping also need to talk about science. Sleeping on the desk will affect your health, especially the impact of the eyes.

One of the eye experts indicates that there will be a temporary blurred vision after napping on the desk, because the eyeball was oppressed. It will damage your eye vision if you often sleep on the desk. Your eye ball will be enlarged and your eye axis will be longer, which will cause serious myopia as the increase of the time. Therefore, people who have suffered from pseudo myopia, myopia or contact lenses eye wearer should pay high attention to this habit.  You should try your best do not napping on the desk for a long time everyday. If you feel blurred after wake up, you should not use your hands to rub your eyes.  You should stand up to see far for a while.

The eye doctor also told us that desk nap also can affect blood circulation and nerve conduction because of the press of the arm and head. It can easily cause numbness and painless of your arms. In addition to this, the desk nap also can cause your head lack of oxygen and appear temporary physiological “cerebral anemia”, resulting in dizziness, tinnitus, petrified, fatigue and other symptoms.

The doctor also said that scientific nap not only can help you reduce the problems of tired, but also can enhance your immunity and keep a good mood as well as improve the efficient of your afternoon work. However, the time of nap should not too long. We should control it within half an hour and pay attention to the sleeping posture.


If you think that office clerks are fortunate to have a good working environment in bright and comfortable rooms, you are wrong. With the popularity of computers used in offices, office clerks are facing afflictions caused by sitting before a computer all day long. Many of them complain that they would always suffer from a painful and sometimes debilitating inflammation in the wrist, arms and hands. In response to requirements from computer users, computer manufactures have to improve the comfortability of keyboards, keyboard trays, computer chairs and so on so forth. And indeed some improvements are achieved and those CTSs, Carpar Tunnel Syndromes, decline.

However, another syndromes are found recently. It is CVS, the abbreviation of Computer Vision Syndrome, which are related to visual problems. Because computer users have to spend long time staring at the screen, they often come to syndromes, for example, eye strain and red eyes. Nevertheless, the good news is that CVS can be prevented as well. Dr. Larry K. Wan has filed several tips which work well in CVS prevention, and they are:

Tip 1: Get your eyes examined regularly every year. Don’t take it a necessary task only for eyeglass and contact wearers who have to renew their lens prescription. To ensure eye health, it is also necessary, especially when you have to use computer frequently. A regular examination allows your optometrist to identify whether you are experiencing a deterioration of vision due to CVS.

Tip 2: Dim your lights when using a computer. When there are bright and strong light from every direction, your eyes are very likely to suffer from eye strain.

Tip 3: Use eyeglasses with anti-reflective coating and LCD monitor. Computer is a radiation emitter. Radiation are rather harmful for body and eye health. Eyeglasses coated with anti-reflective coating are supposed to resistant them and possible glare, on the other hand, LCD monitor is supposed to minimize the radiation.

Tip 4: Adjust the brightness of your computer screen. Out of the similar reason mentioned in tip 2, bright light causes eye complications, and at the meantime, dim light is no good to eye health as well. Therefore, reduce or increase the brightness until you find it is comfortable for you to stare at the screen.

Tip 5: Remember to Blink. It is researched that when staring at a computer screen, we are tend to blink less than we normally do. To keep eyes moistened, blinking would provide enough tear.

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A cataract is a clouding that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye or in its envelop, varying in degree from slight to complete opacity and obstructing the passage of light. If not treated timely, it may degenerate into incapacity in viewing, that is blindness. Therefore, when you find you are a cataract patient, going for the doctor and undergoing a surgery is a wise decision. To treat cataract, the clouding lens should be removed and a new one should be implanted.

There are formerly two types of eye surgeries that can be used to remove cataract: extra-capsular and intra-capsular. The former one is to remove the cataractous lens and replace with a plastic one while the latter is to remove the lens but leave the majority of the lens capsule intact. Recently a technique called phacoemulsification is applied in the cataract surgery. One of the biggest advantages is that during the procedure, a minor incision will be created to break the clouded lens into small pieces. These pieces are emulsified and sucked out by same ultrasonic probe. A thin outer shell still covers the eyes after the pieces are sucked out. And foldable artificial lens which is made of silicone or acrylic is inserted. This is done by using a proprietary insertion device. This incision does not require stitches and seals by itself.

Usually, before a surgery starts, the doctor will ask the patients to choose proper lens that will be inserted. Monofocal lens is for distant vision assistance, and for close vision, the patients has to wear reading glasses. However, new technology brings about focal lenses and multi lenses that are able to hand distant, near and in between vision. That is to say, with those lenses implanted, the patients would get a clear vision again.

The whole procedure will be done with a local anaesthetic, so the patients would feel no pain, and they can go home in about two or three hours after the surgery. Phacoemulsification is now considered to be an ideal way to treat cataract.

There is another method of surgery called extracapsular surgery which is on its way out. In this method the incision would be 8 to 10 mm and requires stitches. And patients are prone to distortion of the curvature of the cornea, resulting in astigmatism.

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Eyes are to view objects, however, it is not a born in ability. Our eyes have to learn how to function. The infancy period is a formative time when the infant’s neurological system is very flexible, and can easily adapt to changing environment stimuli. It is during such a period of time our eyes get visual stimuli and learn how to view. If any one of the eyes can not get adequate visual stimuli, amblyopia eye or lazy eye that we usually refer to could be developed. Amblyopia is a kind of eye disease whose symptom is reduced vision.

As one grows when his/her flexibility of the visual system decreases, it hard for him/her to improve the eyesight dramatically. In the past, the doctor would advise the patients to let the lazy eye work harder by patching the better eye, so that the visual function of the lazy eye can be stimulated. Nevertheless, if the patient is young enough, it may in some degree works. that is to say, it serves little when one reaches a certain age. Vision Therapy(VT) is also applied to retrain the visual system to function correctly. Most people would get their vision improved as long as VT is done properly.

Recently, researches find that the antidepressant medication Prozac is able to restate ocular dominance plasticity in adulthood. Such a discovery brings hopes to older individuals who want to promote their visual impairment, resulted from lazy eyes. Such an issue has ever been published in the Science Magazine, reading that Prozac, a kind of antidepressant medication reopens the critical period of plasticity in the visual cortex, and Lateral Geniculate Body parts of the brain. The Prozac achieves it by reorganizing the neuronal connections in the cortex. In the Magazine, the researches have also explained the possible side effect of Prozac’s performance in lazy eye treatment. They should be originated from the long use of drugs, including suicide, severe anxiety, glaucoma and visual filed defects.

Up to now, this study has been only proved to effective in the rats experiments, so further experiments on human being should be done to make sure its effectiveness. Therefore, long term research needs to be done to determine the risk and benefits of such treatment, and improved should be necessarily made.

If you want to know more about vision knowledge, then feel free to visit http://vision.firmoo.com/eye-diseases


If the transparency of natural eye lens is affected by certain substances, like yellowish protein, people many suffer from certain vision problem. And this problem is usually called cataract- sufferers of cataract will find that their vision are blocked by certain substances, like cataract.

On the whole, cataract can be caused by a lot of reasons. But aging is the greatest one. This is also why cataract can be more easily found on those aged people. Other factors including genetic problems, physical diseases, bad habits, injuries, etc., can also lead to cataract. For example, people run very high risk of getting this problem if they often smoke and drink.

If seen from different criteria, cataracts can be categorized into several types. If the problems occur on the center of lens, people may suffer from nuclear cataract- this is particularly common among those aged people. Other types include cortical and subcapsular cataract. Any one of these types will lead to vision blurriness or blindness.

It is found that cataract is a progressive disease and can not be easily detected. In other words, if symptom appears, the problem must be serious. Some of the commonest symptoms include vision blurriness, weak vision, headache, sensitive eyes, etc.

Of course, there are now many ways to treat it, like eye procedures. But there are still some natural ways with ideal effects. It is found that apple cider vinegar can benefit people with cataract a lot, if they are mixed with honey. Or garlic is also effective in treating cataract. This is because some substances in garlic can clean eye lens. Other fruits and vegetables, like almonds and carrots, can also help people prevent or control cataracts. These natural ways are proved effective and sufferers may have a try.

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New ways for Keratoconus

People with keratoconus have to get some implanting surgeries not long ago- this involves great risks and cost. However, some much better ways can be employed as new achievements are gained in the field. It is now possible to treat this problem with Riboflavin (C3-R). It can slow down or stop the worsening of Keratoconus.

This method tends to strengthen cornea with C3-R via special process. During the process, some numbing drops will be used, so as to lessen the feeling of pain. After that, some special cell layers on cornea (epithelial layers) will be specially treated with the drops of C3-R. And the whole layer will be saturated by this liquid. Of course, C3-R must be activated by special rays- UVA, for sometime. During the whole process, corneal layer are never removed or cut, but disrupted. This will bring people receivers more benefits, with fewer complications.

Comparatively speaking, this method is much better than conventional ways. One is it tries to strengthen cornea, not to cut or remove it. Especially, the effectiveness of C3-R can bring receivers more benefits with less risk.

Or this methods can also help repair cornea which is damaged somewhere to some extent. In particular, the result will be much better if mix C3-R with other substances. Doing can also prevent many other potential corneal problems.

C3-R can even help slow down the worsening of some horrible corneal problems. This can really bring receivers a lot of benefits.

Due to its great merits, more and more people with keratoconus tend to get this procedure other than implanting surgeries. Keratoconus is so bothering that people should find the best way and safest way to get rid of it.

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Some people may find that they are seemed much older than their ages, due to different reasons. One of the most important factors is puffy eyes and dark circles around eyes. Especially, some people’s eye lid become loose and some wrinkles appear as a result. For this, many solutions are feasible, but blepharoplasty is much effective and powerful. However, many people do not know about this surgery. Here is a simple introduction.

As its name shows, belpharoplasty is a kind of eyelid reshaping procedure. Eye bags and loose skins around eyes can all be well treated with this method. But in most cases, it is only used to reshape upper and lower eyelid.

Or in some serious situation, people’s brow may be out of shape to some extent. This is because brow become droop as skins around loosens. This problem can greatly affect people’s personal images or lead to vision problems sometimes. But everything can be well treated with this surgery.

On the whole, many vision correcting problems can not be covered by insurance, but some of these eyelid reshaping procedures can be covered. Therefore, some people can save a lot of money in this procedure.

Before the surgery, some eye examinations are also needed. Receivers should get a comprehensive check. Some people can not get this procedure.

Like many other eye surgery, sometime is needed for recovery. Basically, 10 days or so is needed for complete recovery. During the recovery period of time, people should be very careful and cautious in many aspects- some activities should be avoided.

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If people’s conjunctive is infected, they may suffer from conjunctivitis, one of the most common eye problems among all people. However, this problem can spread to others if patients are not careful enough, via daily contact. This problem can also be caused by many factors and lead to great discomfort and irritation.

Generally, there are many ways to treat this problem, of which, some natural treatments are ideal alternatives. Natural ways are very conventional and will cause no side effects. This is also why more and more people tend to use this method. Of course, natural treatments can also be categorized into different groups according to the materials to be employed. Like many other problems, conjunctivitis can be well treated with certain natural materials. Almost all medicines will be avoided in those methods.

Conjunctivitis can be treated with natural remedies at home and all these materials can be easily gained. It is found that Indian gooseberry and honey can do a nice job in eliminating conjunctivitis. Obvious results can be gained some days later. Also, vitamins can also benefit sufferers of conjunctivitis a lot- intake of vitamin C in certain quantity can treat this problem. Some fruits can also bring some benefits, for example the mixture of red potato and apple can be used to cure conjunctivitis. However, the mixture should not be eaten but placed on eyes, several times each day. It is also found that some tea can also help cure conjunctivitis. For example, it is beneficial to wash eyes with chamomile tea. Or milk can also be used to treat this problem- milk is not used to drink, but wash infected eyes.

Anyway, it is needed to keep cleanly of everything while treating this problem. For example, hands should be completely cleaned with soap.

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