Q:Are hard contacts bad for your eyes ?
It seems there is a small group of people who choose hard contact lenses. Why? Are hard contact lenses bad for the eyes?

A: A contact lens, or simply contact, is a lens placed on the eye. They are medical devices used to correct vision, for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. Hard contact lenses are generally known as semi-rigid gas permeables and they are now made of plastic-like material, while soft lenses are made of plastic-like material but their flexibility is rather like Sarin wrap used on foods. The most bad effect on wearing hard contact lenses is uncomfortable and no air is allowed to passage. In addition, blink more is also required to keep eye moisten and comfortable. Plus, hard contact lenses make eyes run tears easily.   Learn more answers

Q: Soft contacts vs hard contacts,which is better?
I am going to get some contacts and I heard that hard contacts can improve your vision by a little. I need to wear them mostly the whole day. So which one is better for me?

A: The advantage of soft contact lenses is comfort. The function of more powerful to lock water can make you feel comfortable in long-term wearing, therefore, it fit to many people. The advantages of hard contact lenses is oxygen permeability, because eyes need to rely on oxygen and water to have metabolism, so an adequate supply of oxygen is the basic element to keep eyes healthy. The lenses of hard contact is forming good, it can use for a long time and also easier to maintenance. You can choose the suitable contact according to your own situation  Learn more answers.

Q: How long does it take to get used to hard lens?
I have an astigmatism and Keratoconus, and I can only wear them for one hour and have to take them off for a break over the past 3 days

A: It depends on the person. It usually takes several days to 2 weeks to get used to hard lens. If you can only wear them for one hour a time, you can increase your wearing time by 15 or 30 minutes per day. Then you can get used to them soon.    Learn more answers.


How to buy contacts?

As a very useful and helpful vision tool for people, contact lenses are widely used by people worldwide. But a lot of people have a vague idea of how to buy contacts rightly. Here, we will give some instructions on how to buy contact lenses and what attention should be paid to when we buy contacts.

First, a valid and current prescription is indispensable when buy contact lenses, which is required by the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). A prescription from your eye professional is the base to buy contacts. And you must make sure the prescription must be updated at a regular time, usually one year, which enables you to be aware of your eye problem and buy contact lenses most suitably.

Second, it is better to buy contacts from the reliable supplier you are familiar with. Don’t just think to buy contact lenses is very simple, actually, they are more complex than they appear. No doubt, the reliable and familiar supplier will give more information when you buy contact lenses.

Third, don’t substitute a different brand without the examination of your eye professional when buy contacts. It is normal you may need some other brands for your eyes’ health and comforts, but this must be done under the advice of your eye professionals.

Last but not least, to buy contacts, you must make sure the company offer you the information of the exact brand, lens name, power, diameter, base curve and peripheral curves.

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As the color lenses of Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue colors have exhibited all sorts of glamour to the public. Even in the field of color contacts, Acuvue color contacts are very outstanding. Some features of Acuvue color contacts are to be presented in the following paragraphs.

People with eye infection are not suggested to wear Acuvue colors. This is because before such infections are cured, Acuvue color contacts and other lenses may make such symptom even worse.
Acuvue colors are suitable for eyes with different colors. For example, whether one has light eyes or dark eyes, he can choose the most ideal color for his eyes or any colors if he likes.

The contact lenses produced by Johnson & Johnson are one-day wear to two-week wear, and Acuvue colors are just in between. It is true that Acuvue color contacts can be worn for a continuous week or 14 days. During this period, it is no need for wearers to worry about any problems that might be caused by Acuvue color contacts.

Like all contacts produced by Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue colors are convenient to handle. This is owing to the fact that these contacts are tinted for visibility and easily handling. However, such tint will not change the original color of Acuvue color contacts.

As all contact products of Johnson & Johnson can be divided into vision correction lenses and non-vision correction lenses, Acuvue color contacts have also such two categories. That means Acuvue colors can be used by people with or without vision problems. As for vision correction, Acuvue colors can help wearers not only to enhance their vision ability, but also to perform as decoration. Of course, as for non-vision correction, Acuvue colors are mainly for cosmetic effects. Above all, Acuvue colors are suitable for all people with health eyes.

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