Possessing French,German,Israel,and American lineage, Anne Hathaway presents herself with glamorous outlook, bright smile and graceful temperament. After her extraordinary performance in The Princess Diaries, she scores a massive smash in her career. She wins the honor of “the integration of Julia Roberts and Audrey Hepburn” and ranks 18 in the world beauties list by the Independent Critics website. Also she demonstrates a special talent in ornament selection. Among all sorts of her ornaments, Anne Hathaway glasses are increasingly in vogue in recent years.

Anne Hathaway has an oval face, sharp-featured. This kind of facial shape is not peculiar about the type of eyewear. As all we know, glasses frames have the function of highlighting facial spots and covering facial blemishes. Ultimately, bring a feeling of balance and symmetry. Thus eyewear is an indispensable ornament.

Many street snaps show Anne Hathaway’s strong preference for frog glasses and sunglasses. This type reveals a sense of strength and classic style. She manages to display different tastes by altering glasses frames, although all these eyewear demonstrated in following photos belong to one kind, namely, frog-like style.

Square frog glasses show one’s sweetness. It can add cuteness to a tall or plump woman as well. That is the reason why she wore this type of glasses on the premiere of Rio. In this cartoon film,she dubbed for a parrot named Jewel . To carter for children, she wore a pair of classic square frog glasses. If you also want to chase for this fad, do not forget to smile for it is the best collocation with frog sunglasses.

Besides, she is fond of wearing frog sunglasses to go shopping. In fact, the majority of stars made this choice as it is can cover most part of their face. In so doing, they can go shopping at will, without the fear that Paparazzi may recognize them. Therefore, this type of sunglasses brings others a feeling of mystery. Nowadays, it has become a fashion to wear a pair of frog sunglass while strolling on the street.

It is a wise choice for Anne Hathaway to wear the frog eyewear, no matter frog glasses or sunglasses. They fully reflect her prince style, namely, sweetness and nobleness. Since they are suitable for all kinds of face shapes, everyone can enjoy the fascination they can bring about.

When someone mentions Hilary Duff, I suppose the image occurring in your mind is very likely to be an American sweetie. Yes, exactly, she is a sweetie and always maintains her healthy and stylish public image. Many youngsters imitate her fashionable and sweet dressing style and take her as their role model. If you would like to dress like Hilary, perhaps you could start by wearing Hilary Duff glasses! And this happens to be what I’m going to share with you guys today—— Hilary Duff spectacles, produced by firmoo.com!

Honestly speaking, as an American actress, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and author, Hilary Erhard Duff can truly be regarded as an icon of quality. Born to Bob and Susan Duff, ever since six years old, she has known what she wants and decided to fulfill her dream of acting. In this sense, she is definitely a wise girl. Perhaps success doesn’t depend on how hard you try but on whether you’ve always made the right choices for yourself. Then after working in local theater plays and television commercials in her childhood, she achieved fame by starring in the Disney Channel television series Lizzie McGuire. Have you ever thought about becoming the next Lizzie McGuire? Now it’s your time!

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Since they are so popular among fashion lovers or Hilary Duff fans just like you, do make up your mind before these fabulous Hilary Duff glasses are gone!

If still living in the world, John Lennon may feel pleased because his favorite round eyewear has conquered the fashion world. Stars prefer to wear John Lennon glasses in front of cameras, while ordinary people prefer to wear John Lennon eyeglasses on the streets


Several months ago, New York Times has listed round eyeglasses as one of the most expected fashionable accessories. If you have no round eyewear, you may be considered as out of trend. Almost all the famous fashion brands including Gucci and Chanel have put forward new designs for round eyeglasses.

John Lennon, one of the greatest musicians in the history of rock and roll, is the most important member of the famous English rock and roll band The Beatles. He is also a poet, a socialist and an anti-war. Apparently, he has a gift for artist. The fact that John Lennon chose round eyeglasses can fully prove that round eyeglasses themselves are perfect art works.

If you are a fan of John Lennon, you should believe in his taste and have a try of round eyeglasses. Almost everyone suits for John Lennon glasses because they can bring people feelings of artists.

When the Internet is becoming more and more forceful, it is convenient to get almost everything you want from the websites. Eyeglasses are without exception. Many famous websites such as firmoo are selling eyeglasses with various styles. They are always catching the fashion trends. If you want to purchase round eyewear, website can be a perfect platform for you to pursue fashion trends.

It seems that black thin framed eyeglasses have completely been pulled out of the fashion stage. Nevertheless, do not desert them into rubbish cans because they may return to the fashion world one day. And this is how circles fashion.

Have you ever seen Selena Gomez glasses, ones worn by the talented and young actor-turned-singer both on public and in her private lives? Alongside the huge impact and influence she has garnered over the years among teenage fans and adult alike, those Selena Gomez glasses that constantly appear on her face have been making a lot of buzz and stirring the optical industry as we know it. Beautiful young and surprisingly versatile, Selena Gomez has already become the new teen icon and with the level of maturity and seriousness that this chick deals with her career, it is only a sure thing that we are going to see more and more of the gal in the future.

Selena Gomez Eyeglasses

First introduced to the show business in the Emmy Award-winning Disney Channel television series Wizards of Waverly Place, portraying the adorable Alex Russo, Selena Gomez has truly come a long way, going through ups and downs and evolving along the way. After the TV adventure, the young Selena turned her career towards the big screen. Movies like Another Cinderella Story, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie and Princess Princess Protection Program might still sound related to her Disney projects. The subsequent Ramona and Beezus is one stands on its own and Selena starred in it as the lead role. After Movie, Selena ventured into music field being the lead singer of the singing group Selena Gomez&the Scene. As of now, the group has released two RIAA certified albums, spawning three hot singles that went platinum. It is no doubt that the newly developed singing career has proved fruitful for Selena and with the kind of talent and resources she enjoys inside the industry, Miss. Gomez’s singing venture is only going to last, and in the end, who knows, maybe towards the next diva.

selena 1

Off the spotlight, Selena’s relationship with Justin Bieber is also the subject of many tabloids. Often spotted with the R&B prince wearing Ray-ban and Wayfarer, Selena certainly makes a good example of how to don the most celebrated brands of designer sunglasses in the world. To get Justin Bieber’s girlfriend’s look, just visit Firmoo.com. Firmoo is THE place to go if you are considering getting your Selena Gomez glasses online. At Firmoo, a variety of shades and eyeglasses resembling those you seen on Selena’s face will be found with the best possible quality and lowest prices anywhere. So, stop hesitating, swing over to Frimoo right now and get your pair of Selena Comez shades.

In recent years, when eyeglasses start to plan a significant role in personal dressing style, fashion lovers put on one style of glasses after another to match their different clothes. Such glasses include retro vintage style, oversized, black framed, etc. Today I’d like to introduce the Lucy Hale eyeglasses, and she is one of my favorite new stars.

Lucy Hale Eyeglasses

Born in 1989, Lucy Hale is an American actress and singer. She made her appearance in 2003 as the member of “American Junior” which was released after the launching of three albums. And she was part of the vocal quintet formed with the top 5 finishers. After that, she appeared many times on TV shoes and it is not until she played the role of Aria in Pretty little Liars that she became popular among the public. And her dress style started to come into the limelight.

Honestly speaking, from the pictures, we can see that the eyeglasses she wears seem very common yet special. On one hand, the black big square frame is commonly seen in the market and many people wear them, and usually such frame brings out a casual and cool feeling. However, few people could have the same effect as her. Why? On the other hand, such glasses enable her to look more elegant, cute and refined. Hence, we can see that not all black big square frames are the same, isn’t it? Some will give you a casual look However, while others, after refinement and special design, will play magic on your face. And the latter styles are what Firmoo are attempting to produce. Firmoo always caters to customers’ need and it launches a series of Lucy Hale eyeglasses, from which you’re bound to find out a pair or two boasting both trendiness and high cost-effectiveness. I suppose with these glasses, you’ll definitely take on a completely different look, the look similar to a fashion icon!

John Lennon is reputed to be a fashion giant in fashion circle and his signature John Lennon eyeglasses have garnered huge popularity for a long time. Rounded John Lennon eyeglasses have been popular for couples of decades. Since 1960 when people spotted John Lennon wear this kind of small round eyeglasses, John Lennon eyeglasses have come into vogue quickly.

John Lennon Eyeglasses

At that time, if you own a pair of your rouned John Lennon eyeglasses, others will regard you as a fashionista or trendsetter. John Lennon was so popular that later, people always called these kinds of rounded eyeglasses as John Lennon eyeglasses and various designer brands also promoted their share of John Lennon eyeglasses.

In effect, John Lennon eyeglasses have its up and downs. It did not keep that hot for a while, but later, all of us can spot rounded John Lennon eyeglasses back into fashion again. As we can figure it out in the hit movie harry potter these days. The main character in that film really endows John Lennon eyeglasses a different definition. We always regard John Lennon eyeglasses as something cool and in that movie; we also see the cute side of John Lennon glasses.

No matter you are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, wearing John Lennon eyeglasses will never let you down. John Lennon eyeglasses oblige you to gain great popularity and affection among your colleagues and friend since cute rounded glasses will give the wear a friendly look in a subtle way. John Lennon eyeglasses can get fitted for anyone in any age and all walks of life, except those possess round face features. If you are a round face guy, John Lennon eyeglasses might not be your best choices for the simple reason that it will make you look a little bit fat.

Are you crazy about Justin Bieber? Of course you are! And Justin Bieber eyeglasses must be one of your most favorite items in wardrobe. The sunshine guy as well as his Justin Bieber eyeglasses has always been a fashion feast for youthful boys and girls and rarely exists an occasion that Justin Bieber’s wins a slightly focus. This 17 years old Canadian singer surely has posed to take the stage effortless in his casual and stylish outfit and signature Justin Bieber eyeglasses. Definitely, Bieber has already made history as the youngest performer and the most stylish man joining inv the elite fashion house.

Justin Bieber eyeglasses

Theses days, Justin Bieber and his iconic Justin Bieber eyeglasses has effected millions of teens in the 90s and 00s. Not surprising that Justin Bieber is always appearing with fan’s screams. In effect, Justin Bieber eyeglasses are the chicest items added to your plain shirt, leather jacket and other outfits, completing a super star look. Whether you are just want to hit in daily life or want to rock in parties and events, Justin Bieber eyeglasses are your must-haves.
Justin Bieber Eyeglasses

Justin Bieber has never changed his style with eyeglasses. Vintage square rimmed Justin Bieber eyeglasses seem to exert a significant influence on him. The retro style Justin Bieber eyeglasses indeed perfectly suit for his face feature and personal style. Such style vintage eyeglasses possess al lion’s share in 70s spectacles market. Although it is not that hot in the following years, however, nowadays, with the promotion of Justin Bieber and other top celebrities, vintage square Justin Bieber eyeglasses is recapturing its share in fashion industry.

With a pair of stylish Justin Bieber eyeglasses, undoubtedly, you are the one who can successfully pull the fashion cognoscenti vibe off! If you are kind of want to appear as cool as Justin Bieber, wearing a pair of iconic Justin Bieber eyeglasses can not be wrong. Come on! It is time to pick up a pair of Justin Bieber eyeglasses.

In the legal community, Clarence Thomas is one of the most celebrated lawyers in the United States. And what’s more, Clarence Thomas is the second African American to serve in the Supreme Court of the United States achieving such a high statues. Besides, the honest image and the justice attitude gain American people’s respect. In this aspect, the Clarence Thomas’ appearance gets great and large welcome. Among the fashion generated by Clarence Thomas, the Clarence Thomas eyeglasses are the most favorite decorations to his crazy supporters.

Clarence Thomas Eyeglasses

Clarence Thomas has studied in the Yale Law School at his twenties. And later, Clarence Thomas was appointed as the Assistant Attorney General in Missouri, which has become the initial phase of his attorney career. From then on, there was many a change in his attorney career, such as from legislative assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the United States Department of Education, etc. No matter what position Clarence Thomas was, he contributed greatly to the development of the laws. Therefore, people’s continuing respects always go to Clarence Thomas.

The round full rimmed Clarence Thomas eyeglasses has become the trademark for him. As a matter of fact, the deeper meanings of the Clarence Thomas eyeglasses have been embedded with more information about the unbiased attitude towards the laws as well as the crimes. Time has witnessed the increasing love towards the Clarence Thomas eyeglasses among the legal workers. From then on, if the lawyers want to appear as the justice image and to show the unbiased ideas about the laws, the Clarence Thomas eyeglasses are the first choice for that purpose.

To sum up, the Clarence Thomas eyeglasses are the other name for the ever fair and unbiased opinion for the laws and the legal community. Besides, the customers will also gain the honest image with the Clarence Thomas eyeglasses.

As the American politician, commentator and the famous author, Sarah Palin has also influenced many an American through her special tough and independent image. Apart from the political circle, other fields also respect Sarah Palin because of her bold words and her straight attitudes towards the social and life. Therefore, Sarah Palin gains people’s love and support. Many an American females worship her elegant and independent feelings with Sarah Palin glasses. Therefore, the fashion behind Sarah Palin achieves great popular and welcome.

Sarah Palin Eyeglass

Nowadays, some people may believe that Sarah Palin is the lucky dog in her political career. Sarah Palin was the first Alaskan nominee of a major party on the national election, she was the first Republican woman who was nominated for the vice presidency. However, Sarah Palin did not gain her success in the smooth way. But Sarah Palin’s continuing efforts after her goal helped her overcome the tough things. At the same time, Sarah Palin’s persistent and tough spirit gained more people’s attention and the respect. Many feminists regard Sarah Palin as the example, which all prove her influential power and emotional appealing.

Sarah Palin Eyeglass

Sarah Palin’s success does not end apart from the political circle. Her political commentary for the Fox News enhances the publicity. What is more, the number of over five million viewers who have tuned in for the Sarah Palin’s Alaska has still been the miracle in the television shows.

In this day when the feminism is so popular, the image of elegant and independent female is so cherished. If you are just one lady who feel proud of being a lady, the Sarah Palin glasses are encouraged to own. Or if you just worship the females who are elegant and tough enough, the Sarah Palin eyeglasses are the best gifts the females are likely to receive.

To sum up, the Sarah Palin glasses have become the substitute of the competent and elegant image. What are you still waiting for? Just go and get such Sarah Palin glasses.

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Do you remember Buddy Holly, whose name has been remembered by history. He is one of the greatest music talents. Died young, just at the age of 24, he is still alive in many of his fans’ mind today. And perhaps the most valuable and inspiring news for all fashion glasses people are his priceless photos that have gone down to history to become classic and symbolic eyeglasses of a time——cat eye eyeglasses.

Buddy Holly Eyeglasses

He was born in the year of 1936 and died 24 years later in an airplane crash. Both his music and classic cat eye glasses have been collected as treasures by his fans for commemorations. From his pictures, we can see just how handsome and dynamic a guy he was with his cat eye eyeglasses. The style represents the most original cat eye glasses, namely the 30s, 40s and 50s trends, when the cat eye eyeglasses were the hottest. The characteristics of cat eye eyeglasses are curved lines with changing size effect. In these days, everything has become more unisex than before. There are no clear lines say which belong to female and which belong to male. Cat eye glasses just look great in men’s faces.

Of course, today’s cat eye glasses have much more forms than the times that Buddy Holly had lived. It is much bolder and fresher. You can either choose the traditional cat eye glasses, like Buddy Holly’s, or the modern ones that have been incorporated with more fashion elements of this eras and bolder designs. The latter is more favored in these days, simply because people tend to be attracted by fresher and fancier thins, rather than more traditional ones. Nonetheless, Buddy Holly’s traditional cat eye glasses are still strong. And they are likely to regain more supports in the next year. After all, you need to decide by whether you look good or not. This is the ultimate criteria for you to choose either traditional Buddy Holly eyeglasses or modern ones.

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