Bifocal reading glasses play an important role in many people who have suffered myopia and presbyopia at the same time. They have become an increasingly helpful assistant in their everyday life. Do you have a clear understanding of bifocal reading glasses? One single lens of bifocal reading glasses is separated by a visible line into two distinctive optical powers. The upper part of the lens is for distant vision and the lower part is for near vision. Nowadays, the days when your reading glasses are made of dull and clumsy frame are long gone. With numerous styles available, you can find lots of bifocal reading glasses with the latest trend. Here, I’d like to list the hottest types of bifocal reading glasses. Let’s check them out.

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Although most of people who wear bifocal reading glasses are over 40, they also can make a chic and fashion statement by wearing bifocal reading glasses with the trendiest style. For instance, bifocal reading glasses in vintage glasses frames are the very fashion item that you can set your hands on. If so, you will make a difference and enjoy your reading time. Speaking of vintage glasses, there are round ones, cat eye ones are available for you to choose.

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Are you taking great pains to obtain a pair of perfect reading glasses that can satisfy your two vision demands of reading up close and looking in the distance? At Firmoo, you can freely find your dream reading glasses which are the currently very popular bifocal reading glasses whose lenses are incorporated by two distinctive lens powers. For a long term in the leading role of online glasses stores, Firmoo is exceedingly noted for its superb bifocal reading glasses at the lowest prices and powerful bifocal function.

bifocal reading glasses

Bifocal reading glasses have been improved and strengthened a lot since their creation by Benjamin Franklin in the 60s. And now many different types of bifocal reading glasses are available at Firmoo, including those with equal division lenses, segmented bifocal and blended lenses, etc. Though these different bifocal reading glasses are a little different in appearance, they all without exception contribute greatly to people who are suffering from myopia and hyperopia at the same time. Wearing a pair of bifocal reading glasses and you will be freed from the trouble of switching between your myopic eyeglasses and hyperopic ones frequently. And bifocal reading glasses also have the function of providing the middle-aged and old people cozy and convenient reading activities.

As to how to buy bifocal reading glasses, we believe that the fittest is the best. In order to get a suitable pair of bifocal reading glasses, you should have a clear idea of your eyes. Before buying a pair bifocal reading glasses, the first and foremost thing is to get your precise eye prescription. And then a serious thought about which glasses shapes work best with your face shape and complexion is all the same necessary. Be patient that generally you need a certain period of time to get accustomed to bifocal reading glasses. At Firmoo you are welcomed to pick whichever style of bifocal reading glasses for sale and of high quality. You are accessible to cool and retro glasses frames, big glasses frames, full-rimmed frames etcetera. A pair of bifocal reading glasses provides the exact shelter for your eyes. Make haste to grab one right now.

An overwhelmed group of elders at this moment are willing to opt for bifocal reading glasses as their good weapons to fight against their bad vision problem. Bifocal reading glasses, which are better known for their distinctive dual correction to assist elders to see both objectives and further objectives, are good friends to the older boys and girls. Wearing a pair of versatile bifocal reading glasses, myopia and prebyopia are no longer poised to be a big problem for elders to wrestle with.

bifocal reading glasses

Traditionally, bifocal reading glasses are dull and humdrum, however, who ever said that bifocal reading glasses will always keep their traditionally humdrum style? Nowadays, being a bifocal wearer, you should know that today’s bifocals possess varying frames, colors, hues, shapes, which are refreshing and dashing.

As to the frames of bifocal reading glasses, bifocal reading glasses with rimless frame are all the rage. Frameless bifocals can better showcase you beautiful eyes and give you a much more educated look. Bifocal reading glasses are colorful and playful as well. Those colored bifocals, such as red, yellow, pink bifocal reading glasses light up those elder’s look and outfit. Furthermore, bifocal reading glasses still possess different hues, such as tortoiseshell hue or some floral hues. Different hues present different beauty. Opting for the right hue will do you a big favor to build up your style and enhance your personal aesthetics.

The shape of bifocal reading always is people’s most concerned topic. In this season, the retro eyeglasses styles, such as round shape, square shape as well as cat eye shape bifocal reading glasses are elders’ favorite style. Retro bifocal reading glasses are the combination of bygone’s classy and today’s modishness, which definitely will satisfy your style requirement.

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Actually, it is widely recognized that bifocal reading glasses were invented by Benjamin Franklin, who is one of the founding fathers of the United States. As is know to all, bifocal reading glasses are designed with two different lenses in the one pair of eyewear. They are generally used by people who have diminished eyesight and also require correction for nearsightedness. Although bifocal reading glasses are beneficial to wearers a lot, this article will tell you something about pros and cons of bifocal reading glasses.

bifocal reading glasses

·Pros of bifocal reading glasses
With the emerging and increasing popularity of contacts and optical surgeries, bifocal reading glasses seem to contribute a lot to wearers. To be specific, bifocal reading glasses allow the wearer to see clearly at all times, while also providing focus for tasks such as reading. Traditionally, bifocal reading glasses were made of two separate lenses, but till now, a small section for reading is molded into the main lens. Bifocal reading glasses have two distinct optical powers, and bifocal reading glasses are most commonly prescribed to people with presbyopia who also require a correction for myopia, hyperopia, and/or astigmatism.

bifocal reading glassesbifocal reading glasses

·Cons of bifocal reading glasses
It is a fact that lots of wearers had long been complaining about the clumsiness and heaviness of their old bifocal reading glasses, so once an alternative is available, people will immediately took it. Regardless of their lacking of real advantages, it is only after they over the novelty of the new stuff and begin to find them with as many, if not more, problems as bifocal reading glasses, did they look back and take one more chance on their old problems. Besides, new wearer, especially people who have myopia of high strength, will have a sense of swirling. And it is common that the symptom will disappear if you insist on wearing them for one to three weeks, that’s what we called the adaptation of bifocal reading glasses.

Genearlly speaking, regardless of pros and cons of bifocal reading glasses, with the new varieties and variants provided by the rapidly developing optical techniques and technology, and I am completely sure that bifocal reading glasses won’t let wearers down.

In recent years bifocal reading glasses have in considerable measure facilitated our viewing experience. In this light, bifocal reading glasses prove extremely beneficial and useful to those who have marched into the middle age and found it hard to read materials in close hand.

Bifocal Reading Glasses

If you are a huge fan of books yet are obstructed from seeing things with great clarity, it is high time for you to get a pair of bifocal reading glasses. Bifocal reading glasses are mainly comprised of two kinds, one is the full-frame, the other half -frame. By full-frame I mean it is characteristic of full reading prescription through out the entire lens, thus capable of providing ideal watching comfort by enabling you to see close -up things as clearly as possible. But this quality also engenders some drawbacks. When you look around you into the distance, all you can catch sight of is a stretch of blurry image. Half -frame, however, overcomes this shortcoming by means of separating the whole lens into two parts respectively capable of fulfilling needs of both far and near vision. In this way do bifocal reading glasses resemble half-frame a great deal. Bifocal reading glasses feature far vision power in the upper part of lens and the bottom part is covered with near vision power which is usually used for reading close -up materials.

Bifocal Reading Glasses

Bifocal reading glasses, in the past, are quite frustrating to some people on account of their dull styles and drab colors. Things have been greatly improved in recent years. Eyeglasses manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to produce many fancy-looking and practical glasses with a view to procuring a larger share of optical market. It is we who are the lucky ones on the receiving end. In respect of how to choose bifocal reading glasses, there are several notices you should take of: on one hand, choose those of high quality and also comfort and fit take priority. Make sure that the bifocal reading glasses you are about to buy are as wide and large as they do not press into the both sides of your head, that the nose pads are adjustable so that they are not pinching your nose. With these tips in mind, you will have a fairly sound understanding of how to choose one pair.

Bifocal Reading Glasses

Presbyopia may turn out quite a huge harassment in the middle course of your life, which paralyses your ability to see clearly. But now, thanks to bifocal reading glasses, you can read books to your heart’s content free from the handicap of far-sightedness.

If you find that you are suffering from both myopia and presbyopia, it is time to buy bifocal reading glasses. Bifocal reading glasses are sometimes also called bifocal glasses which can provide people vision aids for both near and far vision. For people who have more than one vision problem, wearing bifocal reading glasses can help them avoid changing eyeglasses frequently for better vision in all distance area. Here, this article will introduce you bifocal reading glasses in details.

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Bifocal reading glasses are a kind of eyeglasses installed with bifocal lenses which can combine two prescriptions at one lenses, thus one can solve their vision problems such as presbyopia and myopia at one pair of lenses. And today bifocal lenses can be classified into segmented bifocal and no line bifocal. The segmented bifocal has a visible line on the lenses which is the borderline for near and far vision area. While no line bifocal, as its name implies, is a kind of bifocal lenses without visible line on the lenses. Since they are different from normal single vision lenses, both of those two types require an adjustment period for new wearers.

From the function of bifocal reading glasses, we can see that the bifocal glasses are of help for those who suffer more than one vision problems. With a pair of bifocal reading glasses, they needn’t buy a second pair  for a clear vision at both near and far distances. So, it is a wise choice for getting clear vision at one pair of bifocal reading glasses.

Of course, as every coin has two sides, this is not an exception for bifocal reading glasses. For people who never worn bifocal glasses, they need take several days to get used to the eyeglasses. Nevertheless, as long as you adapt to the bifocal glasses, you can have a more convenient and clear vision for your daily life.

Recently, I often hear some men complained that they feel it is difficult to choose one pair of suitable men’s bifocal reading glasses. I am one of those people who use bifocal reading glasses. However, I don’t think it is hard to pick it out. Buying bifocal glasses is the same as buying normal glasses. As long as offering the right eye prescription and choose the suitable frame, you can get a pair of suitable bifocal reading glasses. And here, this article will give you some advices for choosing suitable men’s bifocal reading glasses.

glasses for older men

To begin with, before you go to an optical store for bifocal glasses, you shall prepare your eye prescription which describes your eye power in details. And take it to the optician so as to make sure that they will process your bifocal reading glasses according to your eye strength.

Then, you shall pay attention to choose the best suitable glasses frame, which is also a very important part for the glasses. The frame you choose shall be wide enough so that it will not make you feel tight on your face. Usually, the arms do not touch the face before they reach the ears. And the ideal edge of the frame shall extend marginally beyond the width of your face. Then, the nose piece shall be comfortable. Wearing the glasses frame, you shall not be pinched on your nose bridge. Of course, please not let your bifocal glasses often slip down the nose. Among current nose pads, silicon nose pads are recommended. At last, the temples of the frame shall be the right length. The curve of the temple should go around the ears without pressing down them.

Furthermore, the material of the glasses is another important factor you shall take into consideration. Among current material for glasses frame, titanium and stainless steel are considered as the strong and durable materials. They are durable and unbreakable. So, you can try to pick up some titanium or stainless steel glasses frame for your bifocal glasses.

At last, when you get your new bifocal reading glasses, you can have a try to see if it suitable. For example, you can try to pick up something from the floor by wearing the bifocal reading glasses. If it does not slip down and press any part of your face, the eyeglasses shall be the suitable one which you are looking for.

One day I broke up and found that everything aroud me was a little blur and thoses a little far away from me I could even recognize. Then I went to the hospital and was told and was told that I was old, so I had to have glasses. Then I knew it was time to buy a pair of bifocal reading glasses, a kind of glasses specially designed to people who have presbyopia. However, after searching both in local optical stores and on Internet, I find it is hard for me to decide which type of glasses I should buy: plastic frame bifocal glasses or wire frame bifocal glasses? Finally it is one of my colleagues who suggests me to buy plastic frame bifocal reading glasses, for the reasons that:

Firstly, color for plastic frame bifocal reading glasses are diverse. For the special properties of plastic, they are easy to be coated, then different colors can be tinted to the plastic frame glasses, meeting great needs for fashionable people. If you take notice, you will find that most film stars prefer to wear plastic frame glasses, because they can enhance their charm and make what is good better. Although I am nearly in old age and I am not suitable to those exaggerated colors, I also don’t want to restricted myself in the colors of either, black or sliver, or golden.

Secondly, compared with wire frame glasses, plastic frame bifocal reading glasses are more lighted. Wearing plastic frame bifocal reading glasses reduces burden on my nose, plus that there is no nose pads on plastic frame glasses, which further reduces the burden, because physically, the bigger the area of trust surface, the less pressure there will be. Some people may argue that there are also metal frame glasses, for example titanium frame glasses, that weigh lightly, even lighter than some plastic frame glasses, but do you know that titanium frame glasses, for the application of the trace metal, titanium, always charge high. Then, plastic frame glasses meet both needs of most customers: lightness and low price. This is why they go over big in recent years.

Thirdly, plastic frame bifocal reading glasses are of durability and high in strength. As we all know, plastic are flexible, so are plastic frame glasses, therefore, they are not so inclined to be weighed down. And when they are distorted, as long as proper measure is taken, they can restore to their formal forms easily.

In addition, if you want to make balance between price and performance, plastic frame bifocal reading glasses should be perfect choices. To make you know more about plastic frame glasses, it is necessary to help you understand materials for plastic frame glasses:

They can be zyl, which is the most commonly used and inexpensive material; they can also be nylon-based material, which features with lightweight and is easy to be molded for many styles; kevlar, impact-resistant and in high strength, is also applied in plastic frame glasses, a special plastic material should be the optyle, which is lighter and stronger than zyl.

Now you’ve known the functions of plastic frame bifocal reading glasses, you must have a clear idea which glasses should choose. Think it carefully and find a satisfactory bifocal reading glasses for yourself.

Men's metal full frame eyeglassesMen's mixed materials (metal/acetate) semi-rimless eyeglasses

People with eyeproblems are increasing greatly and glasses are needed badly. But not all people can solve their problem with ordinary glasses. Their eye problems never come single but in couple. What should they do? Now, you may be confused. To be frank, you may choose bifocal reading glasses. Those glasses are really very effective in solving some particular eye problems. More and more people begin to use bifocal reading glasses, for their eye problems can not be cured by ordinary glasses.
The history has it that the first bifocal reading glasses were manufactured by Benjamin Franklin. And he had worn those glasses though the experience was not very ideal. Those glasses had caused some problems because of some defects in designs and techniques.
To some extent, bifocal reading glasses are one of the best multi-focal glasses. They are combination of two pair of different glasses and can cure two eye problems simultaneously. Just because of this point, bifocal reading glasses are typically lined glasses. That means the dividing lines in each focal are very obvious and wearers can feel a radical change in their vision with those glasses.
Therefore, there are some problems that may happen to any one of these wearers of progressive reading glasses. Wearers may sometimes feel dizzy in their eyes with them because the vision change is too sudden and their eyes can not react instantly. In other cases, wearers will have to read or do some nearby jobs for very long time, bifocal reading glasses may do some harm on their eyes. This is because the vision range of those glasses is too limited and not accurate. However, such complication is really very rare and will not last too long.
However, bifocal reading glasses are always in the process of upgrading. Some of the latest bifocal reading glasses have benefited people greatly. Those glasses have two particular parts, each of them for vision area of different distance. The top part of the glasses is responsible for distance-vision, whereas the lower part is for nearby vision. When people want to see objects in distance, they can look at the top part. The same is true to look at nearby objects.
There are some people think trifocal reading glasses are much better than bifocals, for they have much specific and accurate vision area. It seems right. But there are three vision areas and two division lines on them. Their structures have required that more time should be spent in adaptation. Of course, the adaptation is not a comfortable experience and some wearers will have to spend several months to get used to them. Or some others can never adapt to those glasses.
Though bifocal reading glasses are not perfect as we expected now, they have been upgrading all the time. And resently some great achievements have been scored in those glasses. With more and more merits and less and less defects, I believe eyewearers will suffur less but enjoy more.

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