As the high development of technology, people’s life becomes more and more colorful and beautiful. In order to follow the trend of fashion, more and more people would like to make a pair of eyeglasses. There are different types of eyeglasses for customer chooses, you can choose them freely. People who wear eyeglasses with different areas are bifocal readers. Today, we mainly talk about bifocal eyeglasses for bifocal readers.

First, we have to know how to measure the bifocal eyeglasses in order to make a pair of suitable and proper eyeglasses for bifocal readers. The measurement for a pair of bifocal eyeglasses include far papillary, near pupillary and the high degree of lenses. The measurement of papillary is similar with the normal single vision eyeglasses, if you want to know how to measure the high degree of lenses, you can read the following passage in detail.

You have to choose a pair of eyeglasses frames for bifocal readers, then make adjustment to wear it on customer’s faces. The degree of anteversion is about 8 to 15. The distance between eyes and eyeglasses are 12 mm, and it must adjust your faces. The optometrist must sit face to face; their eyes must keep in the same level in order to make a pair of suitable and comfortable eyeglasses for eyewear. The customer looking the nose center of optometrist, then use the oil pen to drawn the horizontal line around the customer’s eye pupil center under the eyelids. Then put down the eyeglasses frames to measure the horizontal line to the inside of lenses of vertical distance on eyeglasses of right and left eye. The optometrist must ask the purpose of customer to make a pair of eyeglasses. If the customer uses the eyeglasses to see far, it is mean that the H is the top degree of eyeglasses. If the measurement of the high degree of lenses is different from the left and right eye, we have to take an eye exam to know the customer’s eyeglasses level. We have to carefully to make a pair of eyeglasses for bifocal readers.

Then, we have to know how to make a pair of bifocal eyeglasses to bifocal readers. We have to determine the level of processing on baseline to make a pair of bifocal eyeglasses. According to the height of the lenses to determine the vertical position of lenses and the vertex distance and near PD to locate the position of lenses. We have to know all of these factors carefully before we make a pair of bifocal eyeglasses. There are two kinds of bifocal eyeglasses for bifocal readers choose. One of them is Round Segment. This lens also gets its name from its shape. The reading power is in the bottom of the lens. This type of multifocal provides limited areas of near vision. The widest portion of the segment is either 22 or 24 mm.

Another kind of bifocal eyeglasses is Flat-Top Trifocal. A trifocal has three powers: for distance, near, and intermediate.  Just like the flat-top bifocal, this lens segment is flat on top. The most common flat-top trifocals are:  FT28 mm (7×28 mm) and FT 35 mm (8×35 mm). Again, the 28 and 35 indicate the widest portion of the segment, in millimeters, while the 7 and 8 represent the depth of the intermediate segment in millimeters.

Both of there bifocal eyeglasses are suit for bifocal readers. You can choose a pair of bifocal eyeglasses with my suggestions. It is good for you choose a pair of suitable and comfortable eyeglasses.

As we know, when people are in their middle age, they will have many vision problems which can not be ignored. They can not see thing clearly with such blurred vision. Without the help of visual aids, reading books and newspapers will be very tough for them. Mostly they are suffering presbyopia. However, wearing a pair of bifocal readers can help them out.

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As we know, it is troublesome to change glasses for those people who have vision problems. As a matter of fact, the bifocal readers are just particularly made for them. The first pair was made by Ben Franklin. He suffered from both nearsightedness as well as presbyopia, devised bifocals in 1784 to obviate having to frequently switch betwixt 2 sets of glasses. The original lenses designed for repairing astigmatism were distributed by the British stargazer George Airy in the year 1825.

When it comes to the differences of the bifocal readers and the regular ones, they lie in two parts. The upper part is to view distant things and the other lower one is used to read. In addition to help correct vision problem, the bifocal readers are helpful to avoid getting two pairs of glasses. That is to say, now it is not necessary for you to take two pairs. The glasses combine the function of two pair. So we can see it is rather convenient to the wearers.

In short, wearing a pair of bifocal readers can help senior aged people who are suffering from vision problems see things more clearly.

As we all known that presbyopia is for people who are in middle ages. Generally speaking, it can only happened among these people above 40 ages. But do you know the reason why it will happen in this period of people. As the research reported that it is because that as the increasing of the ages, our eyes do not adapt for the lenses. To have a definition of the bifocals with a line, Bifocals are created by molding a reading segment into a primary lens and are available with the reading segments in a variety of shapes and sizes which offer convenience to help people see at multiple distances without taking their glasses on and off constantly. Those glasses have only two ranges of vision — near and far — with a distance zone established in the upper portion of the lens, and the lower zone enabling near vision tasks such as reading located on the bottom half of the lens. The zones are separated by a noticeable line.

In recent years, there is a big limitation on choosing the frames and lenses for people who have donned bifocals with a line. Years ago, glasses in which contained bifocal lenses have been nearly the sole option obtainable. Over the years, no-line contact lenses have been created, as well as glasses grew to become much more appealing. This was a very defined time with regard to bifocal a static correction lenses, while they looked a lot better than they actually would before – removing the particular heavy and unattractive physical appearance we were holding well known for.

As the fast going of technology, there is a big choice for people who have bifocals with a line on the lenses. They are gaining in popularity, while they provide those who wear bifocal glasses a very appealing substitute for putting on heavy glasses. They are very affordable as well – which makes them a more popular selection on earth of corrective lenses.

You may not realize that it is bad for you to wear contact lenses all day. With cup lenses, every independent contact lens provides a selection of focus changes, 1 for range and another if you are close-up on one thing. Together with bifocals with a line contact lens, equally with the changes tend to be integrated. You can find various producers in which generate various kinds of bifocal contacts, that means that it may take you some study and playing to get which sort works the particular good for you.

The retailers of bifocals with a line have offered most of distinctive lenses for customers. Much like concentric groups, there are two changes – one in the centre one other round the exterior. Those two changes in the contact lens are very unique, with a sharp line together. Although they may sound hard to use, a lot of people locate that they’re effortless make use of along with a little bit of training.

We know there are various kinds of bifocal glasses types with different functions. Though they are all bifocal glasses, there exist many differences between them. So before you purchase bifocal glasses, you should make a clear awareness of the types of bifocal glasses.

For many senior citizens, the bifocal glasses are needed urgently. Usually, the single vision eyeglasses are enough for them. However, bifocal glasses can always reduce eye strain in early stages. Customers should make a consultation with an optometrist before choosing suitable bifocal glasses types, because there are various styles of bifocals available, but they have many differences.

Usually, the nearsightedness and farsightedness are the most common vision problems. In most cases, people with vision problem suffer from either nearsightedness or farsightedness. Meanwhile, most prescription glasses are designed to correct only one type of refractive error. But for some eyeglasses wearers, they have the above problems both. Obviously this kind of prescription glasses can’t meet their demands.

As for the bifocal glasses, the lower portion is for closer objects and the upper part for distance vision. The reason for this design is that people always put their heads slightly down when they try to read and write. However, customers will always get unsatisfied if they expect bifocal glasses types to deal with all situations. When it comes to computer use, the common bifocal design is not suitable, because the computer monitor is directly in front of the lenses. So choosing a pair of right glasses is very important. Before we make the decision, we should have a clear sense.

Why do you need to wear your glasses? The reason is to ensure you to see clearly or to work as a fashionable accessory. And have you ever had the experience of spending much time selecting eyeglasses? Moreover, they are sold at expensive prices. You are hesitated to buy it or not. If you are told that you can get a pair of glasses that deal with the feature of high quality and reasonable prices, do you feel surprised? You should never feel surprised. During the period of Christmas day, there are many online optical stores that provide glasses at discount prices. Of them, promotion about bifocal glasses is in the majority. 

Now, buying eyeglasses from the online optical stores is becoming more and more popular. To some degree, they have many advantages over the local optical shops. Their prices obviously stick out. Make your time to browse through this information. Are you attracted by them? Indeed, there are lots of promotion activities during the holidays and festivals. Seeing is believing. Only you have seized the opportunity can you trust them. Almost each store has high-qualified bifocal glasses. It is reasonable that someone may worry about the quality. Once you have seen the frequent buyers of online optical stores, you will rest assured. 

With the evolution of lenses in modern time, there are more advanced bifocal glasses for eyewear users to choose such as progressive bifocal glasses. These glasses are easier for them to adapt to a new focus. Both of the two kinds of glasses can be found at the online stores. During the promotion, the prices will be much cheaper than before. 

It is a golden opportunity. Choose one pair if you need to wear bifocal glasses or other eyeglasses.

Nowadays, it is common for people to buy bifocal glasses online. There are numerous online bifocal glasses stores available for your choice. And most of them announce that they are specializing in cheap bifocal glasses because they are well aware that customers always want to buy something cheap. But they often neglect another factor — good quality. Then are we able to get things that are cheap and good at the same time? 100% we can, only if we find the right glasses store with a high reputation. The how to distinguish the good ones among hundreds candidates?
The invention of Bifocal lens is credited to the great American statesman and inventor Benjamin Franklin. The story of this invention dates back to 1784 at a time when Sir Benjamin Franklin was getting pale and old. The strength of his eyes was completely deteriorated. He was tired switching between close and distant lens and therefore he devised the bifocal lens. Bifocal glasses are glasses with two distinct optical powers.
Each lens is divided into two parts- the upper portion of lens is a convex lens for viewing distant objects and the lower portion is affixed with a concave lens for close viewing, such as for reading purposes. Though Benjamin Franklin was the inventor of bifocal but the method of fusing the lenses together was developed by Louis de Wecker. It was later patented by Dr. John L. Borsch. The most popularly used bifocal glass is the D-segment which is 28 mm wide.
Bifocal glasses are usually prescribed to people suffering from presbyopia which includes both myopia (short sightedness) as well as hyperopia (far sightedness). Apart from correcting the error of both far sightednesses as well as near sightedness, bifocal glasses also suffer from certain disadvantages. Initially using bifocal glasses can lead to headaches and dizziness since the eye does not adapt itself immediately to the switching of within the same lens. With time either the user learns to move the head in accordance with suitability or moving the reading material to suit visionary preference. While working on computers, bifocal glasses do not adequately serve the purpose. This requires constantly buzzing into a screen or say, a monitor placed in front of you eyes which cause muscle fatigue. For this, a monofocal lens with one optical power is preferred. The current bifocal glasses also suffer from the drawback of limited field of vision. Research is continuing in an attempt to eliminate this defect.
Bifocal lens should strictly be adorned only when prescribed, or it can lead to perennial eye disorder. They are freely and abundantly available in the market with attractive eyeglasses frames. These glasses frames enhance the looks of the individual and refrain from giving a geeky look. They are widely available in the market and over the internet. Plenty of sites online are solely dedicated to the sale of these bifocal glasses. Bifocal glasses are common among elderly people who suffer from poor eye sight pertaining to their age. These are a kind of prescription glasses.

As to traditional optical stores, we may judge it from the store location, decoration and the service of the store assistant. While as to online glasses store, we can judge it from following aspects: the website design, whether it is clear, abundant in content and easy to follow; the payment method, whether it is convenient and safe; the online service, whether it is prompt and considerate and the shipping, whether it is in time and fast. It can be the first choice for you to buy cheap bifocal glasses with good quality.

Progressive glasses or bifocal glasses are two categories of eye wears are needed to be considered with the growth of our ages and the emergence of hyperopia. Probably, you may get much relative information about them before getting them, from the eye doctor or optometrist, however, here are some important points that you should know or aware for these two alternatives!

Many people may have the idea that they can make the switch easily to get used to progressive lenses, that’s true for few guys, but for your most, not everyone feel it is a good choice for them to start. As you know there are three key areas in a progressive lens, these three areas have their own prescriptions, the top one is designed for distance vision, and the prescription is the lowest, it may be just the same as your single vision Rx eye wears; while the middle part is the transition area, the Rx is decreasing from up to down gradually, and that is how the name come from; then the lowest portion is used for reading, and the Rx is the strongest.

There are no lines in such lenses, and the area part is the most difficult part for people to get used to, so, if this is your first time to choose them, you can select a larger frame, as this will allow you have more room to switch your focal points! Probably, you may don’t love the large appearance.

Not like progressives, there is a line in a bifocal lens, and it marks the top of the reading area. To some extent, bifocal lenses are almost a cross between single vision and progressive ones as there are only two parts in such a lens. And when you order these bifocal eyeglasses, the doctor may ask you to blank your Rx with “add power”, as the reading part prescription is determined by it! And they are more suitable for people who need to read, write a lot or do much work at computers, what’s more, they are also easily to get used to than progressives!

So, it depends on you to choose either of the progressive glasses or bifocal eyeglasses, since they both have their own advantages! And I suggest you can choose online sites when you need to buy them, as the price is much cheaper, and the vendors also can guarantee you the same quality, among many websites.

Because of the multiple functions of bifocal safety glasses, they are thought to be very expensive. But that is not exactly true. There are even some brands cheap bifocal safety glasses.
Bifocal safety reading glasses do provide helpful, multiple functions. However, there are still some notable brands offering bifocal safety glasses cheap, like Pyramex, Olympic and AO.
Pyramex maintains a wide selection of bifocal safety glass styles. It may be surprising that a pair of bifocal safety reading glasses from this brand can be purchased for as little as 8.5 US dollars. In addition, there are available lots of lens colors for purchasers to choose from, either in clear or grey coloring. Cheap bifocal safety reading glasses from Pyramex never sacrifice frame design and functionality. For instance, the Pyramex V2 Reader model features a cured dual-lens design which provides full eye protection from all angles.
AO also offers cheap bifocal safety glasses for as little as $10 per pair. Some safety glasses manufactured by AO provide the added benefit of anti-fog lenses.
Another brand that offers cheap bifocal safety glasses is called Olympic. Some styles of bifocal safety specs from this renowned brand are provided at a price of $10 per pair. Lens colors for people’s selection include yellow, clear and brown. In particular, Olympic 30-06 Bifocal Safety Glasses come with a soft rubber nose pad and adjustable fingers, which bring the ultimate customized comfort.
Bifocal safety glasses are a powerful eyewear product that is extremely suitable for presbyopic individuals who need to join in some situations involving certain risks. A basic point is that bifocal safety reading glasses can provide both reading vision and eye protection.
While expecting to enjoy those potential benefits of bifocal safety spectacles, a large portion of customers may still be worried about a high price. This concern is understandable that glasses equipped with more functions and complex designs will probably charge more. However, there are actually available bifocal safety glasses cheap from some notable brands.
Another aspect is ensured by the design that incorporates a positive power in the lower part of the lens. And the second function is achieved by manufacturing wrap-around lenses or frames. Most people would think that this kind of eyewear product is significantly more advanced than most of the other types.
Bifocal safety glasses offer you different services, but it doesn’t mean they are expensive. There are many brands cheap bifocal safety glasses. You can have a try.

Since the invention of first pair of bifocals, they have solved lots of troubles for people with eye problems. Along with ever-developing of life quality, there are varifocal bifocal now providing better experience of wearing.

Our vision changes over the years; it’s a fact of life. Very few people live their entire lives without needing glasses at some point. It’s also true that our vision may reverse and actually improve as we age, not the norm but still a possibility.

Varifocal Lenses vs. Bifocal Lenses

Varifocal Lenses:

Varifocal lenses (or progressive lenses) are somewhat more complex. In simple terms they provide a variation in the visual plane at different magnifications. Where a pair of glasses with bifocal lenses will have a definite division at the two different magnifications, varifocal lenses gradually change and incorporate several magnified planes. They provide a continuous range of vision that varies depending on the patient’s requirements and normal daily activities. Typically varifocal glasses are transparent to others because they are not separated by any distinct features between the various magnifications. Although they provide several advantages over bifocals, a learning curve and adjustment time is often necessary.

Bifocal Lenses:

Bifocal lenses simply divide the visual plane into two parts. Typically there is a visual range for reading and another for intermediate or longer distance depending on the person’s natural scale of vision. Typically glasses defined as bifocals use the upper portion of the lens for distance and the lower portion below the eye level for reading. Some styles include a horizontal break between magnifications while others use a circular shape embedded in the lens that is less noticeable. Bifocals are fine for people with distinct visual needs but may be limited for those who have trouble focusing at varying distances. At times they may make intermediate objects, neither close nor far, appear blurry. They also can be somewhat distracting because the “lines” are always there even faintly in some styles. Many people adjust to bifocals after wearing them for awhile and learn to ignore the division breaks.

For most of us, though, finding that we need to hold a book farther away or having difficulty reading the menu in a candlelit restaurant is a common occurrence. It may strike suddenly or take years to realize that the blurriness we’re experiencing is not the result of lack of sleep, long hours at the computer or too many late night parties. In any case it becomes a wakeup call that our eyesight is not what it used to be.

There are also many sub-categories of varifocal bifocal which provide multiple choices for people of different age groups and demands. There are even special bifocals and varifocals designed for glasses for computer work and other tasks that take place at the intermediate.

Since 1760′s when Benjamin Franklin invented the first pair of bifocal glasses, they have been using till even today and solved much troubles for people with eye problems. Along with development of technology, there are advanced version of bifocals—-bifocal trifocal lenses. There are millions of people from around the world rely on such glasses. Here is a basic primer for bifocals and trifocals for people who may be considering getting their first pair.


For generations, bifocal trifocal lenses provided a cost effective way for people to essentially own pairs of eyeglasses for the price of one. Theses lenses have helped to make the legacy of Benjamin Frankin even more impressive than what was previously thought and throughout the world today, both bifocals and trifocals continue to play a pivotal role in helping people see better for less cash.

As much as bifocals have felt the sting from the advancement of progressive lens technology, trifocals are now becoming difficult to find at all due to the popularity of progressive lenses. In fact, some areas have completely stopped selling them in favour of the progressive lens, which is now easier to make and often times cheaper or at least competitively priced compared to old fashion trifocals. You can bet that by 2020, it will be almost impossible to find old-style trifocals anywhere in the Western world.

While some of the problems outlined above that seem to hamper bifocal wearers do crop up with people who wear trifocals, the more gradual change from one strength to the other tends to make getting used to these types of glasses easier than what you may find with bifocals. There may also be a cost issue at work here, as well, since trifocals are likely going to be a bit more expensive than bifocals.

While the origin of the bifocal may be up for some debate, the origin of the trifocal is not. The lens came to be in 1824 thanks to the hard work of one Dr. John Hawkins. As the name suggests, a trifocal lens has three optical strengths in it instead of two. There is often strength for objects that are far away, a second strength for things that are at arms length and a final length that is for reading. While strengths of the various lenses depend on what your prescription would be, in general, the medium strength is often half way between the two other strengths.


A bifocal lens is defined as a lens that features two distinctive prescriptions in it. Almost all bifocals are by prescription, but you can find ones at your local corner store that you can buy over-the-counter, however these likely won’t provide the vision help you need. When Benjamin Franklin put together the first set of bifocals, he took one very convex lens and one not so convex lens and put them together. This was the style for creating bifocals for years until the early 19th century when a doctor figured out how to fuse the two separate pieces of glass without destroying them. Now, thanks to modern technology, most bifocals are created by moulding one piece of lens inside another and then fitting it for a frame. This was the biggest technological advancement to happen to bifocals for years until the invention of the no-line bifocal. With a no line bifocal, the line where one lens transfers to the other was removed and the popularity of these types of glasses increased dramatically. Today, progressive lenses have taken the mantel first put forth by Benjamin Franklin to create eyeglasses that allow you to see two (or even three) different optical powers in one lens.

While there can be no denying that bifocals changed the way people looked at, and looked through, eyeglasses, they haven’t been without their criticism. For many people, headaches and other issues crop up soon after they begin using them for the first time. This is often because of the constant back and forth from one prescription to the other. The introduction of progressive lenses has helped to significantly reduce this from happening, however. There have also been problems with some computer monitors, as well since people often have to change how they look at a monitor or a television set so that they use the proper part of the lens.

It is not only interesting to know about brief history and knowledge about bifocal trifocal lenses, but useful for customers who want to buy eyeglasses. They may have been prepared and able to protect their benefits in case of cheating.

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