Q: What kind of sunglass would help to protect eyes?

I am having trouble choosing a right pair of sunglasses. I am looking for a pair of sunglasses that could help to protect my eyes. I hear that polarized sunglasses would help, is that true?
A: yes ,polarized sunglasses is a good choice .they r better than regular ones . They can help reduce reflected glare from the water ,the windows ,the ground etc and give you a much clearer view . They are also 100% protection of UVA and UVB. Learn more answers.

Q: What kind of sunglass would help to protect eyes?
I am having trouble choosing a right sunglass. I am looking for a sunglass that could help to protect my eyes. I hear that polarized sunglass would help, is that true?
A: Go to your nearby sunglasses stores to see if they have them .It may be not difficult to find .OR you can search it online .I have seen some stores selling sunglasses accessories have such things . Here is a link http://www.tailiglassesparts.com/eyeglass_nose_pads.html . hope this can help ! Learn more answers.

Q: What glasses can be used to protect eyes from fluorescent lights?
What glasses can be used to protect eyes from fluorescent lights? i am quite sensitive to light.
A: If you are sensitive to light, you can buy transition glasses, also called photochromic glasses. The transition glasses can react to sunshine and adjust to dark lenses automatically in sun and fade away when you out of the condition. But the glasses may need some times to react. If you very sensitive to light, you can carry a pair of sunglasses at anytime and anywhere so as to shield your eyes whenever you need. Learn more answers.

Q: Which store is better for DESIGNER glasses, Lenscrafters or Pearle Vision?
which one is cheaper and which one has a better selection on d&g and versace glasses?

A: why not go to visit both of them and have a look by yourself ? If you have ideal designer glasses ,just take a comparison between them and you will find which is cheaper . But generally ,Lenscrafters have a wider selection for designer glasses. Learn more answers.

Q: Getting some prescription sunglasses from Lenscrafter?
I just bought a prescription glasses from another place. When I go into Lenscrafter, will I still have to do another eye exam just to buy my sunglasses? and if so how much will it be?

A: If you want to get some prescription sunglasses from Lenscrafter, just provide your prescription which you can get from where you bought your prescription glasses. The time should be less than 2 years till you get your another pair of prescription glasses. Learn more answers

Q: How much do prescription glasses cost in LensCrafters?
Is there anyone who bought prescription eyeglasses in LensCrafters? How much will it cost? Are they good?

A: I never bought prescription glasses at LensCrafters before. Just know, i go to their site and find the eyeglasses frames at LensCrafters are expensive. As far as i see, the cheapest eyeglasses require about $150. If you want to buy prescription glasses cost in LensCrafters, you shall prepare more money. In fact, you can choose other sites to buy prescription eyeglasses such eyebuydirect.com, firmoo.com and 39dollarglasses.com etc. Learn more answers


Q: What are mirrored sunglasses used for?
Are mirrored sunglasses just used for fashion? Do they have any special usage?

A: Mirrored sunglasses have a reflective optical coating which is also called a mirror coating or flash coating on the outside of the lenses, thus this kind of sunglasses look just like small mirrors. Mirrored sunglasses can be used in conditions of sand, water and snow. They are specially useful in high-altitude situations because the mirror coating can help decrease the amount of light passing through the lenses and allow less light to reach the eyes. Mirrored sunglasses are often used in ski goggles and sunglasses.  Learn more answers.

Q: Why Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses Are So Popular?
i just wonder why aviator mirrored sunglasses are so popular?

A: People like Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses not only because of their cool look, but also count on their good eye protection to eyes. My older brother have a pair of Ray ban aviator mirrored sunglasses. Though is is more expensive than common sunglasses online, they really look great on him. Besides, i have tried and feel the sunglasses really good device for wearing in sunlight day. They can prevent strong light and provide you soft and comfortable vision.  Learn more answers.

Q:Why Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses Are So Popular?
i just wonder why aviator mirrored sunglasses are so popular?

A: People like Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses not only because of their cool look, but also count on their good eye protection to eyes. My older brother have a pair of Ray ban aviator mirrored sunglasses. Though is is more expensive than common sunglasses online, they really look great on him. Besides, i have tried and feel the sunglasses really good device for wearing in sunlight day. They can prevent strong light and provide you soft and comfortable vision. Learn more answers.


Q: What color of sunglasses is best to prevent UV rays?
What should be the color of the lens of sunglasses to prevent UV rays to the maximum?

A: It is depend on what you ues your sunglasses for. Usually the grey is the best color to prevent UV rays to the maximum. Gray is the best choice if you want to see the colors of things in the most natural and accurate way. All gray sunglasses do is remove some of the light of all wavelengths (colors) in equal amounts. Learn more answers.

Q: What color in sunglasses can cause damage to eyes?
I have heard that different color in sunglasses have different effect, is there a color that can cause damage to our eyes?

A: It is said that blue light will cause damage to eyes. And the sunglasses with blue lenses will let the blue light pass through the lenses and then get into the eye. At last the eyes be damaged. So when you go to buy sunglasses, you’d better not choose the blue sunglasses.  Learn more answers.

Q: What is the best color sunglasses to go with brown hair?
I have brown hair, which color of sunglasses should I get?

A: It is better to choose glasses that has a similar color with your hair. Brown or dark brown would be OK. Or you can try different colors in the store to find the most suitable color for you. Learn more answers.


1.    Q : Are mirrored sunglasses in fashion in 2012?
I know mirrored sunglasses are not some fresh products. But i like it. I plan to buy new mirrored sunglasses. Are mirrored sunglasses still in style in 2012?

A: Well, in fact, I do love mirrored sunglasses, because it looks so cool when someone wears it. Actually, mirrored sunglasses are never out of fashion, it’s very classic. So you can buy a pair of new mirrored sunglasses in 2012. And there are a lot of fabulous brands for mirrored sunglasses, such as Ray-Ban which is famous for mirrored sunglasses, Gucci and Prosun, etc. I am sure you will look very fashionable with mirrored sunglasses. See more answers.

2.    Q: Are big sunglasses still in style in 2012?
i have a pair of big sunglasses bought last year. Are they still in style in 2012?

A: Of course it is still in style in 2012. The oversize sunglasses are very elegant and fashion to wear. The super model Miranda Kerr also wears big sunglasses. It is fashion and it can easily match your most kinds of clothes. You may still remember Audrey Hepburn wearing big glasses in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Roman Holiday”. So the oversized sunglasses is the symbol of elegance and fashion.See more answers.

3.    Q: re ray ban wayfarer sunglasses still in fashion 2012?
How do you think of ray ban wayfarers? Are they still in style in 2012?

A: Yes, they will still be in fashion in 2012. As we know that the Ray-Ban Wayfarer are famous for their special function and advantages. In other words, they profited from the advantages of the synthetic frames and created a bridge between the previously standard metal frames made from extra thin metal and the following era of thick plastic frames. The design of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer was radical for the time and it’s totally a new non-verbal language. The nonconformist design is especially attractive to creative free thinkers. So maybe you also can have a try. See more answers.


As we know that aviator sunglasses have been designed to protect the eye and therefore usually have a metal frame with lenses which are large, sometimes three times the size of the eye. And aviator sunglasses are often polarized sunglasses, which allow them to work even under the glaring sun. They offer a curved lens, which is one of the biggest differences between these and other sunglasses popular today. In other words, they make difference with other sunglasses.

Aviator sunglasses are timeless and never go out of style. At present, aviator style glasses are favored by not only men but also women. There is nothing quite like aviator sunglasses. They are hip, incredibly stylish. Aviator sunglasses can be worn by literally anyone, which may be one of the reasons they are so popular. The styles have changed over the years, but the original style has still stayed the same and remained very popular by many.

If you are in search for a pair of aviators, you will be able to find a pair that looks perfect on you! And the first thing you should consider is to make sure the shape of your face and the color skin, so that you can choose a perfect pair of aviator sunglasses. So this is my answer. Anyway, to look good, the important thing is the right frame and color.

Whenever we expose ourselves to the hot sun during summers, we know we should put on all kinds of creams on our skin to prevent it from being burnt by the sun. Have you ever wondered just what exactly is the deadly and harmful thing that’s in the sunlight and that burns our skin when exposure happens? Well, be noted that the toxic rays in sunlight is no other than the ubiquitous UV rays. Short for ultra violet rays, UV rays are the culprits to all kinds of skin disease and eye disease. It poses serious risk on our eyes, leading potentially to permanent eye damage like cataracts, if not dealt with properly. UV sunglasses are the best alternative to sun creams in protecting the skin and the best way to protect your eyes.

UV sunglasses 1

If you choose to go out of our room in the sweltering summer, chances are the hot sun will be burning your eyes and skins. To protect those two, UV sunglasses are truly a must have. Tinted with special coatings, those UV sunglasses can block about 99% of the UV rays. Before those UV rays hit your eyes or the sking around your socket, they are reverberated and hit back. With these shades, no longer do you need to worry about the harm UV rays will pose to your eye health. Plus, UV sunglasses come in an extremely diverse styles that makes fashioning up your face an easy job. Aviator, wraparound, rectangular or cat-eye, you can choose at your will, according to your mood or the occasion to create that vibe suitable.

UV sunglasses 2

Nowadays, there are all kinds of UV sunglasses available online. However, before you dive right in, you need to give serious consideration to the authenticity, quality and service of the website where those shades are sold. Only after you’ve made sure of all the above can you begin to browse for the perfect pair.

It may be time to get fashion sunglasses since summer is already here. A pair of fashion sunglasses will compliment your look and protect your eyes when you are enjoy sunshine. At present, fashions sunglasses are now all the rage among an increasing number of people. You can have at try at sunglasses and they will surely add a finishing touch to your ensemble.


There are certain types of fashion sunglasses in 2012. If you want to flatter your ensemble, you may grace your face with a pair aviator sunglasses together with a simple pair of T-shirt and jeans. Besides, vintage sunglasses will be a hit in 2012. Vintage sunglasses are all the rage right now and aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Round sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses and horn rimmed sunglasses are notable members of vintage category.

When it comes to the shape of sunglasses, I recommend wrap round shaped sunglasses because of their special wrapped design. Due to their shape, they will prevent strong UV rays from the front and the sides. Therefore, they will protect your eyes and skin around eyes better than other counterparts. In addition, wrap round sunglasses can firmly stay on your nose, so you don’t need to worry they will fall off easily. They are quite suitable for people who often stay outsides. Besides, they feature very large sunglasses frame, which make them a hit. Guess what, for women who have a chubby face, wrap round sunglasses have the very power to make your chubby face look smaller and prettier.

There are a wide range of fashion sunglasses available, designer sunglasses or non designer sunglasses. Speaking of which, I like find some really good fashion sunglasses whether they are designer sunglasses or non designers ones. If you like designer sunglasses, you can try some good reliable online sunglasses stores that stock great designer sunglasses at cheaper prices. If you do not prefer designer sunglasses, there are more choices for you at online stores or local retailer stores.

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Cool sunglasses hit the spot in the entertainment industry. Most pop stars prefer to wear cool sunglasses for several reasons. Two reasons jump into the limelight immediately as I extend the topic gradually.

In the first place, the celebrities cannot live without the cool sunglasses especially in their public lives. Being cameraed by the photographers, they need to keep an image of coolness and fashion, so a pair of cool sunglasses comes to handy to cover their immaturity in order to pretend to be sophisticated. A case in point is the fact that in the red carpet ceremony in the latest Grammy Award, even Adele, the kindest female artist who won the most prizes, wore a pair of cool sunglasses when confronting her fans. So there is a great contrast between the fans and idol.

Cool Sunglasses and Taio Cruz

What’s more, cool sunglasses are the popular eyewears to avoid paparazzi that are expertise in tarnishing one’s fame and violating one’s privacy. If the celebrity wears cool sunglasses skillfully, he or she can successfully get out of the way of their mini-cameras. For instance, Britney Spears, in 2007, when dating with her boyfriend, she was almost recognized by the notorious paparazzi, however, she put on a pair of large sunglasses that utmost gloss over all her face, thus saving her life.

Cool Sunglasses for Someone Cool Like You

Last but not the least; the celebrity and cool sunglasses are interdependent. The celebrity will purchase the cool sunglasses including the cheap glasses for protection, and they are, in turn, polished by them. Therefore, you can find the distinct relationship between the consumers and products which are manifested by celebrities and cool sunglasses.

To sum up, cool sunglasses are the must buy for the famous people for the above two reasons. It is recommendable that cool sunglasses fulfill their utmost potential when you purchase one pair of such glasses.

Nobody will deny that round sunglasses are notable for popularity among the public since round is the most accessible and flexible shape to both men and women after the conversion of the idea of men eyewearers who in the first place thought wearing such kind of sunglasses is an emasculated action. In this article, I will give you a lesson on round sunglasses both on the men’s side and women’s side.

For the one thing, round sunglasses are thought not to be accepted by men before 1980s because at that time, a typical hot-blooded man should be a guy with large eyes and bushy eyebrows without any accessories at least any feminine decorations to show a slight of delicacy in public. What they are expected to wear is nothing but a spirit of rigidity and straightforwardness. As the time goes by, their concept transforms as the change of the fashion. They become aware that they do need some decoration apart from successful business. Round sunglasses however are not Plan A since they don’t consider them masculine. But affected by their counterpart, there is a tendency that they would like to wear round sunglasses outside.

Chris Brown and Round Glasses

For the other thing, round sunglasses are favored by women wearers from time immemorial, that is to say, women are proved to be the first examinee of the round sunglasses. To them, there is no bothering to put something on the face as long as they can be much prettier. A pair of round sunglasses comes into being because the designer believes it can enhance their femininity in the way of the round shape. Round, which is regarded to be the most pliable and orbicular shape, is suitable to make into frames by all means.

Gaga and Round Glasses

To sum up, round sunglasses are significant for both genders for sure. For men, wearing round sunglasses is an inclination, while for women, wearing such sunglasses is by nature. So don’t be a drag, just put on your round sunglasses and have fun.

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