In our daily life, there is a regular phenomenon that people most of who wear eyeglasses are seldom take part of actives, it is said that most of them give up the exercise because of their poor vision. While, it doesn’t matter, if they know about prescription sport glasses are available nowadays. With the fast growth of eyeglasses industry, there is no limitation for you to take part in your sports as prescription sport glasses will help you get over the vision issues. The prescription sport glasses have full of eyeglasses market, you can find a pair of suitable and ideal eyeglasses easily.

Prescription sports glasses are specially designed for people suffer from vision problems and often do sports activities. The situation in sports activities is really very complex and hard to predict- so it is also very hard to tell what we will occur in the process. Eye glasses used by us might be broken easily out of carelessness. So, those sports-oriented glasses are made of special materials that will suit for sport person .The lenses are shatter-resistant and the frames are explosive-proofed, for those of us who play golf or other gentle sports activities, we can also select these glasses. Because these eye wear are made from special materials in light blocking and can help us perform well in the activities- filtering out all glares and other strong lights which may have bad influence on us.

All of sport lovers need a pair of prescription sport glasses. Usually, skiers, rock climbers, bikers or swimmers are rely on them to keep their eyes in good condition among the sports and watch out for the direction or destination at every time. Prescription sport glasses which have been specifically designed for that particular kind of sport glasses should have the function which be used to offer protection to the eyes of every sport person.

There are two types of night vision infrared goggles, one is active, the other is passive. The night vision infrared goggles are the active type, or can be simply called as infrared goggles.

The mechanism of night vision infrared goggles is like this. It is a bulky device that should be mounted on the head in front of eyes. When it works, a device in the night vision infrared goggles will cast infrared light over an area. Infrared light is non-visible to human, but a special camera (lenses) in the night vision infrared goggles can see the objects within the infrared range. The camera lets in the light and objects and then transfers the image to the wearer, so the wearer can see the objects through the night vision infrared goggles.

This active type of night vision infrared goggles were first introduced and used during World War II by snipers searching for some targets at night. But as this type of night vision infrared goggles is active to emit infrared light over the area of searching, though the light can’t be seen by human, but can easily be recognized by enemies wearing the same goggles. Actually infrared goggles are no longer military grade any more. But night vision infrared goggles are still widely used for the purpose of property security and other civil utilizations.

With the advancement of technology night vision infrared goggles have also greatly increased performance while the cost of them greatly reduced, hence the hobbyists can afford to buy one for fun, and even kids can have cheap yet functional toys of night vision infrared goggles to explore at night for something beyond human’s visual range.

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Nowadays, glasses or contract lenses are in high demand by a large number of Americans in their daily life. Glasses or contact lenses indeed can help them a lot to see clearly while wearing them in their daily work and life, but for athletes, when they competes in games, what should they wear to get a crisp vision but can not damage themselves? It has been a puzzling question for a long time, as in some sports, wearing glasses or contact lenses will bring athletes troubles and even big damage to their eyes. Now the problem is easily settled with a Flint optometrist’s ideas.

As we know, it is dangerous for top athletes in high contact sports to wear glasses or contact lenses. It will be better for some sports that athletes can wear helmet and face guard to protect their head and eyes, for example, for athletes who take part in hockey, they are allowed to wear glasses or contact lenses. But for some sports, you can never do it! Take basketball as an example, if you wear glasses or contact lenses, it is likely to be poked or scratched in the eye especially when smaller player jump up for the ball. Then how should they do to have a clearer vision but also protect their eyes? They can wear prescription goggles which are specially made to perform the function of prescription lenses and protective lenses as well.

Swimmers have a high requirement on their vision as they need to see clearly underwater during their race. Or else, you can imagine what will happen for not seeing the lines and the wall. Don’t worry, for swimmers, there are prescription swim goggles to help them see clearly underwater and give them a protection on their eyes.

Not only those speed swimmers are lucky to have prescription swim goggles, but also synchronized swimmers and water polo players can have a satisfied pair of lenses to meet their special requirements. For synchronized swimmers, they are in high need of clear vision underwater to perform as a team, and the traditional contact lenses are terrible to wear in this kind of condition as they will pop out under chlorine water. It is lucky that they can have water friendly contact lenses, and there is also a kind of special drops available to prevent these problems. Besides, it is very critical for water polo players to have clear vision underwater so that they can see where their team mates and balls are. For these players, they can choose the high contact goggles which are different from the ones for speed swimmers, and the special eye drops for synchronized swimmers can also give them some help on better vision.

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Researches show that parents who take part in their children’s activities more usually have good relationships with their children. When their children grow up, they can think about these happy pictures with their parents easily, and this is also a good memory for parents. And among these activities, outdoor activities are more impressive. But it is a pity that a lot of people have vision problems, which prohibits them from attending their children’ activity. Even if they want to join, due to the poor vision, they have to lose the valuable opportunity to enjoy the active life with their children.

As we know, poor vision means that you can not take a good job or enjoy some sports. With bad eyesight, we can not distinct the distance and speed, which undoubtedly will influence our performance and confidence. What’s the worse, even if how we want to play cricket or tennis with our children, if we have poor vision, we can not figure out where the ball is, then how we can play. Therefore, it is really a torture for people with poor eyesight but still want to take some sports with their children.

So we can see the vision problem is also related to the happiness of our life, and relationships with our children. Every one of us wants to lead an active life with our children. Then the problem is how we can get a good vision. The common treatment is to   wear glasses or contact lenses. For glasses, it can not be worn in some sports, or else it may bring damage to our eyes due to fast running and close touching each other. Though glasses can correct our vision when we wear them, too much dependence on glasses will cause eyesight deteriorating, as a result, we have to be diagnosed for higher prescription glasses. Contact lenses are good for people who care about their appearance, but you may get tired with daily cleaning and proper storing, or else, it will lead to eye inflection or other eye diseases. Is there anyway that can cure our poor eyesight completely without wearing glasses or contacts? Definitely yes. You can turn to laser eye surgery for help.

Mentioning the laser eye surgery, the first idea which comes up in people’s minds is it is very expensive. But please keep in mind that the benefits it can bring to you are huge. Just imagine how great it is that you don’t need to wear glasses anymore, and you can enjoy the sports your children like, which you can not take part in before due to poor vision. So it is really worth doing. And you will enjoy this active and free life after you treat your poor vision completely by laser eye surgery.

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Also called ortho-k, orthokeratology is a kind of method that corrects vision by wearing designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses to reshape and flatten the cornea while sleeping at night. So that people need not to worry about extra emergencies happened with contact lenses or eyeglasses during sports. Wearers who have nearsightedness or astigmatism will receive clear vision without contact lenses or eyeglasses after they wear ortho-k lenses at the night.

Orthokeratology is not as popular originally as contact lenses and LASIK eye surgery because of its unpredictable outcomes. However, modern orthokeratology is more advanced and has good results in correcting nearsightedness and astigmatism. In addition, researchers are testing the effectiveness of ortho-k for farsightedness.

For some wearers, it will take several weeks to reach and maintain stable 20/20 vision. For most people, one or two pairs of ortho-k contacts will be enough. The difference among persons depends on the degree of nearsighted or astigmatism. After the vision has reached the desired level of clarity, the wearing ortho-k lenses one or two nights a week is necessary to keep good vision.

Though contact lenses have some advantages such as convenience, they also have several drawbacks. Firstly, if people don’t blink or apply certain eye drops frequently enough to keep contact lenses moistened, they will dry out and even move off center or dislodge from eyes. Secondly, some people don’t like to wear contact lenses or deal with daily lens care. Thirdly, many contact lenses can’t correct astigmatism as effective as eyeglasses and even cause potential eye allergies. Compared to contact lenses, ortho-k contacts do not have these contact lens-related vision problems and bring lower risk of eye infections than conventional contact lenses.

Compared with LSAIK and other vision correction procedures, ortho-k is more secure and entirely reversible. Wearers don’t need to worry about the risks of ortho-k. Ortho-k is even suitable for children as young as 7 or 8 years old. When they reach 18, they can choose a surgery or continue to wear ortho-k lenses. In addition, ortho-k lenses can help wearers reduce the progression of nearsightedness.

For certain athletes, ortho-k lenses have some advantages which are not available from other lenses. More clear vision, lower risk of causing eye problems and no worry about lenses moving all make ortho-k lenses to be suitable for athletes.

Of course, ortho-k is not right for everyone. The evaluation of prescription and corneas is a crucial factor of ortho-k procedure. Currently, ortho-k can correct mild to moderate amounts of nearsightedness and mild astigmatism. Customers should ask the eye care practitioner about eyes conditions before applying ortho-k lenses.

Ortho-k procedure needs special equipment, special expertise, special designed gas permeable contact lenses and a longer period, all of which explain the reason why ortho-k contacts are more expensive than other soft contact lenses. However, compared with vision correction surgery, ortho-k is much cheaper. Most of the ortho-k services cost less than $3,000 for both eyes.

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