Some Basic Information about Lasik Eye Correction Surgery

Several refractive errors can be corrected by Lasik, and they are myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, which are respectively refractive errors in which a person has trouble seeing things at a distance but they can see things close up; a person is able to see things clearly at a distance but cannot see things nearby, and a person experiences double images. All the three primary types of refractive errors originate from the out-of-shape cornea. Therefore, Lasik achieves to correct vision caused by the three refractive errors by reshaping the cornea.

Before going to undergo a Lasik eye correction surgery, make sure whether you are a good candidate or not. Those having eye diseases, for example cataract; having skin cancer and pregnant women are not suitable to have such a surgery. If they correct vision by such a surgery, serious consequences may result in. On the other hand, even you are a good candidate, you have to be willing to accept some potential risks. It is normal for some people experiencing some complications such as dry eyes, eye infection and red eyes, after a Lasik eye correction surgery.

Of course, they are treatable, and as long as you pay enough attention, those complications are even preventable. Make sure before you undergoing a Lasik, your eyesight should be stable and you have a good health condition. After a procedure, avoid rubbing your eyes; keep eyes away from water; stop wearing contact lenses, if you are contact lenses user; and not to spicy food for several days.

In spit of those potential risks, generally speaking, lasik eye surgery is a safe procedure, whose success rate comes to be over 90%. There are usually three steps: create a flap of corneal tissue; remodel the cornea underneath the flap with the laser; reposition the flap. During the procedure, the patients are usually awake and mobile, but sometimes they will be given a mild sedative and anesthetic eye drops. After receiving a course of anti-inflammatory eye drops, the patients can leave for home rightly after the surgery completed. What they have to do is to go back to the hospital or clinic and follow some postoperative care. Therefore, for its effectiveness and convenience, Lasik eye correction surgery is rather well welcomed.

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