1.    Q : Are mirrored sunglasses in fashion in 2012?
I know mirrored sunglasses are not some fresh products. But i like it. I plan to buy new mirrored sunglasses. Are mirrored sunglasses still in style in 2012?

A: Well, in fact, I do love mirrored sunglasses, because it looks so cool when someone wears it. Actually, mirrored sunglasses are never out of fashion, it’s very classic. So you can buy a pair of new mirrored sunglasses in 2012. And there are a lot of fabulous brands for mirrored sunglasses, such as Ray-Ban which is famous for mirrored sunglasses, Gucci and Prosun, etc. I am sure you will look very fashionable with mirrored sunglasses. See more answers.

2.    Q: Are big sunglasses still in style in 2012?
i have a pair of big sunglasses bought last year. Are they still in style in 2012?

A: Of course it is still in style in 2012. The oversize sunglasses are very elegant and fashion to wear. The super model Miranda Kerr also wears big sunglasses. It is fashion and it can easily match your most kinds of clothes. You may still remember Audrey Hepburn wearing big glasses in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Roman Holiday”. So the oversized sunglasses is the symbol of elegance and fashion.See more answers.

3.    Q: re ray ban wayfarer sunglasses still in fashion 2012?
How do you think of ray ban wayfarers? Are they still in style in 2012?

A: Yes, they will still be in fashion in 2012. As we know that the Ray-Ban Wayfarer are famous for their special function and advantages. In other words, they profited from the advantages of the synthetic frames and created a bridge between the previously standard metal frames made from extra thin metal and the following era of thick plastic frames. The design of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer was radical for the time and it’s totally a new non-verbal language. The nonconformist design is especially attractive to creative free thinkers. So maybe you also can have a try. See more answers.


As we know that aviator sunglasses have been designed to protect the eye and therefore usually have a metal frame with lenses which are large, sometimes three times the size of the eye. And aviator sunglasses are often polarized sunglasses, which allow them to work even under the glaring sun. They offer a curved lens, which is one of the biggest differences between these and other sunglasses popular today. In other words, they make difference with other sunglasses.

Aviator sunglasses are timeless and never go out of style. At present, aviator style glasses are favored by not only men but also women. There is nothing quite like aviator sunglasses. They are hip, incredibly stylish. Aviator sunglasses can be worn by literally anyone, which may be one of the reasons they are so popular. The styles have changed over the years, but the original style has still stayed the same and remained very popular by many.

If you are in search for a pair of aviators, you will be able to find a pair that looks perfect on you! And the first thing you should consider is to make sure the shape of your face and the color skin, so that you can choose a perfect pair of aviator sunglasses. So this is my answer. Anyway, to look good, the important thing is the right frame and color.

Puffy eyes and dark circles are among the most nerve-wracking problems for a great many people. The causes of them are far more than what we can imagine. And about how to get rid of them, it is believed most of us still know little, if at all. There is no doubt that none of us want a pair of puffy dark eyes in the working place or elsewhere. Since puffy eyes and dark circles have brought about so many embarrassments to us, it is of great urgency to find ways of getting rid of them. Only by having a thorough understanding of what puffy eyes and dark circles really are can we probably have the chance of getting it over with.

Causes of puffy eyes and dark circles

Ordinarily swelling eyes symbolizes an excessive accumulation of fluids, i.e. Edema, around the skin tissue of the eyes. The skin around the eyes is acknowledged as the thinnest skin of the whole body, which explains why swelling and dark circles are so much prominent. A variety of reasons can help account for why puffy eyes and dark circles appear, covering:

1. Overconsumption of salt, which causes fluid retention

2. Allergies that can cause inflammation and swelling

3. Sinus problems

4. Dehydration

5. Fatigue and lack of sleep

6. Stress

7. Crying

8. Aging

9. Inherited facial features

Among all these causes, what we ordinary people are aware of are fatigue and lack of sleep, stress, crying and inherited facial features. Look is to a great degree decided by genes, and quite a few people just inherit puffy eyes or dark circles from their parents. We also have had the experience that if we are stressed and tired and don’t sleep well, puffy eyes and dark circles are inevitable to go with us. One more cause is crying. Why are we bound to suffering from swelling eyes after crying? It is because when we are crying, the reduction of the water content around the skin tissue of the eyes accelerates. And thus the dehydration would lead to puffy eyes.

The factor of aging tells us that when getting older people’s fatty tissue that protects the eye inside the bony eye socket begins to push forward and fill in spaces below the eye. At the same time the increasing thinning of the membrane that usually holds back fat in both the upper and lower eyelids will result in puffy eyes.

Speaking of sinus problems and allergies that can cause inflammation and swelling eyes, we must specially be conscious of the severity. Eye allergies are commonly caused by hay fever or certain foods and chemicals and always result in puffy eyes.

It is strongly recommended that we should not overconsume salt which is badly harmful to kidneys and thyroid glands. Otherwise we are very likely to suffer from fluid retention, causing swelling eyes as a consequence.

You may wonder why we still can’t get rid of puffy eyes even though we just get up from an ample sleep. The reason is the lack of movement of the eyes. Just like walking for legs, movement or blinking for eyelids is essential to promote blood circulation of the skin tissue of the eyes. When we are asleep, the stop of the blinking for eyelids necessarily causes puffy eyes. However, this swelling will disappear in a short instance as long as we are awake.

How to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles?

We should pay enough attention to puffy eyes and dark circles for it not only concerns our appearance but also is critical to our health. In principle, we can’t deal with puffy eyes and dark circles that are inherited and caused by aging but at most do some make-up to cover them. Besides, a sound sleep and enough drinking are thought to be helpful to relieve puffy eyes. However, we should consult an eye doctor if our swelling eyes and dark circles are caused by eye allergies and other diseases. Only through immediate treatment can puffy eyes and dark circles be all better.

At last, several health actions are also good to alleviate puffy eyes and dark circles. These health actions include having light massage or ice compress on the eyes, covering cucumber slices or chilled tea bags over the eyes, using special eye creams and so forth.

Prescription sports goggles can really help you. Any part of our body could be hurt by the flying ball or other players’ elbows, and eyes are very fragile, so they need special protection. If you just wear normal glasses when you play basketball, the lenses and frame are easy to break. What’s more, the fragments of the broken lenses may get into your eyes and hurt them. This could cause your eyes suffer from eye diseases, or even worse make you lose your sight. So, wearing a pair of sports goggles is very important.

When it refers to select basketball goggles for playing basketball, most of people are recommended goggles that made of polycarbonate materials. Yes, that true because they are strong enough to shield the eyes. Besides, you shall also care about the coverage, padding and lens color of the goggles. In details, the goggles you choose must cover the entire of the eye socket so as to protect it. Besides, goggles frames with padding can help prevent injury to the bone structure. What’s more, choose the right colored lenses will give you clear vision for a better performance in games.

There are some tips you should know for taking care of your goggles: Put the lens-side up when you take off your goggles; Put them into the case to avoid scratch or being broken when you do not use them; Clean the lenses regularly with glass cleaner and dry them with soft cloth; Never use Kleenex or other paper products to clean your goggles which may well do harm to you goggles; Please avoid throwing your goggles onto the floor of your car or into your boot bag. In general, try to protect them from any damage and do regular cleanings.

How can you tell if you need reading glasses
If you get headaches or sore eyes while reading for more than a few minutes, or you couldn’t thread a needle, or you always squint when you read magazines, books and Watch TV. At this time you need reading glasses.

Are computer glasses the same as reading glasses?
No, they are not the same. Reading glasses are prescribed to correct near vision only and are usually needed for people over 40 who have presbyopia. The distance for computer glasses usually are positioned 20 to 26 inches from the user’s eyes. This special distance is closer than driving (“distance”) vision, but farther away than reading (“near”) vision.

What are best frame material for reading glasses?
Typically, there are three kinds of materials that can be used as a spectacle frame. If you have sensitive skin, the metal frame of the glasses may cause skin irritation. However, you can consider other materials glasses frame. For example, the plastic frame may be a good choice. Plastic frame glasses, can not only see the light, but also protect your sensitive skin. For reading glasses, they are also applicable.

What is the best way to clean reading glasses?
I think the way which will not do any badness to your glasses is good. I can tell you an easy one. You just need a bowl of warm water and drops of soap solution. Firstly, drop the soap solution to the water, and then swirl it with your hand. Secondly, take off your glasses. Place them to the water and wipe the lenses with you fingers clearly and slightly. By the way, if the lenses are glass, you can scrub them in any direction you like. But if they are made of plastic, you should scrub them in only one direction. At last, dry the lenses and frame with the glass cloth or a piece of 100 percent cotton cloth.

It is somewhat true that when girls become self-conscious they lose their charm, or the best part of it, the naivety and innocence on a gradual decline. But girl always perceive, with a rare kind of spiritual sagacity resembling that of certain animals with regard to approaching weather-changes, that fashion ornaments are invariably of service to them in their favor. Clear glasses are one of these fashion ornaments that fulfilled their desired function.

Clear glasses are known for their clear lenses and novelly-designed frames. Their lenses serve no purpose of vision correction; instead, they are just an auxiliary component of glasses. Lenses are not with prescription directing at myopia or presbyopia. Yes, sometimes you can even call them fake glasses. Why on earth do people want to wear clear glasses when they have perfect normal eyesight? Lots of people with vision problem just cannot figure it out. It is because they are still hold on to the old opinion that glasses are just glasses, nothing else, while in the eye of many fashion-conscious trend setters, glasses are more of a fashion accessory than of a bare visual necessity. Out of craving for making a statement, these avant-garde people begin to seeking after clear glasses to stifle the piercing itch deep within.

Clear glasses are gaining unprecedented popularity by leaps and bounds in recent decades. It goes without saying that such a huge success must have something peculiar behind at work. This credit goes to their potentially colossal room for variety in colors and different ingenious frame shapes. Characterized by many bold colored frames and novel shapes, clear glasses make themselves a wonderful platform for personality showcasing and taste exhibiting. It does not take you very long to spot a shining new vibe in these glasses.

Open the windows of your mind to keep fresh ideas on the move, so that you may not get stuffy in your outlook on fashion and life. Let’s get started from gracing your face with a pair of clear glasses (of course if you are not myopic). Cheap glasses may excite you a little bit more; if you don’t want invest too much money on fashion stuff. It’s okay!

We are so dependent upon computers these days that our eyes are inevitably harmed. Apart from uncomfortable of the eye, we may also get headaches and a sore neck and back due to using computers for hours and hours. All these side effects caused by computer using are named as computer vision syndrome (CVS in short). But we are unnecessary to feel too helpless because of the existence of computer eyeglasses. As a special kind of eyeglasses, computer eyeglasses are very serviceable for they can protect our eyes from hurts and at the same time offer us a clear eyesight.

The eye is one of the most important body parts that should be carefully protected. Otherwise how can we have a sight of the wonderful world and how can we enjoy the life freely and comfortably? It is true that we must have the aid of computers so as to complete most works and entertainment. It is also a fact that our eyes are getting hurt and our eyesight is worse and worse. This seeming irreconcilable conflict is in fact solvable with the help of computer eyeglasses. Wearing computer eyeglasses will relieve the discomfort when we are continuously adjusting the sitting posture to better stare at the computer screen. And if we feel blurred in sight of the small characters and pictures on the screen, computer eyeglasses would likewise contribute to enable us see more clearly and easily. At the same time, computer eyeglasses are mostly radiation-proof which can lower the risk of suffering cataract or other eye diseases.

Computer eyeglasses can be bifocal or transitional. This is very beneficial to people who are suffering from both myopia and hyperopia. Wearing bifocal or transitional computer eyeglasses, we can not only have a clear sight of the computer screen but also things away from the computer in the distance. Can’t it be said as kill two birds with one stone?

Cheap eyeglasses are ever very alluring to most consumers. Now all eyeglasses stores are competing with each other to attract more consumers by the way of offering lots of discounted eyeglasses, computer eyeglasses included. To be a healthy computer user, let’s take a pair of computer eyeglasses.

Do you like fabulous night life when calling it a day after work? Do you want to be the spotlight on the dance floor when you go to the night club? If you do think so, just choose a pair of fashionable eye glasses in that they will help you to become the dancing king or queen.

In the first place, fashionable eye glasses are extremely suitable for the guys – that is the reason for the popularity of men’s fashion eyeglasses. When the sun goes down, guys begin to show their essence of wooing girls and such eyeglasses indubitably become the best instrument because the chick cannot tell whether you are the real cool guy or not with the cover of trendy eye glasses. So if you are a man lack of confidence, just pick up a pair of fashionable eye glasses to shield you.

What’s more, girls also need fashionable eye glasses. Having been designed as the same color as the night, stylish eye glasses assist girls to be covered by a mysterious veil. Imagine a situation in the club – a lonely girl is drinking her cocktail silently at the bar counter with a pair of chic glasses and nobody can guess her occupation and background information. Guided by the curiosity, dozes of men are sure to accost her actively.

Last but not the least; fashionable eye glasses are one of the colorful scenes in the night life. I remember my experience in Bangkok; I encountered a great number of visitors or local people wearing terrific eye glasses in the mart at night. All of them are proud to be who they are.

To sum up, fashionable eye glasses are tools to enrich your night life. Don’t be drags; just raise your head with a pair of beautiful eye glasses to let others know who you are.

Men complain, justly enough, that the glasses available on the market are way mediocre and dull. But if you choose your glasses on the ground that you are fashion-prone and expect stylish glasses, you are no nearer to vogue than if you choose them for what they are and what they will make of you. Geek chic glasses are this kind of eyewear that will push you to the crest of fashion, yet completely expressive of your personality.

The recent interest in geek chic glasses on the part of non-prescription glasses wearers, the wistfulness of certain glasses fanatics who envy the simplicity and cool and chic aura of geek glasses, have also helped to inspire many a fervent eyeglasses pursuer with confidence in themselves, that they can make a statement with the aid of these cool glasses, that they can take a stand in the surging tide of fashion. Geek chic is not any longer a cliché that depicts nerdy bookworm’s token. Their trademark glasses used to be exceedingly stale and old fashioned, featuring thick full-rimmed frames and changeless black colors tinting the oversized square or round glasses. You can never tell how much abhorrence it provokes for those who have to wear them. But they had to. Now tables are entirely turned. They are dying to grace their face with a pair of geek chic glasses to show their fashion potential. Indeed, glasses can be infinitely communicative, and tells a lot of things besides the exterior appearance. Wearer’s taste and fashion tendency are to be abundantly reflected in such a petty yet powerful gear.

Geek chic glasses have already shaken off the cumbersome mask and welcome a variety of changes to happen to them. Bold colors are utilized to make more room for vogue. As long as you are courageous enough to try on different stunning colors, you are definitely the one who will stand out predominantly. And also geek chic glasses are no more the exclusive privilege of vision-defected men. Many with perfect normal eyesight can also have a share of what wearing geek chic glasses feels like. They often adorn just a sole oversized frame with no lenses within, or tend to wear geeky-styled glasses with clear lenses. Either way, they endearingly dote on this special kind of glasses. Cheap glasses or not, they just love to show off their larruping style.


Round lens glasses are traditional yet classic glasses because of their characteristic features. Speaking of round lens glasses, it is hard not to mention some famous people who wear round lens glasses sand these glasses have become a part of their image. Nowadays, round glasses come different styles. Plunged of so many round glasses, which style will you like most? Let’s get the idea from famous people who wear round llens glasses.

John Lennon style round glasses— for anyone who is a John Lennon fan or a regular glasses wearers, john Lennon style glasses are all the time classic and vintage, whether these glasses are prescription or non prescription glasses. The pair of round lens eyeglasses worn by him has become a trademark of his. At present, these glasses are claiming the glasses word and are top choices for many people. It is not hard to find that these round glasses are sported on the face of many people, from teenagers to the elders, from ordinary fashionistas to hot celebs.

Steve Jobs style round glasses—- this kind of glasses feature round shape and rimless frames and make wearers have a smart look. Being rimless, these glasses feature light weight and make wearers have a comfortable wearing experience. Besides, wearing Steve Jobs style glasses are a way to pay respect to your idol.

Harry potter style round glasses— with the overwhelming influence of Harry Potter movies serious, the image of harry potter together with his black round glasses leaves an deep impression on thousands of people. Many people whether or not they need vision aids want to try harry potter glasses to make them look intelligent. They are suitable for both adults and teenagers.

All in all, no matter what style you choose, round lens glasses are classic eyewear you can utilize to have a classic look.

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