Q:Can contact lenses cause retinal detachment?

My father suggested me not wear contact lenses too much because they are harmful. So, what are disadvantage of contact lenses? Can contact lenses cause retinal detachment?
A:Well, first, you should know that contact lenses will not lead to retinal detachment, only if you have worn them after have taken an eye surgery. So you should not worry about it. Also, there are many other factors which can lead to retinal detachment, such as eye injury, severe high blood pressure. But on the other hand, most people with detached retina risk factors will not develop a detached retina. If you have some questions about retinal detachments, you can talk with your doctor. He or she can recommend detached retina symptoms to watch for and a schedule for regular eye exams. Besides, keeping the contact lenses be clean is very important, for they can just make your eyes infected by some allergies. for example, they can lead to eye infection, pink eyes, eye strain, even light sensitivity. So you should just clean your contact lenses with resolution. Learn more answers.

Q:Does retinal detachment happen in both eyes?
What is retinal detachment? Will it happen in both eyes?
A:Like a piece of wallpaper peeling off from a damp wall, retina will separate itself from the back of the inside of the eye. Under such circumstances, a retinal detachment happens. But in order to work properly, the retina should attach to the back of the eye. If you suffer from a lot of eye floaters in your vision suddenly, you need to see an eye doctor for lots of eye floaters can be a sign of retinal detachment. Learn more answers.

Q: How long does it take to go blind from retinal detachment?
I heard that retinal detachment are likely to cause blindness. So, can you tell me how long does it take to go blind because of retinal detachment?
A:It is not a fixed time from retinal detachment to blindness. It is depending on the exact situation you are in. Usually at the very beginning of retinal detachment, it is only tears or holes of retina. The fluid will go through the tears or holes and get underneath the retina which could cause retina peals away where it should be. Without prompt and proper treatment for it, the tears or holes of retina will gradually enlarges as the fluid underneath retina is getting more. Finally the retina will completely peals away from the back of eyes where it should be. At the beginning of this disease, you may have spotted vision, and then develops into partial vision lost. Take effective action before the permanent vision lost happen or you will definitely get regretted. See an oculist for professional support is the best. Learn more answers.

Q:What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

I have heavy dark circles under my eyes for almost two years. Everybody will tell me that I need to sleep more in the night when they first meet me. Dark circles make me look so ugly and so old. Can you tell me how to get rid of dark circles? My aunt also has heavy dark circles. Now we are seeking for help. Any suggestion?
A:Dear friend, I think the best way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes is to have good sleep in every night. Lacking of sleep can be the most common cause for dark circles under eyes. But I can also give you some suggestions to treat with your dark circles under eyes. You can use tea bags to reduce dark circles and under eye wrinkles, what you need to do is just put wet tea bag on your closed eyes for fifteen minutes. But the chilled tea bag is much better for the coldness of the tea bags will increase circulation around eyes, so i suggest you to put the tea bags in the refrigerator for half an hour before using them. It is also said that the tannin in the tea bag is good for puffiness too. Hope this helped!

A:I often apply raw, chilled cucumbers to treat with my dark circles. Usually I will apply chilled cucumber slices on my eyes for 10-15 minutes every night before going to sleep. Chilled cucumber slices can help with darkness under the eyes and puffy eyes. They are a home remedy for wrinkles under eyes too. But I suggest you to change the slices when you feel the water in the slices is evaporate. Many people will put just one piece of cucumber slice on her eyes for 10 minutes. I think she can’t achieve a good result in this way. We must change the slices as soon as needed. You can have a try! Learn more answers.

Q:How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes for Men Naturally ?
My husband has heavy dark circles under his eyes. Can you tell me how to get rid of dark circles under eyes for men naturally? Thank you in advance!
A:There are many ways to get rid of dark circles under eye for men. Men are easy to get dark circles as women if they stay up too late in the night to work in front of a computer. Dark circles can be called dark rings or shadows. The best way to get rid of them is to form a healthy sleeping habit. Aging, dryness of skin, crying for a long time and using computer for a long time may lead to dark circles under our eyes too. So men also need to stay away from these triggers too. Men can drink plenty of waters every day to lubricate their eyes and find a good way to reduce the pressures from work or life. Learn more answers.

Q: What Is the Best Natural Way to Get Rid of Dark Circles?
I have heavy dark circles under my eyes. I want to get rid of them. Can you tell be what is the best way to get rid of them?
A:I heard that we can apply chilled cucumber slices or tea bags to get rid of dark circles naturally. But if only we persist on this then we can see the effect in the end. And there is also a quick way to get rid of dark circles under our eyes. You can use makeup to cover the dark parts under your eyes. While I think the most effective way to get rid of dark circles under our eyes is to sleep on time every day and have good sleep during the night. Learn more answers.

Q:How to Relieve Sinus Pressure Behind Eyes ?

I am suffering from sinus pressure. Can you tell me how to relieve sinus pressure behind eyes?
A:Dear friend, you could use steam in the form of either a shower or vaporizer to relieve sinus pressure behind your eyes. You can also choose pain medications or heating pads to relieve sinus pressure. But it your situation is very serious, I suggest you to see a doctor immediately. Sinus pressure behind eyes can be an annoying problem for most people but if we treat it timely and seriously, it will not cause further inconveniences to our lives.

A: Guy, you can sleep in an elevated position for this can be helpful in relieving sinus pressure. If your eye pressure is caused by infected sinuses, you can ask doctors to prescribe some antibiotics to solve your infection. The membranes inside our nasal cavity got an inflammation may lead to a sinus infection. Bacteria, different climates of weather, common colds and bacteria can be the causes of a sinus infection. Usually we need to calm down the inflamed sinuses by antibiotics or other remedies to relieve the sinus pressure behind your eye. Learn more answers.

Q:Can sinus pressure cause glaucoma ?
Is it possible to cause glaucoma from sinus pressure? How ?
A:The main cause of glaucoma is elevated pressure in the eye. The optic nerve transmits the images we see. The elevated pressure can cause the damage of optic nerve, which cause interruption of optic nerve transmits the image to the brain, and then cause glaucoma. While, glaucoma also can be caused by poor regulation of blood flow to the optic nerve, which mostly occur among elder people. Learn more answers.

Q: Can sinus pressure cause visual snow?
Can sinus pressure really cause visual snow? Why does that happen? What should I do to improve this situation?
A:There is no evidence showing that visual snow is associated with sinus pressure. Visual snow is usually caused by persistent migraine aura without infarction, which is a migraine complication. Optic neuritis (inflammation of the optic nerve) that caused by multiple sclerosis can also lead to snow vision. In some cases, people with illness such as lyme disease and auto-immune disease or noxious problems such as dehydration and over-acidification also claim that they have visual snow. But there is no scientific study supporting the relevance between visual snow and those diseases and conditions. Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD) due to the use of hallucinogenic psychedelic drugs can lead to visual snow. Unfortunately, there is no established treatment for visual snow. However, if the visual snow is caused by HPPD, clonazepam and drug abstinence are helpful. For the case of persistent aura without infarction, acetazolamide is reported to be effective. Learn more answers.

Q:Can Bad Eyesight Cause Anxiety?

I am suffering from anxiety recently. It seems that there is some vision problems occurs. So I am wondering whether bad eyesight will cause anxiety. If it does, what can I do to relieve my anxiety?
A: Bad eyesight and anxiety can be the cause and effect of each other. have your ever heard that mental strain may produce many different kinds of eyestrain. As to those who experiences anxiety and panic attacks and vision problems at the same time, the best solution for all of the problems is relaxation. Learn more answers.

Q:Can bad eyesight cause headaches and dizziness ?

I got headache and dizziness. I doubt that it is caused by my bad eyesight. Can bad eyesight cause headaches and dizziness?
A: I think bad eyesight can cause headaches and dizziness. The extra-ocular muscles play a very important role in the process of vision. Extra-ocular muscles are responsible for the movement of your eyes. These muscles can let you look up, down and sideways. They can respond to orders of your brain. Learn more answers.

Q: Is bad eyesight genetic?

I just want to know if eyesight genetic? I mean. If i have bad eyesight. Will my baby born with bad eyesight? Any idea?
A: The morbidity of myopia is different from the families with and without myopia history. That is meaning there really has the relationship between the family genes and the eyesight. However, most of the happening of eyes diseases is relative to the effect of the environment factors. The bad illumination, bad reading habits and working custom will have more affect to the vision and eyesight. Long time’s working and reading without relax, the eyes muscle will be always intensive and contract condition, this kind of condition would make people’s bad vision. The genes and environmental factor plays together with the eyesight, but the people who have the bad vision family history will be more likely to get the myopia and other eyes diseases. Learn more answers.


Q: Is argan oil good for dark circles under my eyes?
What benefit can i get from argan oil? Is argan oil good for dark circles under my eyes?

A: Yes, argan oil is good for dark circles under our eyes, and it is because of one of its most important components — alpha tocopherol which is basically natural Vitamin E and a powerful antioxidant at the same time. It also has anti-inflammatory effect. So argan oil can help skin cell renewal and protect us from wrinkling and aging problems especially in the eye area including dark circle problems. As for other benefits of argan oil: 1. It is good and effective to be used for dry, brittle, frizzy hair since it can penetrate the follicles, roots, and scalp of the hair. 2. It helps our nails grow healthily with a good looking color and a smoother nail surface.  Learn more answers.

Q: Is turmeric powder good for dark eye circles?
I often get dark circles under my eyes and i’m looking for different ways to reduce my dark circles. Does turmeric powder help me reduce my dark circles.

A: I know that Mixing milk with turmeric powder and coating them on the face can shrink pores, but not to use turmeric powder frequently or it may be cause skin darkening. I have never got the information that turmeric powder can help to reduce dark circles. Sleep deprivation, genetic factors or shin aging may result in dark circles. It’s not easy to take away them. However, there are some measures can help to relieve this annoyance. Appropriate eye cream is useful if you keep on wiping it around your eyes every morning and night. While using eye masks periodically is a good method too. However, don’t wish that dark circles will disappear without enough sleeping time. While drinking too much coffee may worsen the situation.  Learn more answers

Q: Is vaseline good for dark circles under my eyes?
I often have dark circles when i do not have enough sleep. Is it true that vaseline can help me get rid of dark circles under my eyes.

A: No, vaseline can’t help you reduce dark circles under. If you want to reduce the dark circles in your eyes, you’d better keep enough sleep and form good life style. For example, you shall try to control the time you spend on computers and TVs. Go to bed early and get up early. Besides, you shall also control the consumption of alcohol.  Learn more answers

Q: Is bio oil good for dark circles under eyes?
What are the best thing i can do when there are dark circles under my eyes? Will bio oil help reduce the dark circles under eyes? Any suggestion?

A: Dark circles are caused by bad blood circulation. Skin around eyes is thinner so that the shadow is easy to be seen. There are several tips to remove them. Tip No. 1, peel a boiled egg. Put it on your eyes and do some massage. No. 2 put a slice of apple on your eyes for 15 minutes. The dark circle will be gone soon. No. 3 soaks a piece of cloth in yogurt. Then put it on your eyes for 10 minutes. Keep doing that everyday and it will remove dark circles. For long time sake, live healthier will keep dark circle away. Less smoking, less drinking and more exercise. And remove make-ups throughout before sleeping. That will give your prettier skin. The effect of bio oil to dark circle is unknown.  Learn more answers


Q: Which store is better for DESIGNER glasses, Lenscrafters or Pearle Vision?
which one is cheaper and which one has a better selection on d&g and versace glasses?

A: why not go to visit both of them and have a look by yourself ? If you have ideal designer glasses ,just take a comparison between them and you will find which is cheaper . But generally ,Lenscrafters have a wider selection for designer glasses. Learn more answers.

Q: Getting some prescription sunglasses from Lenscrafter?
I just bought a prescription glasses from another place. When I go into Lenscrafter, will I still have to do another eye exam just to buy my sunglasses? and if so how much will it be?

A: If you want to get some prescription sunglasses from Lenscrafter, just provide your prescription which you can get from where you bought your prescription glasses. The time should be less than 2 years till you get your another pair of prescription glasses. Learn more answers

Q: How much do prescription glasses cost in LensCrafters?
Is there anyone who bought prescription eyeglasses in LensCrafters? How much will it cost? Are they good?

A: I never bought prescription glasses at LensCrafters before. Just know, i go to their site and find the eyeglasses frames at LensCrafters are expensive. As far as i see, the cheapest eyeglasses require about $150. If you want to buy prescription glasses cost in LensCrafters, you shall prepare more money. In fact, you can choose other sites to buy prescription eyeglasses such eyebuydirect.com, firmoo.com and 39dollarglasses.com etc. Learn more answers


Q: What do for eye strain? Where can I find info on Computer Glasses?
I’ve been getting some eye strians lately and today its really bad. I talked to my mom and she said to look in to computer glasses since I work at a computer almost 8 hours a day. Where can I find info on them and how can I reduce my eye strain? its getting quit hard to work today becuase its hard to focuas.

A:  As for the eye strain, try to look somewhere else every 30 minutes and blink your eyes consciously more or do some eye exercises . Some eye drops will help reduce the eyestrain . computer glasses are advantageous in many aspects, they are naturally a little more expensive than ordinary glasses and computer glasses in the entity stores are limited in number yet more costly. some online stores such as Firmoo offer a wide selection of computer glasses. Learn more answers.

Q: Do non prescription computer glasses help the strain in your eyes?
My sister has it and doesn’t wanna go to the eye doctor! Please get back to me.

A: I don’t know what causes your sister’s eye strain .Does she work on the computer all day ? Does she wear prescription glasses ? Why doesn’t she want to see the doctor ? non prescription computer glasses do work for people who don’t wear prescription glasses to ease the eye strain caused by long time working on the computer. Learn more answers

Q: Are anti-glare computer glasses really effective in reducing eye-strain?
I don’t need prescription or reading glasses but feel like my eyes get strained when staring at the computer for long periods—-and it shows in their appearance. So now I am thinking of investing in a pair of no-glare glasses. I have seen the amber shaded ones, ugly but are they effective

A: Yes,I can bet that they will surely work for reducing eye-strain.More and more office workers are being tortured by computer radiation at all times that their eyesight is getting worse and worse, alongside with eye dry, itch and fatigue. computer glasses not only have magic function of vision correction but more importantly, they are unique and superior in reducing the computer radiation while we are working at the computer. With a pair of computer glasses and you will work more wholesomely and cozily.  Learn more answers


Q: What are mirrored sunglasses used for?
Are mirrored sunglasses just used for fashion? Do they have any special usage?

A: Mirrored sunglasses have a reflective optical coating which is also called a mirror coating or flash coating on the outside of the lenses, thus this kind of sunglasses look just like small mirrors. Mirrored sunglasses can be used in conditions of sand, water and snow. They are specially useful in high-altitude situations because the mirror coating can help decrease the amount of light passing through the lenses and allow less light to reach the eyes. Mirrored sunglasses are often used in ski goggles and sunglasses.  Learn more answers.

Q: Why Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses Are So Popular?
i just wonder why aviator mirrored sunglasses are so popular?

A: People like Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses not only because of their cool look, but also count on their good eye protection to eyes. My older brother have a pair of Ray ban aviator mirrored sunglasses. Though is is more expensive than common sunglasses online, they really look great on him. Besides, i have tried and feel the sunglasses really good device for wearing in sunlight day. They can prevent strong light and provide you soft and comfortable vision.  Learn more answers.

Q:Why Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses Are So Popular?
i just wonder why aviator mirrored sunglasses are so popular?

A: People like Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses not only because of their cool look, but also count on their good eye protection to eyes. My older brother have a pair of Ray ban aviator mirrored sunglasses. Though is is more expensive than common sunglasses online, they really look great on him. Besides, i have tried and feel the sunglasses really good device for wearing in sunlight day. They can prevent strong light and provide you soft and comfortable vision. Learn more answers.


Q: How to adjust flexible eyeglasses to make them fit better?
Recently I can always feel my eyeglasses are pinching the side of my head and give me a headache. I want to make them looser. How can I adjust flexible eyeglasses to make them fit me better?

A: There are a few simple steps to take when adjusting flexible eyeglasses. The first step is to determine the type of material in your eyeglass frames. Some materials are more flexible than others. Metals are less resilient than plastic. Other materials such as memory plastic were made to move, and are able to bend and flex back into shape. Determine what type of material your eyewear is made from then proceed to make adjustments accordingly. The term for having your eyeglasses adjusted is called fitting. Ask a professional to make these adjustments if you are not familiar with the materials in your flexible eyeglasses. Too much bending can weaken some metals and cause them to fracture due to metal fatigue.  Learn more answers.

Q:How to adjust temples on eyeglasses?
The temples on my prescription glasses are a little askew, one side of the frames sitting higher than the other side. How can I adjust them?

A: Before you start to adjust the temple, you should place the glasses frame in the hot water to make them pliable. Then place the glasses frame on an even table and see where the glasses frame sits highter than the other side. As one side of the temple sits highter than the other, you should hold the place where it should be adjusted and place pressure on it to blend it down gently. Repeat this untill it is in place. Learn more answers

Q:How to adjust earpiece on eyeglasses?
I think my eyeglasses earpieces are sitting too close to my ears making me feel quite uncomfortable. How can i adjust them?

A: If the earpiece sit too close to your ears, you can bend the earpiece section of the temples outward. That is to say, you should bend the earpieces outtowards to make them a little away from your head. Before you begin to adjust the earpiece, you can place the glasses frame in the hot water to make them pliable. Then place the glasses frame on a flat table and use one hand to hold the front part of the frame. And put the other hand under the earpiece to bend the earpiece outward little by little. Then try on your glasses to see whether make your comfortable to wear. Learn more answers

Q: What color of sunglasses is best to prevent UV rays?
What should be the color of the lens of sunglasses to prevent UV rays to the maximum?

A: It is depend on what you ues your sunglasses for. Usually the grey is the best color to prevent UV rays to the maximum. Gray is the best choice if you want to see the colors of things in the most natural and accurate way. All gray sunglasses do is remove some of the light of all wavelengths (colors) in equal amounts. Learn more answers.

Q: What color in sunglasses can cause damage to eyes?
I have heard that different color in sunglasses have different effect, is there a color that can cause damage to our eyes?

A: It is said that blue light will cause damage to eyes. And the sunglasses with blue lenses will let the blue light pass through the lenses and then get into the eye. At last the eyes be damaged. So when you go to buy sunglasses, you’d better not choose the blue sunglasses.  Learn more answers.

Q: What is the best color sunglasses to go with brown hair?
I have brown hair, which color of sunglasses should I get?

A: It is better to choose glasses that has a similar color with your hair. Brown or dark brown would be OK. Or you can try different colors in the store to find the most suitable color for you. Learn more answers.

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