Lasik will lead to eye dryness?

Lasik surgery is now one of the most widely accepted treatments for certain vision problems and most receivers have rebuilt perfect vision again via this method. However, it is not a risk-free procedure- some risks and complications can not be avoided, though rare. Therefore, receivers are suggested to have a full understanding of it.

It is found that eye dryness is one of the commonest, yet bothersome complications after Lasik. But the factors causing post surgery dryness is still unknown. Some specialists believe that flap or incision made in the procedure has caused some damage to the functionality of cornea and the result is eye seldom blinks. When eye blink less, it become dryer easily. Other specialists tend to think that some damages are caused to mucin layer when the flap is made and the result is tears can not be effectively kept. Of course, there are also many other theories about post surgery dryness.

No matter what will lead to post surgery eye dryness, people should know whether or not they have dry eyes before the surgery. A comprehensive eye exam is needed. If there is, how bad the condition is should also be checked. After that, some special measures should be taken. For example, some artificial liquids can be used. Moreover, some further measures can also be taken during the surgery. For example, surgeons can choose the way of cutting- different ways will lead to different results.

If there are really eye dryness after Lasik, receivers can also find some ways out. For example, artificial tears of certain kinds can help relieve the symptom- some of the most widely used artificial liquid includes Celluvisc, Restasis, etc.

In a word, eye dryness is common even among those who have never received Lasik. And people are suggested to consult with their eye doctors carefully before the surgery if they have dry eyes.

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