Is it possible to improve eye health and vision naturally?

Nowadays, eye health is an interesting topic, because some eye health professionals insist that it is impossible to improve vision naturally and that only glasses, contacts or surgery can help with poor eyesight. However, the other experts say that there are some things that can be done to improve vision but that will be time consuming and the people should take dedication.

While researching, I read of an eye doctor, Dr. Bates, who over 90 years ago wrote of natural ways to improve eyesight and was infamous for smashing his patients’ glasses on an anvil in his office so they would no longer wear them. I’m sure the glasses smashing didn’t do much for his popularity, but many patients flocked to him with the hope of avoiding glasses and he was convinced that with proper exercise and relaxation, eyesight could improve in some cases. His theory was based on the idea that the muscles that surround the eye can become unbalanced and cause strain or even pull the eye to one side or another, leading to vision problems. Many modern ophthalmologists argue with this idea, saying that it is the rods and cones in the eye that determine vision problems and that muscle tightness does not affect vision. Logically, it seems that there could be a connection between eye strain or relaxation and eyesight, especially when we consider factors that can strain the eyes such as reading for long periods of time, especially small print and use of dim or artificial light or not enough exposure to natural light. So, personally, I agree that there is a way to improve eye health and vision naturally.

So I found that there are some ways below to relax our eyes and improve our vision. Stand with feet at shoulder width apart and rotate the upper body while swinging arms side to side without moving the hips. Massage temples and back of neck to loosen neck muscles and relax forehead. Roll the eyes in circles in each direction. Trace the shape of an “8” on its side with the eyes while looking at a wall. Warm palms by rubbing hands together for a few seconds and loosely place over eyes for 10-20 seconds to warm and relax eyes. Though these exercises are not a replacement for modern eye care, they have helped us to slowly work up to better vision without the need for increasingly strong glasses.


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