Q: What do for eye strain? Where can I find info on Computer Glasses?
I’ve been getting some eye strians lately and today its really bad. I talked to my mom and she said to look in to computer glasses since I work at a computer almost 8 hours a day. Where can I find info on them and how can I reduce my eye strain? its getting quit hard to work today becuase its hard to focuas.

A:  As for the eye strain, try to look somewhere else every 30 minutes and blink your eyes consciously more or do some eye exercises . Some eye drops will help reduce the eyestrain . computer glasses are advantageous in many aspects, they are naturally a little more expensive than ordinary glasses and computer glasses in the entity stores are limited in number yet more costly. some online stores such as Firmoo offer a wide selection of computer glasses. Learn more answers.

Q: Do non prescription computer glasses help the strain in your eyes?
My sister has it and doesn’t wanna go to the eye doctor! Please get back to me.

A: I don’t know what causes your sister’s eye strain .Does she work on the computer all day ? Does she wear prescription glasses ? Why doesn’t she want to see the doctor ? non prescription computer glasses do work for people who don’t wear prescription glasses to ease the eye strain caused by long time working on the computer. Learn more answers

Q: Are anti-glare computer glasses really effective in reducing eye-strain?
I don’t need prescription or reading glasses but feel like my eyes get strained when staring at the computer for long periods—-and it shows in their appearance. So now I am thinking of investing in a pair of no-glare glasses. I have seen the amber shaded ones, ugly but are they effective

A: Yes,I can bet that they will surely work for reducing eye-strain.More and more office workers are being tortured by computer radiation at all times that their eyesight is getting worse and worse, alongside with eye dry, itch and fatigue. computer glasses not only have magic function of vision correction but more importantly, they are unique and superior in reducing the computer radiation while we are working at the computer. With a pair of computer glasses and you will work more wholesomely and cozily.  Learn more answers


Prolonged time of working on a computer can easily lead to a condition called computer vision syndrome (CVS). The basic reason is that a computer screen sits a special range between 20 and 26 itches. This particular range is different from that is set by other activities. According to ergonomics experts, this exclusive range is formally named intermediate zone of vision. It is closer than distance vision but farther than reading or near vision.

Computer users using naked eyes or regular corrective eyeglasses usually lean forward or backward in order to compensate for the visual range. In this way, symptoms of CVS will occur sooner or later. Those symptoms include visual ones such as blurry vision, double vision, tired eyes and others such as headaches, sore shoulder and backache. This is simply because regular corrective eyeglasses are not designed for the use of intermediate visual zone.

Nowadays, many people have visual problems and wear various eyeglasses and contact lenses for normally corrected vision. While nearsightedness and farsightedness occur mostly in young adults, presbyopia commonly bothers individuals over 40 years old. But all those eyeglasses or contact lenses created for these vision problems are not suitable in the circumstance of computer work. Even the creative trifocal and progressive lenses offer only a small portion for intermediate visual zone.

The perfect solution should be computer eyeglasses, which is supported by many studies conducted by institutes and research organizations worldwide. According to a study performed by the University Of Alabama School Of Optometry, there were significant differences in work productivity and accuracy between two groups of participants: one with computer glasses and the other with non-corrective eyeglasses.

Computer users can pick up a pair of computer glasses simply at a local office supply store. Computer eyeglasses cost an average price of $20 dollars, which is affordable even by ordinary people. An importance while buying cheap computer eyeglasses is to test them by reading something sitting in an intermediate visual zone.

Firmoo.comis the fastest growing online community selling affordable yet high quality prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses and other eyewear. Firmoo’s return and refund policy makes your purchase with Firmoo risk-free. Check out our $8 eyeglasses, $20 and 10 dollar eyeglasses frames to fit your budget and vision needs.

Vision health care has become a routine part of computer users’ lives. Surveys show nearly 50% of adult computer users with a college education are myopia in USA, and a child in America spend several hours on a computer while doing homework, surfing the internet, playing video games and talking online with little regard for eye health care. Definitely, vision health care is becoming more and more important to computer users.

Many vision health care doctors who specialize in children’s eye health care say sustain computer use puts kids at higher risk for childhood myopia. Some people have a misunderstand in vision health care that it is necessary to wear a special eye protection when working on the computer, but according to eye health care experts, computer screens do not emit enough harmful rays to cause eye damage.

Relieving eyestrains is one of the important vision health care measures to computer users. As eye health care experts often pointed out, computer users should look up and far away about every 15 minutes preferably out a window or across a room. Also, a people who always work on a computer is supposed to see the vision health care practitioners for regular eye health care and exams, for computer users can develop vision changes, an outdated prescription may cause lots of eyestrain.

In addition, proper computer glasses are also good for computer users’ vision health care; they are available for those who have trouble focusing on a screen. Of course, a person who has urgent questions regarding vision health care, it is better to call an eye health care practitioner for personal vision health care advice on the treatment of one’s own specific condition.

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