Q: Are there bifocal contact lenses for astigmatism?
I have astigmatism and normally wear Toric lenses with readers on top. I also have varifocal glasses. I want to wear contact with no readers. I have some ordinary bi-focal lenses, but although good, my vision is a bit blurry due to the astigmatism.

A: Bifocal contact lenses come in many designs and can be prescribed for people with astigmatism. You can call your doctor to see if they can offer such lenses .   Learn more answers

Q: Can reading glasses be made to fix astigmatism?
Does astigmatism only affect reading close up like computer or books? Also can they make reading glasses like drug store ones, but to fix astigmatism too?

A: No, reading glasses can’t fix astigmatism. If you have astigmatism, please not wearing reading glasses randomly. You’d better take detail eye exam. Then buy reading glasses with your prescription given by eye doctor. And the opticians will make your reading glasses combined with astigmatism, thus to provide you the comfortable vision.   Learn more answers.

Q: Are laser eye surgery for astigmatism effective?
I have heard that astigmatism can be cured by laser eye surgery, is that effective? If someone has experienced it, can you share me some experience?

A: Astigmatism is a common vision problems to eyes. They can be corrected by wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. Now, It is may also cured with laser eye surgery. In a laser eye surgery, a flap is made in the outer layer of the cornea to access the tissues of the cornea. It is said that Lasik surgery now is the safest technique for correction of astigmatism. Take Lasik surgery, it can help reshapes cornea’s stroma layer to correct its refractive ability to allow light to focus on the retina properly. So, if you want to treat your astigmatism, you can try Lasik eye surgery.   Learn more answers.

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In recent years bifocal reading glasses have in considerable measure facilitated our viewing experience. In this light, bifocal reading glasses prove extremely beneficial and useful to those who have marched into the middle age and found it hard to read materials in close hand.

Bifocal Reading Glasses

If you are a huge fan of books yet are obstructed from seeing things with great clarity, it is high time for you to get a pair of bifocal reading glasses. Bifocal reading glasses are mainly comprised of two kinds, one is the full-frame, the other half -frame. By full-frame I mean it is characteristic of full reading prescription through out the entire lens, thus capable of providing ideal watching comfort by enabling you to see close -up things as clearly as possible. But this quality also engenders some drawbacks. When you look around you into the distance, all you can catch sight of is a stretch of blurry image. Half -frame, however, overcomes this shortcoming by means of separating the whole lens into two parts respectively capable of fulfilling needs of both far and near vision. In this way do bifocal reading glasses resemble half-frame a great deal. Bifocal reading glasses feature far vision power in the upper part of lens and the bottom part is covered with near vision power which is usually used for reading close -up materials.

Bifocal Reading Glasses

Bifocal reading glasses, in the past, are quite frustrating to some people on account of their dull styles and drab colors. Things have been greatly improved in recent years. Eyeglasses manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to produce many fancy-looking and practical glasses with a view to procuring a larger share of optical market. It is we who are the lucky ones on the receiving end. In respect of how to choose bifocal reading glasses, there are several notices you should take of: on one hand, choose those of high quality and also comfort and fit take priority. Make sure that the bifocal reading glasses you are about to buy are as wide and large as they do not press into the both sides of your head, that the nose pads are adjustable so that they are not pinching your nose. With these tips in mind, you will have a fairly sound understanding of how to choose one pair.

Bifocal Reading Glasses

Presbyopia may turn out quite a huge harassment in the middle course of your life, which paralyses your ability to see clearly. But now, thanks to bifocal reading glasses, you can read books to your heart’s content free from the handicap of far-sightedness.

No-line bifocals, or the so-called progressive lenses, refer to the corrective lenses designed for people suffering from presbyopia. Looking like single-vision lenses, these are multifocal lenses which eliminate the visible lines found in traditional bifocals, making it difficult to tell your age. Hence, they cost more than the traditional bifocals. Compared with traditional bifocals, no-line bifocals are different not only because they are free of lines, but also because they are characterized by the following advantages. First, they enable the wearer to see at all distances. Second, they offer natural vision without “image jump”. Last but not the least, they are compatible with all frames and all wearers.

No-line Bifocals Enable the Wearer to See at All Distances

Traditional bifocals only enable the wearer to see across the room and to see up close. Instead of providing only two lens power, no-line bifocals (or progressive lenses) are true multifocal lenses, enabling the wearer to see at all distances. With a pair of such glasses, you don’t have to turn around your head or adopt uncomfortable postures so as to see something more clearly.

No-line Bifocals Are Free of “Image Jump”

Traditional bifocals wearers tend to complain that they suffer from “image jump” the power of the lenses change so drastically that images appeared to jump when shifting from distance to near viewing. Some users of conventional bifocals complain about “image jump”. However, no-line bifocals will eliminate this problem by providing a smoother transition.

No-line Bifocals Are Compatible with All Frames and All Wearers

Since people are susceptible to presbyopia as they become aged, it is imperative for them to have a pair of progressive lenses in order to see better in their senior years. Besides, these no-line bifocals are compatible with smaller frames, hence, suitable for those who have small faces or who want a smaller, stylish frame. The newly designed no-line bifocals are made with better materials, which ensure long-hour wear without uncomfortable feelings.

From my above introduction, I suppose that you’ve already known the differences between traditional bifocals and no-line bifocals. If you wanna shop for no-line bifocals to conceal your age, you might as well come to our website and I’m sure you’ll be deeply impressed.

As the high development of technology, people’s life becomes more and more colorful and beautiful. In order to follow the trend of fashion, more and more people would like to make a pair of eyeglasses. There are different types of eyeglasses for customer chooses, you can choose them freely. People who wear eyeglasses with different areas are bifocal readers. Today, we mainly talk about bifocal eyeglasses for bifocal readers.

First, we have to know how to measure the bifocal eyeglasses in order to make a pair of suitable and proper eyeglasses for bifocal readers. The measurement for a pair of bifocal eyeglasses include far papillary, near pupillary and the high degree of lenses. The measurement of papillary is similar with the normal single vision eyeglasses, if you want to know how to measure the high degree of lenses, you can read the following passage in detail.

You have to choose a pair of eyeglasses frames for bifocal readers, then make adjustment to wear it on customer’s faces. The degree of anteversion is about 8 to 15. The distance between eyes and eyeglasses are 12 mm, and it must adjust your faces. The optometrist must sit face to face; their eyes must keep in the same level in order to make a pair of suitable and comfortable eyeglasses for eyewear. The customer looking the nose center of optometrist, then use the oil pen to drawn the horizontal line around the customer’s eye pupil center under the eyelids. Then put down the eyeglasses frames to measure the horizontal line to the inside of lenses of vertical distance on eyeglasses of right and left eye. The optometrist must ask the purpose of customer to make a pair of eyeglasses. If the customer uses the eyeglasses to see far, it is mean that the H is the top degree of eyeglasses. If the measurement of the high degree of lenses is different from the left and right eye, we have to take an eye exam to know the customer’s eyeglasses level. We have to carefully to make a pair of eyeglasses for bifocal readers.

Then, we have to know how to make a pair of bifocal eyeglasses to bifocal readers. We have to determine the level of processing on baseline to make a pair of bifocal eyeglasses. According to the height of the lenses to determine the vertical position of lenses and the vertex distance and near PD to locate the position of lenses. We have to know all of these factors carefully before we make a pair of bifocal eyeglasses. There are two kinds of bifocal eyeglasses for bifocal readers choose. One of them is Round Segment. This lens also gets its name from its shape. The reading power is in the bottom of the lens. This type of multifocal provides limited areas of near vision. The widest portion of the segment is either 22 or 24 mm.

Another kind of bifocal eyeglasses is Flat-Top Trifocal. A trifocal has three powers: for distance, near, and intermediate.  Just like the flat-top bifocal, this lens segment is flat on top. The most common flat-top trifocals are:  FT28 mm (7×28 mm) and FT 35 mm (8×35 mm). Again, the 28 and 35 indicate the widest portion of the segment, in millimeters, while the 7 and 8 represent the depth of the intermediate segment in millimeters.

Both of there bifocal eyeglasses are suit for bifocal readers. You can choose a pair of bifocal eyeglasses with my suggestions. It is good for you choose a pair of suitable and comfortable eyeglasses.

As we know, when people are in their middle age, they will have many vision problems which can not be ignored. They can not see thing clearly with such blurred vision. Without the help of visual aids, reading books and newspapers will be very tough for them. Mostly they are suffering presbyopia. However, wearing a pair of bifocal readers can help them out.

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  • Memory Plastic Eyeglasses

  • Metal Eyeglasses

As we know, it is troublesome to change glasses for those people who have vision problems. As a matter of fact, the bifocal readers are just particularly made for them. The first pair was made by Ben Franklin. He suffered from both nearsightedness as well as presbyopia, devised bifocals in 1784 to obviate having to frequently switch betwixt 2 sets of glasses. The original lenses designed for repairing astigmatism were distributed by the British stargazer George Airy in the year 1825.

When it comes to the differences of the bifocal readers and the regular ones, they lie in two parts. The upper part is to view distant things and the other lower one is used to read. In addition to help correct vision problem, the bifocal readers are helpful to avoid getting two pairs of glasses. That is to say, now it is not necessary for you to take two pairs. The glasses combine the function of two pair. So we can see it is rather convenient to the wearers.

In short, wearing a pair of bifocal readers can help senior aged people who are suffering from vision problems see things more clearly.

I think most of people do not know the meaning of progressive eyeglasses online. People who have suffered from presbyopia need a pair of progressive eyeglasses. If you do not know the information about progressive eyeglasses, it is hard for you buy a pair of suitable eyeglasses solves your eye problem. It is time for you know about progressive eyeglasses.

In fact, most of people who have got the age of 40 needs a pair of progressive eyeglasses online help them see things clearly. When they read printing materials, they need to put them in an arm’s distance to watch them clearly. That is called presbyopia. With the age growing old, almost everyone has such vision problem. Presbyopic people will feel troublesome to switch two pairs of eyeglasses when you change your vision distance from the near to the distant. Two pairs of prescription eyeglasses will cause inconvenience. Thanks to the development of our technology, today’s presbyopic patients are lucky enough to have progressive eyeglasses.

Progressive eyeglasses online can solve the problem of multi-focal eye problems. The other two categories are bifocals and trifocals. Bifocal eyeglasses mean the lenses have two different powers in a single lens, while trifocal eyeglasses have three powers in a lens. However, progressive lenses provide a more natural correction of presbyopia than bifocal or trifocal prescription eyeglasses. Instead of providing just two or three lens powers like bifocals or trifocals, progressive lenses are true “multifocal” lenses that provide a seamless progression of many lens powers for all viewing distances. As a result, sometimes progressive lenses are also called “no-line bifocals”. With progressive lenses, you can look up to see clearly across the room and in the distance. You can also look ahead to view your computer in the intermediate zone. In addition, you can drop your gaze downward to read and do fine work comfortably.

The benefits of progressive eyeglasses online are variously. One of these advantages is the ability to eliminate an annoying problem caused by bifocal and trifocal lenses known as “image jump.” With conventional bifocals and trifocals, when your eyes move look though the sharply defined borderline between the near and distance parts of the lens you would find that images seem to “jump”. With the help of progressive lenses, you would find the transition between the different lens powers become smooth and seamless, letting you change focus from distance to near and back again more comfortably.

Most of people suit for the progressive eyeglasses online. You can have lots of choices on progressive eyeglasses lenses. After you read this article, it is easily for you buy a pair of progressive eyeglasses online.


As we all known that presbyopia is for people who are in middle ages. Generally speaking, it can only happened among these people above 40 ages. But do you know the reason why it will happen in this period of people. As the research reported that it is because that as the increasing of the ages, our eyes do not adapt for the lenses. To have a definition of the bifocals with a line, Bifocals are created by molding a reading segment into a primary lens and are available with the reading segments in a variety of shapes and sizes which offer convenience to help people see at multiple distances without taking their glasses on and off constantly. Those glasses have only two ranges of vision — near and far — with a distance zone established in the upper portion of the lens, and the lower zone enabling near vision tasks such as reading located on the bottom half of the lens. The zones are separated by a noticeable line.

In recent years, there is a big limitation on choosing the frames and lenses for people who have donned bifocals with a line. Years ago, glasses in which contained bifocal lenses have been nearly the sole option obtainable. Over the years, no-line contact lenses have been created, as well as glasses grew to become much more appealing. This was a very defined time with regard to bifocal a static correction lenses, while they looked a lot better than they actually would before – removing the particular heavy and unattractive physical appearance we were holding well known for.

As the fast going of technology, there is a big choice for people who have bifocals with a line on the lenses. They are gaining in popularity, while they provide those who wear bifocal glasses a very appealing substitute for putting on heavy glasses. They are very affordable as well – which makes them a more popular selection on earth of corrective lenses.

You may not realize that it is bad for you to wear contact lenses all day. With cup lenses, every independent contact lens provides a selection of focus changes, 1 for range and another if you are close-up on one thing. Together with bifocals with a line contact lens, equally with the changes tend to be integrated. You can find various producers in which generate various kinds of bifocal contacts, that means that it may take you some study and playing to get which sort works the particular good for you.

The retailers of bifocals with a line have offered most of distinctive lenses for customers. Much like concentric groups, there are two changes – one in the centre one other round the exterior. Those two changes in the contact lens are very unique, with a sharp line together. Although they may sound hard to use, a lot of people locate that they’re effortless make use of along with a little bit of training.

We know there are various kinds of bifocal glasses types with different functions. Though they are all bifocal glasses, there exist many differences between them. So before you purchase bifocal glasses, you should make a clear awareness of the types of bifocal glasses.

For many senior citizens, the bifocal glasses are needed urgently. Usually, the single vision eyeglasses are enough for them. However, bifocal glasses can always reduce eye strain in early stages. Customers should make a consultation with an optometrist before choosing suitable bifocal glasses types, because there are various styles of bifocals available, but they have many differences.

Usually, the nearsightedness and farsightedness are the most common vision problems. In most cases, people with vision problem suffer from either nearsightedness or farsightedness. Meanwhile, most prescription glasses are designed to correct only one type of refractive error. But for some eyeglasses wearers, they have the above problems both. Obviously this kind of prescription glasses can’t meet their demands.

As for the bifocal glasses, the lower portion is for closer objects and the upper part for distance vision. The reason for this design is that people always put their heads slightly down when they try to read and write. However, customers will always get unsatisfied if they expect bifocal glasses types to deal with all situations. When it comes to computer use, the common bifocal design is not suitable, because the computer monitor is directly in front of the lenses. So choosing a pair of right glasses is very important. Before we make the decision, we should have a clear sense.

It is very easy to go shopping online in these days. And a large number of people like to purchase from online stores. Commodities like clothes, books and even food can be bought. It is really convenient for computer users and there are many kinds of well-reputation online shops. For me, I have been a regular customer to these shops. From my point of view, I have gained benefits from them.

When I was a student in university, I need to prepare for many exams. In order to pass them, I will spend more time on it. And I also need to buy some reference books. Although there are some book stores around our school, they are too expensive and can’t be given discount. So, I decide to buy them online. Actually, many of my classmates have the experience of shopping online. With the help of them, I get my needed books and save me half of money.

So far, my experiences of buying products online have been richer and richer. Since I hear that my classmates have bought several pairs of eyeglasses online, and they are satisfied with them, I decide to have a try as well. I wear bifocal glasses, and I am told that there are some points that I need to pay attention to when buying online bifocals.

As these bifocal lenses have the exact prescription, eyewear users must be sure that getting them accurate. Both wearers and retailers may at risk of getting inaccurate prescription. Thus, it is import to find the stores with good reputation. Although saving money is one of the advantages of buying online bifocals, we should think twice before actions.

Why do you need to wear your glasses? The reason is to ensure you to see clearly or to work as a fashionable accessory. And have you ever had the experience of spending much time selecting eyeglasses? Moreover, they are sold at expensive prices. You are hesitated to buy it or not. If you are told that you can get a pair of glasses that deal with the feature of high quality and reasonable prices, do you feel surprised? You should never feel surprised. During the period of Christmas day, there are many online optical stores that provide glasses at discount prices. Of them, promotion about bifocal glasses is in the majority. 

Now, buying eyeglasses from the online optical stores is becoming more and more popular. To some degree, they have many advantages over the local optical shops. Their prices obviously stick out. Make your time to browse through this information. Are you attracted by them? Indeed, there are lots of promotion activities during the holidays and festivals. Seeing is believing. Only you have seized the opportunity can you trust them. Almost each store has high-qualified bifocal glasses. It is reasonable that someone may worry about the quality. Once you have seen the frequent buyers of online optical stores, you will rest assured. 

With the evolution of lenses in modern time, there are more advanced bifocal glasses for eyewear users to choose such as progressive bifocal glasses. These glasses are easier for them to adapt to a new focus. Both of the two kinds of glasses can be found at the online stores. During the promotion, the prices will be much cheaper than before. 

It is a golden opportunity. Choose one pair if you need to wear bifocal glasses or other eyeglasses.

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