A Comparison between Progressive Glasses and Bifocal Glasses

Progressive glasses or bifocal glasses are two categories of eye wears are needed to be considered with the growth of our ages and the emergence of hyperopia. Probably, you may get much relative information about them before getting them, from the eye doctor or optometrist, however, here are some important points that you should know or aware for these two alternatives!

Many people may have the idea that they can make the switch easily to get used to progressive lenses, that’s true for few guys, but for your most, not everyone feel it is a good choice for them to start. As you know there are three key areas in a progressive lens, these three areas have their own prescriptions, the top one is designed for distance vision, and the prescription is the lowest, it may be just the same as your single vision Rx eye wears; while the middle part is the transition area, the Rx is decreasing from up to down gradually, and that is how the name come from; then the lowest portion is used for reading, and the Rx is the strongest.

There are no lines in such lenses, and the area part is the most difficult part for people to get used to, so, if this is your first time to choose them, you can select a larger frame, as this will allow you have more room to switch your focal points! Probably, you may don’t love the large appearance.

Not like progressives, there is a line in a bifocal lens, and it marks the top of the reading area. To some extent, bifocal lenses are almost a cross between single vision and progressive ones as there are only two parts in such a lens. And when you order these bifocal eyeglasses, the doctor may ask you to blank your Rx with “add power”, as the reading part prescription is determined by it! And they are more suitable for people who need to read, write a lot or do much work at computers, what’s more, they are also easily to get used to than progressives!

So, it depends on you to choose either of the progressive glasses or bifocal eyeglasses, since they both have their own advantages! And I suggest you can choose online sites when you need to buy them, as the price is much cheaper, and the vendors also can guarantee you the same quality, among many websites.


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