Q: Does the new treatment for macular degeneration really work?

Have you heard about the new treatment for macular generation? Does it really work? Any ideas?
A: I heard that the best treatment for macular degeneration available on the market is anti-VEGF which is a kind of antidoby. Usually doctors will inject this kind of antibody directly into the patients’ eyes. And patients need to visit the doctor for a new injection every 4-8 weeks. Learn more answers.

Q: can stress cause macular degeneration?
I Just want to know if stress cause macular degeneration? Is there anything that i can do to prevent macular degeneration?
A: The causes of macular degeneration can be divided as genetically inherited and environmental factors. The genetically inherited causes include age, pigmentation, sleep apnea and so on. And environmental factors include medications, high degrees of myopia, stress and so on. There is no preventive medications for macular degeneration, while, have a regular prompt examination to find it earlier. Learn more answers.


Q: Can alcohol cause macular degeneration?

can taking alcohol increase the risk of macular degeneration? How?
A: Well, yes, taking alcohol can be bad for your eyes. And in some cases, it will just increase the risk of getting macular degeneration. According to some experts, drinking is damaging to the blood supply, and increases your blood pressure which is a risk factor for macular degeneration. And that can be dangerous when you have macular degeneration, for it can be related with vision loss. And there are many home remedies to prevent the macular degeneration. Maybe you can have a try. For example, you can eat more fish, such as catfish, eggs, and cod liver oil. Also, vitamin d which has anti-inflammatory properties and inflammation has played a big part in macular degeneration. Anyway, just be careful about your eyes. Learn more answers.

Q: What kind of sunglass would help to protect eyes?

I am having trouble choosing a right pair of sunglasses. I am looking for a pair of sunglasses that could help to protect my eyes. I hear that polarized sunglasses would help, is that true?
A: yes ,polarized sunglasses is a good choice .they r better than regular ones . They can help reduce reflected glare from the water ,the windows ,the ground etc and give you a much clearer view . They are also 100% protection of UVA and UVB. Learn more answers.

Q: What kind of sunglass would help to protect eyes?
I am having trouble choosing a right sunglass. I am looking for a sunglass that could help to protect my eyes. I hear that polarized sunglass would help, is that true?
A: Go to your nearby sunglasses stores to see if they have them .It may be not difficult to find .OR you can search it online .I have seen some stores selling sunglasses accessories have such things . Here is a link http://www.tailiglassesparts.com/eyeglass_nose_pads.html . hope this can help ! Learn more answers.

Q: What glasses can be used to protect eyes from fluorescent lights?
What glasses can be used to protect eyes from fluorescent lights? i am quite sensitive to light.
A: If you are sensitive to light, you can buy transition glasses, also called photochromic glasses. The transition glasses can react to sunshine and adjust to dark lenses automatically in sun and fade away when you out of the condition. But the glasses may need some times to react. If you very sensitive to light, you can carry a pair of sunglasses at anytime and anywhere so as to shield your eyes whenever you need. Learn more answers.

Q: Do your eyes lose focus when you are relaxed?
Why does my vision lose focus when I am relaxed? I have some vision problems. Do vision problems lead to this?
A: Once, one of my colleagues told me that he couldn’t know where my vision focuses. It was just like I was trying to avoid eye contact or something else or I was just absentminded. I have to admit that I didn’t know what I wanted and what I wanted to do in that period. In other words, I lived with confusion. I didn’t want to see anything and I didn’t want to listen patiently. But after I find what I want to pursue in my life, there is nobody told me that words again. Learn more answers.

Q: Eyes can’t focus after lasik?Really?
Is it true that eyes can’t focus after lasik?What causes that?
A: It is hard to see. If you can’t focus after the surgery, it may caused by some lasik surgery complications or side effects. In some serious cases, it may caused by overcorrection or undercorrection for the eyes. That is to say, you got a unsuccessful lasik eye surgery. So far, most of patient who take the surgery may suffered from glare, seeing halos around images, fluctuating vision and dry eyes etc. If you can’t focus over 48 hours, you must consult your surgeon. Learn more answers.

Q: What causes eye focusing problems?
Is it a serious problem if I can’ t focus my eyes sometimes? What kind of problems can lead to this situation?
A: Focusing problems are the most common eye disorder. And people may suffer from focusing problems from different factors. Generally, myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism and presbyopia are the most common refractive errors that cause people difficult to focus target subjects. So, it is hard to see what the problems on your eyes are. You shall take a complete eye exam so as to know what the causes. So, just talk to an eye doctor. Learn more answers.

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