Q: Why the doctors who perform lasik surgery still wear glasses?
if lasik surgery is so effective, Why don’t they get it done too?.

A: They just don’t want to take any risk of lasik surgery complications. For the Opthamologists, eyes are more important than any part of their body, they care much of their eyes, any complications would let him/her lose the job/ career. That is why they still wear glasses.  Learn more answers

Q: Do you know if you get lasik surgery you will be guaranteed to need reading glasses in your early 40′s. Where?
if you did not have the surgery you would not need reading glasses. This is a pretty huge drawback to me, that i did not discover for a long time. Don’t you think they should need make that more public in their advertising or message? I think needing reading glasses is just as bad as needing my glasses for distance, don’t you?

A: Most people will need reading glasses when they age 40s whether they get lasik surgery or not . There is a misleading that if you are nearsightedness , you will not need reading glasses when you age . It is not true .Nearsightedness will not prevent this from happening . But it can balance out the strength of your prescription glasses .For an example , if your nearsightedness is -500 ,your presbyopia is +200, then you only need prescription glasses of -300 to see things far away .  Learn more answers.

Q: Will i need reading glasses for presbyopia after lasik surgery?
If I get lasik surgery for nearsighted, will i still need reading glasses for presbyopia when i get old?

A: That depends on your own condition. People who are under 40 with no other eye problems are unlikely to need reading glasses after they have lasik surgery for distant vision. While people who are over 40 are likely to need reading glasses several years after they have lasik surgery for distant vision. However, before you have lasik surgery, you should talk to your surgeon about the possibilities of getting reading glasses for presbyopia.    Learn more answers.


Q: How can I align eyeglass frames?
One side of my prescription glasses is a little higher than the other after I wear them for several months. Is there any way to align my eyeglass frames?

A: If your eyeglasses frames are made of plastic, you can soak the eyeglasses in warm water for about 30 minutes to soften the frames so that the frame is pliable. Then, you can dry the eyeglasses with a towel and them adjust the glasses to make them align. Then, clean the eyeglasses again in cases there are fingerprint on your glasses lenses. But if your eyeglasses frames made of metal, you need to prepare tools to loose the screw so as to adjust the frames. You’d better have an optician to do it since it is complicated.  Learn more answers

Q: How to pick the right eyeglass frames for your face?
I want to buy a pair of fashionable plano glasses, but I don’ t know what kind of frames should I choose. How to pick the right eyeglass frames for your face?

A: The most direct way is to wearing them and see which pair is better on your face. You can also search some new information on internet about the fashion trend today. Most people today prefer bigger lenses of glasses, with simple style. Normally people would choose frames according to their age, gender, eyes, eyebrows and face shape. It is more proper for big eyes people to wear big glasses, which is also propriate for big face. For long face, round frames are better and for girls, plastic material frames are better for its light weight. Nowadays, most people prefer bigger frames to make their face look smaller and more fashionable. I like this style too. You can try more to find the style which is most appropriate for you.  Learn more answers.

Q: Where can I get eyeglass frames without nose pads

A: You can get eyeglasses frames without nose pads at almost every glasses shop who sell eyeglasses. Generally speaking, most of plastic material based eyeglasses frames are made without nose pads, while metal eyeglasses frames are often made with nose pads. So, if you want to get eyeglasses frames without nose pads, just pick up one from plastic eyeglasses frames. Good luck.   Learn more answers.


Q: Can i buy new eyeglasses just by giving my current lenses for them to copy?
I have lost my prescription the doctor gave to me, and now i need get new glasses. Can i buy new eyeglasses just by giving my current lenses for them to copy?

A: Maybe. Some of the small glasses stores are unable to copy the prescription from your current lenses. You may take your current lenses to some big chain stores where they will use special machine to read the prescription from your current lenses and then they will have your new glasses made according to the prescription. If you can’t find a big chain store in your local place, you’s better have an eye exam again at any optical store to get your prescription.  Learn more answers .

Q: Eye hurt after looking on the computer with new glasses?
I just got my new glasses a day ago and whenever i look at my computer it kinda blurrs and my eyes start to hurt…… Is something wrong???

A: If your eyes get hurt and blur whenever you look at your computer with your new glasses on, it might be something wrong with your prescription. You should go back to your optometrist and let them explain this to you.   Learn more answers.

Q: Any tips on how to get used to my new glasses quickly?
I just got my new glasses several days ago. But I have trouble getting used to the new glasses. I always feel uncomfortable when wearing them. Can you give me some suggestions on how to get used to my new glasses quickly?

A: Make sure you get the right glasses. If they can fit you properly, you can wear them all the time in order to get used to them very quickly. If you feel rather uncomfortable when wearing them all the time, you can wear them for a short time at the beginning and then increase the amount of time of wearing them little by little afterwards, which will help you get used to them dradually.  Learn more answers.

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