Frameless Eyeglasses

Q: Are frameless eyeglasses still in fashion?
I have found that many people wear the frame glasses and seldom people wear frameless glasses.Are the frameless eyeglasses out of fashion?

A: It depends on personal preference. Some people prefer wearing the frameless eyeglasses, while other people like wearing framed glasses. However, the frameless glasses are still in fashin. There are many people choosing to wear the frameless glasses. Learn more answers

Q: What is the best brand of frameless eyeglass frames for men?
I have heard that frameless glasses frames can get broken easily. What is the best brand of frameless eyeglass frames for men?

A: The most famous brand is Silhouette from Austria, you can buy them on the internet. It is true that frameless glasses can get broken easily. But if you take good care of them, it may not gonna happened. I can give you some tips. Firstly, don’t use just one hand when taking off or take on them. put them in the box if you intend to not to use them. Secondly, use soft cloth not something hard to clean them. Thirdly, check them offer, if the screw are loose, take them to the shop and let shop assistant help you to repair it. What is more, far away palaces with high temperature like stove, and never wear them when you are take a bath, especially sauna. hope my answer can help you.   Learn more answers.

Q: Can i get frameless glasses at Walmart?
Is there anyone who has bought eyeglasses from Walmart? Do they provide frameless glasses? Are they good? Any suggestions?

A: Yes, walmart can provide frameless glasses, the quality of which is good. Compared with other brand of glasses, the price of walmart and after-sale service are suitable and good. If you decide to buy it, I recommand you to buy it from its online shops, because you can enjoy a cheaper price and more convenience. Learn more answers.


Q: Who started the chic nerd glasses trend?
I think the nerd glasses make people look like old granny but I still find many people wear nerd glasses. Can any tell me who started the nerd glasses trend?

A: Nerd glasses are considered as one of an typical retro vintage style glasses. Although once a time nerd glasses were considered as old fashion glasses. But in recent years, with the back to fashion of retro vintage eyeglasses, nerd glasses become fashion again. Though i don’t who and why these eyeglasses back to fashion again, it is the trend of fashion right now. So, want to enjoy retro vintage fashion, nerd glasses are nice choices.  Learn more answers

Q:Where can i get nerd glasses in Phoenix?

i really like those big nerd glasses where can i find them in Phoenix and how much do they usually go for?

A: If you want to get nerd glasses in Phoenix, you can go to Sears Optical to have a look at 10101 N Wolfe Rd Cupertino, CA 95014. Here is the web site of this optical store and you can go to see whether they have the nerd glasses you like. Try this: What’s more, I have got some reviews about this local optical store. One of them is as follows: I went here because of the buy two pairs of glasses for $89.00 each. I knew I had to pay more if I wanted to have thin lenses. I have a high index prescription and do not want all of lenses to be coke-bottle-bottoms. I found two frames and sat down with an employee right away. My eyes were measured and my prescription was copied. In less than 20 minutes I had chosen my frames and paid for the entire bill. I came back 10 days later and fitted into two pairs of new glasses. Great service and a decent price for high index lenses and frames. The amount I spent at Sears for two pairs of glasses is about the same for a pair of glasses at Costco (where I purchased my last pair). You can try this link: where you will get more reviews about this local optical store and you will know where it is a good place to get your nerd glasses.   Learn more answers.

Q: Do you think nerd glasses are cool on men?
i am trying to work out what is so cool about those big nerdy glasses. i think they are quite stupid looking on myself

A: Absolutely yes. nerd glasses are no longer stupid. Do you know nerd glasses are so that hot among men and women? For men, nerdy eyeglasses are the very fashion item to flatter men’s face. For example, our music star Justin Timberlake has shows his amazing look while wearing prescription nerd glasses. It is true that nerd glasses especially black nerd glasses have become a must-have for men who have sensitive fashion taste. Maybe you can have a try. They will surprise you.   Learn more answers.


Q:Are hard contacts bad for your eyes ?
It seems there is a small group of people who choose hard contact lenses. Why? Are hard contact lenses bad for the eyes?

A: A contact lens, or simply contact, is a lens placed on the eye. They are medical devices used to correct vision, for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. Hard contact lenses are generally known as semi-rigid gas permeables and they are now made of plastic-like material, while soft lenses are made of plastic-like material but their flexibility is rather like Sarin wrap used on foods. The most bad effect on wearing hard contact lenses is uncomfortable and no air is allowed to passage. In addition, blink more is also required to keep eye moisten and comfortable. Plus, hard contact lenses make eyes run tears easily.   Learn more answers

Q: Soft contacts vs hard contacts,which is better?
I am going to get some contacts and I heard that hard contacts can improve your vision by a little. I need to wear them mostly the whole day. So which one is better for me?

A: The advantage of soft contact lenses is comfort. The function of more powerful to lock water can make you feel comfortable in long-term wearing, therefore, it fit to many people. The advantages of hard contact lenses is oxygen permeability, because eyes need to rely on oxygen and water to have metabolism, so an adequate supply of oxygen is the basic element to keep eyes healthy. The lenses of hard contact is forming good, it can use for a long time and also easier to maintenance. You can choose the suitable contact according to your own situation  Learn more answers.

Q: How long does it take to get used to hard lens?
I have an astigmatism and Keratoconus, and I can only wear them for one hour and have to take them off for a break over the past 3 days

A: It depends on the person. It usually takes several days to 2 weeks to get used to hard lens. If you can only wear them for one hour a time, you can increase your wearing time by 15 or 30 minutes per day. Then you can get used to them soon.    Learn more answers.

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