Q: How to improve vision without glasses or contacts?
I am nearsighted. But i don’t want to buy wear eyeglasses, neither contact lenses. Is there other way that can improve vision?
A: Uh, it is true that many people are not suitable to wear glasses. Because people choose glasses based on their own skin color and face shape, however, most people cannot find a beautiful pair in whole life. So do operation is the first measure to avoid wearing glasses. But it is still bad for eye health. I think the best way is to look something far away and have a rest. Eating much fresh fruits and vegetables to increase VitaminC  Learn more answers

Q: How to improve my vision in football?
I like play football. But i have bad vision. Any idea? How to improve my vision in football?

A: You know one of the ways of vision improving is doing more exercise of your physical body. Playing football itself will improve the blood circulation system within your whole body as well as your eyes. It is very good to help with your eyes health. As for the convenience of your vision aid, you can wear contact lens when you playing football. They are light and tiny and available, it will not bring any burden on your face when you doing strenuous sports. However, please prevent the dirty and sweats get into your eyes when you wearing it. The virus will lead the inflammation in your cornea especially when you wearing contacts.   Learn more answers.

Q:Does playing video games really improve our vision ?
Recently, some people say that playing video games is helpful for our vision. is that true. i think playing video games is bad for our vision in the past.

A: Yes, new study shows that playing video games can improve your vision. According to the expert, first-person action games helped to improve their spatial resolution and that means it can improve their ability to clearly see small, closely packed together objects, such as letters. And the expert also says that these games push the human visual system to the limits and the brain adapts to it. In other words, it does improve your vision in this way. But on the other hand, you should not play video games in a long time and make sure that your eyes have a good rest.  Learn more answers.

Q: Can laser eye surgery improve my vision if I have lazy eyes?
My right eye is always blurry and my left is perfect. My doctor said I have a lazy eye. I

am only 15 and I wonder can I have laser eye surgery to improve my vision?

A: Laser eye surgery may help people with lazy eyes see better, but it can’t be used to

cure your lazy eyes. Because Laser eye surgery can only correct your vision to the state

that glasses or contacts can do. And glasses or contacts cannot correct lazy eye to

20/20 vision. You’d better talk with your doctor what your problem is and the doctor

will find out the way to treat your lazy eye.  Learn more answers

Q: Are laser eye surgery for astigmatism effective?
I have heard that astigmatism can be cured by laser eye surgery, is that effective? If

someone has experienced it, can you share me some experience?

A: Astigmatism is a common vision problems to eyes. They can be corrected by wearing

eyeglasses or contact lenses. Now, It is may also cured with laser eye surgery. In a laser

eye surgery, a flap is made in the outer layer of the cornea to access the tissues of the

cornea. It is said that Lasik surgery now is the safest technique for correction of

astigmatism. Take Lasik surgery, it can help reshapes cornea’s stroma layer to correct its

refractive ability to allow light to focus on the retina properly. So, if you want to treat

your astigmatism, you can try Lasik eye surgery.   Learn more answers.

Q: How long does it take to recover after laser eye surgery?
I was suggested to get an laser eye surgery. Should i go? How long does it take to

completely recover from the laser eye surgery?

A: About how long you will get complete recovery from the laser eye surgery, the

question is different based on the different people’s constitution and different people’s

original myopia’s degree. However, if you protect the eyes under the suggestions from

the doctors during that time, you will get the complete recovery after three months. One

month will make you get the basic recovery. Myopic eye laser surgery is often said as

the quasi molecular laser surgery, with accurate molecular laser corneal flap based on

the substrate layer phototropism cutting. By reducing the pupil corneal curvature to get

the purpose of correcting myopia, this technology could make people own the bright

vision in the safe and effective way. However, before you do the surgery, you will have

to do the examination of whether you are suitable to do such surgery. You should

protect the eyes carefully by not using the eyes too much, not sit in front of the

computers or tv and so on.    Learn more answers.

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