Q: How to spot fake oliver peoples sunglasses?
There are many fake sunglasses and how to spot fake oliver peoples sunglasses on the market. What can i do to identify fake ones? Any good idea?

A: There must be some fake oliver peoples sunglasses in the market. However, their manual work will not be so delicate as the real ones. You can observe from the careful observation and direct touch with your hands. In addition, you can wear them to feel the direct comfortable sex. Besides these, you could check its brand to see whether it is printed well.  Learn more answers.

Q: How to judge whether cartier glasses are real or fake?
I plan to buy cartier eyeglasses. Here, i am ask some ideas how to judge whether cartier glasses are real or fake?

A: Well, actually, you should confirm that you get them at a relatively higher price, because Cartier glasses are usually expensive than other brands. Also, you should contact the after sales service to see if your glasses are fake or not. Typically, Cartier glasses are stronger than other glasses, and their surface is well designed, and the craft is sophisticated. So, if you pay more attention to these aspects, you can have higher possibility that you can buy real branded glasses.   Learn more answers.

Q: How to tell if guess sunglasses are real or fake?
Have you heard guess sunglasses? Do you have any idea how to judge real or fake guess sunglasses?

A:  I can recommend you some methods to guess whether the sunglasses are real or fake. First, you can see the plating, paint coating, polishing of sheet metal surface and color of the surface, the real sunglasses are uniform, and have no obvious blemishes, spots and scratches. Second, see printing, laser and engraving on the lenses and mirror legs, whether they are smooth, easy to identify, and not easy to fall off. Third, see the color, whether the colors are bilateral symmetry. Fourth, you can hold the feet of the sunglasses and face the fluorescent light, let the reflective strip of the lenses move slowly, the fluorescent film will not appear wavy, distorted shape. Finally, you should check whether the sunglasses have complete packaging, tag or product code and instructions. . Learn more answers.

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