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Q: What are best eye supplements for smokers?
I know that smoking is harmful to health including eyes. But i just can’t control it. Can you tell me what are best eye supplements for smokers? I don’t want to ruin my eyes because of smoking.

A: Smoking is very bad for people. It damages our lungs and respiratory system. The number one choice is to quite. Smoking can elevate blood pressure, which make it easier to get diabetes and hypotension and finally result in eye conditions. In your diet, you should take more fruits and vegetables which are rich in various vitamins and other miners beneficial to human health. Besides, there are some supplements that smokers should intake to reduce damages from smoking. Because smoking depletes vitamins in body, so smokers should take multivitamins as nutrition supplement, including vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, calcium, zinc and antioxidant coenzyme Q10. Many of these vitamins and miners we could get from healthy diet, for example, fruits and vegetables, oats, eggs and so on. It is just a kind suggestion you can take into consideration, the most effective way is to quit smoking. Find more answers.

Q: What are the best supplements for twitching eye?
In recent days, my eyes are always twitching. Can you tell me some good supplements that can help twitching eye? Thanks

A: Eye twitching could be seen as a sign of health problems, such as epilepsy, or overworking, or just some infections with your eyes. So once got it, you should try to figure out what led to your problem and take follow up steps to conquer the problem in time. It might be resulted from a lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B and A, so you have to get some vitamin pills. Try to get a balanced diet. Learn more answers.

Q:  What are good home remedies to reduce eye strain?

My eyes are strained. Can you tell me some good home remedies to reduce it?

A: Well, it seems that your eyes have got some problems. So, as a matter of fact, an eye strain could give rise to some uncomfortable feelings which could be really annoying. So, you should know that eye strain is resulted from overuse of eyes, a lack of sleep, or long time exposure to harmful lights such as TV set or computer screen. Anyway, what I recommend is a warm compressor , more sleep, a healthier diet and some eye drops. See more answers.

Q: What are good home remedies for eye wrinkles ?

The wrinkles around eyes are so boring. Can you tell me some good home remedies to reduce it? Please help.

A: There are many different home remedies that can help reduce eyes wrinkles. Because the area around eyes is sensitive, it is advisable to first check on a small area. We can use vitamin E to help reduce eye wrinkle. Before going to bed every night, you can squeeze the liquid out of the vitamin E capsule and smear it on the wrinkles. Also, lemon juice can do help to remove the wrinkles around eyes. Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply around your wrinkle twice a day. See more answers.

Q: Does anyone know home remedies for an eye infection?
I get eye infections. Are there any good home remedies to help me? Please help

A: Well, generally speaking, eye infection is normal for many people, and it happens frequently. First, you should know that eye infection is caused by bacteria, viruses or environmental agents, such as pollens and other irritants. So in other words, we can say that irritants lead to eye infection. And when it happens, it can make your eyes feel itchy, red, burred. So you should be careful about it. To treat your symptom, you can just take some measures to find out the direct infection cause. Also, just going to have an eye exam will be considerable. Also, you can put some tea bags on your eyes. As we know that tea bags contain a high concentration of the chemical epigallocatechin gallate, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that can relieve your symptom. Anyway, you can have a try. See more answers.

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