1.    Q : Are mirrored sunglasses in fashion in 2012?
I know mirrored sunglasses are not some fresh products. But i like it. I plan to buy new mirrored sunglasses. Are mirrored sunglasses still in style in 2012?

A: Well, in fact, I do love mirrored sunglasses, because it looks so cool when someone wears it. Actually, mirrored sunglasses are never out of fashion, it’s very classic. So you can buy a pair of new mirrored sunglasses in 2012. And there are a lot of fabulous brands for mirrored sunglasses, such as Ray-Ban which is famous for mirrored sunglasses, Gucci and Prosun, etc. I am sure you will look very fashionable with mirrored sunglasses. See more answers.

2.    Q: Are big sunglasses still in style in 2012?
i have a pair of big sunglasses bought last year. Are they still in style in 2012?

A: Of course it is still in style in 2012. The oversize sunglasses are very elegant and fashion to wear. The super model Miranda Kerr also wears big sunglasses. It is fashion and it can easily match your most kinds of clothes. You may still remember Audrey Hepburn wearing big glasses in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Roman Holiday”. So the oversized sunglasses is the symbol of elegance and fashion.See more answers.

3.    Q: re ray ban wayfarer sunglasses still in fashion 2012?
How do you think of ray ban wayfarers? Are they still in style in 2012?

A: Yes, they will still be in fashion in 2012. As we know that the Ray-Ban Wayfarer are famous for their special function and advantages. In other words, they profited from the advantages of the synthetic frames and created a bridge between the previously standard metal frames made from extra thin metal and the following era of thick plastic frames. The design of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer was radical for the time and it’s totally a new non-verbal language. The nonconformist design is especially attractive to creative free thinkers. So maybe you also can have a try. See more answers.

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