When it comes to photochromic sunglasses, as we know, this sort of shades are widely considered as an advanced type in the shades field. Although there are some benefits brought by photochromic sunglasses for many wearers nowadays, some disadvantages of this kind cannot be ignored anyway. Well, this article will tell you the pros and cons of photochromic sunglasses in details, and then you can get more information about them.

·The pros of photochromic sunglasses
In term of the advantages of photochromic sunglasses, due to their advanced functionality, the lenses of the shades which are created by embedding microcrystalline silver halides or molecules in a glass substrate have been widely praised and applied for sports players like cyclists. Generally speaking, when it is necessary to make switches between indoor and outdoor environments, prescription lenses of photochromic sunglasses can be the function as regular RX eyewear when staying indoors which can eliminate the need to change separate pairs of eyewear and shades greatly. In addition, in the hot summer days, without photochromic sunglasses, it is a fact that people who need prescription eyeglasses to help them see clearly have to constantly switch between prescription shades, which offer them with both UV rays protection and vision correction, and prescription eyewear whenever they goes outdoors or indoors.

·The cons of photochromic sunglasses
As the saying goes, everything has two sides, so photochromic sunglasses are imperfect. Made by different corporations, photochromic sunglasses usually take a little bit longer to clear than to darken. Moreover, the worse thing is that it might cost an hour for these lenses to clear. On the other hand, photochromic sunglasses also react to temperature that they darken much more in cold conditions which indicates that this sort of shades might work less effectively in hot summer days.

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Photochromic sunglasses, as a matter of fact, are not newly born invention in 21st century. People who are still bewildered about this kind of seemingly innovation should be blamed for their ignorance of the development of optical industry. But still, people with photochromic sunglasses can be found in every corner of streets. Here I will spare no effort to popularise the knowledge of photochromic sunglasses.

First of all, what are photochromic sunglasses? Technically, they are reflective in different colors on the lenses thanks to the high technology of the coating. The optical expert once introduced an approach to rendering the lenses colorful according to different angles of being radiated by the sun. By wearing this kind of special sunglasses, it means that you actually wear different sunglasses at the same time, because they show the different colors to the onlookers.

Besides, the photochromic sunglasses are successful not only because of their advanced technology in coating but also due to avant style in the frame. According to a survey about photochromic sunglasses, most consumers who have kept them for a long time maintain that they satisfy with their need for peacocking. With the stylish sunglasses, they have an opportunity to wear and show them to their fellows. Others may boast it out of proportions indiscriminately.

What’s more, maybe you will hold a misconception that photochromic sunglasses are extravagant. But thanks to the production of stream line, the cost price has been remarkably reduced, thereby becoming more accessible to the customers. Furthermore, you may find some commercials in the optical store or on the Internet, which provide you a significant discount that benefit you a lot.

Taken all those factors into consideration, my conclusion is photochromic sunglasses are fabulous product in optical industry. Come on, try something new. BTW, you can visit Firmoo that offers a wide range of cheap sunglasses like photochromic sunglasses at affordable prices.

Who’s the coolest guy in the world? Different people have different answers in their own minds. However, in many girls and women’ s minds, it is not denying that Tom Cruise who is an American actor and film producer is the one, the coolest guy in the world. In 2006, Forbes magazine ranked Tom Cruise as the world’s most powerful celebrity in the world. After playing a heroic naval pilot in the popular and financially successful 1986 film Top Gun, he continued in this vein, playing a secret agent in a series of action films named Mission Impossible in the 1990s and 2000s, which have been continued with Mission Impossible 4 in 2010. Taking about the cool guys, his iconic black sunglasses cannot be ignored, so here let’s have a journey back to “Mission Impossible” with Tom Cruise’ black sunglasses.
Tom Cruise Black Sunglasses
In terms of “Mission Impossible”, plenty of girls and ladies wanna be screaming when they see Tom Cruise with a pair of black sunglasses. In fact, the shades that Tom Cruise wears in the beginning of the movie Mission Impossible II are the famous Oakley Romeo black sunglasses. More specifically, the futuristic looking of black sunglasses contain a audio visual presentation of the mission. Moreover, do you remember Ethan Hawke wears a pair of black sunglasses with Oakley Wind Jacket protective design in the movie “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol”? Tome Cruise showed his amazing charms to his fans via this shades perfectly. The Oakley’ s worn by Tom Cruise has a custom made transparent frame and clear glasses, trendy and stylish.

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Bifocal reading glasses play an important role in many people who have suffered myopia and presbyopia at the same time. They have become an increasingly helpful assistant in their everyday life. Do you have a clear understanding of bifocal reading glasses? One single lens of bifocal reading glasses is separated by a visible line into two distinctive optical powers. The upper part of the lens is for distant vision and the lower part is for near vision. Nowadays, the days when your reading glasses are made of dull and clumsy frame are long gone. With numerous styles available, you can find lots of bifocal reading glasses with the latest trend. Here, I’d like to list the hottest types of bifocal reading glasses. Let’s check them out.

When speaking of stylish eyewear, we can’t miss out aviator glasses, classic and timeless.
Aviator glasses cater to this self-conscience better than any other. On a man, they speak of pure virility and bravery. On women, they reflect off a strong and audacious heart. All in all, aviator glasses are cutting-edged glasses both for men and women.

Although most of people who wear bifocal reading glasses are over 40, they also can make a chic and fashion statement by wearing bifocal reading glasses with the trendiest style. For instance, bifocal reading glasses in vintage glasses frames are the very fashion item that you can set your hands on. If so, you will make a difference and enjoy your reading time. Speaking of vintage glasses, there are round ones, cat eye ones are available for you to choose.

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Sports glasses have developed a great popularity in athletic circle and these days, they are so indispensable and necessary that almost every amateurs or athletics is willing to equip with a pair!

Wondering why so many people are chasing sport glasses? It’s not a hard question. Think about the matter in this way: when you are in sports activity, what do you care about most? Of course, safety first! As we all know, our fragile eyes are invulnerable to the detrimental circumstances. They need something to cover them effectively. And exactly, sport glasses are just the right one, which are specially designed for strenuous sport use. Without sport glasses, your eyes are exposed to any unexpected harm directly, such as glare, dust, sharp articles or even some strong impact!

 Sport glasses

Different kinds of sport glasses can be applied into different use. For instance, sport glasses for cycling man enable to oblige the wearers to keep away from strong wind, dirty mud and glare which are likely to hamper athletics vision so that they can not perform perfectly! Golf player are more advisable to select tinted sport glasses since the tinted lens can increase the contrast between light and dark pattern.

Sport glasses can be a rather fashion ornament as well! Don’t you think Tiger Woods with a pair of stylish sport glasses is extraordinary charming and attractive? Do you have a crash on those NBA players who are invariable put on a pair of cool sport glasses? Of course you do!

 Sport glasses

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Every girl once had their pink memories, where maybe she has turned into a princess, maybe she has found a Mr.Right, maybe she has a beautiful wardrobe filled with heaps of exquisite and gorgeous clothes and shoes. So, how about your pink memories? When we have grown up, sometimes, we might miss the old moments very much, pink bed, pink dress, pink shoes, and pink sheets, never mind, here pink sunglasses can lead you to go back to pink memories which are the old unforgettable times we will never forget but cherish forever.

Just like other colored shades, pink sunglasses also can be sorted into two groups, the one is shades with pink frames, and another is sunglasses with pink lenses. There are three types of pink sunglasses below, let’s check them out!
pink sunglasses
For a pair of shades fit for the most iconic pink princess, look no further than these cool sunglasses with pink frames above, besides, they offer a classic style and shape infused with hot pink color can be suitable for various face shapes.
pink sunglasses
When you sport this sort of clear pink sunglasses with cherry print design, you might want to get a closer look. Shinny and bling-bling, the type of pink sunglasses, designed with round-framed retro style, have a print of tiny black cherries and smoke gradient lenses.
pink sunglasses
Pink lenses and pink frames are designed with heart shapes are very suitable for young girls, cute and adorable feeling will be filled with their dressing-up.

Summer is just around the corner and this sunny season step up your style with pink sunglasses. With these sunnies shades, there is no better or easier ways to add some serious pizzazz to any outfit. More choices of pink sunglasses can be found at Firmoo.com, cheap sunglasses with high quality are always waiting for you business.

In this time and age of eyewear field, it seems that people nowadays have paid increasing attention to their appearance so that the function of vision protection isn’t that important till now and the personal dressing-up decoration has come out. If you ask me the history of round glasses, I must say it might be dated back into the vintage retro world, and Harry Porter iconic round glasses must be the important part cannot be ignored. When it comes to Harry Porter glasses, if you are one of Harry Porter’s fans, surely, his iconic eyewear with round lenses has already been carved in your mind. Definitely, it has to be admitted that classical and trendy styles would never be out-of-date. Without complicated or exquisite decorations, impressive round eyeglasses with simply design have gained a large number of popularities and have been easy to match with all kinds of leisure wear, helping shape an easy-going images of fashion guys, that’s why hot round sunglasses are preferred by so many young people.

round eyeglasses

As we know, in the present-day society, heaps of optical online stores offer a lot of options of styles and designs of round eyeglasses from which you are bound to find out a pair of two that suits for you most. There is no doubt that round eyeglasses come in a variety of styles, such as the classic aviator round eyeglasses and Harry Porter’s oversized round eyeglasses type are just of this case.

Needless to say, there are increasingly number of types of round eyeglasses in the present-day society, that means wearers who are big fans of round eyewear do have a lot of choices nowadays. Looking for round eyeglasses with low prices, here round eyeglasses are in different designs and styles are available at Firmoo.com that offers a lot of fashonable yet cheap glasses and sunglasses. It is worth trying!

As we know, few health concerns in life are as vital as safeguarding people’s eyesight at the present-day society. Regardless of keeping eat a healthy diet that is low in processed food which are rich in nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, a pair of safety glasses can help a lot in to protect your eyes. When it comes to the benefits of safety glasses, in brief, when you do a little wood work, welding or serious gardening in your spare time, a pair of safety glasses can protect those peepers to a large extent.

If you need to read building plans, safety manuals or other types of documents with bad eyesight while doing your job, a pair of safety glasses can be a real lifesaver. Nevertheless, it is a fact that many people usually try to wear their regular eyewear instead of prescription safety glasses, which is definitely a very bad and flawed idea. Why? Because your eyewear cannot provide the necessary protection and safeguarding that safety glasses or prescription safety eyeglasses offer. In addition, there is no doubt that you should skip buying prescription safety glasses if you need eyeglasses and your work is potentially dangerous, if not, the result might be serious injury or even disfigurement indeed.

Please keep in mind that your eyesight is essential for your quality of lives. A pair of safety glasses can help you try to avoid some accidents happening, and to a large extent, the purpose of safety glasses is to reduce the chances that your eyewear might be broken and cause an injury finally. So, guys, if you are wondering where to find cheap glasses with high quality, Firmoo can be you sensible choice, because the inexpensive and professional optical online store in the world can offer you a wide variety of safety glasses with low prices.

Since there are increasingly number of individuals preferring living in the more health conscious nowadays, in other words, lots of people are big fans of outdoor activities, so most of these groups are availing sports sunglasses for the ultimate purpose. Well, have you prepared a pair of sports sunglasses for outdoor activities? If you are a sports enthusiast or a outdoor activity lover, a pair of sports sunglasses can be necessary for you. Why? Because not only can sports sunglasses protect your eyes from the penetrating rays or glare of the sun, but also a pair of fashionable sports sunglasses with trendy and stylish designs can attract many people’s eyes, letting you win more scores while playing lots of sports games.

When it comes to sports, as a matter of fact, sports sunglasses are not limited to only one sport as well, such as biking, beach volleyball, basketball, mountain climbing, hiking, skating, skiing and so fourth. Plenty of wearers usually have one pair of sports sunglasses for every sporting event, and they just wanna to stock up on a large selection of sports sunglasses in different designs and styles. So, how about you, guys?

As the technology develops, sports sunglasses have also improved a lot in this field. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of sports sunglasses at the present-day eyewear market. If you are a sports enthusiast, you must have heard about sports sunglasses at Firmoo.com. Adding new styles and innovations to the eyewear industry every year, Firmoo have continued to be market leaders for more than a decade now. Here not only can you enjoy the high quality of sports sunglasses, but also low prices can be very competitive at Firmoo.com, where lots of cheap glasses and sunglasses with professional and fashionable designs are waiting for your business.

Heaps of girls are keen on pink stuff, they just wanna their lives are filled with pink and decorated with different types of pink products, certainly, pink sunglasses are included. Yes, we still remember that pink sunglasses with different designs have brought us lots of sweet dreams. Haven’t tried any pink sunglasses? Who says we cannot wear pink shades when we have grown up? Guess what, let’s see how sweet can you be! Check it out here!
pink sunglasses

Golden metal frames with oversized pink lenses which have gained a large number of popularities can shape your face definitely. Light pink lenses bring you something cute and a sense of hipness, which are totally charming and elegant for females.
pink sunglasses
If you wanna dress up in the cute and adorable way, this sort of pink sunglasses may be good choice, heart-shaped lenses with pink frames bring you something cute and lovely. Imagine that you wear a shot skirt and mini T-shirt, with an adorable hat and a pair of pink sunglasses in this style, how sweet you will be!
pink sunglasses
Well, differ from the two pair above, this sort of pink sunglasses are designed in shutter shades design, bright pink color and stylish style bring you a sense of hipness and lots of unique charms, you can be the dazzling one in hot summer days. So, if you are a big fan of this sort of pink sunglasses with shutter shades design, you can just pick up a pair and decorate your dressing-up.

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