After being diagnosed with astigmatism, you should consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist about the best way to correct it. There are several options that may fit your condition: a pair of prescription eyeglasses to correct astigmatism, wearing contact lenses, and doing laser eye surgery. When deciding whether or not to wear contact lenses, you should weigh the pros and cons for your particular needs. And the same is with the risky laser eye surgery.


Many of those who are diagnosed with astigmatism have no idea what this term means. Astigmatism, manifesting in near-sightedness or far-sightedness, refers to the irregular shape of the eye’s cornea. What this means is that the shape of your cornea is stretched to look more oblong than round. People may have astigmatism in both eyes or just in one eye.

Prescription eyeglasses are the easiest to maintain and there is no disinfection matter as with contact lenses. If you like, you can choose transitional lenses, which will transform into a darker tinted shade and add protection against the harmful UV from the sun. However, you have to carry eyeglasses with you wherever you go, which is a troublesome thing for many people. And some others believe that their appearances will be negatively affected when wearing eyeglasses.

Contact lenses can give you the freedom that eyeglasses can not provide. What’s more, contact lenses do not impede any visual filed as eyeglasses do. But a disadvantage of them is maintenance, which means  that you have to ensure their cleanness all the time. Also, when wearing contact lenses, some people experience irritation, which may include burning, stinging, and itching.

A permanent solution to correct astigmatism is to do laser eye surgery. Some laser eye surgeries can correct near-sighted vision and far-sighted vision too. But some patients that undergo this surgery complain of dry eyes, and some others even experience distorted vision as well.

Possessing French,German,Israel,and American lineage, Anne Hathaway presents herself with glamorous outlook, bright smile and graceful temperament. After her extraordinary performance in The Princess Diaries, she scores a massive smash in her career. She wins the honor of “the integration of Julia Roberts and Audrey Hepburn” and ranks 18 in the world beauties list by the Independent Critics website. Also she demonstrates a special talent in ornament selection. Among all sorts of her ornaments, Anne Hathaway glasses are increasingly in vogue in recent years.

Anne Hathaway has an oval face, sharp-featured. This kind of facial shape is not peculiar about the type of eyewear. As all we know, glasses frames have the function of highlighting facial spots and covering facial blemishes. Ultimately, bring a feeling of balance and symmetry. Thus eyewear is an indispensable ornament.

Many street snaps show Anne Hathaway’s strong preference for frog glasses and sunglasses. This type reveals a sense of strength and classic style. She manages to display different tastes by altering glasses frames, although all these eyewear demonstrated in following photos belong to one kind, namely, frog-like style.

Square frog glasses show one’s sweetness. It can add cuteness to a tall or plump woman as well. That is the reason why she wore this type of glasses on the premiere of Rio. In this cartoon film,she dubbed for a parrot named Jewel . To carter for children, she wore a pair of classic square frog glasses. If you also want to chase for this fad, do not forget to smile for it is the best collocation with frog sunglasses.

Besides, she is fond of wearing frog sunglasses to go shopping. In fact, the majority of stars made this choice as it is can cover most part of their face. In so doing, they can go shopping at will, without the fear that Paparazzi may recognize them. Therefore, this type of sunglasses brings others a feeling of mystery. Nowadays, it has become a fashion to wear a pair of frog sunglass while strolling on the street.

It is a wise choice for Anne Hathaway to wear the frog eyewear, no matter frog glasses or sunglasses. They fully reflect her prince style, namely, sweetness and nobleness. Since they are suitable for all kinds of face shapes, everyone can enjoy the fascination they can bring about.

The heating summer days are around the corner. The temperature is exceedingly high in august. And girls are you still bothered about your outfit. If so, don’t worry, after reading this article, you will not be so confused and will definitely become a chic girl that attracts all the attention in this summer. The only thing you need to do is to follow my step. Now let’s begin our journey of fashion lesson.


Firstly, please make sure your sunglasses. These days, sunglasses are playing a key role in the fashion house. Not only can it protect the sunlight but also can increase the charming point. We can say that every elegant lady or chic girl would have pairs of sunglasses of their own. Be sure to have a pair of sunglasses of your own style .Don’t just follow the others. According to your face shape the clothing style, you can choose different types of sunglasses .For instance, the black retro sunglasses can match with a simple clothing and suitable for those who have long and oval faces. Moreover, oversized sunglasses are perfectly fit some girl that have a cute style. If you want to wear colored sunglasses don’t work more than one pattern and don’t wear clashing color such as clashing blue and hot pink.

Secondly, please choose the jeans that fit you. If you feel that your low cut jeans make you feel not so comfortable, that means this kind of jean is not your cup of tea. Please make sure your jeans are not so tight or loose .if you raise your arms, and stomach will be spotted, that shows that your jeans is too small and tight. Nice colors of jeans are also important .you can choose the color that is clean, light and fresh looking.

Thirdly, please be aware of your nail polis. Nail polish is an important process of becoming a charming girl .If it is your first time to paint your nail , try to avoid using dark colors such as black .nail polish and your sunglasses can be well matched at the same time .Try to paint your nail that match your outfit .

Now, what is your feeling? Did you get some inspiration from my tips? If so, please follow my three tips step by step and you will be a chic girl soon!!!

Popular sunglasses are varied in colors and designs to appeal to the consumer psychology. Why should I say so? The reason is that, most young and beautiful people are inclined to wear fashion sunglasses, to some extent, with exaggerate styles matched with pretty and characteristic clothes to show their individualities. Here, color has been regarded as a priority to note the style of exaggeration. Generally speaking, in terms of colors in sunglasses, it is easy for us to associate with colored lenses and painted lenses simply because they are so colorful. However, why could they be so colorful and how? Below is worthy your attention.

colorful sunglasses

Colored lenses are also called stained lenses whose feature is to couple with some chemical substances during the process of manufacturing lenses, so that colors can be showed on the lens in order to absorb lights with different specific wavelengths. Colorful lens is the most commonly used types and is well-made by the high-qualified CR-39. With enhanced plating on the surface and colorful film-plus treatment, it is characterized as colorful, circular, solid, fixed, and so forth to stop ultraviolet, infrared, blue lights, etc. After installing the lenses into the frame and wearing on, you can contently enjoy the comfortable feeling that lenses have brought to you no matter you are myopic, aging people, or individuals with either astigmatism.


Though painted lenses have the same effect of colored lenses, the ways of production are different. For painted lens, unlike colored lenses, colors are directly applied to the surface, and the most well known one is the “gradient-like coating color lens” that the deepest color is topped and the lightest is bottomed. In general, those sunglasses designed with degrees are, to a large amount, handled by coating.

When someone mentions Hilary Duff, I suppose the image occurring in your mind is very likely to be an American sweetie. Yes, exactly, she is a sweetie and always maintains her healthy and stylish public image. Many youngsters imitate her fashionable and sweet dressing style and take her as their role model. If you would like to dress like Hilary, perhaps you could start by wearing Hilary Duff glasses! And this happens to be what I’m going to share with you guys today—— Hilary Duff spectacles, produced by!

Honestly speaking, as an American actress, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and author, Hilary Erhard Duff can truly be regarded as an icon of quality. Born to Bob and Susan Duff, ever since six years old, she has known what she wants and decided to fulfill her dream of acting. In this sense, she is definitely a wise girl. Perhaps success doesn’t depend on how hard you try but on whether you’ve always made the right choices for yourself. Then after working in local theater plays and television commercials in her childhood, she achieved fame by starring in the Disney Channel television series Lizzie McGuire. Have you ever thought about becoming the next Lizzie McGuire? Now it’s your time!, one of the world’s leading online vendors of eyewear, recently launches a series of star glasses, including Hillary Duff eyeglasses, Brad Pitt’s eyeglasses, Britney Spears spectacles and many other star-series. Most importantly, they are sold at a low price but of high quality. Can you still hold your uplifting heart? Just pay a visit to firmoo right now where the best service and the most options are available for you.

Since they are so popular among fashion lovers or Hilary Duff fans just like you, do make up your mind before these fabulous Hilary Duff glasses are gone!

Now, as the temperature is higher and higher, the ultraviolet radiation is more and more strong. So, most people have to wear sunglasses for outdoor life. Although there are many kind of sunglasses which can provide users with eye protection, but I think wraparound sunglasses may be the best one.

wraparound sunglasses

Unlike traditional sunglasses, the specific structure of wraparound sunglasses makes it more protective than others sunglasses do. But still some people feel strange to the item “wraparound sunglasses”. Those sunglasses are usually manufactured with large sized frames. It not only covers your eyes, but also covers the skin around your eyes closely. So it will protect your eyes from sunlight, reflection, glares, dust or some flying insects.

Generally speaking, most common sunglasses can only prevent ultraviolet radiation from the right in front of your eyes, but wraparound ones could also prevent ultraviolet radiation from the side of your eyes. Usually, most people who wear sunglasses have two main purposes. The first purpose is to protect eyes from hot sunshine. The second purpose is to keep fashion. Wraparound sunglasses combine protective function with fashion design. So, it is suitable to wear in this summer. By wearing a pair of wraparound sunglasses, it allows you to enjoy sunshine freely without worry that the strong sunlight will hurt your eyes.

Besides, prescription wraparound sunglasses are available in the market. It is much better than tinted prescription sunglasses. Wraparound sunglasses are more professional than common prescription sunglasses do for protecting eyes.

In addition, there are various color and style options for wraparound prescription sunglasses. Colors for sunglasses are varied from black, grey, brown, pink, green, or yellow. Since there are so many sunglasses of various designs and colors, almost anyone can get a perfect pair in the market. Even online stores begin to sale those products. In the hot summer, some eyeglasses will launch some promotions, so, if you want to get a pair, just go ahead right now.

In hot summer,fashionable and eye-protected sunglasses usually catch public attention. However, polarized sunglasses are accepted by more and more people. In the markets, most brands of sunglasses have launched many kinds of polarized sunglasses which consumers would like to choose.

So, what are the differences between normal sunglasses and polarized sunglasses? Normal sunglasses only reduce glares and they can’t completely protect your eyes from lights which are harmful. But the polarized sunglasses can entirely stop reflective glares caused by scattering, flexion, reflection and so on. At the same time, they can prevent ultraviolet rays effectively so that people who wear polarized sunglasses won’t feel asthenopia and their eyesight will keep clearer when staying in strong lights for a long time. This is really called protection.

However, to many girls who choose sunglasses for matching collocation styles, normal sunglasses are more popular because of their varied styles and rich colors. As a sort of adornment, girls can lower the needs for sunglasses. But to some people, like drivers or somebody who works in special places, a pair of polarized sunglasses is a better choice to ensure wide and clear eyesight. For instance, there is a car with some auto window films which will reflect some glares in the sun. In this case, the driver who follows the car, wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses, can avoid the unclear visual caused by the reflected glares.
If you choose polarized sunglasses, we recommend Ray-Ban, Prosun, BOLON etc. Ray-Ban is very famous for its high quality which is widely accepted by many consumers; Prosun and BOLON have big advantages in price and reputation, let alone their qualities of polarized sunglasses. Usually, the polarized sunglasses are more expensive than any other sunglasses, but they deserve it.
What are you waiting for?! Wear a pair of proper sunglasses and go to travel with your lover and friends!

Needless to say, lady gaga is absolutely an extraordinary fashion leader, and it’s impossible for you to find exactly a second person as distinct as she is. From songs to outfits, she always surprises us with her unconventional appearance. To some people, her definition of modern might be hard to understand, but we have to admit that she has a peculiar sense of being fashionable. Take the sunglasses for example, she always has a strong attachment to vintage style for its uniqueness which is hard for ordinary people to follow.

When speaking of Lady Gaga’s sunglasses, famous for their individualism and freshness, there are at least four styles worth to be mentioned.

The first one is Dejour View – 1961, black quadrilateral lenses decorated with steel circles are the highlight of this fantastic work. It might be too exaggerated to say that it shocked the whole world, but the influences thereafter are really prevailing as your can hear people of different ages and from different fields talking about it on the street or by the table during their coffee-time.

The second type is Versace – T76,designed with a delicate vintage style dated up to the 1980s. It is from this kind of glasses that we find some clue about why Gaga adores vintage style so much, because it is less likely that anyone would wear the same style. Irregular shape of lenses are blended with classic bold black and shining gold,which transmit a signal of cool and beauty.

The third type: Marc Jacobs – Mask, a flat mask in a transparent pink frame color. This idea combining glasses with mask is audacious and exaggerated, however, after witnessing the real feature of this glasses, can you barely take your eyes off it and refuse its cuteness? More importantly, it can makes up for the defects of your face by creating a perfect oval curve on you entire facial visage.

The last one is my favorate:Linda Farrow-Mickey Mouse, inspired by the household catoon image. This kind of design is more common in children’s eye toy, for the adults, it may be a little childish. Nevertheless, who provides the irrationality of being innocent in the adults’ world today?
It is by no means impetuous for us to draw an conclusion that Lady Gaga is a real fan of vintage sunglasses. How about you?

If still living in the world, John Lennon may feel pleased because his favorite round eyewear has conquered the fashion world. Stars prefer to wear John Lennon glasses in front of cameras, while ordinary people prefer to wear John Lennon eyeglasses on the streets


Several months ago, New York Times has listed round eyeglasses as one of the most expected fashionable accessories. If you have no round eyewear, you may be considered as out of trend. Almost all the famous fashion brands including Gucci and Chanel have put forward new designs for round eyeglasses.

John Lennon, one of the greatest musicians in the history of rock and roll, is the most important member of the famous English rock and roll band The Beatles. He is also a poet, a socialist and an anti-war. Apparently, he has a gift for artist. The fact that John Lennon chose round eyeglasses can fully prove that round eyeglasses themselves are perfect art works.

If you are a fan of John Lennon, you should believe in his taste and have a try of round eyeglasses. Almost everyone suits for John Lennon glasses because they can bring people feelings of artists.

When the Internet is becoming more and more forceful, it is convenient to get almost everything you want from the websites. Eyeglasses are without exception. Many famous websites such as firmoo are selling eyeglasses with various styles. They are always catching the fashion trends. If you want to purchase round eyewear, website can be a perfect platform for you to pursue fashion trends.

It seems that black thin framed eyeglasses have completely been pulled out of the fashion stage. Nevertheless, do not desert them into rubbish cans because they may return to the fashion world one day. And this is how circles fashion.

Have you ever seen Selena Gomez glasses, ones worn by the talented and young actor-turned-singer both on public and in her private lives? Alongside the huge impact and influence she has garnered over the years among teenage fans and adult alike, those Selena Gomez glasses that constantly appear on her face have been making a lot of buzz and stirring the optical industry as we know it. Beautiful young and surprisingly versatile, Selena Gomez has already become the new teen icon and with the level of maturity and seriousness that this chick deals with her career, it is only a sure thing that we are going to see more and more of the gal in the future.

Selena Gomez Eyeglasses

First introduced to the show business in the Emmy Award-winning Disney Channel television series Wizards of Waverly Place, portraying the adorable Alex Russo, Selena Gomez has truly come a long way, going through ups and downs and evolving along the way. After the TV adventure, the young Selena turned her career towards the big screen. Movies like Another Cinderella Story, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie and Princess Princess Protection Program might still sound related to her Disney projects. The subsequent Ramona and Beezus is one stands on its own and Selena starred in it as the lead role. After Movie, Selena ventured into music field being the lead singer of the singing group Selena Gomez&the Scene. As of now, the group has released two RIAA certified albums, spawning three hot singles that went platinum. It is no doubt that the newly developed singing career has proved fruitful for Selena and with the kind of talent and resources she enjoys inside the industry, Miss. Gomez’s singing venture is only going to last, and in the end, who knows, maybe towards the next diva.

selena 1

Off the spotlight, Selena’s relationship with Justin Bieber is also the subject of many tabloids. Often spotted with the R&B prince wearing Ray-ban and Wayfarer, Selena certainly makes a good example of how to don the most celebrated brands of designer sunglasses in the world. To get Justin Bieber’s girlfriend’s look, just visit Firmoo is THE place to go if you are considering getting your Selena Gomez glasses online. At Firmoo, a variety of shades and eyeglasses resembling those you seen on Selena’s face will be found with the best possible quality and lowest prices anywhere. So, stop hesitating, swing over to Frimoo right now and get your pair of Selena Comez shades.

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