To know the essence of different kinds of eyeglass frames means we can choose eyeglass frames better. Understanding eyeglass frames to this level often helps us to understand fashion better. If you walk into any eyeglasses stores and ask the working staff the features of the kind of material that your chosen eyeglass frames have, he will probably only speak out some good ones to make you make the choice. And they are unlikely to be true. To really know how to choose eyeglass frames, you need to do your own work: study, because there is no shortcut.

Generally, there are three kinds of materials that are used in making eyeglass frames: natural materials, plastic and metal. We seem to know natural materials very little, so natural materials of eyeglass frames and some plastic materials will be discussed here. Mainly, there are two kinds of natural materials in making eyeglass frames. One is called horn material. In ancient times, many animals’ horns have been used to make eyeglass frames, but now they are replaced by plastic.

The other kind is tortoise shell material. Just hearing its name can make women excited. It has become indispensably important in playing a role as making women more fashionable and sexier. It is super light, which gives you good comfort while wearing it. And tortoise shell is very durable. Plus, it is very shining by the natural gloss. Many people just become crazy at its uniqueness and dazzling gloss. Most remarkably, tortoise shell eyeglass frames won’t make the skin allergic.

Legend has it that the tortoise that is used to make eyeglass frames must be over 100 years. From this point, we can get a glimpse of just how valuable it is. But now, there are really few eyeglass frames that are really made of tortoise shell. It is on the one hand good news because tortoise shell is saved from this disaster, on the other hand, we can never use these incredible eyeglass frames. After all, the environment we are living in is the most important. And fortunately, though the real tortoise shell eyeglass frames are few to be seen, many tortoise shell replicas that are made of plastic are produced in large quantities in these days. Though the features are far away, but as technology gets higher and higher, it is sometimes a little bit hard to distinguish between real ones and fake ones.

And those plastic that is used to create “tortoise shell eyeglass frames” are actually of good qualities, for example, good durability and flexibility. As regards to eyeglass frames that are made of plastic, another material that has the same fate as tortoise shell is celluloid. Invented in 1869 by the Hyatt brothers, it is now banned in most counties. Actually, celluloid has many good qualities. Now there is only one eyeglasses shop in Japan that uses the celluloid material to make eyeglass frames. They are all made by hand and no other two eyeglass frames are the same, Made in this way, the value of it is beyond question.

Today, I’ve spot plenty of stylish glasses online at discount. As a fashion follower, it never be enough just having jeweler, shoes or bags. A pair of chic eyeglasses is also a necessity. It will be much easier for you to create more fabulous looks if you have more options. So, it’s time for you to prepare yourself with a pair of stylish eyeglasses. Here, I’ve selected several kinds of eyeglasses online at discount  that you can’t miss.

rectangle glasses onlineglasses online

The top fashion style of glasses online is rectangle eyeglasses. Rectangle glasses online are all the rage all the time. Up to the stars, fashion giants, down to the ordinary people, rectangle eyeglasses are more or less their common choice. I bet such rectangle glasses frames must be your most often seen items in daily life. Rimless frame or full frame all looks good in rectangle shape glasses. If you are kind of in fond of safe look, you can choose rectangle eyeglasses.

designer glasses onlineglasses online

Designer glasses online are another styles which are in a great vogue. As we may assumed, the latest designer glasses are so pricy that most of us can not afford it. However, online optical store can give you a big surprise. Discount designer glasses online are cheap which can save you up to 80 percent. Through online buying, you also can own yourselves’ chic designer glasses with a nice bargain.

round glasses onlineglasses online

Round glasses online always the hot topic among glamour girls. This retro vintage style glasses online are available in plenty of patterns online. Whether you wanna choose an elegant tortoiseshell frame to make a well-educated look, or kind of wanna make a bold statement with color, retro glasses can meet all your demands.

These stylish glasses online can make you sort of daringly different. Eyeglasses perpetually can be an accessory which offers you a gorgeous look.

A pair of chic eyeglasses can be viewed as awesome accessory. Although sometimes we are called as four-eyes, it still a nice shot if we add some stylish frames and plus with exquisite makeup. Maybe you glamour girls may encounter such dilemma. If overdoing the makeup, it will like a sexy seller gone terribly wrong, or if playing it too safe, you own unique feature will disappear. So, how to make a natural and beautiful makeup to pair with your eyeglasses anyway? I suppose you can follow these steps.


To begin with, it will be better for you to stay in neutral way. It is a general rule that less is in effect more. Since your eyeglasses draw great attention to your eyes, it is better to keep a simple eye makeup. However, you can save a bold color for your lips. By the way, do remember a must-have item for all lady, especially who wearing eyeglasses, that is concealer.

If you want to take your eyeglasses look from day to night, there are also several ways. At first, add bold color to lips and checks. It will quickly turn you into a party-ready girl if you possess bright lip color. What’s more, the pink blush on your checks will instantly offer your face a flush of color. Or, maybe, if you wanna make your eyeglasses compliment your style more, you can add sparkle to your eyes. Or if you want to create smoky eyes for your glasses, you can double line your eye. It’s a perfect look pair with your chic eyeglasses.

clever makeup with eyeglasses

At last, brow is another key point to your whole makeup. Although your stylish eyeglasses have well complemented your style, brow can perfect it and also make a big different. It’s kind of relating to the eyeglasses frames. You can learn something about how to color your brow to change the entire outlook.

Eyeglasses can be extraordinary dazzling if you have a clever makeup. If you are sort of attracted by these beautiful look and accidently, you are devoid of glasses, you can buy eyeglasses right now. By the way, eyeglasses online are much cheaper and have more styles. You can consider this way.

In terms of eyeglasses online, most people would use it to compare with offline glasses. Specifically, visiting local eyewear stores is regarded as the most common and traditional way, while, differ from offline shopping, eyeglasses online can bring you a lot of convenience, and this article will tell you something about it in details. Let’s check it out!

eyeglasses onlineeyeglasses online

No.1: More Choices
As is known to all, there are increasingly number of optical online stores at the present-day society. Compared with offline glasses, online shops provide a wide variety of eyeglasses to customers, so that means wearers do have more choices via the internet.

No.2: Vitual-try-on System
Many people argue that offline shopping are more convenient, coz’ they can try on different eyeglasses and see whether they are fit on their face shape. Actually, as the technology develops, more and more websites offer visual-try-on system, via which customers can put different eyewear on different face shapes.

No.3: Cheaper Price
For lots of wearers, they usually take priority to price while shopping, and online shopping can meet your demand in the factor. To be specific, due to lower cost of online stores, individuals can offer cheaper price compared with local shops, which can help customers to save a lot of money. In a word, this is one of the most vital elements that people choose shopping online.

eyeglasses onlineeyeglasses online

No.4: Payment Methods
Nowadays, there are several payment methods for online shopping, pay pal, western union, credit card on so on. All of them offer a lot of convenience to people while shopping. What they should do is just sitting in front of computers, clicking the mouse and typing the keyboard, and then you can receive what you wanna purchase.

No.5: Shipping Methods
It is a fact that the logistics firms are developing at the fast speed, so people can get products usually in several days. Thaat’s very convenient.

Actually, it is widely recognized that bifocal reading glasses were invented by Benjamin Franklin, who is one of the founding fathers of the United States. As is know to all, bifocal reading glasses are designed with two different lenses in the one pair of eyewear. They are generally used by people who have diminished eyesight and also require correction for nearsightedness. Although bifocal reading glasses are beneficial to wearers a lot, this article will tell you something about pros and cons of bifocal reading glasses.

bifocal reading glasses

·Pros of bifocal reading glasses
With the emerging and increasing popularity of contacts and optical surgeries, bifocal reading glasses seem to contribute a lot to wearers. To be specific, bifocal reading glasses allow the wearer to see clearly at all times, while also providing focus for tasks such as reading. Traditionally, bifocal reading glasses were made of two separate lenses, but till now, a small section for reading is molded into the main lens. Bifocal reading glasses have two distinct optical powers, and bifocal reading glasses are most commonly prescribed to people with presbyopia who also require a correction for myopia, hyperopia, and/or astigmatism.

bifocal reading glassesbifocal reading glasses

·Cons of bifocal reading glasses
It is a fact that lots of wearers had long been complaining about the clumsiness and heaviness of their old bifocal reading glasses, so once an alternative is available, people will immediately took it. Regardless of their lacking of real advantages, it is only after they over the novelty of the new stuff and begin to find them with as many, if not more, problems as bifocal reading glasses, did they look back and take one more chance on their old problems. Besides, new wearer, especially people who have myopia of high strength, will have a sense of swirling. And it is common that the symptom will disappear if you insist on wearing them for one to three weeks, that’s what we called the adaptation of bifocal reading glasses.

Genearlly speaking, regardless of pros and cons of bifocal reading glasses, with the new varieties and variants provided by the rapidly developing optical techniques and technology, and I am completely sure that bifocal reading glasses won’t let wearers down.

Glasses for computer now are increasingly popular with computer users. You may suffer from eye strain, blurred vision, and some other symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS) when working at a computer for several hours. That is because our eyes are not well suited for staring at a computer screen. Here I introduce you a pair of special reading glasses known as computer glasses from which you can benefit a lot.

Glasses for computer

As we know, the visual demands of computer work are not equal to those associated with other activities, and regular eyeglasses or reading glasses are without a doubt not sufficient to protect our eyes. Computer glasses have many exclusive design features. Let’s take its lens designs for example. The simplest computer glasses have single vision lenses with a modified lens power that can provide the most comfortable vision at the user’s computer screen. Another popular lens design for computer glasses is the occupational progressive lens that can correct near, intermediate, as well as distance vision and ensure a more comfortable vision at the computer. Other lenses used for computer glasses include occupational bifocal and trifocal lenses and they are customized for your particular computer vision needs. Aside from lens designs, computer glasses also have other exclusive design features such as prescription power, in-lens tint, anti-reflective coating, etc..

glasses for computerglasses for computer

Why computer glasses? Computer Glasses are designed by eye care professional and World-Renowned Optometrist Dr. Stuart Grant, O.D. to help prevent the effects of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Most people find regular eyeglasses unsuitable to correct their abnormal vision when at computer work and they try to compensate for their blurred vision by leaning forward, or by tipping their head to look through the bottom portion of their glasses. These actions can do harm to the neck , the shoulders and the back and worse still will make you suffer more from computer vision syndrome(CVS). Computer glasses have special lens coatings to reduce glare and a tint designed to eliminate eye strain. In addition to this, computer glasses can also block ultraviolet rays which will probably lead to cataracts. Wearing computer glasses really does a lot for you and makes you looking at the computer screen much easier and more comfortable. When relieved of eye strain, blurred vision, stiff neck and shoulders muscles, your mind is refreshed and your thoughts clearer. And obviously it is easier for you to work at the computer for more time.

Now more and more people prefer to choose prescription reading glasses online, and if it is the first time for you to do that, it can be a lot funny to have a try. According to a survey, most people who choose prescription reading glasses online are white-collar workers, especially women. Women are born to be excellent at how to make themselves look more beautiful. With a pair of prescription reading glasses online, they can create different styles to suit on different occasions. Here is a review of some of the most fashionable prescription reading glasses online for women.

1. Tortoise Shell Round Prescription Reading Glasses Online for Women

No matter you browse any online eyeglasses stores, you’ll definitely find round reading glasses in many different styles. They are the trendiest reading glasses for women in 2011. Every woman will craze for at least one pair of round reading glasses. There are some of the more reserved or traditional round prescription reading glasses online that are made of metal, quite simple at their colors. And there are also many exaggerated round reading glasses with different kinds of patterns, many of them are tortoise shell frames. If you want to be fashionable and sexy, tortoise shell round reading glasses are the best option for you.

2. Diversified Cat Eye Prescription Reading Glasses Online for Women

Cat eye reading glasses are only less fashionable than round glasses in this season. Both of them are the classical vintage eyeglasses that are on the main stream of this year. Cat eye reading glasses are the most suitable for people with lean faces. Applied with this year’s bright or gradient colors, cat eye glasses have displayed a large diversity that makes women wonder at their creation. Different matches of colors are also highlighted in this season. It is very often to see black and white or yellow and black frames. You can choose the colors you like all together.

3. Metal Prescription Reading Glasses Online Are Still Hot for Women Now

Speaking of reading glasses, metal alloy is the most frequently seen material in reading glasses. The good thing about metal alloy is it is not easy to be eroded by our sweat, thus the durability of the reading glasses is well kept. The lightness of metal reading glasses is also a boastful feature. Actually, metal reading glasses had been very fashionable in the 60s and 90s, this time it has come back, but with more new fashion elements. Most women like the sense of elegance and gorgeousness that are incorporated in metal prescription reading glasses online.

Time flies, we have been there at the end of 2011, to celebrate Thanksgiving Day this year with our friends and families together. Regardless of some bad moments and sorrows this year, what we should do is move on and enjoy happy life with the whole world. Fortunately, in order to show their gratitude to customers, a cheap and professional global optical online store named Firmoo has launched an event called “Get Free Glasses Just Like” on Facebook, and it is reported there are 100,000 free glasses prepared for customers all over the world, that sounds awesome, isn’t it?

Well, how to get free glasses on Firmoo remains a hot topic during these days. Actually, it’s quite simple. To be specific, what you should do is just clicking “Like” on Firmoo Facebook official page, and then you will get a code from Firmoo. Via the code, you can choose a pair of free glasses provided in the free eyewear section. That’s it! Nevertheless, some people prefer fashionable and special designs for the eyeglasses, which they cannot find in free section. Don’t worry, there is another option for you. You can use the code as $ 8 coupon to purchase a pair of other eyeglasses on, then you can select one pair you like most!

free glasses

If you have seen the Firmoo Facebook official page, you can find a banner about this event at the first glance, and then there are hundreds of reviews from customers about this “Get Free Glasses Just Like” event. It has to be admitted that cheap prices in Firmoo is definitely competitive, but the low prices in never compromise the quality of eyewear while treating the quality and services to consumers as top priority. fully understands that prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses are classified and regulated by FDA as Class I medical device, therefore multiple inspections of eyewear by our team are being executed before shipping to our customers to ensure 100% accuracy of prescriptions, enhancing the physical well-being of our customers. Anyway, guys, limited quantity, grabbing quickly, just go for free glasses! You don’t wanna miss it!

In recent years, there is much more attention than ever before has been paid to cheap glasses. It has to be admitted that there is a growing tendency that more and more individuals, particularly young people start to go shopping online, including eyewear. And one of the reasons for this trend is optical online stores can offer customers a variety of eyeglasses with affordable glasses. Nevertheless, there are still many myths and wondering of cheap glasses from customers, let’s check them out here.

cheap glassescheap glasses

Myth No.1: Cheap glasses always feature bad quality
In most people’s minds, expensive stuff always have high-quality characteristics. Actually, it can make sense sometimes, however, it doesn’t mean cheap glasses always feature bad quality. It is quite common these days for individuals choose buying stuff via internet. Due to their lower cost compared with offline stores, heaps of optical online shops still can offer customers cheap glasses with high-quality.

Myth No.2: Professional and reliable online stores won’t provide cheap glasses
Driven by the rapid progression of the internet and computer technology in the present-day society, there are increasingly glasses online shops nowadays. Some people argue that professional and reliable online stores won’t provide cheap eyewear, definitely not. The larger the companies are, the cheaper prices offered. Coz’ they feature lower cost of their own factories or something else.

cheap glassescheap glasses

Myth No.3: The cheaper, the better
As I mentioned before, there are some cheap glasses featuring high-quality. But it doesn’t mean the cheaper the better. You choose select a professional and trustful optical online store, where you do have a lot of choices to pick up a pair of cheap glasses you like most. Please don’t judge a firm just from the price factors.

The present-day society has witnessed the staggering advancement of modern technologies. These three myths are most popular one among customers in these days. Thus, after reading this article, have you got much clearer?

Prescription eyeglasses for football are designed for both the professional football players and amateur football lover who have serious vision problems. If you have myopia or hyperopia and fail to see objects clearly, it is quite difficult for you to achieve great results in scoring. Fortunately, there are prescription eyeglasses for sports like football that can get rid of all your vision problems and help you performance better in football playing.

prescription eyeglasses for football

Have you ever heard of Edgar Davids, a former football player in Amsterdam club, who frequently wore a pair of football prescription eyeglasses in his international football competition? We all know that it is difficult for him to perform well in the competition without the help of prescription eyeglasses for he has serious vision problems. Once a time, he admitted that the prescription sports eyeglasses did him a great favor. With the help of football prescription eyeglasses, he is more skillful with professional football game and the vision problem is no longer a setback for him. So we can enjoy the wonderful performance in the football field. Perhaps we can suppose that it is the prescription sport eyeglasses that oblige him to remain a renowned football star worldwide. With the prescription eyeglasses, Edgar Davids can score wonderfully.

sport prescription glasses

Apart from its correction of vision problem, prescription eyeglasses can also protect your eye from accidental injury. In fierce football competitions, the rapid flying football can be a potential harm for your fragile eyes. So with prescription eyeglasses on just as have a protect shades with you and it will help you minimize the risks to the lowest. Besides, it will cut off wind, grit, moisture and shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. There is no doubt that the prescription eyewear will do credit to poor eyesight players and effectively protect their eyes.

In all, prescription eyeglasses for football are a must for those who have vision problems or anyone who wants to protect their eyes in football games. With prescription eyeglasses for football, you will score wonderfully.

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