Frames are tools to fasten lenses before your eyes. The quality of frames not only influences one’s vision correction, but also affects one’s appearance directly. So, what are the types of eyeglasses frames?


There are sundry kinds of frames including both metal material and non-metal material.

Metal frames:

Metal frames comprise gold, rhodium, palladium, silver, nickel, chrome, ruthenium, titanic, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and so on. An advantage of metal frames is that they own flexible nose support, which can ease the burden of your nose bridge, which is especially good for teens. Gold, a metal with perfect ductility, hardly has any circumstance of oxidation or color changing. Whereas, gold frames are too heavy and too expensive to ordinary people to bear. If you want to buy a frame at medium price, you can try titanic or nickel alloy material. It is light, containing high levels of antioxidant, meaning that your skin will never get allergic. Copper frames are cheap. However, they are easy to rust, thus damaging your skin.

Non-metal frames:

The most luxurious material for frames is tortoise. Similar to gold, it is very expensive and rare material. Plastic, the most common non-metal material for eyeglass frames, is appreciated by many people. However, there exist hundreds of kinds of plastic, making their price differences very big. To choose a good pair of plastic frame, you should test its flexibility, smoothness and symmetry. Cellulose acetate resin is also a very hot material in recent years. It’s easy to be colored, polished and processed. When exposed to strong light, they are unlikely to shade color or lose flexibility. Thus, they are very easy to preserve.

Recently, buying glasses online has become very popular. To get a good pair of eyeglasses, you had better go to big and regular shopping sites such as Firmoo, and make comparison between different styles. The question what kind of frame is good depends largely on your values and preference.

Purchasing online means that you can choose whatever you want from various shopping sites instead of wandering through different shopping malls, which enables you to have more choices and save energy at the same time. Usually, people tend to buy clothes, food, accessories or some other end products online. Have you ever think of buying a pair of eyeglasses online? Do you feel unsafe or unreliable because they cannot make eyeglasses exactly according to your view condition? Nevertheless, the fact is that as long as you choose the regular optician online, such as Firmoo, Framesdirect, and Coastalcontacts, you can get a pair of suitable eyeglasses much cheaper than what you have ever bought in a traditional optician


Take Firmoo for example. It provides various kinds of glasses from prescription eyeglasses to sunglasses. You may wonder how the customer service of Firmoo is. The answer is that, like other regular opticians online, Firmoo considerates online customer service to solve all your questions about size, price or getting the right lenses. It is suggested that you go to a hospital and get optometry before purchasing a pair of eyeglasses online to get the most fitting lenses. On the website of Firmoo, you can choose a picture of a face which is most similar to yours and then try the picture of the eyeglasses on the face to find the most suitable one. You can get a lot of fun from this process.

You may ask another question, are eyeglasses cheap at Firmoo? The answer is that the price of glasses depends mostly on the material of both the frames and the lenses. However, it is definitely much cheaper than those sold in traditional opticians. The reason is that, without rent and the process of optometry, Firmoo can save a lot. Lower prices and considerate services and high quality can help it attract more customers to its sites to buy eyeglasses as well as sunglasses.

If you find that you are suffering from both myopia and presbyopia, it is time to buy bifocal reading glasses. Bifocal reading glasses are sometimes also called bifocal glasses which can provide people vision aids for both near and far vision. For people who have more than one vision problem, wearing bifocal reading glasses can help them avoid changing eyeglasses frequently for better vision in all distance area. Here, this article will introduce you bifocal reading glasses in details.

bifocal glasses

Bifocal reading glasses are a kind of eyeglasses installed with bifocal lenses which can combine two prescriptions at one lenses, thus one can solve their vision problems such as presbyopia and myopia at one pair of lenses. And today bifocal lenses can be classified into segmented bifocal and no line bifocal. The segmented bifocal has a visible line on the lenses which is the borderline for near and far vision area. While no line bifocal, as its name implies, is a kind of bifocal lenses without visible line on the lenses. Since they are different from normal single vision lenses, both of those two types require an adjustment period for new wearers.

From the function of bifocal reading glasses, we can see that the bifocal glasses are of help for those who suffer more than one vision problems. With a pair of bifocal reading glasses, they needn’t buy a second pair  for a clear vision at both near and far distances. So, it is a wise choice for getting clear vision at one pair of bifocal reading glasses.

Of course, as every coin has two sides, this is not an exception for bifocal reading glasses. For people who never worn bifocal glasses, they need take several days to get used to the eyeglasses. Nevertheless, as long as you adapt to the bifocal glasses, you can have a more convenient and clear vision for your daily life.

Compared with traditional single vision glasses, reading glasses with bifocal lenses can offer clear vision for both near and far distances. Thus, bifocal reading glasses are commonly considered as one kind of multifunctional eyeglasses for people who suffer presbyopia. Although those bifocal reading glasses are available for people who suffer presbyopia, not everyone needs to wear them. So, who need wear such reading glasses with bifocal lenses?

bifocal eyeglasses

Generally speaking, bifocal glasses are specially designed for people who suffer more than one vision problems, so do the bifocal reading glasses. Usually, people who use bifocal reading glasses suffer from both myopia and presbyopia or even other vision problems such as astigmatism. So, if you just suffer only myopia or presbyopia, a pair of prescription glasses or reading glasses with single vision are enough to meet your vision needs.

From the function of the bifocal reading glasses, we know that people who wear bifocal reading glasses suffer both myopia and presbyopia. Thus most of the target customers of bifocal reading glasses must be at least over 40 years, because that people over 40 years are likely to suffer presbyopia caused by aging. So, they need wear reading glasses. If they happen to suffer myopia at the same time, they probably wear bifocal reading glasses for getting vision aids for near and far distance by wearing one pair of eyeglasses. By wearing bifocal reading glasses, they no longer need to take two pairs of eyeglasses and change then frequently for a better vision.

Therefore, please don’t simply think that bifocal reading glasses are an amazing device and wear them randomly. If you just have one vision problems, you’d better wear single vision eyeglasses. Of course, if you suffer more than one vision problems, please don’t hesitate to wear bifocal reading glasses with the guide of the eye doctors.

Beauty addicts, rejoice! This week, I’ve found so many websites selling discount progressive lenses eyeglasses with various designs which must be right for you. It is very lucky for people with a single vision problem, such as hyperopia, myopia and other vision problems. Only a pair of ordinary glasses can handle it. However, when people ages, they are more vulnerable to have several vision problems. It would be rather difficult for them to see both distant and nearby things. Given that, you can consider buying progressive glasses online.

Strictly speaking, progressive lens is a significant revolution of bifocals. We all know that there is an obvious line in bifocals which looks not so elegant and beautiful, while, the progressive glasses are different. It has no line and has more smooth transition. Not only can it correct your visual acuity, but also provide you with more comfortable feeling. Therefore, it has become some of the hottest eyewear and the price is much higher that others. Thanks to the internet, we can grab plenty of discount progressive prescription glasses online.

discount progressive lenses eyeglasses

Buying glasses online can save us large sums of money, but there is something we need to notice. Firstly, you should know which kind of glasses most compliment your own style. If you totally have no idea, you can visit some website helping you to match with your face. Upload a photo of yourself, and then select the glasses temples over your face to see how it works. I believe you can find your type in this way. Secondly, you should find a website that only sells glasses for the simple reason that it is more professional. At last, when you decide to purchase it, notice the feedback on website. It is an indication of the service and quality.

Well, anyway, discount progressive lenses eyeglasses are really nice bargain. Don’t you want a pair of it for good? If you want, search it right now!

Frameless eyeglass frames for women are strongly recommended. They can be the most unique and stylish glasses. Actually, they are not only saving materials for glasses frames but also artistic in their designs. It is totally a different design from other types of glasses. In essence, it makes women the focus of the glasses, aiming to bring as natural as women are. Thus, frameless eyeglasses frames are favored by many women. They seem to be a bit of manifestation to environmental protection from the point of saving materials. With such a unique feature and practical use, we may find out something interesting in the below classical frameless eyeglasses frames for women.

Frameless eyeglass frames for women: simple, natural and elegant. There is a unique way of manifesting art in glasses making. The above one can be a lively example. It is designed with a single color, but what we see is colorful. The spaces the designers live for the connection between the front frame and the arms strengthen the holistic effect by generating three dimensions. In the front, several copper pieces form clear lines that mark exquisiteness for these frameless eyeglasses frames for women. The details are very uniquely and ingeniously dealt with in these fabulous eyeglasses. There is a saying that one who pays attention to details will be found attractive when seen by others. In effect, these frameless eyeglasses frames speak for elegance and nobility for women.

Frameless eyeglass frames for women: delicate and fashionable. At first glimpse, the first idea that comes to our mind is these glasses are really suitable for women for we seem to see a feminine, sumptuous woman in these frameless eyeglass frames. The most eye-catching design of these glasses is the high and mature craftsmanship of the metal frame. Also, the rivets tell some stories. The most eye-catching part is the temples. Due to the frameless frames, we can marvel at the exquisite construction of the temples by pieces of metal. They form a very trendy element in this season, hollow-out design. But unlike other glasses frames, it seems much more natural. And beauty thus derives from it. The arms are designed in two straight lines that deserve our attentions. We seem to connect the wearers with a sense of art whenever we see them.

As women gradually stepping into their declining years, they would find rimless eyeglasses for older women are needed. If the older ladies do not wear pair of glasses, they would become incapable to read beautiful words and see any stylish and fashion magazines. They also can not tell the color of clothing ten miles away from her. It is really a disaster! It seems that elder ladies really do need a pair of eyeglasses for women.

rimless reading glasses

When choosing the eyeglasses, rimless eyeglasses would be a good alternative for the simple reason that they are lightweight and comfortable. We often get various kinds of eyeglasses, such as metal frame, plastic frame or other kind of rimmed frame. Of course, all of these are stylish. However, it seems not that much suit for the elder people. For them, a pair of metal or plastic rimmed eyeglasses would be a burden. Especially the metal frame, it is much heavier than any other material since it is made from metal. With these kind of frames, elders are more likely to suffer headaches and dry eye when imposing these weighty frames to their nose, while, rimless eyeglasses for women older can solve all these problems. It has no weighty frame, so the wearer would hardly feel anything uncomfortable upon their nose.

rimless reading glasses

But, there is another thing that would bother the elder ladies. Namely, they are incapable to see both the distant thing and near things. For example, they would hardly distinguish the small print in newspaper or magazine, and what’s worse; they can not distinguish who is her husband in the distance as well. It seems that a pair of rimless eyeglasses is far less enough; actually, a pair of rimless reading glasses for women is needed. Nowadays, the reading glasses in effect can do a great favor to the older. Bifocal reading eyeglasses have a perfect combination of two types of lenses, which can oblige you to see both the distant or near things clearly.

Rimless eyeglasses for women in older age with vision problem are necessary. Especially rimless bifocal reading glasses, a wonderful collection for elder people.

Recently, I often hear some men complained that they feel it is difficult to choose one pair of suitable men’s bifocal reading glasses. I am one of those people who use bifocal reading glasses. However, I don’t think it is hard to pick it out. Buying bifocal glasses is the same as buying normal glasses. As long as offering the right eye prescription and choose the suitable frame, you can get a pair of suitable bifocal reading glasses. And here, this article will give you some advices for choosing suitable men’s bifocal reading glasses.

glasses for older men

To begin with, before you go to an optical store for bifocal glasses, you shall prepare your eye prescription which describes your eye power in details. And take it to the optician so as to make sure that they will process your bifocal reading glasses according to your eye strength.

Then, you shall pay attention to choose the best suitable glasses frame, which is also a very important part for the glasses. The frame you choose shall be wide enough so that it will not make you feel tight on your face. Usually, the arms do not touch the face before they reach the ears. And the ideal edge of the frame shall extend marginally beyond the width of your face. Then, the nose piece shall be comfortable. Wearing the glasses frame, you shall not be pinched on your nose bridge. Of course, please not let your bifocal glasses often slip down the nose. Among current nose pads, silicon nose pads are recommended. At last, the temples of the frame shall be the right length. The curve of the temple should go around the ears without pressing down them.

Furthermore, the material of the glasses is another important factor you shall take into consideration. Among current material for glasses frame, titanium and stainless steel are considered as the strong and durable materials. They are durable and unbreakable. So, you can try to pick up some titanium or stainless steel glasses frame for your bifocal glasses.

At last, when you get your new bifocal reading glasses, you can have a try to see if it suitable. For example, you can try to pick up something from the floor by wearing the bifocal reading glasses. If it does not slip down and press any part of your face, the eyeglasses shall be the suitable one which you are looking for.

Facebook, as the largest community in the world at the present-day society, has gained a large number of popularities among people all over the world. Maybe when you wake up every morning or before you go to sleep, you would like to check your Facebook via your computer or cellphone, just like a habit. Yep, definitely, you wanna update your motions or something new happened on you, or you wanna check your friends’ new posts or share something interesting with people there, chatting with friends from different places, sharing feelings and news, even joining in some events which can bring you a lot of fun.

Speaking of events on Facebook, here I wanna share with you a new one named “Get Free Glasses Just Like Us”. Actually, it is reported that Firmoo is launched by an optical online store called Firmoo, which is a cheap and professional global company in eyewear field.

When is comes to “Get Free Glasses Just Like Us”, Can you find any rules of the event just from its name? Quite easy! Anybody can join in? Absolutely! If you have a Facebook account, you do have a chance to take part in this game. How to play? In fact, what you should do is just clicking like on Firmoo Facebook official page, then the system would give you a code, via which you can choose a pair of free glasses on free section. Or if you are not that interested in these free glasses they provided, you do have another option – that is just use the code as $8 coupon to choose other eyewear on, so easy, isn’ it? Firmoo has a variety of eyeglasses and sunglasses with different designs and styles, so I am completely sure that you can find one there.

free glasses

Definitely, there is an increasingly number of new event on Facebook every day, and you do have a lot of choices to take part in. Anyway, “Get Free Glasses Just Like Us” is still hot under way, why not have a try?

“Several days ago, I bought a pair of cheap plastic sunglasses for both fashion and eye protection. I was supposed to wear it to hide the strong sunlight, but my head faint a few meters later.” A girl said when attending a TV show.

plastic sunglasses

Sunglasses are very popular among young people as they can decorate eyes and block strong sunlight. Usually, sunglasses in standard opticians are quite expensive. On the contrary, cheap plastic sunglasses are very cheap in small stores or on stalls with goods spread out on the ground for sale. In addition, they are quite stylish and cool and have many styles such as big white square plastic sunglasses, bright blue plastic sunglasses, cheap novelty plastic sunglasses. Many young people tend to buy cheap ones rather than expensive ones regardless of the harms cheap sunglasses may bring to their eyes.

If you pay attention to the owners of these small stores, you may find that they are quite good at bragging. When one seems to be interested in their sunglasses, they will promote the sunglasses exaggeratedly. In their mouth, the frames are made up from resin, and the lenses can block UV effectively. In fact, the most attractive point of these sunglasses is that they are as cheap as a meal. However, are these cheap sunglasses as good as the owner promoted? It is surveyed the price of most cheap sunglasses less than 3 dollars can resulting in dizziness, eye itch and eye pain. The lenses are made up of plastic material and colorful lacquer instead of glasses which is harmful to their eyes.

It is suggested that one should go to a standard sunglasses store or online stores with reputation to buy a pair of sunglasses. Both qualification and style should be considered when it comes to choosing one pair.

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