Today, glasses is not only vital device for people who need vision aids, but also very important for fashion icons. In order to follow the fashion stream, more and more people pursue fashion glasses. So, what kind of style is the most fashionable one since there are so many various sunglasses? It is easy to find the answer if you view some fashionable celebrities. Needless to say, black horn rimmed glasses are considered as the most popular accessories which can make girls and women look stunning and make men look more handsome.

horn rimmed glasses

In fact, the black horn rimmed glasses are not the fresh items for us, because those glasses have been already popular in the last century. Speaking of black horn rimmed glasses, we have to date back to 1800s when people begun to use tortoise shell and animal horn to make glasses frame. And in the last century, Harold Lloyd brought horn-rimmed glasses to fashion stream, from then on, those black horn rimmed glasses become more and more popular. In order to cut the cost, most of horn rimmed glasses frame today are made of plastic material with the same look as real horn from animals.

horn rimmed glasses

Actually, those plastic black horn rimmed glasses are still popular. Right now, with the special feature of horn rimmed glasses, more and more celebrities are fond of wearing them. And it turns out that those black horn rimmed sunglasses are available for both men and women. Wearing them can makes women look very stunning while men more handsome such as Anne Hathaway and John Depp.

Now, in the big background of retro fashion, needless to say, the black horn rimmed glasses are good choice for people who want to follow the fashion. Do you want to be fashionable in this season? If so, what are you hesitating for? Just try some black horn rimmed glasses to enhance your image.

Have you been drawn to despair when you find your poor vision ? Do you feel frustrated when you need to go to the optometrist again and again just to help you adjust your eyeglasses to the right strength? If you have such a puzzle, I suggest that you should go on reading since I’m going to provide some advices on where to buy adjustable eyeglasses which, I suppose, will be of great benefit to you and save you a lot of troubles.

First of all, I’d like to clarify what are adjustable eyeglasses. Adjustable eyeglasses are prescription eyeglasses with a self-adjustable focal length. Unlike current bifocals and progressive lenses which are static so that users have to change their eye position to look through the portion of the lens with the focal power corresponding to the distance of the object, adjustable eyeglasses, though only with one focal length, are variable and, hence, enable the users to look in different directions without constantly adjusting their eye position. Therefore, with such a pair of adjustable eyeglasses, you are just like equipped with a trained optometrist who adjusts your eyeglasses at any time you need.

Second, I’d like to share with you some of the places where you can obtain high quality adjustable eyeglasses yet sold at reasonable prices. Many online stores, including our website, offer a lot of options of adjustable eyeglasses from which you are bound to find out a pair of two that suits you most. Also, like other glasses, adjustable eyeglasses come in a variety of styles, such as the classic aviator type, Harry Porter’s round type, grandpa’s vintage type and so on. Just go on reading and I will show you some of most “in” types.

Round Adjustable Eyeglasses

Are you still reminiscent of Harry Porter’s typical dress up? If you are one of Harry’s fans, I’m sure that his round eyeglasses will never slip out of your mind. As is often the case, typical things tend to stand timeless. It also applies to the design of eyeglasses. Simply designed yet impressive, round adjustable eyeglasses are favored by many youngsters since they are easy to match with all kinds of leisure wear and they will help shape an easy-going image of you. In addition, since they are adjustable, they save you the trouble of paying the countless visits to the trained optometrists. All you need do is choose your favorite color and design.

Vintage Adjustable Eyeglasses

I think the scene that pops up in your mind the moment you see these vintage eyeglasses are nothing else than those good old days. They look as old as grandpa’s belongings, yet they also boast modern trendy elements. As a combination of fashion and vintage elements, they are meant for those who not only care about fashion but also have a nostalgic complex.

I suppose that you’ve already got a general picture of adjustable eyeglasses. If you need such adjustable eyeglasses, I sincerely recommend you to come to our website Firmoo where a lot of options are provided, as well as excellent service.


Fashion is always changing. However, the classic things invariably remain. These days, eyeglasses are not only viewed as practical eyewear, but also the accessories that can point up your own style and feature. Ordinarily, the frame of eyeglasses is the key point which decides whether your eyeglasses suit for you or not. No matter rectangle frame, round frame or oversized frame eyeglasses are classic eyeglasses frame for men.

Rectangle frame eyeglass is long-lasting for many years. The rectangle frame surely holds the presidency of the classic eyeglasses’ frame. It is welcomed and loved by the majority of men. Up to the president, down to the private citizen, this kind of classic eyeglasses can provide them with the style what they possessed. When choosing the rectangle frame, both the mental and plastic frame can be a good choice.

Round frame eyeglasses are currently the realistic option for the men to offset their seriousness in facial expression. If you always give other people a prim and sedate impression, try round frame eyeglasses. The round lines can soften your serious expression. Such is human nature that a great many of girls never inclined to close to a man with stubborn facial expression

Oversized frame is another kind of classic eyeglass frame for men. The spotlights in most cases are focus on it. This year, the popularity of oversized frame eyeglasses are expected to reach a record high for the simple reason that there are many Hollywood star would like to choose it as their eyewear. Also, according to a simple research released in Facebook that there are over forty-six percent men are choosing the oversized frame eyeglasses. As for oversized frame, the plastic material would be a priority.

Classic eyeglasses frame for men always stand in the latest trend and it is hard for them to out of fashion. So don’t bedevil of thinking about which frame to choose. Just choose the classic eyeglasses frame.

Women’s large wrap around sunglasses, new favorite for all fashionmonger. If you are a woman, and never hear about large wrap around sunglasses, you are absolutely out of date. Though as a new arrive in the market, large wrap around sunglasses soon gain large popularity and become a representative of fashion and stylish mode. It would be every woman’s loss if they know nothing about women’s large wrap around sunglasses. However, to get acquaintance with them now is not too late.

Women’s large wrap around sunglasseWomen’s large wrap around sunglasses

The most obvious character of large wrap around sunglasses is their unique frame through focusing on highlighting eye’s charms. Unlike regular sunglasses, which pay special attention only to the front shapes or facades of sunglasses and neglect the importance of side face, large wrap around sunglasses give a integral and tridimensional look by its wrapping design. Therefore, the effects women’s large wrap around sunglasses achieve are significant.

First and foremost, large wrap around sunglasses give most women a particular sense of security. As is well known, lacking of security is the fear for women. From food to clothes to daily activities, women can’t help considering the safety of all things they do or commodity the buy. What large wrap around sunglasses satisfy them is the unique and reliable sense of security. No matter taking a walk around the beach, riding bicycle in the country road; having a picnic outside suburb; they would be willing to fetch their large wrap around sunglasses along with them. Secondly, women’s large wrap around sunglasses are sexy and attractive. Wearing large wrap around sunglasses makes women looked confident and charming, and every man walking by them couldn’t help resting their eyes on them. It is wonderful for every woman to have admirers and be focus of attention, isn’t it?

Don’t you want to look good and feel good? Then have a try.

Are you enthralled by 60’s or 80’s vintage look? Personally, the trendy styles of the 80’s for men are so classic that bring out men’s masculinity and charm. To stand by such a man is definitely an enjoyment for most ladies. If you also have a mind to become such a princess charming, I sincerely recommend you to put on something with retro vintage designs, which are bound to demonstrate your maturity, one of the most attractive characters of men. This time I’d like to introduce to you the retro sunglasses for men with clear frame. Personally they are a wonderful weapon for men to display their charm.

If you care about fashion, you must be aware that nowadays sunglasses frames come in varieties, including tinted frames, gradient frames, clear frames and so on. As far as I’m concerned, the simpler, the better. Clear frames, being simple and pleasant to eyes, will stand timeless and never cause aesthetic fatigue which is likely to be incurred by showy frames. Besides, as the retro vintage wind is running wild in the fashion circle during the whole year, to wear such a pair of sunglasses will definitely enable you to become as fashionable as it could be. With retro vintage elements incorporated into the design, undoubtedly, retro sunglasses for men with clear frames will never go out of fashion and, hence, they are worth your investment.

In addition, if you have a nostalgic complex, I highly suggest that you should give a try to such type. Clear frames come in a variety of colors, such as pure white, clear grey, even transparent, etc. Also, they have various shapes similar to other sunglasses, like the classic aviator, rectangle, round, wayfarer and so on. Just follow your heart and choose the color and the frame shape that fit for you most, and you’ll stand out of the crowd, looking like an 80’s gentlemen full of mature charm.

Wish you enjoy a wonderful summer with retro sunglasses with clear frames


Recently, NBA announced that Wade shouldn’t wear his chrome goggle sunglasses with orange lenses in the matches anymore. Even though Wade is a pet of NBA, it doesn’t mean that the league will spare him of everything. Wade’s teammate and good friend James questioned the league: What a terrible decision!

Wade's chrome goggle sunglasses with orange lenses

When Miami Heat’s trainer first handed the picture of Wade’s orange sunglasses to the officials of the NBA League, the League thought that wearing orange goggles may cause other players to see Wade’s eyes unclearly, thus affect the fairness of the matches.

chrome goggle sunglasses with orange lenses

It seems that the boss of Miami Heat can accept the result, he said that the League only forbids Wade from wearing orange goggle but doesn’t forbid goggles of other colors. However, James believe that it’s the player’s right to choose the color of their goggle sunglasses. He said, I never knew it would be forbidden. Wearing a pair of orange goggle sunglasses isn’t drunk driving, why do they worry about it?

chrome goggle sunglasses with orange lenses

In this case, Wade has to change his orange goggle sunglasses. However, if Wade wears a pair of goggle sunglasses of lighter colors, strong lights can still travel through the lenses and hurt his eye. Wade seems to be stuck with that. He said, I’m not feeling well, my vision became vague after stepping into the team coach. I’m always looking for a pair of suitable goggle sunglasses for me. I’ve changed the color of my goggles from bright orange to dark black, and now I have to change it to light orange. I have no choice but listen to the League because they take control of the criterion of how players wear. At this moment, I want to make sure that I can play in the matches and this is the most important thing.

No-line bifocals, or the so-called progressive lenses, refer to the corrective lenses designed for people suffering from presbyopia. Looking like single-vision lenses, these are multifocal lenses which eliminate the visible lines found in traditional bifocals, making it difficult to tell your age. Hence, they cost more than the traditional bifocals. Compared with traditional bifocals, no-line bifocals are different not only because they are free of lines, but also because they are characterized by the following advantages. First, they enable the wearer to see at all distances. Second, they offer natural vision without “image jump”. Last but not the least, they are compatible with all frames and all wearers.

No-line Bifocals Enable the Wearer to See at All Distances

Traditional bifocals only enable the wearer to see across the room and to see up close. Instead of providing only two lens power, no-line bifocals (or progressive lenses) are true multifocal lenses, enabling the wearer to see at all distances. With a pair of such glasses, you don’t have to turn around your head or adopt uncomfortable postures so as to see something more clearly.

No-line Bifocals Are Free of “Image Jump”

Traditional bifocals wearers tend to complain that they suffer from “image jump” the power of the lenses change so drastically that images appeared to jump when shifting from distance to near viewing. Some users of conventional bifocals complain about “image jump”. However, no-line bifocals will eliminate this problem by providing a smoother transition.

No-line Bifocals Are Compatible with All Frames and All Wearers

Since people are susceptible to presbyopia as they become aged, it is imperative for them to have a pair of progressive lenses in order to see better in their senior years. Besides, these no-line bifocals are compatible with smaller frames, hence, suitable for those who have small faces or who want a smaller, stylish frame. The newly designed no-line bifocals are made with better materials, which ensure long-hour wear without uncomfortable feelings.

From my above introduction, I suppose that you’ve already known the differences between traditional bifocals and no-line bifocals. If you wanna shop for no-line bifocals to conceal your age, you might as well come to our website and I’m sure you’ll be deeply impressed.

Thanks to the development of new technology, more and more materials apply to make glasses frame which enrich many stylish sunglasses. Among them, various stylish plastic sunglasses become the main stream among modern sunglasses. And the large sized clear plastic sunglass is one of popular types in this year, because they are made of unique frames which are made of transparent plastic materials in many colors or designs. To follow this fashion, there are lots of people crazy about those clear plastic sunglasses. Are you one of them? If so, please don’t miss the following stylish large clear plastic frames for your sunglasses.

clear plastic sunglasses frame

This is a pair of stylish unisex clear plastic glasses frame which is available for both men and women. This frame is based on the most classical black color in a rectangular shape which makes it not too showy. But the special design of black plastic for the outside part of the front and the transparent plastic material inside of the front make the frames marvelous.

clear plastic sunglasses frame

Like any other types of sunglasses frame, clear plastic frames also combine with some fashionable elements. In the big retro fashion in this year, designers also create some retro style clear plastic frame for sunglasses. For example, the above glasses frame is inspired from 80’s classic style. Besides, the frame is designed of two layers in different colors. The outside is purple frame while the inside is transparent frame. What’s more, there are also flowers painted inside the temples which make the frame distinguished from common plastic frames.

clear plastic sunglasses frame

Different from the above clear plastic glasses, this frame is designed with deep blue of the upper part of the frame and then gradient blue till clear downside. Besides, the frame is also inspired from the most traditional cat eye style. Wearing sunglasses with this style are surely eye-catching.

Glasses are of vital importance to people of vision problems, yet as time goes on, values have tended to change. Served just as an optical device for correcting visions years ago, glasses now have become more of an ornament for us besides the functions it serves. Glasses have made it possible for us to see the world clearly again when our eyesight wanes. Moreover, in today’s society, glasses have made our life more interesting by giving us a sense of fashion – the pursuit of perfection and beauty.

As a man, it is really important to appreciate different kinds of glasses. Rimmed glasses give men a mature sense while horn material symbolizes men’s good tastes. Know why? See the below black horn rimmed glasses.

Black horn rimmed glasses: give you satisfaction and brightness. It is hard to imagine the world without glasses if we have vision problems. The invention of glasses has given brightness for people who live in always blurring world. But now, we ask more than that. It is not the prescription function that we pursue. We are looking for fashion, for new fashion elements. Horn is a very expensive material collected from rare tortoise. You might feel it is very cruel to do that and the glasses are too bloody. Actually, this is not your concern. Nowadays, the so called horn rimmed glasses are actually made of plastic, i.e. acetate. The adding of tortoise pattern is just to make the glasses more fashionable. As round glasses are so popular in this season, this one will be a good choice.

Black horn rimmed glasses: fantastic. It is through the very eyes that we perceive the world, and it is through the eyes that leave other people the most memorable impression. In order to make yourself stand out, you need to furnish yourself in every part of your body and in every detail. The most important one is your eyes. You need to give people a whole different image from other people, thus careful thoughts are needed. Horn frame may be the best material to set you apart from other people because of its uniqueness. The valuable horn also has a vintage and retro flavor that is reminiscent of the past popularity. Rooted in the deep history, it is destined to be particular. The almost square lenses are also very fashionable, while the horn rimmed frame senses power, strength and good taste. A man who knows how to appreciate is whom women are obsessed with. And the ability of appreciation in a man is judged first on his dressings, for example the detailed beauty of the glasses frame.

Actually, I am an overseas student from China, and now I live in Auckland, New Zealand, where I will do what I can do to get my Bachelor’s Degree in UOA (University Of Auckland) during the next four years. To be honest, it’s my first time to leave my parents, my friends and my hometown, so it’s not that easy to say goodbye to the people and things around me. As Mona from Pretty Little Liar says, “Things change, people grow.” Yep, it’s exactly right. Now I am trying my best to live independently, although it was really tough at the beginning. However, I have made new friends, entered a new school and lived in a new flat, and it seems that everything is that fresh, but it really does. By the way, when I came to Auckland, it’s my first time to use Facebook. Aha, I do like share something on Facebook, which is kind of exciting. Specifically, I am keen on Facebook so much and not only can I chat with people all over the world, but also I can join in some stimulating events and get free gifts. Aha, that’s the magic of facebook for me, and I wanna share with you guys my experience of winning free glasses via clicking “Like”.

As an overseas student from China, I am not a rich person who can buy stuff whatever them want. Compared with those in China, most things are much more dear, which makes me to start to learn how to save my money to the largest extent. Luckily, I joined a event called “Get Your Free Glasses Just Like Us” on Facebook which attracted me at the first sight. Coz’ glasses are also kind of expensive here and if I am lucky enough to get free ones, which can help me to save lots of money. And finally, I made it.

free glasses

Believe it or not, the rules are quite easy. What you should do is just clicking “like” on Firmoo Facebook page. Then you will get a code, with which you can get a pair of eyewear from the page of “free glasses” without any money. Additionally, you can also choose other eyeglasses which you like most on Firmoo, but that means the code is just $ 8 at that time. Luckily, the game is available everyday, and you can find different kinds of free glasses there, so if you wanna get fee glasses just like me, you should pay attention to the Anyway, thanks, Facebook, thanks, Firmoo. It really helped me a lot and it is the first gift in the new city.

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