In summer, many people wear plastic sunglasses to shade their eyes. But in fact, one important function of plastic sunglasses is to protect eyes from UV rays. This kind of plastic sunglasses is just plastic UV sunglasses that we are going to talk about.

Many people are unaware of the harm of UV rays. Actually it is severe but very gradual. People who work outside or go outside often should be very careful about the burning sunlight. Some may ask what we should do to deal with it. To completely avoid the harm of UV rays is hardly possible but at least we can do our best to cut it to the least. Many people wear plastic sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harmful UV rays. However, plastic UV sunglasses are more professional. Most plastic UV sunglasses can block 90 percent of all UV rays and some can even block all UV rays. Doesn’t that sound attractive?

When you are going to buy one pair of plastic UV sunglasses, two simple tips can guarantee that you can get a pair of high quality. First, you can read the UV rating on each pair of sunglasses you examine. Of course, the higher the UV rating is, the higher its quality is. Second, you had better pick up one pair of UV sunglasses that cover more of the face. The reasons are self-evident. They can better protect your face from the harm of UV rays.

Nowadays when we buy something, we have a variety of choices. A smart buyer will take the cheap one of superior quality. If you want to be that smart, why not try to buy the UV plastic sunglasses online? With the diversity and variety of UV sunglasses online, I am sure that you can find one you really like.

A pair of men’s black plastic eyeglasses is a good choice if your are a trendy man who want to attract other people’s attention without being too showy as they can make you look low-pitched and intellectual.

Decent eyeglasses enable us to look luxury and cool. However, they will make you distant and mysterious when you attend charity events or interviews. So why don’t you pick up a pair of black plastic eyeglasses and hange out with your girlfriend.

Maybe you are still wondering whether black plastic eyeglasses can keep your image of trendy man. The answer is that they are retro and innovative and there are many styles to choose from to match your face shape and character.

men’s black plastic eyeglasses

1. Rectangle black plastic eyeglasses for men

Not everyone are suitable to wear rectangle black plastic eyeglasses. It is suitable for long and thin faces. On the contrary, wide or fat faces will look wider with this pair of eyeglasses.

men’s black plastic eyeglasses

2. Oversized black plastic eyeglasses for men

Ovesized black plastic eyeglasses are suitable for all the face shapes because of the big frames. They are also vey popular among pop stars. If your face is wide and your chin isn’t very sharp, you can try one to decorate your face. Nevertheless, if your face is very small, there is no need for you to wear oversized eyeglasses as they will make you look like a kid.

men’s black plastic eyeglasses

3. Round retro black plastic eyeglasses for men

They fit for inverted triangle face very well. If your face is a bit wide, you had better avoid full round eyeglasses. Half round black plastic eyeglasses can make up for the drawbacks of your face shape. If you have a round and plain face, round eyeglasses can make your face look rounder. You may as well try a pair of oversized black plastic eyeglasses to decorate your face.

I always believe the old saying goes: “there is no free launch in the world.” but right now, I find this old saying is not always the truth. Sometimes, we can get some free products or relatively cheap but qualified products. Perhaps this should own to the keen competition among business.

Yesterday, I got a pair of new prescription glasses from an online optical shop named firmoo. At first, I just planed  to buy a pair new glasses to change my current one. So, I searched online randomly and came to firmoo by chance.  But one of her customer told me that her company is just launching a promotion activity right now. If I buy a pair of eyeglasses from her websites, we can join in their lucky draw. And the prize of their lucky draw is an iPod Shaffle MP3 player.

lucky draw

Sounds awesome. Anyway, I lose nothing but have an opportunity to get an iPod Shaffle MP3 player. Although the iPod Shaffle MP3 player is not something fresh, they can bring me some fun in my spare time. So I decided to buy a pair of prescription glasses costing less than that in the local stores. After all, my eyeglass is old enough and it is time to change a new pair.

What’s surprising me after further talking with their customer service is that I can get a pair of free prescription eyeglasses from them as long as I “like” them on facebook and become the new fans of their websites. Then, I can get a pair of free eyeglasses from them and also join in their lucky draw to win iPod Shaffle MP3 player. It sounds really amazing. Even if I won’t win the lucky draw, I can get a pair of new and free eyeglasses just by clicking “like” on their facebook.

free glasses

I think this is really a good chance for me to get free eyeglasses, maybe as well as an iPod Shaffle MP3 player. As customers, this is really a good chance to what we want at a very low cost. So, if you also plan to buy a pair of new pair eyeglasses, I suggest you may have a try.


Ladies, do you want to be the focus of birthday parties or costume balls? Have you thought that a pair of sunglasses can help you achieve this goal? Yes, cat eye novelty sunglasses can make you become special. And you can be the center of attention in parties. Of course, if you want to bring laughter for others, a pair of cat eye novelty sunglasses is also a good choice.

Nowadays, sunglasses are never just made to shield our eyes from the harm of sunlight. They have been a good accessory to satisfy our requirement to seek after fashion and fun. Different people have different styles. Therefore, a variety of sunglasses of different shapes have to be designed to attract different costumers. Affected by the retro movement in fashion world, people pay attention to sunglasses with cat eye frames again. Under the circumstances, cat eye novelty sunglasses come into being.

Different from other sunglasses with cat eye frames, cat eye novelty sunglasses provide no protection against UVA or UVB rays. They are mainly designed for novelty use. However, cat eye novelty sunglasses and cat eye sunglasses have one thing in common. That is both of them can give you a unique look. When you attend a party, wearing suitable clothing and choosing a right pair of cat eye novelty sunglasses, you may be the most special guest in the party. The cat eye novelty sunglasses can make you become the most shinning star of the party.

In fact, as for stylish people, cat eye novelty sunglasses are not just used in parties or costume balls. In other situations, they may also wear a pair of cat eye sunglasses in order to attract others’ attention, because the feeling built up by cat eye novelty sunglasses is special. Other kinds of sunglasses cannot give people the same feeling. All in all, cat eye novelty sunglasses can make you special and help you become the focus of parties. At the same time, you may bring others laughter.


As the retro stream comes to the fashion world, most of fashionable people try to make up in a retro style to follow the fashion. They wear clothes, bags, shoes in retro style. In fact, those items don’t make you look enough retro elegant, and you still need a pair of vintage oversized sunglasses.

Vintage oversized  sunglasses

Today, sunglass is no longer just a device for protecting eyes from the intense sun.  It is also an important element of fashion. Besides, sunglasses in modern time are designed in various styles to meet the fashion statements. Now in the big stream of retro fashion, sunglasses won’t miss this element. So, you can find many types of retro vintage sunglasses. And most of those vintage sunglasses are combined with oversized styles helping you make a bold fashion statement.

Vintage aviator sunglasses

In the present market, you can find that vintage oversized aviator sunglasses and vintage oversized cat-eye sunglasses are widely spread. Although those sunglasses first appeared in 1930s and 1950s, they are still attracting many customers right now. In fact, those vintage oversized sunglasses can help people achieve a good appearance both for women and men. Especially the oversized design which give people a kind of mysterious temperament.

cat eye sunglasses-oversized

Apart from aviator and cat eye style, John Lennon’s black round sunglasses also come back in fashion. And they are no longer just the same as the sunglasses which John Lennon worn. They are made in overiszed frame and lenses right now. And it turns out that those vintage oversized round sunglasses are very cool.

vintage round sunglasses

Therefore, vintage oversized sunglasses are also a part of retro fashion. If you tired of dressing in modern conventional style, just try some vintage style dressing for a retro style. If so, when you buy retro clothes, retro bag, retro shoes as well as retro top-knot, please don’t forget to buy some vintage oversized sunglasses.

When you are walking in the hot sun, you must be longing for wearing a pair of sunglasses which can protect your eyes from the sun and give you clear vision. However, there are too many sunglasses of different shapes, colors, materials and so forth. We are dazzled when we try to choose one pair of sunglasses. Here, I want to recommend plastic sunglasses to every sunglasses lover.

As is well known, plastic is a kind of material which is light. Therefore, sunglasses made by plastic are light. This is an advantage which attracts many sunglasses lovers. People who wear sunglasses for a long time must know that if the sunglasses are too heavy, the wearer will feel uncomfortable, especially their nose, for the heavy sunglasses exert much pressure on the wearer’s nose bridge. With a pair of light plastic sunglasses, sunglasses lovers don’t need to worry that their noses which might have to bear too much pressure.

In general, plastic sunglasses are very cheap for the advanced science and technology has reduced the production costs of plastic. This is a boon to every sunglasses lover. They can spend less money buying a pair of sunglasses which they love. Though the prices of plastic sunglasses are low, they are also of high quality. There are many merits of plastic frames. Wearers can easily bend them to fit for their head without worrying about breaking the frames. In addition, plastic sunglasses are immune to the corrosion of salty water.

One more advantage we should pay attention to plastic sunglasses is that they are very colorful. We can find plastic sunglasses of all colors. This is why plastic sunglasses become more and more popular. Stylish people can choose plastic sunglasses of any color which can make them different. For example, bright orange plastic sunglasses can give people a strong visual shock. People may quickly pay attention to the wearer.

On the whole, there are many advantages of plastic sunglasses. You won’t be regretted that you own a pair of plastic sunglasses.

Nowadays, fashion not merely belongs to women. More and more men seek after fashion. As one of the necessary equipments in hot summer, sunglasses have become the first thing which stylish men will think of. Among a variety of sunglasses, it is difficult to choose a pair of sunglasses that is not only fashionable but also suitable for men themselves. In recent years, fashion striped sunglasses gradually attract people’s attention. Fashion striped sunglasses mainly designed for men also become a new fashion trend.

Striped sunglasses, as its name suggests, are sunglasses with striped frames. In order to satisfy people’s demand to experience vintage style, striped sunglasses can also be designed as cat-eye frame, round frame and oversized frame. However, sunglasses makers not just copy the shapes of sunglasses which were popular in the past. They employ the stripes to add modern feeling to the sunglasses. Therefore, striped sunglasses can be the combination of both classicism and modernism. That is why they become more and more popular. It seems that striped sunglasses have been a new fashion trend of this year.

As for stylish men, they won’t give up any opportunity to become fashionable. Hence fashion striped sunglasses have attracted their attention. And sunglasses manufacturers seize this opportunity. In order to attract more men customers, they designed fashion striped sunglasses on purpose for men. If you search on the Internet, I believe you can find that you have a lot of choices for men’s striped sunglasses.

In my opinion, plastic is the beat material to make striped sunglasses. Usually, striped sunglasses have two colors. Different combinations of colors can make different effect. Among all the materials which are used to make sunglasses frames now, we can just find that plastic has the richest colors. Therefore, plastic striped sunglasses are the best kind of striped sunglasses which can meet with every man’s requirement.

Whether you agree or not, men’s striped have become a new fashion trend. More and more stylish men put them on their list of necessary things in summer. If you want to own a pair of striped sunglasses, just act at once.


Half rimmed eyeglasses have come into people’s eyes after full rimmed eyeglasses. It is a great invention that they have some certain market position nowadays. But why are half rimmed eyeglasses so popular? Yes, they must have some certain advantages over full rimmed eyeglasses. Let’s see and find out the reasons with the below large rimmed eyeglasses.

Gold half rimmed eyeglasses: to be energetic and sophisticated. These eyeglasses are the best options for professors or scholars. The golden color in the front frame tells people an experienced and sophisticated man with high status. As we can see, the large rimmed eyeglasses are made of mixed materials. The acetate arms can keep our skins from irritated in addition to the comfortable wear they bring in. Well, the good thing about half rimmed eyeglasses is they make you more energetic while saving materials. These large rimmed eyeglasses only cost you less than 20 dollars. Don’t worry, the quality is there. We save the materials, but not the craft. The durability of the metal and acetate materials will prove to be a long term wear.

Half rimmed titanium eyeglasses: durable and economic. No matter in the look, functions or materials of these eyeglasses. They’ll be a good choice for men. The large rimmed frame is made from titanium that is extremely durable, light and corrosion-resistant. Guess what? The whole weight of these half rimmed eyeglasses is only 15 grams. Moreover, they are compatible for single, bifocal or progressive vision. Added with the noble silver color, these large rimmed eyeglasses can suit different men on many occasions.


Half rimmed gunmetal eyeglasses: classic and cool. In addition to the quality of eyeglasses, we now pay more attention to the “spirit” of the eyeglasses. Like the above half rimmed eyeglasses, an antique flavor floats to our mind when we see it. No matter you view it in the front or from the side, it looks perfectly loyal and a little bit adorable. What’s more, the rectangular lenses convey to us a sleek sense of sexiness. Regardless of you’re interested in history or not, these large rimmed eyeglasses will make you stand out. They only cost you for 24 dollars. Call and order it now!


Do you want to provide some sources of merriment when you attend a party or festival activity? If your answer is “yes”, wearing a pair of funny glasses can really make a difference. Funny glasses are good props which can bring us laugh. And nowadays people have designed funny glasses of different shapes in order to meet with different people’s requirement and demands of various occasions.

Attending birthday parties is very common for every person. In this situation, jokes are extremely necessary. Every attendant’s laugh is the best gift for birthday person. At this time, funny glasses can achieve a good effect. Every person who wears a pair of funny glasses is a source of laughter. Birthday person can wear a pair of funny glasses which marks his ages. Guests can wear happy birthday candles glasses, beer mug glasses and funny glasses of various shapes.

Costume balls are the best stage for funny glasses to show their capabilities. Fantastic clothing with a pair of fantastic funny glasses will help the wearer achieve the effect he wants. For example, many women like to choose a pair of feather glasses, especially cat eye feather glasses, which makes them sexy, charming and mystical. What’s more, those who want to dress up as animals can wear a pair of funny glasses of animal’s shape, such as swan-shaped glasses.

Groucho glasses are a typical representative of funny glasses. They always consist of black horn-rimmed frame, attached eyebrows, large plastic nose and bushy moustache. You may often see this kind of funny glasses in slapstick. If you wear a fake mustache at the same time, the effect of funny glasses will be better. The watchers may be convulsed with laughter.

Wearing a suitable pair of funny glasses according to what kind of activities you will attend. Then bring happiness to others. I believe at the same time you can also be happy.


It sounds very easy to choose a pair of cool plastic sunglasses until you have to choose the color and style for your sunglasses. Since there are so many plastic sunglasses in different colors for both frame and lenses, it is hard to decide which colored sunglasses will best suit for you. Nevertheless, we still need to make a decision of what kind of color in sunglasses will flatter you.

In detail, the color selection for plastic sunglasses consists of two parts. First, you shall consider which color you should choose for sunglasses lenses. Second, you shall consider which color you should choose for your sunglasses frame.

plastic sunglasses

When it refers to choosing color for plastic sunglasses lenses, you shall consider which color is the healthiest color for eyes. In terms of this, light grey and brown color are considered as the most comfortable color for lenses. They can prevent some harmful rays in the sun and will not cause distortion. Of course, you can also choose some bright colors for lenses. However, they may cause color distortion such as pink lenses. Nevertheless, you still can buy pink plastic sunglasses just for fashion statements.

pink plastic sunglasses

Then, the color choice for frame is also very important. To determine which color you shall choose, you should consider your own skin color, hair color and your clothes color. If your skin color and hair color belong to warm tone, you can try plastic sunglasses frame with gold, tortoise, while, brown and aqua color. Or if your skin color and hair color belong to cool tone, you can try some silver, black, blue, gray and purple frames. Besides, for choosing the color for sunglasses frame, you should also consider your clothes color which you often wear. For example, big white plastic sunglasses will work well for people who wear light colored clothes.

plastic sunglasses-whitle frame

At last, when you choose plastic sunglasses in different colors, you must consider if the frame color you choose match well for the lenses color. This is very curial factors you shall consider when you determine to buy plastic sunglasses. As long as you take your skin and hair color as well as your clothes color into consideration and match all well on your lens color, you will surely choose a pair of cool plastic sunglasses.

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