Recently, I have watched an old movie named “Natural Born Killers”, in which the hero totally attracted me by wearing a pair of special sunglasses with round lenses. After the movie, I searched for the unique style of sunglasses on the internet. Fortunately, I have found some information about these special sunglasses without much effort.

In fact, it was the well known John Lennon Sunglasses that the hero of the movie “Natural Born Killers” wore. They are a type of wire-rim sunglasses often worn, purely for aesthetic reasons. They first became popular in the 1960’s inspired by many of the legendary rockers of that era, such as the Beatles member, John Lennon. Furthermore, John Lennon Sunglasses’ enduring appeal is driven by prominent members of the music business and other celebrities who continue to wear them to this day. For example, big screen stars Tim Roth, Whoopi Goldberg and even animated characters Ban Mido and Basara Nekki often appear before public wearing John Lennon Sunglasses, just as did former professional wrestler Bret Hart on live television appearances.

Nowadays, the sunglasses market is dominated by premium designer sunglasses brands such as Lay-Ban, Chanel, and so forth. However, there is a lack of choice of some affordable and special classic sunglasses. And John Lennon Sunglasses provide those who have a passion of such round wire framed sunglasses a chance to get their loving and cool round sunglasses. Though John Lennon Sunglasses are a classic sunglasses style, but their designer never forget to keep up with the latest fashion. When coming to lenses and frame colours, there are as many choices as other kinds of sunglasses. Just like people do when choosing other types of sunglasses, those who have some eye problems can choose prescription round lenses so that they can achieve an ideal vintage appearance and see things clearly at the same time. In addition to this, if you are always driving or you are a fisherman, you can choose the unique polarized lenses to satisfy your own requirements.Besides, these kind of retro sunglasses have some advantages compared with other styles. In particular, one of these classic round sunglasses models have enhanced frames and can spring temples so that can offer extra fitting comfort for a variety of face shapes.

In order to solve a series of eye issues, especially the damages caused by the strong sunlight, sunglasses offering effective eye protection are widely chosen for people who want to protect their eyes. For some young people, they choose sunglasses as a fashionable statement more than just eye protection.

For some people who have poor eyesight, they can also enjoy the same benefits as other people in normal vision, thanks to rx sunglasses. For vision sufferers, sunglasses are more powerful because they can concentrate to be used to correcte their vision, protect from eye disease and beautify appearance.

Sunglasses associated with the function of vision correction can be classified into several kinds like single vision- sunglasses, bifocal sunglasses and progressive sunglasses. As a matter of fact, they are made with the same lenses with the respective prescription lenses of regular RX eyeglasses.

In addition, there are a lot of sporty men who would like to wear sport sunglasses to avoid outside pollutions along with protection against harmful UV rays. As you know, many sport activities are carried out outside. If the sporty person expose themselves to the strong sunlight, they are easier to suffer from a series of damages. Sunglasses can offer you a series of eye protection, like shielding the eyes from stimulating, against harmful UV rays and so forth. Moreover, the sunglasses made with polarized lenses can help the person to see clearly without any reflection. You can wear stylish, trendy dark shades and still can be able to look around with in different direction even though you have weak eyesight.

Fashion nowadays are the main and trendy fashion topic. Sunglass comes in a variety of very classy, feminine styles, shapes, colors and materials, which make sunglasses are quite various and glamorous. The frames are also of many types which make you look stylish and trendy. People can take several pairs of them to show different beauties to others, and add their confidence to some degrees.

Glasses are not only tools to correct visions, but also fashionable accessories to many people become stylish. Then how to make up if you choose to wear glasses has become an important thing to learn.

Wearing glasses can attract people to stare at your eyes; However, too complicated eye makeups may look imbalanced with your glasses. Actually, the best method is to use eyeshadows of natural colours to make up your eyes. Spreading a bit shinning brown eyeshadows on your eye sockets can highlight your eye profiles. Then, add two thick eye liners to make your eyes have minds. This kind of eye makeup matches glasses very well. Moreover, don’t forget to conceal the flaws around your eyes.

Step1. Apply a neutral pink shade on the apples of cheeks.

It’s best to use face powders and lipsticks at first because they can brighten your face at once. Pay attention that don’t use too dark face powders which may make your makeup look unnatural.

Step2. Apply nude lip gloss on your lips and then add some shinning flesh-coloured lip gloss at the middle of your lips. This method can make your makeup look soft.

Step3. Use eyeshadows of light brown as background colour. The eyeshadows should be spread all over your eye sockets, which can bring three-dimensional effects to your eyes.

Step4. Use eye shadow brush to spread dark brown eye shadows near the roots of your eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger.

Step5. Use big eye shadow brush to spread beige eye shadows on your brow ridges.

Step6. Use eyeliner to draw thick up and down eye lines.

Step7. Curl your eyelashes at first and then put brush mascara on them. Pay attention that your eyelashes should be upturned or they may touch your glasses.

After doing the above 7 steps, I’m sure you will get a very nature but attractive makeup. If you still can not understand how to make up, you can look at the pictures below and then imitate.

All the jewellery-lovers may get surprised from the fashionable items. let me give you an example, the frame glasses, ordinary by itself, but after being decorated with gorgeous details as crystal or pearl, it would be upgraded to luxurious jewellery. To make your bright eyes charming, and your amorous feelings mysterious, many famous brands have lanuched a series of precious rare and splended frame glasses. Let us imagine, while going out, wearing your jewellery glasses, with meticulous design and delicate fastidious, then your temperrament is sure to be improved.

This kind of jewellery glasses is set with concise and contracted jewellery, the light colour is your prefer choice.

The colour likes that of sunset, spraying out leger ways of restoring ancient.

The glasses of princess style is lightsome and exquisite, both sides decorated with delicate and close crystal, which gives us the information of youth. This year, the fashion trend is naturalism, and the T stage is filled with the items of rich pastoral flavor. As for the jewellery glasses, with bright and pink colour, such as: white, nude, are the most fashionable ones. The speciality of platnim frame lies in the way of filling onyx in the frame at the temporal, ate the same time, logo Bulgari is played on it. The rare platinum and onyx enhances each other’s beauty, showing the constant guardian and bringing out the best of taste. All this imply the persistent calm of the business elites.

The unique abbreviations of double decorates the frame, set with diamonds and made of K gold. The set of single ruby of princess style or the all set style reflect the amorous feelings of the classic style of Kadeya.

As for the restrained and luxury glasses, the frame of which are often made of yellow K gold or white K gold,wieh a crystal diamond or sapphire of princess style, making your eyes full of charming.

With the widely spread of sunglasses, stylish sunglasses become one of a necessary products for lots of people. However, not all stylish sunglasses will suit for everyone. So, you should make sure that the sunglasses you choose is the right one for you. However, facing various sunglasses in the market, it is hard to decide which one we should choose. Now, this article will give you some suggestions to choose the best suitable sunglasses.

To begin with, before you buy sunglasses, you should first define your budget. Do you have a limit? How much are you willing to spend on sunglasses? Although lots of people may ignore this question, this is a really reality and important questions. You can check online and have knowledge about their price so that to find the best sunglasses which you can afford.

Then, maybe you have some limits in your budget. You still need to think about what kind of sunglasses that you really want. There are lots of sunglasses which can be catalogue according to their styles, frames, designs and colors. Nevertheless, you must know what you want to get from those sunglasses so that to choose best sunglasses with proper color and style etc.

Furthermore, after you have a clear mind of what kind of sunglasses you are expected, what you should do is to check out the design of the sunglasses. You shall check if the sunglasses are in light weight. Usually, if the sunglasses are heavy, they likely cause you discomfort and cause the indentation of the bridge of the nose. Apart from the weight of sunglasses, you shall also choose attracting sunglasses according to your preference.

Finally, now, you got a pair of comfortable and stylish sunglasses. But you still need to further to check them if they are protective. Anyway, a pair of qualified sunglasses must be UV protections. Besides, they can also reduce the blinding sunshine. And there are also some sunglasses which installed with polarized lenses can also prevent glare. The sunglasses you buy shall protect your eyes from UV rays and glare so as to keep your eye health. Even if you pursue fashion with sunglasses, you shall be on the basis of eye health.

Wearing sunglasses is a positive way of protecting eyes for the elderly, especially for those who are suffering from cataract, keratitis, conjunctivitis, retinal detachment and many other eye diseases. Wearing sunglasses can promote the rehabilitation of these diseases. Nonetheless, not every old people is suitable for wearing sunglasses and can enjoy the cool and protection brought by sunglasses. So, to protect eyes more effective and safer, we need to know something about that.

First of all, glaucoma patients should take care of that. They get the disease because of the disorders in their aqueous humor, which lead to an increase in their intraocular pressure and then result in optic atrophy and visual field defect. When wearing a pair of sunglasses, their pupils dilate for the light around their eyes is reduced. As a result, disorders in the aqueous humor are added, and that makes more increases in the intraocular pressure. Consequently, the situation of the disease will get worse and worse. That increases pain of the patients and may even cause blindness.

Secondly, old people with neuroretinitis had better not wear sunglasses. Sunglasses will increase disturbances to the optic nerve conduction and do harm to the recovery.
Thirdly, it will be harder to distinguish different colors if achromates wear sunglasses. It doesn’t matter for a person with monochromatism to own a pair of sunglasses, while a large number of patients are partial color blindness who are not suitable for some of sunglasses with certain colors.

Last but not least, the elderly subjected to night blindness are not suitable for wearing sunglasses, either. Due to long-turn lack of vitamin A, the retinene joining night vision reactions in their bodies is not effectively supplemented. The patient’s vision will be affected in dim light under the shelter of sunglasses.

Searching for more information about sunglasses, you can refer to vision library.

People who suffer from a series of vision problems like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism should prescribe a pair of RX eyeglasses to get clear eyesight. You must pay attention to some points when you get your RX eyeglasses.

Firstly, you should lay more stress on your prescription, because your eyes return to normal vision by virtue of a pair of eyeglasses which should be prescribed with prescription lenses. You should make sure the prescription script is accurate and valid to show your current eyesight. Generally speaking, for majority of people, the prescription that they get in two years is effective as eyesight changes with our growth of bodies in most of time. Besides, as the eyeglasses are completely manufactured according to the prescription,and any mistake about prescription will cause discomfort and eye damage. Therefore, you should find a qualified optician when you decide to prescribe your prescription. Besides, you are strongly suggested to re-prescribe every year for better vision. And only those newly prescribed eyewear can rectify your problems perfectly.

Secondly, if you like shopping online, get your RX eyeglasses from a good and suitable online store. As a matter of fact, it includes two meanings. One is that you should find a reliable online vendor who engages in their stores legitimately and fairly. Another meaning implies your situation which should not only comply with your requirements but also should be in terms of the price within your budget. There is a great difference of price classes between the brands and stores in optical market. If you have enough budget, you can consider buying Ray Ban, Dior, and Armani which usually offer all sided service and quality guarantee.

Finally, although people who get RX eyeglasses are mainly used for correcting vision problems, you can also care about the stylish frame which can make your RX eyeglasses more fashionable. You also can choose your RX eyeglasses according to your taste. Of course, the premise is never let fashion affect functionality.

Today I will tell you that how to choose driver sunglasses. Many drivers like to wear a pair of sunglasses, not to be cool, but to protect the eyes, to avoid glare and ensure safe driving. So, what is the difference between these driver sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses? From the point of health and safety, polarized sunglasses are the best choice for drivers.

Firstly, comparing the ordinary sunglasses and polarized sunglasses, polarized sunglasses is better to prevent glare, which filter out the scattered light from beam to remove stray light, to ensure clear vision, because, most of time, inevitably, there will be water on the road or scattered reflection from other circumstances. It may affect the driver’s attention and visual sense during driving.

Secondly, we must pay attention to the following three aspects when you choose driver sunglasses:

First, choose the regular channels to buy genuine. A number of hawkers sell sunglasses on the very cheap price, which are often counterfeit products. Counterfeit products neither have polarizing effect nor prevent ultraviolet rays. Moreover, they neither can care for the eyes nor affect the visual effects.

Second, as for the choice of color of the driver sunglasses, do not choose too bright colors. Gray, green, brown is a good selection to drivers, because gray lenses can evenly absorb any chromatography and avoid the chromatic aberration. Drivers do not choose light blue, baby pink and other light colors for driver sunglasses.

Third, if the light is not particularly strong, you are not recommended to wear sunglasses. Do not wear sunglasses when it is overcast or very mild light, because lacking of light can cause visual fatigue.

Generally speakingl, drivers should pay attention to the above mentioned three aspects, when you choose driver sunglasses! Come on!


After hard work for a week, climbing mountain at weekend is good way to relax. However, the blinding sunshine outside always make us fell very hard to open our eyes. Besides, the strong UV Rays is very harmful to our skin and eyes. Therefore, you must protect yourself well.

If you plan to climb mountains, you have to protect your eyes from the sun and wind. Moreover, you have to kee a very clear vision so as to avoid some dangers as well as enjoy beautiful mountains. Among those equipment for climbing mountain, wraparound sunglasses must be the best choices. They can prevent wind, sands, flying particles as well as the UV rays effectively.

Nevertheless, you must choose sunglasses which made of durable, light weight, compact materials. Only the good qualified and durable sunglasses can protect their eyes well when they climbing mountain. So, no matter what kind of sunglasses you choose, you shall choose the durable one so as not to scratch by some plants.

Besides, in order to have a good vision, you’d better choose some prescription sunglasses. Even if you have no vision problem, you shall have an eye test so as to buy prescription sunglasses according your prescription. This is the effective way to buy a pair of suitable sunglasses which not only protect your eyes from dangers, buy also improve your vision.

In addition, if you plan to climb mountain on a very sunny day, you shall wear sunglasses with dark lenses so as to protect your eyes from bright snow and glaciers and high altitude sun. But if you plan to climb mountain in cloudy and overcast day, you shall choose some sunglasses with light colored lenses which are light enough to allow for clear vision in overcast conditions.

From stated above, we know that choose sunglasses for climbing mountain is not as easy as we expected. You must think about that your eye prescription, the weather and the quality of the sunglasses you choose.

The blazing sun is shining right over our heads. Therefore, sunglasses become a must-have item for sun block and eye protection. However, as for people who have some vision problems, a pair of sunglasses can not satisfy the demand of them. Recently, a new type of sunglasses with the function of vision correction obtains popularity among people who are fond of cycling or driving.

It is known that the market is full of a superb collection of sunglasses. However, not every kind of sunglasses can be made with prescription. If one wants to customize a pair of prescription sunglasses, he’d better choose a relatively smaller frame and the diameter of the lenses should be in 62mm, which will be in favor of the dioptric and pupil distance of the customer. This kind of prescription sunglasses will make the things look clear and the main colors of the lenses are grey and dark brown. Currently, the custom-made prescription sunglasses can be classified into three kinds.

The first kind is the polarized prescription sunglasses. Either color or style of the sunglasses can be customized according to the customer’s likes and dislikes. Besides, the styles of this kind of sunglasses are very refreshing and thrilling and sunglass in this kind also can effectively block the UV rays. However, thanks to the insufficient light transmittance, the polarized prescription sunglasses are unsuitable for wearers while staying indoor. The second kind is the tinted prescription sunglasses. As the name indicates, tinted prescription sunglasses are the common prescription sunglasses tinted with colors. Sunglasses of this kind are of reasonable and affordable price but of poor UV rays prevention. The third kind is the photochromic prescription sunglasses. The photochromic prescription sunglasses can adjust its color according to the light intensity, which is convenient but the price is higher than the counterparts.

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