I am a web worm and usually wander online. While opening my facebook as usual, a piece of attractive updating news draws my attention. That is firmoo, as one of my favorite optical stores, is holding a fashion show. In fact, I have got several pairs of eyeglasses from firmoo since one of my friends introduced me about their advantages of eyeglasses compared with others. Their online sellers advised me to add their official facebook which are more convenient for us to know about their discount or free eyeglasses information. Today, is there any good information they will offer for us?

I click to their relative links with my curiosity. There appears a new page and the theme is” Firmoo’s Fashion Show”. It is not beyond my imagination, which are their new grateful activities to their consumers. People can upload their photos or video with eyewear on their facebook to show their fashionable look and charming temperament, as they have a powerful group of facebook members in their friend line. When we get this information, I’m so excited because I always hope to get a chance to show myself..

I enjoy imagination for several minutes, and then go on the following information which is even more exciting to me. They offer attractive awards to people who win the most “likes” by large of facebook members. I couldn’t wait to look for their detailed information. It is said that the winner can get up to $ 100(cash). This is really amazing for us.

I think it is a great chance that I have met for the first time. Therefore, I would strive to hold on it. I find out three pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses which got from their stores and then get several beautiful photos by myself and upload the most fashionable one on their facebook wall. In fact, a lot of people like my photos and even some of them would like to contact with me. How magical I have never experienced!

Our eyes can adjust to different surroundings, but when we do some activities outside or expose ourselves under the intense glare of the sun, which will not only fatigue our eyes, but also cause damage to the eyes especially the ultra violet. Under this condition, the perfect way to protect our eyes is to wear the high quality sunglasses, at the same time; the different colors have different effects.

Dark brown sunglasses

If you are a driver, they can more suit for you. On the one hand, the dark brown sunglasses can absorb purple and cyan of the ray; on the other hand, it is the best choice to avoid the ultra violet and infrared rays for drivers.

Gray and green sunglasses

If you are fond of traveling, the gray and green sunglasses are desirable. Because they are soft colors, they will never change countenance while you appreciate beautiful scenery with them. This kind of sunglasses lenses designed for the travelers are made of dyed plastic substrate, the upward is dark while the downward is light-colored, so they help you enjoy the scenery.

Yellow sunglasses

They can absorb the whole ultra violent and most of the blue ray. It will keep your whole field of vision more clearly. So it is common to wear the yellow sunglasses lenses for the hunters and shots.

Polarized sunglasses

When you do outdoor activities like skiing, diving and fishing, the glare from the water, land and the snow will bring the potential hazards. Because of their vertical polarizing orientation, they can protect the travelers’ eyes from injury by filtering the emissive color, and the water wave to linear polarization. But you should pay more attention to the daily life especially when you are driving, it is not fit for you to use the polarized sunglasses, on the contrary, they will make your vision dimmer.

Discoloration sunglasses

This kind of sunglasses is used indoors or outdoors generally. They are also called the “sensitization lenses”, and they will change color when encountering the intense light, because the lenses consisted of halogen silver, so it can forbid the potential damage.

In a word, there are so many different sunglasses for you to choose according to your requests. A high quality pair of sunglasses is not only helpful for the health, but also can protect our eyes from the damage.

With a rich profusion of safety glasses, also called goggle available on the market place, it is sometimes difficult to find the right pair if you don’t know what your alternatives are and what strengths and drawbacks each type of glasses possesses. Faced with glasses of different materials and designs, a first time buyer usually finds himself patrolling down the entire mall again and again, lost in his hesitation and never able to make a decision in the end. If you don’t want to end up like that, it’s crucially important to armor yourself with some basic knowledge of safety glasses.

When it comes to safety glasses, quality always comes first. After all, these glasses are intended to protect your precious eyes. Though higher prices don’t necessarily mean better quality, it’s always suggested to stay away from those unusually cheaply sold ones. Material of both lens and frame should also be looked at with great care. A preferable choice is polycarbonate, which is widely used for both lenses and frames due to its excellent impact-proof characteristics. Besides, it’s exceptionally lightweight too, adding ease and comfort to the wearing experience and minimizing fatigue for extended period of usage. Like all other plastics, polycarbonate is rather flexible and durable, reducing the likelihood of easily breaking if you accidentally drop your glasses. The only drawback with this material is that it’s much softer than glass. As a result, using it for the lenses may lead to scratches upon contacting with sharp metal or rocks. To solve this problem, some brands provide replaceable lenses that you can purchase separately or coated lenses that are specially processed to be scratch-proof.

Next to quality, you should look at how well the safety glasses fit on your face. The comfort aspect is even more important if you need to wear the glasses for extra long hours, let’s say 8h/day, to protect your eyes from the hazardous environment that you are working in. You need to make sure they fit perfectly or otherwise you might end up feeling uncomfortable and quit wearing them all together. A simple and direct way to feel the comfort is to try them on. There is simply no other way to tell if the safety glasses that you are buying will fit unless you try them on.

Apart from quality and comfort, price is always a factor that comes into mind when you are purchasing practically anything. In terms of safety glasses, great deals are everywhere from shops that have discounts to online stores. Or, if you don’t have planned much for the next holiday, it will be a great time to find bargain.

Sunglasses today are not just a tool to help you hide your emotional expression, but also a kind of fashion decorations for both celebrities and common people. Although they are simple, they can enhance your charm. Even if you just have a plain facial look, wearing a pair of proper sunglasses can make you stand out from the crowd. However, there are so many kinds of sunglasses in the market. How can you choose the best suitable one? Here, this article will introduce you some stylish sunglasses in recent years.

Among those fashion sunglasses, aviator sunglasses should be the best suitable one. Although those sunglasses have become fashionable for many years, they are still in fashion right now and it seems that they will continue to be fashionable in the following years. However, not everyone can get a good image in aviator sunglasses. Those sunglasses will be perfect on people who have a small face.

Besides, if you want to be fashionable, you can also try to wear sunglasses with colorful frames. Of course, you should choose the best suitable color for your sunglasses. Generally speaking, red, blue or white frame sunglasses work well for most of people. Besides, you can also to try some yellow, green or orange framed sunglasses if they match your skin tone.

In addition, if you have a round shaped face, you can try to wear some sunglasses to decorate your face. For example, from the above picture, we can see that the cat eye style sunglasses can make people look more vigorous.

Moreover, oversized sunglasses are still fashionable in this year. They can cover your tired facial look after long time hard work. Besides, for people who have a big face, oversized sunglasses can also help you create a “small” face. What’s more, some oversized sunglasses can help users create an air of mystery. So, if you are a person who pursues beauty and fashion, please do not miss oversized sunglasses.


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free glasses

We know eyeglasses consist of two main parts: glasses frame and lenses. As a very important part of eyeglasses, the quality of frame is directly related to the quality of your glasses. So, manufacturers always try to find some unbreakable materials for making durable glasses. So far, there are lots of materials available for glasses frame. But not all of them are durable. Here, this article will introduce you several types of durable materials for glasses frame.

Flexon frames

Flexon is a kind of light weight materials which is also called “memory metal”. They can apply to glasses frame. Frames made of those materials are usually flexible and durable. So, manufacturers often choose those flexon frames for glasses and sunglasses which may be used in sports. In fact, those frames are made on the basis of titanium materials. Thus, you don’t worry they may be broken or deformed if you bend them. On the contrary, they can return to its original shape evern though you bend or twist them.

Nylon frames

Nylon glasses frame is another kind of durable eyeglasses. To some extend, nylon is the same as flexon which is light weight and unbreakable. Glasses frame made of nylon can be tinted in different colors easily. So, they provide more choices for people who want to be fashionable. Besides, this kind of glasses is durable which allow you to use them for a long time. This is why there are lots of people that prefer to choose plastic eyeglasses made of nylon frame.

Titanium frames

Although titanium frames are no longer some fresh products, they still enjoy great popularity today. This is because they are considered as one of the most durable glasses frames. They are the same resistant as stainless steel. Besides, compared with stainless steel, they are lighter in weight. In addition, titanium frames are also strong and corrosion resistant. So, glasses made of titanium frames are very durable.

Men's titanium full frame eyeglasses

Bikini season is upon us. So if your staple wardrobe is just some skimpy swimwear while on holiday, it is best to choose with caution. Along with sprouting body hair, ill-fitting costumes topped the list of holiday beach crimes, according to a recent survey by Australian swimwear specialist Trixan Body. For many of us, daring to bare on the beach is an annual event, so it is great chance to push change in your style. The best news is that this summer the shops are full of more tummy-controlling, bust-supporting and confidence-boosting styles than ever before.

Swimwear with bold colors

Mad men come to the beach with this season’s retro swimwear shapes. Think kitsch fruity prints, polka dots, gingham and frills to pool-side scenery. When it comes to women, the swimwear with retro high-waisted styles can make their bottom appear bigger but are perfect for concealing lumps and bumps. Moreover, be bold and embrance sunshade-inducing color this year. Bold colors will look specially hot on the beach contrasted against dark, olive or lily-white skin. Besides, look for mix-and-match bikini separates so you can buy in different sizes for perfect fit and create endless different looks with clashing colors.

Swimming goggles

If you spend much time on the beach, swimming is a past time and sport that most people will enjoy. Therefore, we always spend our money on bikinis and swimming trucks as well as swimming goggle. Swimming goggles are of great practical use, especially for the people who have sensitive eyes. Swimming goggles will protect against the salty seas and improve underwater vision, prevent eye infections and are really a must have for regular bathers and even toe dippers.

Enjoy your beach life with above mentioned outfit or equipment. You summer will be colorful and be full of enjoyment as well as sound protection.

Today, there are many materials that are appled to sunglasses frame and lenses. And sunglasses are not only just made of metal frame as they were in the past. There are lots of various plastic frames for sunglasses. Since plastic material are easy to get and can be made into different shape and color easily. They are widely applied to sunglasses and attract people, especially the youth, to wear them.

You may wonder why so many young girl and boys like to choose plastic sunglasses. Of course, plastic sunglasses have lots of advantages which metal sunglasses haven’t. In my opinion, since plastic material is an easy-get material, plastic sunglasses are cheaper than  metal sunglasses.

Besides, plastic material are easy to be tinted and designed. So, there is a wide range of choices for plastic materials compared with traditional metal frame. If you are a careful person, you will find that most of metal sunglasses have a thin and slim temples. This is because the designers try to reduce the weight of the metal sunglasses. However, plastic sunglasses have lots of flowery prints on their temple. This is because plastic material is lighter than metal material. So, we can see that plastic sunglasses frame usually feature more and have flower patterns on their temple. What’s more, there are a few choices of the lens color for metal sunglasses. However, for plastic sunglasses, they are flexible in the integration of various colors. There can be made of either simply pure color, or mixed color.

In addition, plastic sunglasses can help you reduce the burden of your nose. This is because plastic sunglasses are usually lighter than the same designed metal sunglasses. Furthermore, modern plastic materials are durable and unbreakable. So, not only metal sunglasses are unbreakable and worthy to buy. Plastic sunglasses can also meet your needs.

Women usually lay stress on their appearance. They hope to show their beauty and fashion on others. Therefore, most of their leisure time will be used for making up their images and look for fashionable accessories. In this summer, sunglasses are the trendiest fashionable elements that they will never miss. There are so many fashion sunglasses that come in a variety of glamour colors, beauty shapes and durable materials, which are much attractive to them.

As a matter of fact, when they choose their sunglasses, besides the style, they also concern about other aspects. To be simple, there are five emphasis they would consider about their sunglasses.

Top1. UV protection

UV protection is the necessity of a pair of sunglasses. When women get their sunglasses, it is important to choose the sunglasses which can offer full UV protection. As you know, if sunglasses for women lack of the UV protection, their eyes will be easy to be damaged.

Top two: comfort

Many people think women pay less attention to the comfort index. While, when we ask some of women wearers, they tell us that they put the comfort index into first consideration. It is true that if they feel uncomfortable with their sunglasses, will they still wear it ?

Top three: fashionable styles

As above mentioned, women would like to choose the fashionable sunglasses to decorate their appearance well. Therefore, they usually follow the latest styles. For example, big black sunglasses in recent years are quite popular to update their images. They will try their best to get one.

Top four: multi-functions

As you know, the style of sunglasses depends on the style you select. However, there are many kinds of add-ons like tint, anti- scratch, phtochrochmic, polarized and so forth which usually play an important role in the function of sunglasses. As women always want more protections, they absolutely hope their sunglasses are more functional.

Top Five Sports Sunglasses

With the improvement of people’s living standard, lots of people begin to pay attention to their health. And most of them would like to do the sports activities. However, sports require not only a lot of physical and mental strength, but also good eyesight and clear vision. In order to help people enjoy their sports activity freely, the eyeglasses designers have designed lots of sport sunglasses with different styles and colors for customers to choose. In addition to this, lots of brands stores also offer majority of sport sunglasses, such as Ray Ban, Oakley, Bolle, Nike and Adidas. You can know them in the following passage.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Today, most of wealthy people would like to purchase a pair of ray ban sunglasses to protect their eyes and enjoy their sports activities in our daily life. Ray Ban always offers lots of sports sunglasses with polarized lenses and good looks for customers to choose. And majority of people have been attracted by these sunglasses. No matter where you are, you can find out them easily.

Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley makes sunglasses for every sport. They offer lots of sunglasses with different styles and colors for customers to choose. Their sunglasses can meet with different weather conditions, light conditions and styles. The frames of these brand sunglasses are light weight and durable. And its nose bridge, temples and lenses can be adjustable. It is comfortable and suitable to wear.

Bolle Sports Sunglasses

Wearing a pair of bolle sports sunglasses can enjoy your sports activities freely. There are wide ranges of bolle sports sunglasses with different styles and colors for you to choose at their store. They also offer lots of sunglasses with prescription lenses for people who have suffered poor eyesight for customers to choose. You can choose one of them based on your requirements.

Nike Sports Sunglasses

As we all know that Nike is also one of the brands products in our daily life. No matter how much income you have, you can afford them easily. They also offer wide ranges of sports sunglasses with different styles and colors for customers to choose. The lenses are made of polycarbonate which makes them shatter-resistant and highly durable. They are comfortable to wear.

Adidas Sunglasses

Adidas are also one kind of brands sunglasses in our daily life. Most of their sunglasses are designed with latest techniques, which have attracted majority of people. They are suitable for all ages of people. You can choose one to have a try.

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