Sunglasses have become an essential necessary during the travel. They can not only block the harmful glare from the Sun rays, but also allow you to doze off behind it safely, observe others and hide eye bags. It plays a role in many aspects. Making a general view of the major fashionable magazine, series of sunglasses in this winter vary widely. Designs from the last century 70′s retro styles to the latest ones, many of them are the most important major brand models. In this winter, warm colors and natural colored frames will continue to be popular. And silver sunglasses will be the high point of eyeglasses in this season.

To most people, silver is often related with the future. And silver is full of mystery. Maybe it represents a beautiful wish. Nowadays, all kinds of silver decorations can meet different needs. Especially, silver sunglasses have lots of fans. You should never think that it is not necessary to wear sunglasses in winter days. The UV radiation is also strong even in winter. In order to avoid unnecessary injuries, you’d better prepare a pair of stylish sunglasses for yourself.

The popular silver sunglasses usually deal with the feature of silver frames, which is made of plastic. Also, there are other advanced materials like memory plastic. Wearing them can not only help you have a star flavor, but also increase the fashionable index. Meanwhile, they can highlight elegance and charm in the details. If you are a pure and simple fashionable fan, you must have already paid close attention to the fashion trend. You must have noticed that lots of celebrities or fashionable people wear silver glasses.

Indeed, silver sunglasses particularly catch the most attention in this season. Its popularity must have certain reasons. But it is from person to person. All the same, choosing what you like is a enjoyable thing.


Many myopic people wear prescription sunglasses as they can see clearly with this sort of sunglasses. Common sunglasses do not have the function of help people to have clear vision which myopic glasses can offer. However, with prescription sunglasses, even people who have high degree can have good eyesight.

Sunglasses are mainly to protect eyes while doing outdoor activities. There are countless manufacturers offering sunglasses in various types. While shopping for a pair of sunglasses, most customers would pay attention to the prices and make detailed comparison. There are even some price comparison websites over the Internet. In most cases, customers will try to maximize the value of a target by lowering its price.

Many young glasses wearers want to get other advantageous except clear vision, in order to attract customers, manufactures have made more and more beautiful and fashionable glasses. It usually makes you look much cooler with a pair of sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses is a necessary accompaniment to people who like to pursue fashion.

Sunglasses are available in various types, some of which make pursuing a discount particularly a necessity. Most people would agree that if the price is quite low, it is unnecessary to bargain and discount products will hardly exist. Regular non-prescription sunglasses are usually sold at very low prices.

If a customer wants to get prescription sunglasses, he can search for discount sunglasses. Sometimes called tinted eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses combine UV protection and vision correction together and are superior to regular sunglasses.

Every optical store has prescription sunglasses to sell. Not every style of prescription sunglasses is suitable to you. If you have no idea which pair of glasses to buy, you can try all of them on to see which is your best one.

When there are assortments of sunglasses in the current market, you may feel confused about which one to choose. For people who suffer from some vision problems, they have a more difficult in deciding which one to choose. It is because their sunglasses should deal with the features of vision correction and UV protection. In fact, you don’t worry about too much. Many useful tips or knowledge will help you a lot.

As its name indicates, prescription sunglasses are a combination of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, which can provide UV protection as well as ensure vision. There are so many options available in the market for you to choose. Then how do you pick out the best prescription sunglasses? The following tips should be taken into consideration.

First of all, you’d better walk into a local optical stores and invite eye doctor to have a comprehensive eye exam, which can make sure that you get the precise prescription. A pair of comfortable sunglasses is based on your prescription. Then, you need to pay attention to the UV protection when purchasing prescription sunglasses. The best sunglasses must protect 100 percent of UV radiation. Finally, you should consider about your face shape, skin tone and personality when choosing sunglasses. In other words, the best sunglasses should be the most suitable one for you.

Nowadays, there are a lot of optical stores around you. And they can offer a wide range of sunglasses with various designs and styles. Of course, their prices vary widely so as to meet different tastes. What’s more, many brand names also launch a series of prescription sunglasses each season. Their unique designs really leave a deep impression on us, but their high prices can’t be acceptable by every person.

If you have your heart in these prescription sunglasses, you are sure to get the best prescription sunglasses.

The primary purpose of sunglasses is to protect the wearer form the sun’s glare, and this is provided for by polarized sunglasses. Unlike regular sunglasses, polarized sunglasses also protect the wearer from the sun’s glare that reflects from other surfaces including water and skylight, or diffuse sky radiation.

Polarized sunglasses were made through experiments using a Polaroid filter, from which it earned its namesake. Polarized sunglasses are useful for fishermen who need to see more clearly through the water, and to protect them from certain hazards. Polarized sunglasses are also used by people engaged in sports and even driving. But are there any differences between polarized sunglasses and ordinary ones?

Ordinary sunglasses work with the function of cut some amount of the lights. Because the ordinary lenses can’t filter lights, they just reduce the intensity of glare and ultra violet radiation, and can not completely block these harmful rays, so its function is to reduce eye injury. So the function of ordinary sunglasses is to reduce the injury to the eyes. But the most advantage of ordinary sunglasses is to show the fashion trend.

However, the polarized lenses, due to its polarizing nature, can block the glare from the factors of scattering, inflection, reflection. What’s more, they can totally block the harmful the ultra violet radiation, which avoids the eyes easily tired in long-term activities in bright light. They really protect eyes and objects can be seen more clearly.

The difference of ordinary sunglasses and polarized ones are mainly like above mentioned. So for the sake of our eyes, we’d better choose polarized sunglasses, especially for those outdoor activities.

Lasik surgery is now one of the most widely accepted treatments for certain vision problems and most receivers have rebuilt perfect vision again via this method. However, it is not a risk-free procedure- some risks and complications can not be avoided, though rare. Therefore, receivers are suggested to have a full understanding of it.

It is found that eye dryness is one of the commonest, yet bothersome complications after Lasik. But the factors causing post surgery dryness is still unknown. Some specialists believe that flap or incision made in the procedure has caused some damage to the functionality of cornea and the result is eye seldom blinks. When eye blink less, it become dryer easily. Other specialists tend to think that some damages are caused to mucin layer when the flap is made and the result is tears can not be effectively kept. Of course, there are also many other theories about post surgery dryness.

No matter what will lead to post surgery eye dryness, people should know whether or not they have dry eyes before the surgery. A comprehensive eye exam is needed. If there is, how bad the condition is should also be checked. After that, some special measures should be taken. For example, some artificial liquids can be used. Moreover, some further measures can also be taken during the surgery. For example, surgeons can choose the way of cutting- different ways will lead to different results.

If there are really eye dryness after Lasik, receivers can also find some ways out. For example, artificial tears of certain kinds can help relieve the symptom- some of the most widely used artificial liquid includes Celluvisc, Restasis, etc.

In a word, eye dryness is common even among those who have never received Lasik. And people are suggested to consult with their eye doctors carefully before the surgery if they have dry eyes.

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A cataract is a clouding that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye or in its envelop, varying in degree from slight to complete opacity and obstructing the passage of light. If not treated timely, it may degenerate into incapacity in viewing, that is blindness. Therefore, when you find you are a cataract patient, going for the doctor and undergoing a surgery is a wise decision. To treat cataract, the clouding lens should be removed and a new one should be implanted.

There are formerly two types of eye surgeries that can be used to remove cataract: extra-capsular and intra-capsular. The former one is to remove the cataractous lens and replace with a plastic one while the latter is to remove the lens but leave the majority of the lens capsule intact. Recently a technique called phacoemulsification is applied in the cataract surgery. One of the biggest advantages is that during the procedure, a minor incision will be created to break the clouded lens into small pieces. These pieces are emulsified and sucked out by same ultrasonic probe. A thin outer shell still covers the eyes after the pieces are sucked out. And foldable artificial lens which is made of silicone or acrylic is inserted. This is done by using a proprietary insertion device. This incision does not require stitches and seals by itself.

Usually, before a surgery starts, the doctor will ask the patients to choose proper lens that will be inserted. Monofocal lens is for distant vision assistance, and for close vision, the patients has to wear reading glasses. However, new technology brings about focal lenses and multi lenses that are able to hand distant, near and in between vision. That is to say, with those lenses implanted, the patients would get a clear vision again.

The whole procedure will be done with a local anaesthetic, so the patients would feel no pain, and they can go home in about two or three hours after the surgery. Phacoemulsification is now considered to be an ideal way to treat cataract.

There is another method of surgery called extracapsular surgery which is on its way out. In this method the incision would be 8 to 10 mm and requires stitches. And patients are prone to distortion of the curvature of the cornea, resulting in astigmatism.

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To know the Age-related macular degeneration(AMD) well, let’s have a general idea of the macula first. It locates in the center of the retina, which converts light or an image into electrical impulses and then sends these impulses, or nerve signals, to the brain. Therefore, we may know macular plays a fairly important role in viewing. Then age-related macular generation is an eye disease associated with aging that gradually destroys sharp, central vision, the macular. There are two different types concerned, the wet ones and the dry ones. The former is a less commonly seen condition. Wet eyes may quickly develop into blindness, because rightly after the blood vessels behind the retina start to grow, they are very likely to get ruptured. The latter is featured with blurred vision and sensitivity to light. With treatment, it is reversible.

In spit that AMD is age related, however, there are ways to prevent its degeneration and even occurrence. Therefore, having a healthy life and diet style is rather important. Tobacco is one of the arch-criminals of the development of AMD, so to keep away from tobacco is necessary. Eating more fruits and vegetables should be on your dinner table everyday. In addition, salt-water fish and leafy green vegetables are most recommended, for they perform well in AMD prevention. Lack of exercise and obesity are two risk factors contributing to AMD. Besides, to guarantee eye health, regular eye examinations should be taken. They could help in avoiding the worst symptoms of macular degeneration.

If you unluckily suffer from AMD, don’t worry, there are devices which would help in viewing in daily lives. Bioptic glasses are one such device. With miniature telescopes mounted on, the patients are able to concentrate on activities that require acute close central vision. Bioptic glasses work similar to the bifocals we know. For those patients who have a requirement to work with computers, another device, a special monitor that magnifies on-screen font sizes is ideal choice. Wearing them on, the patients are thought to be able to read more easily.

AMD is not terrible. Once you find hard to read, watch TV or do other routine activities, go for an eye doctor immediately. They are always there providing your treatments and advices. Moreover, the National Eye Institute is conducting and supporting a number of studies to learn more about AMD. It is believed that more progresses on treatments for AMD will be achieved.

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Eyes are to view objects, however, it is not a born in ability. Our eyes have to learn how to function. The infancy period is a formative time when the infant’s neurological system is very flexible, and can easily adapt to changing environment stimuli. It is during such a period of time our eyes get visual stimuli and learn how to view. If any one of the eyes can not get adequate visual stimuli, amblyopia eye or lazy eye that we usually refer to could be developed. Amblyopia is a kind of eye disease whose symptom is reduced vision.

As one grows when his/her flexibility of the visual system decreases, it hard for him/her to improve the eyesight dramatically. In the past, the doctor would advise the patients to let the lazy eye work harder by patching the better eye, so that the visual function of the lazy eye can be stimulated. Nevertheless, if the patient is young enough, it may in some degree works. that is to say, it serves little when one reaches a certain age. Vision Therapy(VT) is also applied to retrain the visual system to function correctly. Most people would get their vision improved as long as VT is done properly.

Recently, researches find that the antidepressant medication Prozac is able to restate ocular dominance plasticity in adulthood. Such a discovery brings hopes to older individuals who want to promote their visual impairment, resulted from lazy eyes. Such an issue has ever been published in the Science Magazine, reading that Prozac, a kind of antidepressant medication reopens the critical period of plasticity in the visual cortex, and Lateral Geniculate Body parts of the brain. The Prozac achieves it by reorganizing the neuronal connections in the cortex. In the Magazine, the researches have also explained the possible side effect of Prozac’s performance in lazy eye treatment. They should be originated from the long use of drugs, including suicide, severe anxiety, glaucoma and visual filed defects.

Up to now, this study has been only proved to effective in the rats experiments, so further experiments on human being should be done to make sure its effectiveness. Therefore, long term research needs to be done to determine the risk and benefits of such treatment, and improved should be necessarily made.

If you want to know more about vision knowledge, then feel free to visit


Several refractive errors can be corrected by Lasik, and they are myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, which are respectively refractive errors in which a person has trouble seeing things at a distance but they can see things close up; a person is able to see things clearly at a distance but cannot see things nearby, and a person experiences double images. All the three primary types of refractive errors originate from the out-of-shape cornea. Therefore, Lasik achieves to correct vision caused by the three refractive errors by reshaping the cornea.

Before going to undergo a Lasik eye correction surgery, make sure whether you are a good candidate or not. Those having eye diseases, for example cataract; having skin cancer and pregnant women are not suitable to have such a surgery. If they correct vision by such a surgery, serious consequences may result in. On the other hand, even you are a good candidate, you have to be willing to accept some potential risks. It is normal for some people experiencing some complications such as dry eyes, eye infection and red eyes, after a Lasik eye correction surgery.

Of course, they are treatable, and as long as you pay enough attention, those complications are even preventable. Make sure before you undergoing a Lasik, your eyesight should be stable and you have a good health condition. After a procedure, avoid rubbing your eyes; keep eyes away from water; stop wearing contact lenses, if you are contact lenses user; and not to spicy food for several days.

In spit of those potential risks, generally speaking, lasik eye surgery is a safe procedure, whose success rate comes to be over 90%. There are usually three steps: create a flap of corneal tissue; remodel the cornea underneath the flap with the laser; reposition the flap. During the procedure, the patients are usually awake and mobile, but sometimes they will be given a mild sedative and anesthetic eye drops. After receiving a course of anti-inflammatory eye drops, the patients can leave for home rightly after the surgery completed. What they have to do is to go back to the hospital or clinic and follow some postoperative care. Therefore, for its effectiveness and convenience, Lasik eye correction surgery is rather well welcomed.

To find out more helpful tips and information with Eye and Vision Care, be sure to visit the website.

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Besides wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses, another way to get oneself away from blur vision caused by myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, etc., should be Lasik eye surgery. It is a procedure achieving to correct vision by reshaping the out-of-shape cornea. Lasik is so efficient and practical that it wins hearts of millions of patients. With the help of a lasik eye surgery, the patients are able to return to their formal lives when they had good eye sight. However, the point is that there are some factors that may prevent one from undergoing such a procedure, so you should firstly determine whether you are eligible for Lasik.

If you find you are one of those following groups of people, you should be not a good candidate for Lasik eye surgery: group1: people having eye diseases, such as diabetes, glaucoma or cataracts; group 2: people under any form of ulcerative skin cancer; group 3: pregnant women. If those people undergo a lasik surgery, unpredictable side effects may occur. That’s why it has been stipulated that anyone under any form of ulcerative skin cancer and pregnant women should refrain from the Lasik Eye Operation.

The fact is that even you are not one among of the above 3 groups, after having a Laisk eye surgery, you may experience side effects, such as double-vision, glare, dry eyes and so on so forth. In spit that they are minor problems which can be treated easily, however, they would reoccur overtime, which influences one’s normal life and work. Then you would image, if you undergo a Lasik when you are not a qualified candidate, some other more serious side effects would upset your whole life.

Of course, under normal circumstances, undergoing a Laser Eye Surgery is no big deal if you will not have a nefarious effect upon completing the operation. However, due to some unexpected ailments that may arise from the surgery, therefore, before going to a clinic or eye care center for a Lasik eye surgery, you should ask for a pre-examination from a professional eye doctor, who will tell you whether you are eligible for Lasik. If you are, after undergoing such a procedure, necessary postoperative care should be taken, in case of dry eyes, eye infections and double vision, etc.

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