During the 2008 presidential elections, Sarah Palin wore glasses that were the exact combination of Kawasaki 704 and a 34 gray color. Its unique and interesting design has attracted numerous women in the United States. Nowadays, Sarah Palin eyeglasses have even become a special style. In brief, Sarah Palin prescription eyeglasses come without a rim and look sleek and elegant. As a conservative presidential nominee in 2008, Sarah Palin had her customized glasses on her nose during the election activities and thus brought in the craze of designer eyeglasses among American women. The most outstanding feature of her glasses is that they seem without a frame and the lenses are just placed in front of the eyes. As a political person, she steps out with this style of eyeglasses and always creates stunning effect. Even more than a year later, there are more and more women who want to possess a pair of Sarah Palin eyeglasses.

Before she decided to participate in the election for vice president in 2008, Sarah was the governor of Alaska. The god gave her a unique face structure which was combined with her innovative glasses and thus the most stunning effects were produced. Wherever she goes, an absolutely charming and elegant style statement goes along. Sarah had even tried to prevent her eyeglasses from attracting her audiences’ attention from her speech. For a large portion of her audiences, Sarah Palin glasses represent elegance, mystery, charm and unique apt.

Foreseeing the popularity of the glasses worn by Sarah, eyewear manufacturers have developed a whole range of designer eyeglasses named after Sarah Palin. As one of the leading manufacturers of prescription glasses, Best Price Glasses supplies the entire range of Sarah Plain glasses. However, not all customers will go well with Sarah Palin glasses because they match best only with her unique face structure. Sarah Plain eyeglasses come in only rectangular shapes.


Sometimes we may find an old pair of prescription glasses accidentally. But we don’t know what prescription it has. Maybe the prescription is off and it can not meet our eye requirement now. So how can we get the prescription of old glasses? And if the prescription is tested lower for our eyes, can this pair be useful for us? The following will give some introduction on how to get the prescription of old glasses and how to deal with them in order to give people more ideas on it.

One day, we may find an old pair of glasses which you loved very much before, but we have no idea if the prescription is off. Then the first thing we should do is to get the prescription of the old pair. We can visit our local optometrist’s dispensary. There are technicians and proper tools to test the prescription. After the testing, they will tell you if the prescription is suitable for you now. If the prescription is too low for our eyesight,  they will advise us to change for lenses with new prescriptions into the old frames. In this way, we can not only save some money, but also can make the old pair we loved useful.

With regard to the new prescription glasses, we should bear in mind the following points. The time requirement for different dispensaries will be different. For some dispensaries, they require the prescription less than a year, while others need the prescription within two years. Therefore, the time requirement of prescription depends on the state you are in and the doctor you are deal with. Moreover, for children, the cases will also be different. As children’s eyes are progressing quickly, they are required to offer prescription within a year, but for adults, prescriptions within two years maybe effective. Therefore, we must make sure our prescription is current and complies with the requirement of the dispensaries. Never use a wrong description, which will cause some troubles to our eyes, such as headaches, eye strain and so on.

From the above introduction, we can see it is easy to deal with these old glasses that we loved before. We can go to dispensaries to check their prescription. And if we still want to use them but the prescription is off, we can ask the technician to change lenses with current prescription to the old frames. But please make sure the prescription must be current and effective from our optometrist.

A lot of us know that it is harmful to expose our eyes to UV rays from the sun, but most of us still take it for granted till bad effects has affected their eyes. The way to avoid UV rays harming our eyes is to wear sunglasses. Nowadays, people’s needs for sunglasses do not only lie in the protection function, but also its appearance. No doubt that no one wants to wear sunglasses which make him ugly. In this case, people will need designer sunglasses. But it is a fact that designer sunglasses are usually very expensive. The following will introduce how to get designer sunglasses at affordable price.

For people who often ignore the risks of eye exposure to the sun, the following study will give them some warning. The study is made by the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, with the aim to prove the extent of protection supplied by sunglasses. Maybe you can not believe it, but it is true. Study shows the protection from the UV rays will be 20% less due to improper fitting or slippage of sunglasses and an exposure of a mere quarter of an inch of the area near our eyes. So you can easily see the importance of wearing sunglasses. But the problem is how to get beautiful designer sunglasses but at affordable price. The following points will help you in this:

To get affordable designer sunglasses, we can try to get them from online stores. Most people know the reason why online items are cheaper than that in retail stores, mainly due to no renting shop cost, less managing cost and wages and so on. There are a wide range of online designer sunglass stores which can offer you a wide variety of choices. You don’t need to walk from one store to another, just log from one Internet page to another, compare their price, and check which is more suitable for you from trying on.

Besides, if you are interested in selling, you can also buy some designer sunglasses in bulk, and then sell them to your customers. In this way, you do not only have your satisfied designer sunglasses to wear, but also earn some money. Usually, the price of designer sunglasses in bulk is low, maybe USD2, and when you sell them to your customer, you can sell them at the price of USD20. You can see the wonderful profits in it.

You may have the experience of buying designer cheap frames from flea market. But do you know some designer frames are stolen from optometrist offices, which are illegal. If you just want to pursue lower price to buy them, they may bring you some troubles. From now on, why not try the way above to get affordable designer sunglasses?

The fact that LASIK price is charged on a per eye basis has been widely known by the public. But the exact or average price of LASIK surgery has never been clear. Knowing that there is a wide range of LASIK price, patients and their family members may want to have a clear point about what figures make up the total cost of the surgery. The price is a major factor that is always carefully considered by LASIK candidates. Some factors can be easily imaginable, like the skill and experience level of the surgeon, the technology that will be used, the region in the United States and the amount of correction the eye to be treated needs. However, many other factors are implicit to the majority of patients.

Most patients will be asked to receive prior tests and screening which involve some technologies. For instance, different technologies will be used to measure the corneal thickness, tear film analysis, the topography of the cornea as well as some other necessary measurements. These measurements play a major role in determining how exactly and precisely the cornea can be shaped during the surgery. In fact, these tasks are indispensible preparation before LASIK surgery. Of course, these measurements account for part of the total cost. Factors associated with the surgeon are also decisive, like the skill level, any accreditations he may have and memberships in national organizations, experience level and the difficulty of the surgery.

LASIK surgery requires the surgeon to use instruments which are regulated by U.S. laws to be used on the patient only once and immediately discarded. Such kind of cost will always be included in the price of LASIK procedure. Specific technologies used during the surgery are a major part of LASIK cost. Excimer laser is the most basic laser applied in LASIK procedure. This kind of laser has been in practice for many years and been considered to be quite reliable. In addition, newer laser technologies will usually cost more than the standard laser.

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Eyeglasses and cases donation

In underdeveloped regions on this planet, all sorts of things are needed. At the other side, there are many individuals in the world who want to donate items within their homes to good causes. How to bridge this gap? Donation organizations thus play an important proxy role. Eyeglasses and eyeglass cases are among the things that can be donated, because there are many children and adults who need the gift of eyesight but can not afford those advanced eyeglasses. Donation is always beneficial to a large group waiting behind the scene. The basic point for kind individuals is to know what they can donate and what they can not donate. This is really critical when there are plenty of donation options.

People with enough income who regularly use eyeglasses will simply discard their old pairs of glasses or put them in a drawer somewhere. Most of these wearers go for new pairs just for fashion or a new statement. In fact, these discarded eyeglass frames will help someone somewhere in the world see their surroundings in a way they have never experienced. They may struggle with their eyesight without the help of unaffordable prescription spectacles. All glasses in good shape and some broken ones within reason are acceptable by some donation organizations. Most organizations of this sort have rules and regulations about items they accept in detail. Even eyeglass cases can be donated. To a certain degree, an eyeglass case is very helpful because eyewear receivers still need a place to store them as most eyeglass users do.

Besides what eyeglass items can be donated, another important problem is what organizations will receive these things. It is easy to check with a local optometrist, who usually donates eyeglasses to certain organizations. It is a common practice that an optometrist will maintain a box sitting in the lobby which collects old eyeglasses and cases. Formal organizations that receive eyeglass donations in the United States include Unite for Sight, local Lions Club or other local organizations.

Short for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, LASIK surgery is a popular solution to eye problems especially refractive errors. People with medium and advanced education must have heard of it. LASIK is actually one type of refractive laser surgery that deals with common refractive visual errors, including hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. As a good alternative to prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, LASIK has gained much popularity among vision-defected individuals. This is not only because of its advantage over spectacles and contacts, but also its advantages over other forms of laser visual correcting surgeries.

LASIK procedure is not a surgery for any person. Only individuals who suffer from certain eye conditions can benefit from LASIK eye surgery. As aforementioned, only three forms of visual defects are resolvable by LASIK procedure, namely, nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. These are formally called visual refractive errors. These correctable eye conditions have their respective features. Nearsightedness causes it difficult to see objects at a distance while farsightedness plays in an opposite way. Astigmatism is a condition that involves deformities or irregularities on the lenses of the eyes, resulting in distorted images.

People with any of these three visual conditions are potential candidates for LASIK eye surgery. However, it is also necessary for patients to make a prior consultation with an eye doctor or surgeon about individual visual details. There are commonly known pros and cons of LASIK procedure. In addition, this advanced surgery is likely to generate different degrees of outcomes. Some patients can only receive a certain degree of visual improvement, while some others are lucky enough to gain complete visual restoration. It is very necessary to evaluate carefully potential risks and disadvantages associated with LASIK procedure. For some patients, these disadvantages may outweigh those potential benefits. Price is another factor that is widely assessed. LASIK price typically ranges from $1,000 to $2,500.

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As a large company specializing in performing LASIK surgeries, LASIK Plus now accounts for approximately 15% of all LASIK procedures conducted in the United States. In general, LASIK Plus as a national chain is a decent and affordable option for patients who are considering the LASIK surgery. Like many traditional and private doctors, LASIK Plus charges an average price per eye ranging from $1,500 to $1,800. Over the years, LASIK Plus has been recognized as a renowned LASIK center, similar to LensCrafters or Pearle Vision. Statistics show that the majority of patients who have had LASIK surgery at LASIK Plus give a satisfactory review. LASIK Plus claims a list of additional advantages compared with other LASIK centers.

Prior consultation is usually inevitable for each patient that is interested in LASIK. Flattering this demand, LASIK Plus offers completely free consultation as well as comprehensive eye examination whether a patient chooses to receive the surgery. In detail, the eye exam offered by LASIK Plus is consisted of measurements involving corneal thickness, topography, wavefront, multiple-pupil, pupil dilation as well as other refractive tests. A second advantage kept by LASIK Plus is that all surgeons specialize only in LASIK surgeries. Latest technologies and techniques of LASIK surgery are always in their mind. These surgeons never treat any other eye conditions nor perform any other surgeries.

LASIK Plus as a national chain maintains many centers across the country, where up to date and advanced technologies and equipment are provided. This is an incomparable advantage over other private physicians who are often unaffordable to purchase the expensive equipment. Advanced technology and latest equipment kept by LASIK Plus enable surgeons to carry out a successful surgery in a higher chance. For people who have difficulty in paying the price at one time, LASIK Plus offers financing plans through a financing company called CareCredit. In addition, patients can gain a 15% discount with personal regular vision plan from LASIK Plus.

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Common questions of eye care

Having a pair of beautiful and healthy eyes is of predominant significance for nearly all individuals. Taking care of eyesight is a preventive means. The basic requirement is to have regular eye check-ups at certain intervals. Even recognizing the importance of healthy eyes, there are still a large number of folks who give inadequate attention to regular eye care. The majority of these individuals think that regular eye care is necessary only for the old or people who have already had visual impairments. This article gives a comprehensive look on proper eye care, covering questions like when to begin eye care and who needs eye care.

In general, children at twelve years old need to start eye care. Eye examinations from this age will help kids protect against various types of eye problems in the future. In fact, the more knowledge one keeps about eye care, the better he or she will enjoy visual tasks. Taking good care of the eyes from an early age is really worthy of the expense. Regular eye care only cost a very small amount of money. However, it always means spending a fortune if an eye problem is detected later. There is an old saying that it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Another common question is that who needs eye care. Generally speaking, people of all ages are unaffordable to neglect any health problems. Regular visits to the eye doctor can effectively help in identifying and preventing damage to the eyes. This is extremely necessary for people who have a family history of eye-related disorders. In addition, the current world of computer-centric is causing a lot of eye strain and other conditions such as dry eye. In this case, people with long hours on computer also need additional eye care. Long times of computer use on a regular basis is also associated with other eye problems, like cataracts, degeneration or glaucoma.

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Without the help from eye aides, many people today can not have a vivid vision of other people’s facial expressions, such as the school professor, the boss or the most important person. They can even be a little confused if it is really them. In some cases, it is only possible to be sure of their gestures and the way they communicate. It is ok to say that a lot of people are quite familiar with these conditions. Thanks to the availability of prescription eyeglasses for their vision correction. Nowadays, eyeglasses can be next to one’s bed if he or she suffers from poor vision. For a large group of people, all things can be seen only through this medium. There are many scenarios suggesting that eyeglasses are very important.

However, it is still undeniable that there are more and more individuals turning to contact lenses. Even if these two kinds of devices cater the same visual need, contact lenses are preferable due to some reasons. Some people choose contact lenses for a younger look and some others go for vanity. Free from nerdy eyeglasses, one’s face may look more pleasant or appealing to others. In addition, contact lenses can provide a wider visual field than eyeglasses. This is because contact lenses are placed exactly over the cornea. The users do not need to move their heads when they want to see something in peripheral vision. Contact lenses users are easier to get naturally clear vision.

These advantages of contact lenses have never shamed eyeglasses in general. There are many circumstances that reflect advantages of eyeglasses. For instance, many people are quite busy with their job or business and they do not have the luxury of time to prepare their contact lenses. It is widely known that contacts require much time of maintenance. In this case, using eyeglasses is relatively more convenient. It is easy to have eyeglasses handy.


Several years ago, colors of contact lenses vary, which win hearts of many people. Recently, color of prescription glasses gets varied as well, and a group of eyeglass wearers, especially teenagers, are fond of them and consider them as a fashion. However, exports concerned claim that one should best consult with their eye doctors first before he or she makes a decision to buy colored prescription glasses, for the sake of their eye health. If wrongly worn, those glasses wocolored prescription glassesuld do harm to eyes.

It is said that colored prescription glasses are upgraded products, which are good for eye health and helpful for eyesight recovery, for the colors of prescription glasses are believed to be able to keep off harmful rays. Nevertheless, the fact is that the lenses are colored by adding silicon, manganese and some other nonferrous metals, or by dyeing directly. Therefore, they are incapable to prevent any harmful rays and such an ability for depends on special coating coated on the lenses.

What’s more, Colored eyeglasses are fashionable and attractive, but they are not for everyone. Usually, bright colored lenses may distort vision of the wearers, so drivers and some other people who has to work inside doors often should be careful to choose colored eyeglasses, so do teenagers, especially those at the age below 8.

Moreover, one should choose the color for his or her prescription glasses scientifically. If the color for prescription glasses are too deep, in order to see object clearly, pupils of eyes would get dilated. As a result, more ultraviolet, infrared rays and other harmful lights would get into eyes. Consequently, red, pink, blue and purple glasses are not recommendable, while yellow, green, grey and coffee ones could reduce such harm in some degree.

Professional eye doctors remind all the eyeglass wearers that colored prescription eyeglasses are different from sunglasses, for one has to wear them most of the time. Then when buying eyeglasses, one should never pay attention to the appearance only. Functions are actually more important, because they are closely related to the eye health. Remember and tell every friend around that never get perplexed by the color of prescription glasses. And children should buy glasses under the guidance of their parents.

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