People who are now suffering from myopia and hyperopia can choose to receive lasik eye surgery if they want to have perfect vision. And facts have also disclosed that many people in US have benefited from it. However, before getting the surgery, people are suggested to consult with their physicians.

But there is a bad news for some people- some of them can not receive this surgery. Usually, people with presbyopia- an age related vision problem- can not receive this surgery. This is mainly because the cause for the problem is a biological process. And they may have other options.

Usually, a qualified candidate should meet the following requirements. 1. Their eyes should be suitable for the surgery.2. Pregnant women can not get it 3. No adult can get it, or some should be at least 21. 4. People should have stable vision, or the surgery can not be operated. 5. People with some particular physical diseases can not get it- like immune disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

In fact, according to their specific conditions, people can choose different laser eye surgery. Here are some of them. PRK, a traditional surgery, can be used to cure myopia and hyperopia. In the surgery, some UV lights will be used to reshape the corneas. And sometime will be used to recover, and some complications can not be avoided.

LASIK eye surgery is another very famous one, abbreviation of situ keratomileusis. During this process, a cut will be made on the cover of the cornea. And the laser will be operated onto the inner tissues in the cornea. Of course, patients will feel no evident pain and enjoy very nice eye sight.

And during another sort of LASIK surgery, no cut will be made on the cornea. The main equipment will be used is computer and lasers. This is to some extent similar as PRK. It can help people who are struck by night glares and halo complications. Accuracy is one of the greatest advantages in this surgery, for every step is computed by the computer.

Generally, six people in ten of those receivers can have 20/20 vision or more. And nine will get 20/40 vision. This is one of the greatest reasons why so many love to get it. During this process, only half an hour will be used and patients can go home immediately. But there is a problem that the cost is averaged about two thousands dollars for each eye with no insurance coverage. Anyway, before the surgery, consult with the eye doctors.

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Eye glasses have really help many people who have eye problems. However, the aging process will cause some serious eye problems on their vision, like presbyopia. And when they are over forty, those who have worn glasses will have to suffer more.

And one of the most serious problems they may encounter is-they have to wear reading glasses while dealing with near matters. Such as, they have to write, read, or work with them.

Reading glasses can be fallen into two types, full frames and half frames. The former type is mainly for those who have to do some near work. And this type is not good alternatives for those who want to look afar, for they may cause some blurriness if one looks at distant objects.

Correspondingly, for those who want to look afar, half frames are good choices. Those glasses allow people to look over the frames if they want to see afar.

But there is a problem- people become uneasy about carrying a pair of reading glasses when they have to use them at some particular occasions. Or sometimes they may lead to awkwardness.

Luckily, there are foldable reading glasses in the market. Generally, those glasses can be fold up and put into wallets if not used. Those glasses will not be damaged easily for their special cases which are also combination of style and fashion.

In fact, folding specs can be used or decorated in many forms, like hanging around neck. Some of them can also help avoid awkwardness if they are almost of credit-card size. Of course, they will not be broken though under pressure.

One those reading glasses can be put in wallets, pockets, etc, if fold up.

As for those cases, they are also meticulously designed and manufactured in light of the latest fashion. They can be used for long time and stand strong explosive, due to their special materials.


In recent years, people with eyesight problems have a new hope that they may get rid of glasses or contact lenses in their later life with the help of Lasik eye surgery. Surely, Lasik eye surgery can enable people with certain eye problems to discard their glasses. But it is not as perfect as people imagine. Unfortunately, for a large number of people, they don’t know much about the surgery, but after the surgery, they find it is not what they expect. So it is necessary for people to learn something about Lasik eye surgery before they take it. The following will introduce several points most people do not know about Lasik eye surgery, though they are rare cases, they can indeed happen if there is something wrong during the procedure.

The first problem people may face is the eye condition maybe worse than that before the surgery. If the procedure is botched, people will suffer diminished eye site. As we know, Lasik eye surgery is a very delicate procedure that even a small mistake in it will cause severe problems. So before taking it, we must make sure everything and procedure is in good order. For this delicate surgery, surgeon plays an important role in it. Therefore, we should pay attention to find an experienced and satisfied surgeon. And we can raise any concern to him, more important, we must feel comfortable with him.

The second problem people have danger to face is the onset of dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome makes people very hard to live, what’s the worse, people are forced to wear glasses again instead of getting rid of glasses. So we can see Lasik eye surgery can not help all people to discard glasses or contact lenses with good eyesight. The important thing is we must make sure all the details are in good order.

The third problem people may suffer is the onset of halo’s or starburst in the vision. Just as what has been said before, a small mistake can not only cause all the efforts in vain, but also bring some bad effects to people’s poor eyesight

Generally speaking, Lasik eye surgery is very helpful for people with certain eye problem. It has a high successful rate to help people to get rid of glasses or contact lenses. But there are also some unexpected situations people may suffer. So before we take Lasik eye surgery, please keep in mind of the above points.

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Do you know some food can also have some good effect in preventing macular degeneration? As a matter of fact, medicines are proved not performed well to prevent macular, while some food has been testified to be effective for people to prevent macular degeneration after many scientific studies. The following will introduce the food that can prevent macular degeneration.

First, food containing beta-carotene or Vitamin E can reduce the possibility for people to develop macular degeneration. The survey done by the National Health and Nutrition Examination has proved fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene can help people to prevent macular degeneration. People can get this nutrition from collard greens, spinach, apricots, carrots, mangoes and squash. The study made by the Beaver Dam Eye Study can also prove the above point, at the same time, they also find food rich in Vitamin E can also have this function. The study is done among 2003 individuals at the age from 43 to 84. It is proved food rich in Vitamin E has a good effect in preventing the formation of druses and spots of pigmentation.

Second, drinking can also have some influence on developing macular degeneration. Scientists also make a research among 3072 adults at the age of 45 to 74. They find there are only 4% of adults who drink one glass of wine each month to develop macular degeneration, while for adults who do not drink wine, they have 9% to have macular degeneration. Surprisingly, for drinking beer, the situation is not the same. The Beaver Dam Eye Study find people who drink at least one beer a week have higher rate to develop macular degeneration than people who do not drink beer at all.

Third, the mixture of lutein, zeaxanthin, Vitamin A, B and C has some good effect in preventing macular degeneration. Lutein can be found in carrots, corn, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, and most fruits, which is a chemical relative of beta-carotene. Zeaxanthin is also relative of beta-carotene, which can be got from corn, fruit, paprika and spinach. Working together with Vitamin A, B and C, they will offer terrific effect to protect our macula, which has been approved by epidemiological studies. They work like this: Lutein and zeaxanthin make the macula to be characteristic yellow color, while lutein tending to accumulate around the edges of the eye, and zeaxanthin accumulate in the center of the eye.

Last but not least, studies also show food rich in selenium or zinc can also have the function of preventing macular degeneration. People can get this nutrition from broccosprouts, barley, beef, chicken, crab, lamb, oysters, turkey, and whole wheat.

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Only a few people know that physical conditions, like tension and stress will lead to vision problems. The reason is very simple- pressure will affect the working and functioning of eyes.

Some studies have disclosed that vision problems may be caused by stresses on people’s faces, heads, jaws, shoulders, etc. Therefore, if these stresses on the aforesaid parts can be eliminated, the related eye problems can also be cured. For example, hyeropia can be treated by releasing the pressure on throat, jaw, etc. And myopia can be treated by relax the muscles on shoulders and neck. And other problems can also be effectively treated accordingly.

Many people are misled by the conventional methods for eye problems. In fact, there are some natural methods to cure them- reducing any physical stress and pressures. This method is very ideal for any one who wants to have his vision recovered.

The conventional methods, like wearing glasses, contact lenses or receiving surgery are really not good alternatives. And any one who wants to use much better advanced and ideal ways can ask us for help. Our ways are cheap and convenient to operate.

Remember that one should persist all the more till his vision gets completely recovered with our methods. Just say goodbye to those lenses and surgeries.

Until now, there are available some statistics about the cost of LASIK surgery. In general, LASIK price averages $1,950 at total per eye. In detail, a basic and non-customized LASIK procedure using a microkeratome blade and excimer laser will charge a price ranging from $1,500 to $1,600 also on a per-eye basis. A typical LASIK taking use of an advanced laser and wavefront technology may cost $2,340, and the price for the most advanced LASIK procedure can be up to $3,600. It is undeniable that the average price of LASIK surgery is on the rise due to the popular usage of recent technologies, such as lasers, corneal mapping technology, wavefront as well as other surgical tools. However, the risk of potential complications postoperatively has also been significantly reduced by those advanced technologies.

In general, LASIK price is much higher than that before 2005. But one point has remained unchanged that the price receives “contributions” from many factors. Taking a simple example, a LASIK surgery can be done at a national chain, private office or major university medical center. In most cases, the average price of a LASIK procedure performed at the national chains will be lower than a same procedure conducted in a private office or major university medical center. This is not universally true that some advertisements such as “bargain” prices and packages should not be easily trusted. A promoted LASIK with an extremely low price is usually associated with an inexperienced surgeon or substandard equipment. In some cases, hidden costs and fees have not been included and will be charged postoperatively.

It is necessary for patients to make sure that some basic items should have been contained in the claimed price. They include any follow-up exams after the surgery, potential treatments for any complications arising during or after the surgery, possible prescription antibiotics and medications for use after the procedure as well as any other postoperative services.

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People who are tired of using prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses can simply resort to LASIK surgery, which can permanently reshape the corneal surface and remove vision problems. This solution has many recognized advantages over traditional glasses and contact lenses. However, there is a great obstacle for ordinary individuals who do not have high salary. The cost of LASIK procedure can really be scary to some patients. In most cases, only one eye will be treated during a LASIK procedure. This explains why the price of the surgery is normally quoted on a per eye basis. For sure, if a patient decides to have both eyes corrected at one time, the total cost will be doubled. There are truly some cases in which both eyes are treated in the same day, although it is not encouraged for the well being of the eyes. Staying at a high level, the price of LASIK surgery varies considerably from a provider to another. Many factors are involved.

Office rent fee, manufacturer’s loyalties, and staff salaries are some of the decisive factors. In addition, extra charges may be issued depending on whether the surgeon who performs the procedure uses a newer technology for better precision. In a typical case, IntraLase will be used. There are average figures made by analysts in 2008 about the costs of LASIK surgery. A LASIK surgery using a blade instrument and excimer lasers without wavefront analysis costs about $1,662. LASIK laser based vision correction will typically charge $2,105. A procedure utilizing IntraLase is estimated to cost $2,341. In fact, there are wide variations included in the price.

Considering the average price of LASIK surgery, it is also necessary to pay enough attention to potential hidden charges, especially when some advertisements quote a great price. Only a small number of patients are lucky enough to receive an incredibly low price. Furthermore, many patients will need postoperative correction and follow up appointments, which will arouse additional expense.

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As a type of laser eye surgery, LASIK always features success, quickness, and painlessness. The exciting side of LASIK surgery is that it can help the vast majority of patients with a vision problem improve their vision for the rest of the life. They will very probably be free of prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses permanently. This is the most significant and valuable advantage that is widely acknowledged by those surgical candidates. However, there is also disappointing or concerning side of LASIK procedure. It is sometimes reported with complications. These potential risks have truly dissuaded many patients to receive such a laser eye surgery. Balancing both the two sides, there are really a great number of vision defected patients who are having LASIK surgery every year. In fact, LASIK surgery is not a simple entity. It has some different forms. It is very necessary for those candidates to know about this information.

During LASIK surgery, a corneal incision will be made, which is normally called keratotomay. This incision will then lead to the cut of a part of the corneal surface, allowing more light to be introduced to the vision area. Personal visual needs will decide that the cutting shape should be stigmatic, redial, or hexagon. In some cases, ultraviolet rays will be used to remove any damaged tissues in the eye. This step is actually called corneal reshaping, which uses a laser that makes the cornea much healthier. Any type of visual problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can be treated. In detail, a corneal flap will first be cut and under it any debris will be removed.

Different forms of LASIK are reflected by the fact that the corneal flap to be cut may be made into the stroma or the epithelium. In most cases, a flap cut in the epithelium is associated with a faster recovery after the surgery. The basic point is the any form of LASIK to be conducted should be carefully evaluated by the surgery preoperatively.

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Are you still now bothered by some vision errors caused by various factors, like overusing of eyes, inappropriate eye protection, polluted environment? Well, you have several options theoretically, namely, doing exercises, receiving eye surgery and wearing RX eyeglasses. Unluckily, I have to say you may have only one practicable choice- wearing RX eye glasses. This is because eye exercises are impossible if you are very busy; eye surgery involves a lot of uncertainties, like risks, costs, complications, etc. Moreover, you should also be very careful in choosing these glasses if you want to get the most suitable ones.

Firstly, pay more attention to your prescription. RX eye wear must be accurately and delicately prescribed if you really want to have your problems well resolved. Usually, you eyeglasses are completely manufactured according to the prescription, which is the best reflection of your current eye state. And any mistake in the prescription will cause discomfort and eye damage. Therefore, you should find a qualified optician when you decided to prescribe. Theoretically, you can use the prescription when you want to buy prescription glasses at anytime. However, you are strongly suggested to re-prescribe every year, for the prescription will change with your eye muscles. And only those newly prescribed eye wear can rectify your problems perfectly.

Secondly, find the most suitable vendors while purchasing RX eyeglasses. Here, the word suitable has two meanings. One is you should find a reliable vendors, for in the market are also flooded with many illegal retailers. Another is purchase from vendors according to your own situation, especially in terms of budget. As for the first point, you can choose those widely accepted retailers, like as for the second point, you should know you budget and how much you can afford, for eye wear in the market vary greatly in price in different brands. For example, if you can not afford very expensive ones, it is not needed for you to buy from Ray Ban, Dior, and Armani; if you have a large budge, you can buy from any reliable vendors.

Thirdly, pay more attention to personal elements and tastes while getting RX eye wear. It is true that the major role of these eye wear is vision correction, but fashion and personality are also very important in today’s society. And you are suggested to choose the ones that can reflect your personal needs and tastes to the greatest extent. Of course, the premise is never let fashion affect functionality.

Lastly, but not least, many other points should also be noticed in buying RX eyeglasses. If you want to know more details, please visit

Eyeglasses are some of the most widely accepted and preferred vision rectifying articles by people who are suffering from eye problems of certain sorts, though there are still many other ways, which involve a lot of risks, uncertainties, high cost, etc. However, it seems that eye glasses in people’s daily lives can also lead to some problems, of which easy breakage is the greatest one. Many people complain that their glass eye wears break easily. Those plastic lenses eye wear will also damage easily though they will not be broken into pieces. Therefore, what bothers wearers most can be simply summarized like this: the glasses damage easily and their eyes may be injured if the lenses are fallen into pieces. For this, eyeglasses made from special materials are needed. And now, some of the best and most durable products in the market are polycarbonate eyeglasses, with lenses that are made from polycarbonate, a kind of highly durable plastic.

Polycarbonate eye glasses can offer much better safety than regular and many other similar products. They can combat very strong impact and will not break, though the force is very powerful. Though the merits of these eye glasses are not very evident in people’s daily lives, they can be well proved in sportsmen, kids and other people who always expose their eyeglasses to impact. Sportsmen have to move fast and pay little attention to their eyes during the process. Most of them have their eyes injured or eyeglasses damaged. So, many sports fans have to give up as a result. Kids often play wildly at schools and their eyeglasses are often the ones damaged most. Therefore, one of the greatest headaches for parents is how to find a pair of durable eyeglasses. As for the two situations polycarbonate eyeglasses are really ideal alternatives. Facts have also proved that wearers in these groups have eye injures greatly reduced by wearing polycarbonate eyewear.

Moreover, polycarbonate eye glasses are also perfect in vision correction and vision protection. Vision correction is still one of the greatest reasons why people wear glasses. Therefore, how well a pair of eyeglasses can work determines how popular they might be. Eyeglasses made from polycarbonate are just some of such good examples. They can ensure wearers have the greatest clarity, partly because the lenses are highly transparent; mainly because techniques used to make these eye wears are the latest results in the field. Still, great vision safety is another reason why so many people love to buy polycarbonate eyeglasses. Processed with the best vision protective techniques, these glasses can ensure 100% vision safety.

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