“Look, these are the eyeglasses I ordered on the Internet. They are fabulous, right? I spent just $50.” Several days ago, my friend Jane made a show to me for her new cheap eyeglasses brought from on-line optical stores. $50 is really luring, for under normal circumstance, we have to pay at least $150 for a pair of eyeglasses. Lured by such a low price, I am mouth water but meanwhile I am wondering, would them quality guaranteed? For eyeglasses play a crucial role in our eye health, I decided to know more about this newly emerged shopping way.

With thorough investigation with many on-line buyers and consultations with professionals concerned, I get to know that it is possible to get Internet eyeglasses at such a low price, for a lot of extra expenses are eliminated. For one thing, the retailers have no need to employ shop assistants; for another thing, there is no expenses on rent and fitment cost, etc.. As a result, nearly half of the eyeglass cost have been saved. In addition, many on-line optical retailers have close cooperation with eyeglass manufactures, contributing to the direct sale models. Therefore, merits of buying eyeglasses on-line include low price, convenience and more choices, etc..

However, demerits are inevitable. Customers buying Internet eyeglasses have additional considerations, like what if the eyeglasses bought have quality problems or they are not the ones ordered? Coming up with those considerations, suggestions below would serve as a help:

A). You’d better buy Internet eyeglasses in those on-line stores whose real shops or factories are located in the same city you are in, then the after services would be better assured.

B). If there is no intra-city on-line stores, choose those ones with high credibility and reputation

C). It is advised for you to get an eye and eyesight examination in a formal hospital or professional eye care center, where detailed prescription would be provided, according to which you are more probably to select a pair of eyeglasses suitable to you most.

D). It would be a wise choice to pick out a pair of eyewears you like and remember the brand and types, and then seek them on the Internet.

E). Before you decide to buy, make sure to communicate with the on-line retailers and negotiate about relative issues concerned, like after services, returned purchase and so on so forth.

By following those tips, I finally get a pair of satisfactory Internet eyeglasses, and they cost me only $47.5. What a wonderful experience!


Transition eyeglasses, as a new fashioned eyewears, go over big among eyeglass wearers. People using transition eyeglasses increase at a double-digit speed in each countries all over the world. Nevertheless, their minds are filled with questions like what transition eyeglasses are and what differences there are between transition eyeglasses and sunglasses. Here below are some explanations concerned.

Are transition eyeglasses change their colors according to the intensity of sunlight?

This is a common misconception for most people. As a matter of fact, it is the ultraviolet radiation that determines the change in color. This is why even when we wear them in a cloudy day, the lenses would get darker, for once ultraviolet radiation shine upon, photosensitive molecules within the lenses would take chemical reaction, as a result of which, with the reset of molecules, lenses turn to black ones. In addition, the color of lenses are directly related to temperature outside. All things being equal, with the increase of temperature, the color of lenses would darken, or vice versa.

Would transition eyeglasses provide a clear vision indoors?

Transition lenses of super high quality bear the same light transmittance with ordinary lenses. The figures show that coated transition lenses are equipped with light transmittance of 87% while ordinary ones are 89%. Therefore, you are guaranteed to see objects indoors clearly as long as you buy well qualified products.

Why should we choose transition eyeglasses?

Due to the fact transition eyeglasses are workable both outdoors and indoors, they serve more than you are being paid to, because you do not have to prepare two pairs of eyeglasses, one for providing clear vision and the other for block sunlight. Benefits transition eyeglasses would bring to customers include: be quick in change in color; be good for eye health; be capable to block UVA and UVB and so on so forth.

Who are the candidates for transition eyeglasses?

Every one should be a transition eyeglass person, for both the technology and performance allows a perfect combination with lenses of different refractive indexes and materials. Besides, children need transition lenses more, because they would embark on more outdoor activities than adults do, so they are more probably to get hurt from UV. For some people with eye diseases, transition eyeglasses play an important role in protecting their eyes. They bear extraordinary ability to keep off UV and other harmful rays.

As the most famous eyeglass artisan, Tai Hachiro are well known for his high quality handmade eyeglasses. Many film stars and celebrities, like Kimura Takuya, always appears in public, wearing Tai Hachiro handmade eyeglasses. Manufactured with strict traditional craft, the eyeglasses shines out with great brilliancy. The wearers would appear extraordinarily charming and alluring.

Mr. Tai Hachiro is so infatuated with the spatial relation between eyeglasses and faces, his eyeglasses are really artsy. Through his works, one can be easy to observe his idea that eyeglasses are able to achieve everything and they can be referred as wearable buildings. However, Mr. Tai Hachiro lives isolated in a small county in Japan, and he at most skillfully manufactures 200 pairs, which is his high point every month. Moreover, his son has not inherited his skills, therefore, each pair of this Japanese eyeglasses are fully precious, and naturally they cost high. Usually one has to order three months in advance, or it is hard to buy Tai Hachiro handmade eyeglasses.

Besides Tai Hachiro, there are many other handmade eyeglass manufactures, like Masayoshi and Sasaki, etc.. Their eyeglasses are well received in Japan and many other countries as well. Then what makes those Japanese eyeglasses so unique?

The basic charm for Japanese eyeglasses is the materials applied in frames, Celluloid. It is the oldest thermoplastic resin, which are featured with fast moulding, high rigidity and excellent transparency, etc.. Eyeglasses made from it have perfect adamantine luster. However, It had nearly been eliminated in the eyeglass frame production at one time, because, it is heavy, hard to get colored and inflammable. However, it is the perseverance of some eyeglass artist that keep it reserved in the eyeglass frame production. And with some improvements, the advanced celluloid bear higher stability. Therefore, the final products can be possibly made fit facial forms to the most extent. What’s more they can be processed roughly by machines, then more eyeglasses can be produced every month.

Although you may find Japanese eyeglasses cannot be so fashionable and flaring as European eyeglasses, however, once you have ever gotten in touch with them, you would fall in love with them gradually, because on both quality feeling and comfortability, European ones are incomparable with the Japanese ones. Today, in eyeglass manufacture sphere, Japanese handmade eyeglasses have been a darkhorse, attracting attentions of more and more people around the world.

Eye glasses are usually made from transparent lenses, so as to make wearers see much clearly of anything. However, sometimes, transparent glasses can not ensure good optical acuity and good vision safety in particular situations. Therefore, some new eyeglasses are tinted in different colors- they are usually called tinted eyeglasses. In fact, the history of tinted eye glasses is very long and can be dated back to several centuries ago when emerald was employed to make eye wear. And now, these special glasses have once more regained their vitality and become the most beloved items among wearers of different groups. Here are some points about how to buy and keep these eye glasses in different tints.

Before selecting, people should know that eye glasses in particular tints are suitable for certain occasions- this is firmly linked to the functionality of the colors. This is why people are not suggested to buy tinted eye wear at random, but in light of their personal situations. For example, for people who often play golf and some other related games, brown eyeglasses are the best options for them- these eye wear can better enhance players’ performance by offering color contrast; people who often expose their eyes to bright lights are suggested to wear eye wear in darker tints, like grey- these colors can not only filter out extra bothering rays, but also offer better vision clarity.

Of course, while selecting tinted eyeglasses, people can also determine according to their personal tastes- this is firmly connected to fashion. One of the greatest reasons why tinted eye wear is so popular mainly lies in their decorating roles. These eye wear can really satisfy wearers’ different demands on fashion and highlight their tastes. Of course, the first principle in the last paragraph should be followed if the glasses are for professional purposes- but buyers can choose the ones they love most from the suitable. If these eyeglasses are just for daily use, buyers can select completely from their personal interests.

After a pair of ideal tinted eye wear is purchased, people should pay more attention to the related maintenance. Methods to keep ordinary eye glasses are also applicable for tint eyeglasses. But there is a different point – some tinted eyewear may fade in the colors after being worn for years. And the best way is to carry the articles to any optical stores and ask the opticians for help. By and large, re-tinted eye wear can be the same as new ones.

In a word, if the above principles are followed, people can get good tinted eyeglasses and keep well of them. Want to be unique and personalized? Just have a try on eye wear in different tints.

Features of top glasses

Eyeglasses in nowadays can be categorized into countless groups, by names, brands, materials and so on, since they made their first appearance several hundreds years ago. However, it is not an easy job to select an ideal pair from so many items.  Top glasses might be good options, due to their uniqueness. In fact, top eye glasses refer to a series top rated eyeglass wear in the market. They, however, have some common features, here are them.

Top eyeglasses can offer perfect Optical acuity. Optical effect is one of the most important factors to be considered when people selecting glasses. In the market are a lot of eyewear with different optical level- in particular those low quality ones play very bad jobs. And only those top ones can ensure wearers enjoy great vision clarity, no matter what the lenses are- clear lenses or RX lenses. Usually, top clear lenses glasses can ensure wearers see much clearly of objects around than those with naked eyes; and no vision influence and damage will be caused just because of wearing glasses. The top RX eyeglasses are much more meticulously and accurately prescribed and designed than those ordinary prescription eyeglasses- they can give users completely different feeling of wearing. In other words, top eye wear performs perfect in terms of optical acuity.

The lenses and frames of top eye wear are made from the best and top materials in the industry. It is true that some very traditional materials, like, metal, glass, plastic, are still used to make top eyewear. But these materials are upgraded with the latest technology and techniques, such as, memory plastic, memory metal and so on are good examples. Other special materials, like titanium and its alloy, flexon, stainless steel, and so on, are some of the new achievements in the industry. Therefore, it can be safely told that materials employed to make top eyeglasses are the latest technological results in the industry.

Top glasses can do a perfect job in vision protection. Vision safety is a vital factor to be considered while buying selecting glasses, mainly because glasses users’ eyes are often exposed to harmful rays in the sunlight and other radiations. And many ordinary glasses can not solve this problem. However, top eyeglasses are specially designed in vision protection. No matter what the lenses are, they are coated with UV& Glare blocking coatings. So, all top eyeglasses are professional devices for vision protection.

Usually, top eye wear are made by world top name brands, though not completely. By and large, eyeglasses from name brands and fashion design houses, like Dior, Armani, Fendi, and so on, are best with top quality and designs. So, top eyeglasses from these brands are usually used as symbol of social status and elegance. Of course, other retailers, like Firmoo.com can also offer these eye wear.

In a word, top glasses refer to eye wear with extraordinary quality, designs and top symbol.


Eye glasses in the market can mainly be categorized into several groups, namely, rimless, semi-rimless and full rim glasses. Of the three groups, the former two are relatively new and the later one is the most traditional. Full rim glasses are also called wire frame glasses or wire rim glasses with the same history as the first eyewear in the industry. Eyeglasses in wire frames are the commonest but most important products in the industry, especially as more and more achievements are scored in the related designs. .

As time goes by, the materials employed to make glasses in wire frames are also upgraded on and on. For example, some of the earliest glasses are made from glass, ribbon, steel, and so on- many problems and defects can be found on these materials and glasses made from them can not completely meet wearers’ needs. And nowadays wire rime glasses are completely made from innovated or upgraded materials, like top glass, polycarbonate, plastic, memory plastic, titanium and so on. Glasses made from these new materials can overcome many defects and problems from material and can be used for different needs, likes shatter-resistant, impact-proofed, and so on.

Wire rim glasses are suitable for people who are in need of reading glasses. People who are suffering from presbypoia are urgently in need of reading glasses. Of course, reading glasses can be designed in different frames, but wire rimed are much better, mainly because some of these glasses must be designed in a specific size, so as to ensure full view field. In the market are many wire frame reading glasses from different manufacturers, both famous and unknown.

Wire frame glasses can be designed in vintage look. As it mentioned above, this rim are also the same classic as the first eye wear in the industry. Therefore, there are many classic wire rim glasses in the long history. For example, women’ vintage wire frame eyeglasses are some of the most popular articles in the market among female wearers. In fact, these eyeglasses can bring wearers something more than personal images. Especially, more and more people in modern time can not stand the rustling life in the city and just want to find some ways for relaxation. These retro glasses can bring wearers back into any past time with some sort of tranquility and comfort.

Usually, most wire frame eyeglasses are very cheap and are affordable by most people. Some of the cheapest ones are only several dollars for each pair; or some designer glasses cost only several dozens dollars. If purchased from online shops, these eye wear can be much cheaper.

In a word, wire frame glasses are some of the most traditional, but best products in the industry.


Many drivers would wear sunglasses when they are driving so as to block strong sunlight, so would they do when driving in snowy day so as to keep off glare. Sunglasses, at those times, serve as a great help for them to keep eye health and to eliminate unnecessary car accidents. However, when the cars are driven from bright places to dark places, like tunnels, sunglasses would be burden some which would bring drivers side effect to see vision forward clearly. If drivers constantly putting on and taking off sunglasses, it would be fairly inconvenient for them and be rather dangerous. Then how to liberate drivers from this trouble? Wearing transition glasses would be helpful.

Transition glasses are special eyewears which appear to be regular eyeglasses in normal circumstances, but would turn to shades when encountering strong light, like sunlight, glare and any reflection. It is amazing, right? Then you must ask how do transition glasses work? How would they exchange color accordingly?

The myth of transition glasses lies in the lenses, which are made from photochromics glass. During the production of photochromics glass, elements sensitive to light, like argentic chloride and silver halide, etc., are mixed in. A small amount of copperoxide catalyst are added as well. When silver halide, meeting with light, would have chemical decomposition, during which process, many black silver micelles would be produced and distributed evenly on the glass. As a result, the glass turn to black. When brought to dark places, with the promotion of copperoxide catalyst, silver and halogen would get chemical combined once more, as a result of which the glass return back to be transparent again. This is how the magic come from. The decomposition and chemical combination can carry through for limitless times.

The photochromics glass, besides applied in eyeglass production, are used in many other fields, for example the production of windows. Houses or cars equipped with photochromics glass need no curtains to block sunlight, for in sunny days, the windows would automatically turn black and when envenfall comes or when in cloudy days, the windows get back to transparency.

Therefore, with transition eyeglasses, life are full of miracles and fantasy. Additionally, transition glasses are able to absorb UV, which is fairly good for eyes. They can be among eye wears of top grade.

Forms of varifocal glasses

Eyeglasses widely employed by massive people are mainly single focal, mainly because these wearers only suffer from myopia, hyperopia and other ordinary vision errors. However, some unfortunate people may get more than one eye problems at the same time. In particular, when people are over forty, they are vulnerable to presbyopia and other eye problems, with both distant and nearby vision symptoms. For this, many multi-focal glasses can be employed, like bifocal glasses, trifocal glasses, and progressive glasses and so on. However, some of these multi-foal glasses are not ideal as people can ever think, like bifocals and trifocals, due to their vision lines. Therefore, no-line eyeglasses are usually deemed as better options, for they have more than two focal, but varifocals, and are usually called varifocal glasses.

Strictly speaking, bifocals and trifocals can not be called varifocal eye glasses, in which no-line bifocals and no line trifocals are included. Therefore, from a broader perspective, varifocal eye wear can be fallen into the following groups, namely, no line bifocals, no line trifocals, progressive glasses. Here is some detailed information about these eye wear.

No line bifocal glasses are upgraded from ordinary bifocals, mainly because many wearers are tormented by the vision lines in the lenses. Bifocals are combined by two different lenses, each of them are responsible for nearby vision and distant vision respectively. However, the transition between the two lenses is too radical and wearers will always suffer a lot when they change their visions. Or in some cases, wearers have to suffer from headache and dizziness. Therefore, the transition between the two vision areas should be natural and smooth, so as to ensure wearers have more vision comfort. And the emergence of no line bifocals has really benefited these sufferers. No such radical vision transition can be found between the two, for the transition areas are designed in varifocal.

No line trifocals are other important varifocal glasses in the industry. They are also upgraded from ordinary trifocal glasses. Similar to no line bifocals, these no line eye wear can ensure wearers have natural vision transition. And the only difference is- they have more lenses than no line bifocal glasses.

Progressive eyeglasses are some of the most popular viarifocal eye wear. They are composed of various focal, at least 20 focal and can make all vision transition in a progressive way- this is why they are called progressive. These eye wear are so perfect in vision transition that many wearers always think no eyeglasses are on their faces.

In addition, almost all these varifoal eyeglasses are used be designed in larger sizes. But now, they can also be designed in ordinary sizes, due to the employment of special materials.

In a word, varifocal glasses are the best options for people with both nearby and far vision problems. And all wearers are suggested to select according to their personal situations.

Sun glasses in the market are aimed at wearers of different groups, and their quality varies a lot as a result. However, some people have their eyes injured by wearing low end or low quality sun wear, like some replica sunglasses made by unknown manufacturers. And the best solution is to buy top sunglasses, which do not refer to a specific brand name, but a series of sunglass wear with top quality and high fashion. And the real top sun wear are much better than people can ever imagine.

Firstly, top sun wear can be prescribed according to users’ personal situations- this mainly refers to prescription sun wear. For people who have vision errors, sunglasses should be more carefully made, mainly because their two eyes usually have different prescriptions. However, many ordinary sunglasses are designed with the same power or prescription in both two eyes- neither can they cure wearers’ vision errors, but will also cause great damages to the eyes. Contrarily, all these problems can never be found on top sunglass, which are completely prescribed according to wearers’ personal eye conditions. In other words, top sun wear can not only cure wearers’ vision problems, but also offer great vision comfort and freshness.

Secondly, top sun glasses can be completely designed in light of wearers’ personal tastes and interests- all of them can be called designer sunglasses. Wearers’ personal tastes are now some of the most important factors to be considered by both buyers and sellers. But ordinary sunglasses in the market are designed and manufactured with the same models- might be produced from assemble line; and no difference can be told among all of them, let alone wearers’ personal tastes. Accordingly, top sunglasses are particularly designed for wearers with different personal tastes. For example, if buyers are bored with those traditional colors, like black, while, red, they may ask for mixed colors or other options; if they do not like a specific shape, they can also ask for the ones they love most. In a word, top sun glasses are meticulously manufactured for people who are in need of top designer sunglasses.

Third, top sun wear can offer 100% vision protection, no matter what the environment is like. Compare with those common sunglasses that are not always guaranteed in quality and vision safety, top sun glasses can really bring wearers more vision safety and comfort. These sun wear can block all harmful rays, like UV rays, Glares, blue light and so on.

Forth, top sun wear are the best articles for fashion and elegance. Fashion can always be firstly found on top sun glasses that are usually designed and manufactured by the world’s top fashion design houses. Just because of this, top sun glasses are also considered as symbol of social stratus.

Ultimately, but not lastly, there are still many other unique features on top sunglasses, each of which can expound wearers’ personal tastes and elegance and all sun glass wearers can have a try.

Eyeglass is a necessity for people who have vision problems. Choosing a pair of eyeglass is not easy if you have no knowledge about eyeglass.  Here is some information about eyeglass which can help you a lot.

While choosing eyeglass frames, the face shape, color of skin, eye and hair all should be taken into consideration. Photochromic lenses can change its color in different light conditions. These lenses become darker once exposed to UV light. Nowadays, most eyewear lines provide one or two frames in relatively larger sizes. Some typical brands are Chesterfield XL frames for men from Safilo, Prada frames from Luxottica and Silhouette frames.

People with presbyopia are supposed to buy reading glasses from eye doctors, rather than simply pick up one pair from drugstores. On one hand, those one-size-fit-all reading glasses are problematic for people with different prescriptions in two eyes, resulting in side effects such as headache. On the other hand, regular eye exams from eye doctors can detect underlying vision problems as early as possible.

There are some tips that can help wearers prolong their eyeglasses lives. Trendy frames in some cases should be avoided because they become out-of-date quickly. New lenses put in old frames can save much money, especially in children whose prescriptions change more frequently. Spring hinge styles can better protect eyeglasses from breaking. Scratch-resistant coating is available for lens protection.

There are many warning signs in children that may indicate the need for eyeglasses, including close TV watching or book reading, squinting, frequent eye rubbing, light sensitivity, excessive tearing and poor performance in school. Polycarbonate lenses are most usually recommended for children.

Regular computer users may feel uncomfortable with bifocal eyeglasses or reading glasses. In fact, computer screen reading requires intermediate vision, which can be provided by computer glasses, progressive lenses or trifocals. In some cases, occupational lenses are needed to provide task-specific vision.

Not all eyeglass lenses provide proper UV protection, such as some plastic lenses. Those lenses offer UV protection only if they are applied with UV coating. One superior lens material is polycarbonate, which has built-in UV protection.

Choose the right pair of eyeglass which suits you the most when you have vision problem. Just remember the comfort should always be put on the first place when choosing eyeglass.

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