Are you still wearing the out-of-date reading eyeglasses? If you are, it is time for you to change your old reading eyeglasses, because there is in a great variety of styles and designs for reading eyeglasses now. This is a common myth which makes these reading glasses not much popular among users and people shun it, thinking to be old fashioned.

Most online stores offer you reading glasses which have superb and continuous tint from the upper portions to the lower levels, so that the eyes are provided 100% protection from the harmful rays of the sun. This way user can get dual benefit of readers as well as sunglasses. They will no longer have to carry two pairs of glasses with them when they are outdoors – one for reading and the other for protection of the eyes. People who deal with wholesale sunglasses often have huge stocks of these reading spectacles, which also work as sunglasses providing protection to the user from the harmful rays of the run.

With the use of these sunglasses, you can enjoy your poolside sunshine along with your favorite book. You no longer have to think about your eye protection or lament about not being able to read your favorite book, in the pleasant poolside or even in the beach. You will find that these readers can be used for other activities also indoors so that you can see everything very clearly and enjoy all your indoor and outdoor activities equally. You can now enjoy all activities which include fishing, reading cards and also boating without have to think about any kind of extra protection for your eyes. So, keeping in mind so many needs and requirements of the user, the styles of reading glasses have changed. You will get some of the trendiest and fashionable designs in such reading spectacles.

Readers are now being introduced in never before seen styles. Do not forget to check out some of the magnificent copper finished sunglasses which are high quality and very lightweight. These glasses have become an obsession and were sold at a very fast rate, specially those reading sunglasses which had brushed silver arms. These sunglasses are obtainable in a matching case so that they can remain protected in all situations. Bifocal glasses which work as excellent sunglass are now very popular as they have peeper styles. Most of these bifocal sunglasses are fun and look very adventurous. They usually provide a new look to the user.

Usually when we think about readers, we have a picture of rounded glasses, larger frames and an old style. However, this might have been the case several years ago- but things are changing fast now. Readers are now available in many styles and trends. These have now been included in the category of sunglasses as they combine the feature of these and provide protection to the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun also. If you want to change your old reading eyeglasses? Just visited any local optical store or online store dealing with reading glasses recently, there is a wide stock of reading eyeglasses which are available for sale.

With the rapid development of eyeglass industry, eye glass frames vary. Facing some many types of eye glass frames, then questions pop out. What’s kind of should I wear? The point is, eye glass frames could make your look younger.

It’s amazing how a few sculptured ounces of plastic can make an instant impression about your style. Glasses can make you look edgy, intriguing, artsy, intellectual or authoritative. Another example is Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Glasses can make or break your look, make sure your glasses reflect that you’re a lady with style. Doctors have always recommended that everyone over forty should get their eyes checked at least once a year (more often if you start to have vision problems). If you can’t remember the last time you had your vision checked, chances are your prescription has changed. Yes, this means your eyes have gotten worse, but what a great excuse to hip up your look. Don’t even think about putting new lenses in old frames. This is your opportunity to use new frames to make you look five years younger.

Nothing dates a lady like the eye glasses she’s wearing. Todays glasses are plastic, they may be big and they be tiny, but they are predominantly plastic. If a woman wears metal rims, rimless glasses or half glasses, she’s automatically labeled as older. Even on the TV shows, when a woman changes from a average person to a beautiful, desirable person, the first thing they do is take off those coke-bottle lenses. A good example of glasses being unattractive is the series Ugly Betty, now they have her appearance down to a science.

If you are still putting frames in the same category as kitchen appliances — functional, necessary, and designed to be used for as long as they work – consider this: There isn’t a big name fashion house without its logo on a line of eyeglasses. And just like the fashion industry, eyeglass manufacturers launch new lines seasonally. Every spring and fall, they introduce new styles, shapes, colors and technology. Wearing frames that are five years old may serve their basic purpose, but they are going to age you.

We could draw a conclusion from what illustrated above that eye glass frames play an important role for how we look, so, want to be five years younger? Choose the right eye glass frames.

Nowadays, many people wear tinted glasses and many like to wear them. Here is an interesting fable concerning tinted glasses, telling us a truth that don’t judge people who wear yellow glasses because you’re probably wearing another color yourself! First, take off your glasses before you start judging others or even before helping them see the sunset. Personally, I believe we’re all wearing one color of glasses or another. Sure, there are moments when we remove them to rub our eyes, and we catch a glimpse of truth. But, the only One who never wears tinted glasses is God.

Just have a look and have fun!

There is a group of people who are observing a sunset. Before you is a beautiful landscape — a lush valley with assorted trees in bloom and a mountain range. The sun is setting in a sweeping display behind the mountain range and all these people have gathered to watch it.

Each of the people in the crowd is wearing glasses. Some glasses are tinted red, others blue, red, yellow, grey or black. The people begin to comment about the sunset. One person says, “Don’t you just love that red sunset?”

His companion wearing blue-tinted glasses answers, “It’s not red, it’s blue.”

“No, it’s not!” says the first. “It’s clearly red. Look at all those beautiful shades of red.”

“Both of you are wrong,” sneers another. “It’s a bright yellow, almost like noon day.”

“Yellow? Where in the world do you get yellow out of that?” cries a woman wearing green glasses.

Before long, the people have clumped into groups based on the color of their glasses. They start pointing at the other groups, “Those people over there think the sunset is blue. They are such liars. It’s clearly red!”

“Now, they aren’t lying,” soothes the green group. “They just aren’t seeing all of the green. Blue is very close to green, you see. So they aren’t lying, they’re just not seeing the full effect. The real liars are those people over there who say it’s all dark and black!”

“No,” cries the yellow group. “You’re all wrong. It’s a sunny day. You’re all crazy. As for those poor people seeing it dark and black, well they are just blind. We should feel sorry for them.”

So the debate continues. Finally, the sunset is over and they each return to their homes. A man named Bob (wearing yellow-tinted glasses) slips into bed beside his wife Lori (who wears blue-tinted glasses). Bob describes the sunset to Lori and the next day she passes along the information to a friend named Mary. As she describes the yellow-tinted sunset through her blue-lens perspective, Mary assumes the sunset was green (blue plus yellow makes green). In fact, it’s very green because Mary happens to wear green glasses.

Mary then passes along to Sue that the sunset last night was green. Sue says, “Oh, no it wasn’t! It was yellow!”

“No, it was green,” Mary retorts. “Bob was there and he said it was green. Lori told me. It was clearly green.”

“You’re lying! Bob said it was yellow last night!” exclaims Sue.

“Well, Bob must be a two-faced liar,” Mary exclaims.

Thus, it continues, Mary and Sue get so mad at each other they won’t have anything to do with each other anymore. In fact, the whole town is in an uproar because each person sides with one group or another and calls the others duped, mistaken or downright liars.

Who’s telling the truth? None of them. Yet none of them are lying either. In reality, God created the sunset with subtle purples, violets, blues, reds, yellows, oranges, and shafts of white light. God placed all the colors of the rainbow in the sunset for the crowd’s enjoyment.

Yet, they could only see what their lenses allowed them. None was lying. They all saw what they said they saw. They all believed it to be the way they perceived it. However, these perceptions were only relative truth — tainted by the tint of their individual lenses.

That’s why Paul advised, “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves . . . for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” (Rom. 12:19) What right do we (who are flawed) have to seek retaliation upon another?

So the next time we hear someone describe an event or the next time we feel the urge to find fault or gossip, maybe we’ll remember this little parable and know that only God sees life without glasses. The rest of us are influenced by our life circumstances, upbringing, environment and attitude. If we can remember that, I think we’ll find fewer faults in others and the world will be a better place as a result.

Isn’t is a funny and meaning story of tinted glasses?

It is for many years that the practice of orthokeratology, or performing vision correction surgery through corneal reshaping, has been used. However, at present, there are only a few orthokeratology lens designs that have been approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for manufacture and commercial distribution. No new designs are in the corner though studies are still ongoing as to the benefits and side effects of orthokeratology. Doctors with excellent orthokeratologic expertise have been allowed to put forward their own designs customized according to their patients’ requirements. There are many software packages which are developed and made available to help these doctors design customized orthokeratology contact lenses, especially for those patients with irregularly shaped eyes.

In 2002, the first FDA-approved overnight wear corneal reshaping tool was made available to the market. The Corneal Refractive Therapy or CRT is made by Paragon Vision Sciences Inc. Other brands followed suit and secured FDA approval in 2004 and in 2005. Further studies in orthokeratology brought advances towards treating myopia and slowing down myopic progression. Studies outside the US are also being conducted to further validate these orthokeratology benefits. No new designs for orthokeratology contact lenses are in the offing for FDA approval but studies are still continuously being conducted to enhance the new vision correction technology.

Doctors use Orthokeratology to correct patients’ vision by reshaping the cornea. Studies show that epithelial cells on the corneal surface are either compressed or relocated by the orthokeratology implement. Vision correction up to -6.00D is made possible through orthokeratology, but orhtokeratology side effects indeed exist which have been found to result from using orthokeratology implements. These orthokeratology side effects could even cause blindness. Experts attribute these orthokeratology side effects to a patient’s failure to strictly follow correct usage instructions and precautions, among which hygiene is one of the most common reasons for blindness which is one of the orthokertology side effects.

The use of the improper materials during the manufacture of the orthokeratology contact lens is another cause for orthokeratology side effects. Corneal hypoxia or the lack of oxygen in the eyes may happen when wearing non-oxygen permeable contact lenses. Only those orthokeratology contact lenses made of the right materials should be used for vision impairment correction. There are other orthokeratology side effects including vision ghosting, contrast problems and double vision especially during night time.

You must consult with your eye care professional before you use any orthokeratology implement. Only in this way can protect your eyes from danger that may come with the improper usage of these implements or worse the substandard materials that are used in non-FDA approved implements passing off as orthokeratology implements. There is no concession to speak of as for protecting and improving your vision. What you need to do is to make sure that you are only using legitimate products that fit your specific requirements. If you do not want to endanger your health by going for cheaper but not necessarily better products in the market, please do keep yourself informed about your options all the time so that you can make the best decisions for your eyesight.

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How to improve eyesight? Most people may answer eyeglasses or contact lenses, which are chosen by most people to correct their eyesight for all their lives once they are nearsighted. But, contact lenses or glasses may decrease the eyesight in the long run. And some may tell you that you can undergo a laser eye surgery to correct your vision in order to get rid of wearing glasses. However, there is one thing you may not know that eyesight problems can be transmitted from one generation to another due to genes effect, which means if you have vision problem your child may have high risks of getting vision problem when they were born.

You may have heard that eye exercises can improve your vision naturally. And you may not believe it. However, as have been proved by hundreds of patients and some eye specialists, it is really true. It is time for you to be aware of the fact, and know more about how eye exercise can reduce the power of your eyes.

According to Dr. William Bates, poor eyesight occurred when the spherical shape of the eyes is changed due to the high stress and strain that put on the eyes. In this condition, the rays can’t focus on the retina which leads to blurred vision. Dr. William Bates also expressed the principle of how eye exercise helps you to gain better vision without glasses. By doing eye exercises you can strengthen the muscles around your eyes, improve the blood circulation of the eyes and release the stress on the eyes. Eyes have immense healing abilities and if you doing exercise regularly your vision will return back to normal state.

There are many information about eye exercise available online teaching you the procedure of these simple techniques. Practice eye exercise in your daily time to protect your eyes. After one month, you will see the difference it brings to your vision.

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Whenever you go, if you look around, you will find three quarters people are eyeglasses wearers. Obviously, glasses have become one of the indispensable parts of most people’s lives. But wearing eyeglasses and contacts can be uncomfortable and can complicate life.

That’s why when eye surgery emerges, many people go to have an eye surgery for vision correction. However, the fact is that not everyone is able to afford an eye surgery. For them, they could only continue to depend on vision aids for seeing things clearly.

The good news is that there is a natural way to improve eyesight. Would you want to see well again without glasses or contacts sand spend your hand-earned money on better things? Do you want to lead a life without the frustration of stumbling around the rest of your life anytime without your glasses or contacts? Let’s do eye exercises.

But before you engage in eye exercising, you should know something about this natural way of eyesight improvement.

Eye exercises require regular practicing. The first thing everyone should know is that it is a long journey for the eyesight improvement. None is able to see initial success with several days’ exercises. Everyday you have to spare at least 10 minutes to practice. Therefore, if you are not able to persist, you’d better not embark on this practice at the very beginning.

Once you have make a decision to begin, you must be patient and overcome your lazy nature, because you could probably see no significant improvement fast enough. Eye exercises may take years for your eyesight to deteriorate to the its present state, therefore, how can you ask for a fast reversion within a mere days since you have spent a long period of time to impair your vision.

Besides persistence in eye exercise practicing, you have to get rid of your bad habits that deteriorate your vision, or you will never expect to see the results. One’s habit patterns constitute the main factor for eyesight deteriorating. For example, if you use computer frequently everyday, you have a big risk of eyesight problems, because the long hours staring at the screen puts a strain on your eyes. Eye exercise is just a practice aiming at relaxing muscles of eyes.

But if your work require you to work with computer everyday, there is a simple rule that is believed to offer a great help if you implement, the 10-10-10 rule. It refers to staring at the screen at least 10 feet away for about 10 minutes and taking a break at least once an hour for about 10 minutes.

Some other rules include frequent blink. If you stare at computer screen without a rest, an increased rate of tear evaporation would be caused and you will constantly experience dry eyes, therefore, you should blink frequently so as to provide moisture to eyes. And make the center of the computer screen be 4-9 inches below your eyes, for your eyes work best with a slight downward gaze.

When you build muscles, besides physical exercising, like gym and lift, you have to  eat proper food so as to intake protein to help the growth of muscles. Likewise, food is another element that effects the result of eye muscles building as well.

Then what are the food that do good for the eyesight improvement? They include carrot, which might be the first thing coming up to your mind, because when a carotenoid called beta-carotene in carrot is converted to vitamin A, it constitutes a kind of anti-oxidant which is an essential element to eye health. It help eyes adjust to light changes; enhance visual acuity by moistening the eyes; prevent the forming of cataracts; prevent blindness from age-related Macular degeneration.

Apart from vitamin A, vitamin C and E also are helpful to eye health.

Another important element for eye health is lutein which can be found in green leafy vegetables, eggs, corn and pumpkins. Lutein has been proved to reduce one’s possibility to suffer age-related macular degeneration and the risk of cataract extraction. Eating vitamin supplement that is especially formulated for healthy eyesight is also advisable.

Water is very important as well.

Therefore, to improve eyesight, we should do both things simultaneously — doing eye exercises and increase intake of the above nutrients.

All in all, eye exercise is very suitable for people who want to get rid of vision assistance but do not want to have eye surgeries, either for the high cost or risk. The keys to improving eyesight naturally by doing eye exercises are: persistence, good habit patterns and proper food.

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Glasses have been popular since the end of 13th century, while the contact lenses went over big since the late 1970s, and recently a newly emerged eyesight assistance comes into being and has become a main way for vision correction. That is Lasik eye surgery, the abbreviation of Laser-Assisted-Epithelial Keratomileusis.

Lasik, performed by ophthalmologists with a laser, is a type of refractive surgery for correcting myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Owing to its specific features, it is more favored by many to PRK, ASA, and or so.

Lasik is different from another ‘Lasik’ with its full name of Laser-Assisted-In-Situ Keratomileusis. What we mention here is superior for its treatment for people with thicker corneas and is of higher success rates.

The first Lasik surgery is firstly performed at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in the USA in 1996, and since then it widely spreads all over the globe, especially in the United Kingdom. Features of its popularity include that little time will be taken for the procedure, the patients feel rarely uncomfortable and they can go for their normal lives right after the surgery.

Then comes to the question how dose a Lasik surgery perform? Firstly, the surgeon will apply a spring-like tackle to make eyes widely open and certain anaesthetic drops are dripped into the eyes; secondly, the surgeon will create a flap with a laser, controlled by a computer, on the top of the cornea so that he or she can reshape the cornea (eyesight problems is caused by the abnormal shape of cornea). Thirdly, during the reshaping procedure, the surgeon will apply an excimer laser to restore the cornea to its original position and a bandage contact lens is applied; fourthly, the flap is replaced.

Usually many Lasik eye surgery patients may experience immediate improved vision, although it can take up to six month for vision to stabilize.

However, the drawback is that people over 40 years old who undergo Lasik eye surgeries may not abandon eyeglasses, because their natural lens can not focus quickly enough between far and distance objects. We just expect that in the future the surgery can be improved to solve this question, helping people with presbyopia abandon glasses.

One thing needs reminding is that anyone being willing to have a Lasik should consult with his or her eye doctor, to make sure whether the Lasik is suitable for him or her. Never take a risk of damaging your eyes.

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As we know, nearsightedness and farsightedness are the most common eye problems that are concerned by people worldwide. Besides wearing glasses or contact lenses, people can also choose to make laser corrective surgery. But the fact is people do not know much about it. So before we do any form of laser surgeries, it is wise to get a basic idea of them, which will be helpful to treat our eye problems better and effectively.
People, especially those who need to work in front of computers in most of their working time, are easily to have eye problems, for example, nearsightedness. And the situation will be worse for some people who work or play on computers all day long except their sleeping hours. While enjoying the convenience and efficiency brought by computers, we also have to sacrifice our eye health. Therefore, more and more people feel their eyes stressed, dried, and vision blurred.
For some people who are very conscious of their appearance, they do not like to wear glasses. And even for wearing contact lenses, some people still think they are inconvenient, as they have to clean and take good care of the lenses. What is worse, it will cause eye infection as a result of improper cleaning. And for people who are not allowed to wear glasses in some fields, the eye problem is really a big block for their work and career.
Thanks for the laser corrective surgery. It can take the eye problem away completely. There are 2 main laser surgeries: PRK and LASIK. PRK is short for Photorefractive Keratectomy. LASIK stands for the laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. The similarity of both is they are refractive laser surgeries. But they use the different methods. In LASIK, a flap will be cut on the eye, so that the laser can get behind to perform remodeling. But PRK uses a laser to change the shape of the eye surface by sculpting instead of cutting. Compared with PRK, LASIK is more popular as it is painless and needs less time for recovery.
Compared with other surgeries, PRK and LASIK are less risky. Besides knowing the basic knowledge of laser corrective surgery, we also need to discuss the surgery with our eye doctor and follow his advice as they are more professional than us. If you have any confusion, please do not hesitate to ask your eye doctor until you completely understand it.
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Cataracts are some of the most horrible eye problems among all people, those who are over 55 in particular. Blurry vision is a major symptom of cataracts. Therefore, people who are over 55 and have blurred eyes should receive some eye examinations. As for sufferers of cataracts, their lens is greatly affected by some eye wastes, such as the dead cells of eye tissues. And many cases have proved that cataracts may strike older people. Of course, other factors can also cause cataracts, like some physical diseases, – diabetic, etc; drinking to much alcoholic or injury on the eyes. Fortunately, it can be cured by cataract surgery and many sufferers have received it. Some receivers have to pay highly for this surgery, almost $3000. But, they can ask the insurance to pay some. Generally, insurance companies will cover all or some part of the fees. And receivers are suggested to know the percent of coverage before having the surgery.

It is true that there are some risks in receiving this surgery. However, the cases are very rare and almost all receivers can regain good vision. Anyway, one is suggested to consult with his eye doctor if he wants to receive the surgery. There are also very complex steps before and after the surgery. It will cost about an hour to finish the surgery. Before starting, some numbing drops and other sedatives will be put into the eyes.

During the process, the laser will be use to remove the accumulated wastes in the lens. Then the wastes will be drained out. Only those damaged part will be removed in the surgery. In some cases, the whole lens will be removed and a new artificial lens will be implanted. All those steps will be finished within very short time.

The cost for the surgery varies a lot. For those who have to implant artificial lens, they have to pay $3000 for the surgery. Generally, the cost can be predicted before the surgery and one is suggested to consult with his eye doctor. And it is also essential to consult with insurance company.

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We can always encounter some advertisements on the papers about the function of lutein that is beneficial for our eyes. Also we should know by which ways we can intake sufficient lutein, so as to maintain the health of our eyes.

It is known that our eyes are in need of cartotenoids to prevent our eyes from being injured by some harmful radiations. Lutein is such an important carotenoid, which is abundant in our retina. Especially, more such nutrition is required for the health of our eyes as we age.

Lutien can be found in many foods. So there are two ways for us to intake sufficient lutein, eating lutein foods and taking lutein supplements. In most cases, Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and cataracts can be avoided or treated with lutein.

Here are some introductions about the functions of lutein. It can help protect our eyes from be damaged by some common harmful sunlight, as ultraviolet.

Lutein can also help prevent the occurrence of some heart-related diseases, especially avoiding the thickening process of blood vessels. Also, breast cancer can also be prevented if sufficient lutein is taken. In a word, sufficient lutein can help maintain the healthy state of our bodies.

As it has mentioned above that lutein can be found in some foods, we can eat more of such foods. Fruits, leafy vegetables, etc. are very ideal source of lutein.

However, sometimes, it is impossible to intake sufficient lutein from foods. And the compensating method is to take some lutein supplements.

We should intake at least 6mg every day to keep the health of our eyes. So while selecting supplemnts, we should choose those in sufficient ingredients. Furthermore, other nutrition should also be contained in these supplements.

It is said that the health of your eye is sometimes depended by how much lutein you take.

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